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Queen Amidala's Season's Meatings

Queen Amidala's Seasons Meatings
by Pyro and Das Flute

Queen Amidala, the newly sixteen-year-old monarch of the beautiful planet of Naboo, rode in the back of her modified hardtop chrome-colored Champion Speeder, heading north for the holiday.  It was Life Day, and though the holiday originated with the wookiees of Kashyyyk, it was a festive season across the galaxy.  It surprised the Queen somewhat to learn that the gungans celebrated the holiday as well, as she had been lead to believe the society had largely been cut off from outside influences.  Though there were some unique elements in how the gungans celebrated it, and what they took meaning from, it seemed the spirit of Life Day could penetrate any barrier.

Accompanied by her Chief Handmaiden Sabé and the royal guards Baras Perosei and Hogan Tinmar, the Queen's destination was Otoh Pola, the new above-water settlement for the gungans. Despite the hardships they faced, it was apparently thriving, and she was visiting to give it her blessing and help encourage trade between Pola and the other nearby human towns.

To better appreciate the gungan version of the Life Day holiday, and hopefully win over some of their affections, the Queen had decided to dress as their holiday gift-giver, Mama Suk Suk.  Sabé had researched the designs for the outfit and studied its symbolic meaning.  Apparently she was a fertility goddess and her gifts would ensure many children were to come in the year ahead.

Padmé was a little taken aback with the eventual design, despite its apparent faithfulness to historical documents.  The short red skirt, thigh-high stockings, bare midriff, fingerless gloves that ran up to her biceps and tiny tube top were far, far more risqué than her usual attire.  Tradition or not, Padmé had insisted on at least some aspect of her official outfit, and so had included the traditional headpiece and white make up that her people were used to seeing her in.  At least the headpiece matched the primarily-red outfit, though the fluffy white trim less so.

"No wonder she's a fertility goddess," Amidala grumbled to Sabé beside her in the rear seat of the speeder. "I look like a harlot."

"Well, considering gungan men's apparently insatiable appetite for human women in general, or you specifically, I think you'll have a stirring effect on the crowd today," Sabé said with a half-cocked grin. She looked down at herself. “I’m not much better.”

In the gungan legends, Mama Suk Suk had her own retinue of handmaidens – ‘little helpers,’ as they were often referred, who traditionally wore short green tunics. Although not nearly as ornate as her queen’s outfit, Sabé wore a reasonable facsimile, based on the book of gungan legends Boss Nass had supplied Queen Amidala following the peace treaty.

"Maybe I should have thought this through a bit more."  Padmé looked down at her own outfit once more, and shook her head.  "It's sexy, but it does attract a lot of attention to my rather small chest.  I wish I had my mother's body."

"You'd rather have a large chest and stand in front of a crowd of gungans dressed like that?  I'm not sure our two guards could hold off the stampede of horny men eager to pay tribute to their fertility goddess in the most appropriate way possible."

"That's true," the Queen agreed with a smile.

Sometime later the speeder arrived at Otoh Pola, parking in a sparsely-occupied lot on the edge of the town.  It was small and a bit haphazardly laid out on the edge of a forest, with one story, mostly unpainted buildings evenly spaced apart and roads unmarked and unpaved.  But it was a real town; the bustling crowds and busy shops were a sure sign of that.

They made their way to the local governing rep council’s building, a curved domed structure considerably taller than any other building in town.  The design belied the gungans’ underwater origins.  As the Queen Amidala approached the entrance she was greeted by the Boss of the town, Paps Cluck.  A gentle, obese old ankura gungan, he was dressed in bright red colors with white veermok fur trim which almost seemed like a match for her own outfit.

After proceeding inside, the two became acquainted and chatted about the usual things.  The town seemed to be doing well, though trade was a problem, as she had expected.  New as the town was, its plan – to become a manufacturing and shipping hub of cheap commercial products for the entire planet – was certainly grandiose. Boss Cluck even showed off the prototype Bombad Maxi-Cargo swoop-sled that the BullbaBong company was helping them to develop so they could deliver their products all across the world. “Mesa hopin’ to give it a test-flight dis evenin,’ but…” He shrugged, rapping his chubby knuckles against the default red-painted prototype fatalistically.

The Queen was happy to reveal that the Royal Naboo government in Theed was going to directly support Otoh Pola with an economic stimulus plan, offering credits and aid in arranging trade deals and structuring further growth of the town.  Paps Cluck was delighted and the two celebrated over a cup of Jumba Nog.

As the Queen was handed the large clay cup of the beverage, she noted internally that it looked like gungan semen.   Thick, white, and quite sticky.   She sniffed it and she could have sworn the odor was similar as well. She licked her lips and drank a sip.  It tasted good and she quickly finished off her serving.

"Yousa like, yes?"  Paps asked her as he put down his drink, only having had a little bit himself.

