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Padme's Twin Saber Trouble

Padmé's Twin Saber Trouble
By Pyro & Das Flute

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Anakin’s miniature wavy blue hologram said from atop Padmé’s desk. The senator sat before it, listening attentively.

“Oh really?” replied the petite young woman, her eyes narrowing as she imagined some possibilities, none of them particularly wholesome. “Any hints?”

“You’re going to be very happy.” Padmé could see a sly grin on his husband’s face.

“All right, so when can I expect you?” Padmé asked. “So I can get ready,” she added, her sly tone providing plenty of hints about what sort of readiness she had in mind – something involving a septsilk peignoir and her Twi’lek Twitcher vibe.

“I’ll be there in an hour. Wear something great.”

“Oh don’t worry, I have something in mind.”

The blue hologram sputtered and then disappeared. Padmé smirked and stood up from her seat. She was in her spacious office at the Senate Office Building. It was a clear day and the planetary Weather Modulation Control Center had set the temperature for the week at the cooler end of its range. She had hoped to go out for lunch, but instead now she was going to have her husband for lunch, as it were.

Padmé stepped away from her large desk and moved toward the back left corner of the long room. She pressed a small, inconspicuous panel near the window that spanned her office. A closet hidden behind a section of the wall popped out and then grew several meters, covering half the distance back to Padmé’s desk. An assortment of gowns and clothing hung from a metal pole that extended from inside. Atop the selection of gowns were two shelves of head dresses, ribbons, gloves and more accessories to her outfits.

Padmé had an idea of what to wear, something that was based on the outfit she currently had on, a black corset with a blue-grey dress and matching puffy arms, with decorative silver circlets around her forearms.

The senator had recently enlisted the legendary fashion designer VanTurk to make several revealing outfits for her. Padmé had expected to use them for special negotiations, secret forbidden trysts in the Undercity, and perhaps also with Anakin if he were lucky enough. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one out on him, to see if he’d notice.

In recent months Padmé and her husband had been growing apart. Or at least Padmé felt herself becoming more distant from her husband; she wasn’t sure if it was mutual, which was a warning sign in and of itself. At least outwardly, Anakin seemed as pleased as ever about their marriage, despite their infrequent time together. Padmé, on the other hand, had felt the rift succinctly on their first anniversary, where she valiantly tried to please her husband, only to end up sucking off an obese besalisk cook and then fucking him in his kitchen. Dexter had turned out to be a good friend since then, and she was grateful, but her relationship had only gone downhill with her young, immature husband.

Perhaps the worst part of it was that Anakin didn’t suspect a thing. He seemed content and happy. And though Padmé always tried her best to stay faithful, that goal was frequently hard to live up to. Padmé’s sex drive was almost a burden for the young woman and she had to keep satisfied to get any work done. She needed a partner that could keep up and keep her interested. But Anakin was back again, and she was going to try, again, to stir up some excitement with her husband.

The senator scanned the array of gowns before her, finding the skimpy version of her current. VanTurk liked to base his designs on some of her better known gowns, as if to almost trick the casual viewer, to fool someone who wasn’t paying enough attention. Padmé pulled off her choice of clothing and set it down atop her desk. Before dressing though she needed to take a few gulps of gulps of Jumba Juice. VanTurk’s designs catered toward the bustier girl, and luckily for Padmé she could alleviate her short coming in that area.

After dressing, the twenty five year old sat back down at her desk and resumed her duties, going over reports and rumors, planning meeting and reviewing pending legislation. She could easily shift from her role as sexually frustrated wife to over worked senator faster than a hawkbat on stimspice.

Sometime later she heard a ding overhead, signaling someone at her door. She stood up and turned toward the expansive window behind her, using it as a mirror. She scanned herself up and down, admiring her currently outrageously curvy body. The skirt of her dress only came around part way, leaving the center – her crotch – exposed, although she didn’t dare go bare there. Not usually, at least. Instead she wore a pair of panties embroidered with some Naboo iconography. Keep it classy, Padmé joked to herself. Her breasts were overflowing in her top, barely contained by the inflexible fabric. Perhaps she over did it a little with the Jumba Juice. But better to overdo it, than underperform, she always thought. It was a central tenet of aggressive negotiations as she had been taught at the Theed School of Diplomacy. Which may have been why she was gangbanged so frequently, she realized, as she walked toward her door.