"Yes, it was quite delicious," she remarked.

"Jumba Nog is old gungan drink for Life Day.  Da women drink it very much!"

The two proceeded out of the council building together and Padmé felt her chest itching slightly by the time she stepped out the door.

"Thank you hosting me, Boss Clucks. I appreciate the gesture and look forward to seeing your town prosper," the Queen said in her formal tone.  She exchanged goodbyes with the old gungan and he returned inside the building, their business done.

Sabé stepped beside Amidala and said, "We have a meet and greet at a… bunga bush." She tried not to laugh at the silly sounding phrase. "A bunga bush lot.  It's like our Tree of Life tradition."

"They have Life Trees?" Padmé asked.

"Yes, well close to it.  They use swamp plants, though.  A munni bush that only grows along the shores of Lake Paonga."

"All right," the Queen said, then paused and looked to Sabé. "My chest is… tingling…" after a moment she dismissed her concerns, "I'm sure it's nothing, let's go."

The Queen, her handmaiden and the two guards that lagged behind proceeded down the street.  Amidala kept adjusting her top and could have sworn her breasts was getting bigger.

"Sabé, do you notice anything… unusual about my… chest?"  Padmé asked as she pulled down her red tube top a third time to keep from exposing her boobs.

The handmaiden nodded and said, "Yes, Your Highness, it's growing."  As a loyal servant, sworn protector, and dutiful decoy, she always kept the closest eye on her Queen and felt it was her duty to know her better than she knew herself. "I'm sorry, but I believe it was the Jumba Nog you drank," Sabé continued. "I had heard rumors of a drink called Jumba Juice having enhancing effects on humans.  I didn't realize this Jumba Nog was made from it.  I'm sorry, Your Highness."

"It's all right, Sabé.  I should have learned by now not to swallow strange things."

Sabé giggled at the Queen's joke.

"So my boobs are growing… anything else going to happen?"

"I don't believe so.  And it's temporary.  In a few hours time it should pass."

"A few hours?"  Padmé gulped, readjusting her top once again. "Suggestions?"

"Dismiss your guards to avoid further rumors or suggestions of your altering your body for sexual purposes.  The tabloids already are suspicious of you and your frequent gungan visitors to the palace.  We attend the bunga bush meet and greet.  These gungans aren't from Otoh Gunga and have very little knowledge of you.  They'll be none-the-wiser of your breast size.  We wait for them to... deflate and then return to your speeder."  Sabé had been trained to consider back-up plans for over a dozen scenarios and mentally kept them updated moment to moment.  She was never caught off guard.

With hardly a second thought, Queen Amidala said to Sabé, "Dismiss the guards."

The handmaiden turned and said, "You two are dismissed.  Return to the speeder and await further orders."

As Chief Handmaiden, Sabé had many responsibilities and duties, and one of the central ones was being in charge of the Queen's personal bodyguard detail.  This hadn't always been the case, but in the two years following the invasion of Naboo, Amidala had grown to trust her more than anyone, and would give those responsibilities to no one else.

Perosei and Tinmar nodded and turned around, not questioning or hesitating for a moment.

"I feel like my tits are going to explode," Padmé grumbled under her breath.  Sabé looked back to her Queen and could see her breasts were barely held inside a greatly-stretched top.

"You should lower your top and let them be exposed.  If you tear it, you'll have nothing to wear when we return," Sabé suggested.

Amidala looked to her, one eyebrow arched, scoffing at her suggestion to proceed down this street with her breasts exposed.  Sabé didn't respond.

"I see there's one scenario you hadn't thought of ahead of time." 

"I'm sorry, Your Highness," Sabé responded with honest disappointment.

The Queen tugged down her top so it rested below her expanding breasts.  She sighed and tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary as the proceeded down the main road of the town.  The gungans that were bustling around the street for the most part took notice, particularly the men.  Padmé couldn't tell if they were offended or not, but they were definitely curious.

On either side of them there were a few buildings up, mostly homes and some store fronts.  Padmé saw a shop selling fish and seafood, another sold clothing.  But there were also tents and makeshift stands selling oddities that Padmé couldn't identify.

After a short while the Queen and her handmaiden arrived at a grove of munni bushes all socketed into stands and arranged in neat rows.  It was like a Tree of Life lot, only with wet, floppy seaweed-looking bushes instead.

An otolla gungan, pudgy and shorter than most, came out of a tent and approached the Queen, his eyes going wide as he saw her now very large and nearly completely exposed chest.  Each breast was now larger than her own head, though luckily they didn't add too much weight.  Amidala kept up the act that this were normal, perhaps a style from the warmer south.

"Oh yousa be da Queen!" said the lanky, thin gungan with grey skin. "Yousa… supa beauty!" he added, eyeing her large boobs intently.