Padmé pressed the touch panel on the frame of the door and the thick plasteel block slid upward into the ceiling. She spotted Anakin there, grinning, and then she noticed his arms were resting on something and she looked down. There were two boys there – two young teenagers, rather, and their eyes were locked on to either of her breasts like a baby waiting to feed. Padmé suddenly felt very self conscious and crossed her arms, though this only bulged out her boobs even more.

“Senator Amidala,” Anakin said with a nod and a knowing intonation.

“Ah, Jedi Skywalker,” Padmé replied, mimicking his formality but betraying her confusion.

“I want you to be meet Tom and Wes Jafan.” Anakin patted the pair on the shoulders. “They’re twins.”

Padmé smiled, adjusting her attitude from one of confusion and disappointment to pandering congeniality. “Hi boys,” she said warmly. She looked back up at Anakin, her eyes adding, What is going on here?

“I wanted you to spend some time with Tom and Wes for a while,” Anakin said assuredly.

Padmé looked back and forth at the two. They were about fourteen by the look of it, energetic and cheerful. She could hardly tell them apart. Each was currently beaming up at her. “Uh, why?”

“Master Yoda is on his way here to see me and we've got a while before he gets here. I thought you'd like to spend some time with them. They’re new the Temple and haven’t had a chance to visit the Senate yet.”

“I don’t have time for a tour, Anakin.” Padmé was a bit perturbed at her husband's assumption that she could be called on at a moment's notice for something as menial as babysitting.

Anakin ushered the twins inside, forcing Padmé to step back. “Go take a seat, boys,” he said, and turned to Padmé once they were out of earshot.

“Look, I think it’ll be good for you to spend some time with them. They’re great kids, and don’t you want to have children some day?”

Padmé was taken aback a little, still reeling from her mistaken assumption about the nature of this meeting. “Ah, yes, but I’m kind of in the middle of a work day right now.” Padmé motioned to her attire. “And besides, when you said you had a surprise, I thought you meant something else…”

Anakin looked her over. “Ooh,” muttered, shaking his head. “You know I don’t go in for those kind of getups anyway.” Anakin shook his head, “You look really unprofessional.”

Padmé sighed and gave up. “So how long do I have to watch them for?” After that comment she’d rather spend time with two kids than her husband. Maybe they’d appreciate her efforts a little more anyway.

“An hour, tops. I'll be right outside if you need anything."

Anakin was unusually cheerful about this, Padmé thought. She looked over at the two boys as they sat quietly, feet barely touching the floor in their seats.

“All right, fine. I'll give them a lecture on the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems,” she said sarcastically as Anakin headed for the doorway.

"You'll do great," the Jedi obliviously answered, as he stepped outside.

Padmé looked over to the twins. How was she going to handle this? She was dressed like a high-priced Moenia hooker and was saddled with two pubescent boys.

Both of the boys were dressed in oversized tan pants and tops, with a dark brown sash crossing from the upper shoulder on their right down to their thighs on the left. Their hair was short and blonde and both needed a haircut.

They were seated in opposite chairs facing the large desk, with Tom on the right. He peaked back at Padmé as she finished her conversation with Jedi Skywalker, who had escorted them here. The boys had only been on Coruscant for a day and they had been whisked around the capital from the moment they landed. It was a confusing and somewhat frustrating experience for the boys, though they had been warned about it ahead of time.

Tom and Wes were from a sect of the Jedi called the Ossus Traditionalists. They opposed the reforms instituted by Grand Master Nomi Sunrider at the Conclave of Exis Station following the Great Sith War of four millennia past. Sunrider, feeling the betrayal of her lover Ulic Qel-Droma during the war, had become heavily influenced by the conservative Jedi Master Simikarty, and embraced the outlines of his seminal Teyan Apologia. These had included formally subjecting the Jedi to the rule of a council on Coruscant, limiting the age and number of padawans a master could take on, and enforcing rules of abstinence and separation from family of Jedi trainees. To a large extent, the Exis Reforms of Sunrider had remained in force for the Jedi Order to the present day.

The Ossus Traditionalists rejected the Exis Reforms as being a perversion of the original Jedi ideals, forced on the order by a minority of its masters as a short-sighted response to the particular issues of a specific crisis. The Ossus school and its associated followers – such as the Altisian Jedi, the Corellian Jedi, and the Potentium sect – instead argued that Jedi should still allow familial ties. Typically, its initiates were paired with a guardian, instead of staying in isolated bunkrooms with other Jedi younglings.

The Ossus school had had rocky relations at times with the Orthodox Jedi of Coruscant through the years, but the exigencies of the Clone Wars had caused a closer reconciliation between the smaller splinter group and the mainstream order than had ever existed before. The Jafan twins and their guardian had been serving at the Battle of Sullust, when their master had fallen to the Separatists.

Anakin and Obi-Wan had taken them in, bringing them to Coruscant for Yoda to deal with. There had been arrangements ahead of time for a guardian but the boys had gathered those fell through at the last moment, and the Jedi Council was scrambling to find a replacement.

Tom looked to Wes. "I hope she's the one they want for us. She's really pretty!"

Wes looked back as well. "Yeah she is. I like her big…" he grinned and giggled while he bowed out his arms in front of him, mimicking Padmé's large bust.

"Yeah!" Tom nodded, "Like the twi'lek we saw the Temple!"

Wes looked again at Padmé and then back to Tom. "She makes my ronto get rocky!”

Tom glanced back at the Senator as well and nodded in agreement. "Do you want to practice our saber fighting?"

"Not yet," Wes said, still staring at Padmé as she started toward them. "Maybe later."

The beautiful, and busty, woman walked in between the two chairs, turned around and leaned against her desk. She smiled at them warmly and the boys instantly felt more relaxed. They were a little apprehensive about all this, despite their initial first impressions.

"So, it's Tom and Wes?" Padmé gestured to one then the other, guessing at their identities. The boys nodded in approval, she got it right.

"You're younglings?" She asked and the boys nodded again. "How come you're out with Master Skywalker?"

"Well…" Tom started, "We just got to Cors-corsa-corsant-

"Coruscant." Padmé pronounced it slowly and clearly for the boy.

"Coruscant," Tom repeated correctly. "So… We just got here."

"Yeah, we don't know what's going on," Wes finished.

"How old are you boys? Fourteen?"

"Thirteen," replied Tom.

"But we're big for our age," Wes finished, then added, "Wanna see?"

Padmé didn't quite get his comment. "I can see that already," she assured him.

"Oh." Wes was a little disappointed.

"So are you interested in politics?" Padmé asked.

"Not… really." Tom shook his head and Wes followed suite.

"Okay, well, I'm a senator and I've been in politics nearly my whole life. When I was your age I was the Princess of Theed, which was the capital of-"

"You were the Princess of Theed?" Tom asked excitedly.

Padmé was struck by his apparent knowledge of Theed and her former title, "Yes. Are you boys from Naboo?"

"Yes!" Wes said. "We're from Dee’ja Peak!"

"Really?" Padmé was intrigued to hear this. She rarely ran into anyone on Coruscant that was even from Naboo’s sector, much less someone near her home town. "I'm from Cokenvee. It's a small village east of there, in the Gallo Mountains."

The boys shrugged, having never heard of it.

"I was Queen too, you know."

"Really?!" the boys simultaneously exclaimed.

"Yes, until only a few years ago, actually."

"You're Queen Amidala?" Tom asked, awed realization in his voice

"Yes, I was," Padmé said with a smile.

The two boys exchanged looks of astonishment. They knew only a few basic things about their home planet's government, having lived in a sheltered Jedi enclave in the remote Western Reaches, but they knew about the Queen and how beautiful she was. And more over, how the new Queen definitely wasn't as pretty as the old one.

"So you're just entering the Jedi Temple now? I thought all younglings were there from their earliest ages," Padmé asked.

"Not all of them. Some Jedi sects have their own homes around the galaxy where they train and raise younglings. Like us," Tom said assuredly, proud of his upbringing.

"But now you're joining the Temple?"

"Yes, we've reached the age of responsibility, and so we were brought here for new Masters after our old guardian became one with the Force," Wes said.

Padmé thought of Ahsoka; she had been their age when Anakin became her Master.