Amidala hadn't wondered about this before, but now had clear evidence that gungan men too were enamored with large breasts.

"Thank you for having us," the Queen said with forced enthusiasm, "Your collection of munni bushes is… quite lovely."

"Oh, dey ugly bushes.  Stupid tradition but mesa need da credits."  He admitted it freely, not caring that he was embarrassing the supreme ruler of his entire homeworld.  "Wesa have a place for yousa to meet da gunga," he continued, and gestured over to the edge of the lot, near a forest.  "Wesa hung a hornweed, and mesa tink yousa give our Life Day kisses for mesa customas."

Amidala looked to Sabé and leaned over. "I’m the Queen and you have me selling Life Day trees dressed like this?  Whose idea was this?"

“Horace Vancil, Your Highness,” Sabé replied, referring to the elderly man who served as the primary political and economic counselor on the Royal Advisory Council.

"Remind me to sack him when we return to Theed," Amidala spoke with honest disdain in her voice.

The Queen and Sabé followed the gungan over to the spot he had set up, which was a bare area with nothing but two poles in the ground.  Connecting the two poles was a string and hung from that string was a hornweed, an ugly, dried-out root.  It was significant in gungan culture as it was used in many of their weapons and armor.  For the holiday season, and befitting its association with fertility, it was natural that it also served as prompt for exchanging kisses.  And now, here was Padmé Amidala, queen of the entire planet, standing beneath it.

"Yousa supposed to be Mama Suk Suk and her little helper?" the skinny gungan asked as he eyed the Queen and her handmaiden.

She nodded in response.

"Oh good, yousa make dis real popula, den."  He walked away then and left the Queen and Sabé alone.

"What is that supposed to mean?"  Amidala asked.

"I'm not sure…"  Sabé responded.

"How long until we can leave?"

"Not until the Jumba Nog wears off, there's no point in returning to speeder until then."

Amidala sighed. As usual, Sabé was right.  "So I'll just stand here and give out kisses to gungans for a few hours."

"Well at least the Trade Federation isn't invading again."  Sabé offered a bit of levity and the Queen smiled in response, appreciating it.

The two could see the lanky owner talking to three gungan newcomers, and gesturing toward the humans.  Two of the gungans started in their direction, while another took off in a hurry.

"I think you have your first customer, Your Highness."

Queen Amidala smiled at the two gungans that approached her and they bowed slightly in respect.

"Yousa make supa hot Mama Suk Suk."

"Ah, thank you," she responded, not appreciating his crudeness.

"Mesa think yousa give me good load for this year," he continued.

Padmé nodded and said, "I hope so."  She figured she might as well just be agreeable, but she had no understanding of what he was saying. Certainly not enough to expect what happened next, as the gungan untied his pants and pulled out his cock.  Amidala looked to Sabé, wide-eyed.

Sabé looked at the cock and then back to the Queen. "In tradition, Mama Suk Suk blesses the penises of gungan men to ensure they are fertile throughout the coming year."

Amidala looked at the male gungan, who seemed to be patiently waiting for something, and then back to Sabé. "What does that have to do with me?"

"You're dressed as her… bless him…" Sabé didn't have much additional advice to offer.

The Queen looked at the gungan again, and noted a line of more gungan men was forming behind him.  She looked over his dick.  It was big and erect – he clearly was taken with her – and his balls hung quite low.  She hadn't been with a gungan in a while, she thought, then refocused her mind.

"I bless you," she said, and hoped that was enough.

The gungan warbled something and then said, "Yousa unda hornweed.  You bless wit kissing."

Padmé took a deep breath and muttered, "Oh, kark."  She looked to Sabé, who shrugged.  "Big help you are," the Queen murmured. She then looked to the gungan and smiled. "All right."

Leaning over, she puckered her lips as the gungan man raised his erect cock toward her mouth.  Carefully she pressed her painted red and white lips against the enflamed tip of the penis and gave it a kiss.  The gungan warbled and smiled down at her.  "Mmmm, dat feelin nice, Mama Suk Suk."  He began to rub his shaft up and down as he looked down at her.  A dribble of precum appeared at the tip, ready to drip.

The Queen looked to Sabé standing beside her, who was eyeing the cock intently, revealing a desire she was famous for back at the palace.

Before the gungan standing before her could make another move, the one standing behind him ran out of patience and pushed past him, his cock already hanging out of his untied pants, stroking it.  Padmé was a bit taken aback. This seemed like it could quickly get out of hand – but she had been in situations like this before and knew how to take control.

Putting up one hand to calm the horny gungan, she said in her soft voice, "Easy, you'll all get your turn."

"Mesa need Mama Suk Suk to give mesa good kiss for good luck!" he said urgently, waving his cock that looked north of thirty centimeters long in her face.