As the boys chatted with the senator, and they gazed upon her beauty, and more specifically her busty boobs and revealing attire, they felt their penises becoming erect. Their baggy pants kept their lengthy members hidden from view and the senator was none the wiser. She had even forgotten that she was dressed as such.

Padmé heard a chime come from her desk; she had received a holocall. "Well boys, I'm going to have do some work now. Why don't you two play, quietly, while I do some work, all right?"

"Yes, senator," the two said in near unison as they got up from their seats.

Padmé walked around to her chair and activated her receiver. Dormé's image waved into existence.

Tom and Wes walked over to the other end of Padmé's office, where a rectangular table with a pale beige vase sitting atop was surrounded by several couches.

"Tom, I'm so hard right now," the boy gestured to his crotch, where a long phallus pressed against the inside of his right pants leg.

"I know! Me too! She's super pretty! And she was the Queen!" Tom replied, looking back at the senator, who was turned away from the pair in her seat, talking to a holo-projection. "Let's saber fight!" He announced and proceeded to reach inside his pants and pull out his erect penis, which extended no less than forty five centimeters. Wes did the same and pulled out a similarly freakishly long penis.

There were records on Naboo going back generations of a rare genetic condition that resulted in extremely long penises. There were studies into why this was the case and some indications that mixed breeding with gungans might have had a hand in it. As further testing strengthened this hypothesis, funding was pulled and support from special interest groups faded and the studies were abandoned. That didn't change the fact that there were boys with recorded penises as long as sixty centimeters in some cases, and unconfirmed reports of even longer ones.

Padmé continued her conversation with Dormé, unaware of the twin boys behind her, each gripping their extraordinarily long members, striking them against one another as if in a lightsaber duel.

"Ah ha!" Tom pronounced as jabbed Wes in the torso with his rod.

"Blast it!" Wes grumbled and then wacked his dick against Tom's.

Padmé concluded her call with Dormé and spun her chair toward the boys, already becoming a little annoyed at their noise making. She couldn't see exactly what they were doing, the backs of the couches blocking her view. She ignored the noise for a moment while she made a note on a datapad.

Wes lunged at Tom and his twin jumped up onto a couch. Wes hopped up as well and the two crossed phalluses a few times before Wes made another lunge. Tom reared back and fell over the couch.

"Take it easy-" Padmé started to say as she looked up from her work, but spotted Tom laying on his back, penis out and pointing straight up into the air – looking, to Padmé's eyes, magnificent and huge. Her mind went through several different emotions in quick succession and decided on confusion as the best response.

"What in blazes is going on here?" The senator shot up in her seat, hands down on the desk. She looked to Wes as he came around the side of the couch, his member also out and gripped in his hands. "Why are your… penises out?" Padmé almost used another word, out of habit.

"Huh?" Tom asked as he got to his feet. "Oh, we're just dueling," he said innocently enough. Wes got to Tom and the two started brandishing their dicks against one another again.

"Now stop that!" Padmé insisted, but she felt her mouth watering at the sight of twin cocks larger than she had seen in months. She was reminded of a huge gungan dongo, or maybe a wookiee meat bat. The senator walked around her desk to stand before the two exposed boys.

She felt a little hot and she pulled at her top, which had been straining against her breasts this entire time. She tugged at the vertical slice of fabric running over her left breast, but pulled too hard, and the entire boob became exposed. As Padmé stared in awe at the two boys swinging their cocks she rubbed her bare breast, trying to recover it but instead only arousing herself with her delicate touch. Enhanced sensitivity came with Jumba Juice’s increase in size. Padmé rested her right hand atop her still partially covered right boob.

"Wow, Tom, look her boob fell out," Wes said to his brother.

Padmé shook her head, trying to come out of this daze as she looked down at her exposed chest.

"I want to rub my saber against one for luck!" Wes continued.

"Yeah!" Tom agreed enthusiastically.

The two boys angled toward Padmé who stood only a short distance away. The senator snapped out of her confused state.

"Now boys!" she said sternly, in a schoolmistress tone that would have made Mrs. Racté proud. But the twins didn't react, and she flinched when both shoved the tips of their dicks into her breasts. Tom boldly reached up with one hand pulled aside the remaining fabric over her right boob, leaving both completely exposed.

"They're like training remotes!" he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, but bigger!" Wes joked.

Padmé was overwhelmed. The boys’ dicks were dripping precum and they were both rubbing and smacking them against her large, inflated tits. She found herself pressed against the desk, squatting lower to give them better access to her breasts as they rubbed their long cocks along her cleavage and against her nipples.

"Boys, you really shouldn't be doing this," Padmé said, more meekly now. She remembered Anakin was right outside and Master Yoda was on his way. She couldn't imagine the repercussions of what would happen if they were to walk in. "You have to put those away, all right? Master Yoda wouldn't be happy to see you doing this."

Padmé was a little surprised when they both suddenly stopped smacking her breasts with their forty five centimeter cocks.

"Oh yeah…" Tom said and looked down, thinking.

"She's right, what do we do?" Wes asked, concerned. "They're too hard."

Padmé looked back and forth at the twin dicks and agreed they'd have a hard time putting those back in their pants. She almost offered to help but then thought better of it; they were only thirteen, after all, and this wasn’t Naboo. And unlike their Naboo enclave, she doubted there’d be any room in the Jedi Temple here on Coruscant for them to relieve themselves in private.

"I guess we just have to wait… but that could take like… an hour," Tom said.

"An hour?" Padmé asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, it takes like an hour for them to go down," Wes answered.

"But Yoda could be here any minute." Padmé felt a bit uncomfortable about this. She didn't want the boys getting caught and she couldn't trust them to keep it a secret what they were just doing to her breasts if they were questioned by Yoda or Anakin.

"Can't you just… jack off?" Padmé suggested crudely.

"Huh?" Tom asked

"Jack off?" Wes added.

"Yeah… masturbate," Padmé said simply.

"Who's Master Bate?" Tom asked.

"You know, when you rub… yourself… there and you make white stuff come out." Padmé felt so odd explaining this.

Neither reacted, both continuing to look puzzled.

Padmé looked at either of them, waiting for them to crack – but they didn't. She realized they didn’t know about masturbation.

"You two really have been sheltered. I would have figured you'd learn about it by accident," Padmé said.

They shrugged, and Wes asked, "So what is it?"

"Well… you grip your penis, like you're doing," Padmé explained, eyeing their dicks, “And then your move your hand up and down.” Wes and Tom moved their hand up the length of their cocks and then back down again.

"Good, see, it's simple," Padmé said, as she clapped her hands in satisfaction.

The two boys, still facing her, kept stroking themselves up and down. Tom asked, "When do we stop?"

"Well, that's the best part," Padmé said, giving away a little too much enthusiasm. "You feel this incredible sensation and then suddenly a big load of cum shoots out the end." The senator realized she was enjoying explaining this to the boys. Maybe she would be good with kids.

The twins were both breathing harder and faster as they jerked off in front of Padmé. She felt herself becoming increasingly turned on herself. They were eyeing her exposed breasts as precum continued to drip out their cocks.

"You two like my breasts a lot, don't you?" Padmé asked, deciding to play into their fantasies a little.

They nodded quickly, not bothering to respond to her.

"Why don't you point those cocks at my boobies. I'll let you cum on them." Padmé cupped her breasts, holding them up for the boys as she grinned at them.

The boys quickly moved in closer and Padmé decided to descent to her knees for better comfort. Both cocks were being worked hard and fast by the twins as they rubbed the enflamed tips against her breasts. Padmé felt herself getting hotter and hotter and her judgment getting worse and worse.

Tom thrust his cock against her breast and it angled up by her face. Padmé could feel the heat on it. Wes did the same and soon the cocks were being rubbed against her cheeks and along her lips. Padmé didn't argue or protest and soon her tongue was sneaking out to lick as the shafts as they passed over her mouth. A few cloudy moments later Padmé had her hands on both cocks, replacing the twins.

"Let me take over, boys," she announced as she rubbed Tom’s dick down one side of her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of the shaft.

"Do that to mine!" Wes pleaded.

"I'll do one better," Padmé promised, and opened her mouth wide before shoving the end of Wes's cock inside. The boy’s breath was taken away by the sensation and he felt dizzy all of sudden. Padmé slurped obscenely on the shaft as it plunged into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Her tongue whirled and lathered up the wide girth of the young Padawan dick. She pulled her mouth of the rod again, strings of saliva and spit trailing from the end of the dick to her lips.

“Oh gods that’s good,” Padmé said out of breath. She turned to Tom’s dick and roughly shoved her face onto his rod as well and repeated her lusty exercise.


Anakin stood by patiently, checking his wrist chrono. It had been about forty minutes and Yoda should be there soon. He was sure Padmé was having a swell time with the boys in her office.


"Oh, I love your cocks!" Padmé said louder than she intended too as she swapped between Tom and Wes's lengthy pricks.

"This feels so good!" Tom said gleefully.

"I know!" Wes agreed.

Padmé worked her stretched mouth lower and lower on the long shaft of Wes's dick, taking in half the dick, feeling it descend into her throat. She angled her neck and let in the rest, her lips quickly moving down the shaft to the base of his cock.

"Oh, by the Force!" Wes grunted. "Something's happening!"

Wes cried out as he came for the first time in his life, his gooey load taking a one way trip into the stomach of his former Queen.


Anakin could feel the presence of Yoda approaching before he rounded the corner.

"Master Yoda." He bowed slightly out of respect. "I've brought the Jafan twins here as you requested. They've been spending the past… forty five minutes or so with the Senator."

Yoda hobbled up to Anakin with his cane and nodded. "Excellent, Master Skywalker. Prudence you show, giving Senator Amidala time with the boys before ask her we do, to take on such a difficult task."

"We should go in and bring up the subject," Anakin suggested.

Yoda paused for a split second and then held out his hand. "Wait, young Skywalker. Patience we must show. The Senator more time, we shall give."

Anakin lowered her palm from the door buzzer. "All right," he agreed with a nod. Whatever would help make Padmé more amenable to the request of the Jedi was fine with him.

"Tell me Jedi Skywalker, how is young Ahsoka?" Yoda asked with a grin.


Padmé pulled her mouth off of Wes's now-slackening dick and took a deep breath, before coughing a few times.

The boy felt woozy and stumbled back a few steps before sitting on the floor and falling back.

Padmé focused her attention on Tom and worked both her hands along his shaft. She stared up into his eyes, seeing he was so close to cumming.

"You're going to cum now, Tom," Padmé told him. "You're going to do it into my mouth."

"Yeah?" Tom replied breathily, not sure what to expect.

"Yeah," Padmé assured the boy, holding the tip of his dick right to her lips, breathing on it. She pulled back slightly and stuck out her tongue and flicked the tip against the crown of his cock several times. "Delicious cock."

"Uh, ah!" Tom cried out and Padmé held her mouth wide open, her hands working like a turbohammer on his long shaft. The first few shots splattered against the roof of her mouth and then the back of her throat. Padmé kept from choking and let the hot cum keeping blasting the inside of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and let the remaining shots of jizz coat it before she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the thick, salty load.

Tom felt dizzy like his brother and likewise stumbled back and fell onto the floor.

Padmé chuckled and go to her feet. She felt as satisfied as they apparently did. Walking around her desk she pulled out a saniwipe and cleaned herself up a little, tucking her breasts back inside her gown.


"Ready now, I think the Senator is," Yoda said suddenly to Anakin as the Jedi Knight was discussing the recent Battle of Virujansi he had been in.

"Oh, um, yeah, let's go in," Anakin said, a little surprised at the abruptness of Yoda’s interruption.


Padmé was just sitting back down when the door chimed again. The twins were still on the floor but were starting to recover.

"Better look lively, boys. And put away those lovely cocks of yours," Padmé advised them and the two quickly go to their feet and tucked away their now flaccid penises. The senator called them over to her desk.

"And now, let's keep this our little secret, all right?" Padmé smiled at them. "You didn't take out your penises and I didn't touch you at all, right?"

The boy nodded as they rubbed their heads, still reeling for their first mind-blowing orgasms.

Padmé pressed a panel on her desk and the door slide open. Master Yoda led the way with Anakin behind him.

"Master Yoda, it's so wonderful to see you," Padmé said with a wide grin.

"Warm feelings to my… heart, seeing you always brings, Senator," Yoda said in his old but confident voice.

"What brings you to my office today?" Padmé asked as she stepped around to the front of the desk. Anakin meanwhile headed toward the couches, signaling the twins to follow him.

"A seat, we should take, Senator. Then discuss we will why we are here." Yoda hobbled over to a chair and hoisted himself up with ease. Padmé went to the adjacent seat and sat down.

"Met and spent time you have with the twins, yes?" Yoda asked the senator.

"Yes, I have. They've very… lovely boys." Padmé paused to think of a word to describe them. She knew so little about them but what she did she enjoyed, and she didn't just mean their huge cocks. It was nice to talk to someone from home.

"From Naboo they come, like you. Common childhood, yes?"

"I suppose so, though I have no idea what growing up on a Jedi enclave would be like," Padmé countered. “Even one as…untraditional as theirs.”

"Untraditional indeed is the matter at hand. A home and guardian the boys need, beyond what the Jedi Temple can provide. The best choice you are, I think," Yoda stated plainly, catching Padmé off guard.

"What?" she asked, taken aback. "You want me to be… their guardian? You mean sponsor them…adopt them?"

"Yes, Senator. A loving and familiar home you would bring for them."

"But I thought all younglings lived at the Temple?"

"These younglings are of the Ossus Traditionalists. I will honor their upbringing, and continue they will on the path laid before them."

"I've never raised a child before… I'm much too busy, I'm sorry-" Padmé was quick to make excuses.

Yoda put up a hand and simply said, "Best it would be for the boys, Senator."

Padmé sighed. This was Yoda, asking her. He did know what was best for the younglings and Padmé couldn't doubt his judgment.

"How long would this be for?" She asked.

"Till Padawans they are not."

Padmé swallowed. This would be a large task to take on but she had handmaidens a plenty so they wouldn't require any more time than Padmé could spare. Sometimes the most important decisions are the ones you can't prepare for.

"Okay, I'll do it," Padmé said, letting her shoulders slump as she accepted the sudden turn in her life.

"Knew you would, I did," Yoda said and he hoped down from his seat.

"Tom, Wes," he called out and the pair came over to him. Padmé stood beside the Jedi Master. "Senator Padmé agreed to be your guardian, she has."

"Yippee!" they exclaimed.

Padmé's eyes went wide at their expression. She remembered Anakin yelling the same thing on Tatooine eleven years ago. It had annoyed her then, and it still did now. She'd have to fix that.

Yoda and Anakin moved away from Padmé and the twins to discuss something.

"Can we call you Mom?" Tom asked, stepping up to her.

Padmé hesitated, and then said, "Sure?"

Wes looked back to see the two older Jedi were facing away from them and then leaned forward and whispered, "Can we please we use our lightsabers on your training remotes again?"

Padmé smirked. He was cute. She leaned over and squeezed her arms together against her breasts, pushing out her cleavage into Wes's face. "Only if you behave."

"Yes, Mom!" Wes said happily.

Yoda turned back to the twins and said, "To the Temple we must go, to get your things for your new residence."

The boys quickly headed for the door and lead the way out, eager to move into their new home. Anakin approached Padmé, looking sly.

"You had a hand in this, didn't you?" Padmé accused.

"You got me." The Jedi put up his arms in defeat.

Padmé let out a breath. "This is going to be a task, and it won't make our marriage any easier, you know?"

"I know."

"You might not be able to come over as often, either."

"I know. We'll make it work." Anakin put his arms around his wife and kissed her on the mouth. "Those two seem to have really taken a shine to you quickly," he added.

"I have a way with men," Padmé said knowingly.

Anakin chuckled. "I'm sure they wish they were ten years older so they'd at least have a shot with you."

Padmé glanced down at that. "Yeah…"

Anakin let go of his wife and stepped away. "I've got to go, but I'll see you tonight when I bring Tom and Wes over to move in."

"Okay, see you then."

Anakin then left Padmé's office and she finally got a moment to think. Her mind was processing so many conflicting thoughts right now. She was going to be the mother to two young boys. Not only that, but she had already sucked their cocks. This was going to be a strange mother/son dynamic.

Padmé thought back to her own mother, and how hands-on she Jobal had been with her daughters. The Naberrie girls had turned out fine, hadn’t they? Going by Naboo standards, maybe her own motherhood wasn't off to such a bad start after all.


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