"All right, I'll give it a good kiss." The Queen knew how to handle an aggressive man.  She reached out with her red-gloved hand and gently wrapped her fingers around the thick circumference.  "Oh, your dick is so big," she said with over-emphasized innocence.

The gungan warbled in appreciation, getting more turned on.  Padmé realized that her strategy for easing the nerves of this gungan were also escalating his expectations.

Leaning forward again, the Queen stuck out her pink tongue and slowly swirled it around the tip of the cock, and then closed her lips as she gave it a wet kiss.  "Will that ensure you have a fertile year to… cum?" she asked, emphasizing the last word.

The other gungan that had been pushed aside re-emerged next to the Queen, his dick still rock hard and insisting on a bit of extra attention.  Padmé reached for it, cupping her hand underneath the bulky shaft and raising the fat head to her lips.  She looked up at the gungan and said, "I guess Mama Suk Suk is going to have to live up to her name."  The Queen opened wide and pushed the spongy tip inside, mewing in response as she got her first mouthful of gungan dick in months.

"Oh, Mama Suk Suk real good!" the gungan moaned, and then thrust forward with his hips, forcing more of his meat inside her mouth before hitting the back of her throat.

"Mesa get suk suk too!" the other gungan demanded, his hand replacing Padmé's idle one as he rubbed it against her white-painted cheek.

"Easy now, boys," she said sweetly as she pulled her mouth off the cock with a pop of her lips.  "There's enough of this hungry mouth to go around."

The Queen returned her attention to the first gungan's dick, swirling her tongue around the crown again as she lead it back inside her mouth before sealing her lips tightly.  Her cheeks became concave as she sucked hard, her tongue flicking up and down inside her closed mouth against the sensitive tip.  The gungan grunted and moaned in response, feeling overwhelmed.

Behind them the crowd of men was growing in size and impatience.  The Queen noticed this and removed her mouth from the dripping cock.  She looked to Sabé and asked, "Why don't you… prep them for me, Sabé?"

The handmaiden smirked and bowed slightly. "Of course, Your Highness. I can be one of Mama’s little helpers. I guess it’s a good thing I dressed the part, after all." The green-clad young girl walked forward and squatted on the ground at the head of the line, her face just centimeters from the exposed cock of the next waiting gungan.  Behind him another dozen were awaiting their turn.  Sabé gripped the plump shaft and opened her mouth.  She knew not to overdo it and make them cum too soon. She knew what an oral fixation Padmé had, and wanted to save that pleasure for the Queen.  Sabé had plenty of prior experience in this type of situation.

As her eagerness – and hunger – grew, so too did the Queen's speed.  She moved back and forth between the two fat gungan dongs quickly; shoving her face half way down the shaft of one dick and then moving to the other and doing the same.  Both cocks were now traveling well into her throat with each plunge of their meat into her face.

"Oh mesa cum soon, Mama Suk Suk!" barked one of the gungans above her. 

The Queen stopped her cock swapping and smiled up at the pair of strangers.  Her gloved hands pounded up and down on their shafts.  "Mama Suk Suk wants your gooey treat."

Sabé turned back from her duty with the cock lodged in her mouth to watch as her Queen was about to get sprayed with jizz.

One of the gungans grunted, and then a hot shot of white spunk blasted out of his cock and doused half of the Queen's face in cum.  "Oh yes!"  Padmé yelled ecstatically. The sensation of jizz on her face always made her go wild, no matter the species.  Another load of semen spurt out and dashed across her forehead and over the Jewel of Zenda on her headdress.  The other gungan, pushed to an orgasm by the sight before him, likewise ejected a fat load onto her already white-painted face.

"It almost looks like snow, Your Highness," Sabé commented, her hands idly stroking the dick before her.

The Queen caught her breath as the loads of jizz subsided and she could finally open her eyes, her face otherwise drenched in cum.  "I've always dreamed of a white Life Day."  She grinned up at the gungans, her hands stroking their slackening cocks, and proclaimed, "Let it blow."

The next hour proceeded as expected, the Queen sucking down the cocks of eventually thirty six gungan men, with some help from Sabé.  By the end of the ordeal both their jaws were sore and the Queen needed a shower, badly.  Happily, the owner of the bunga bush lot was accommodating in that regard, though not until after he received a double-headed blowjob from both Sabé and the Queen.

When they finally returned to the speeder it was the evening, and Officer Perosei and Sergeant Tinmar looked with gladness on the returning Queen and Chief Handmaiden. The pair had taken longer than expected, but with no emergency beacon being sent off, and with a terse message from Sabé over the comlink, they had had no choice but to remain at their post, watching over the speeder where it was parked on the edge of the forest that surrounded Otoh Pola.

“M’lady!” Perosei, the senior of the two guards, said with relief in his voice. “And Mistress Sabé as well. Has your business been concluded?”

“It has,” Padmé said, sharing a glance with Sabé and trying to avoid a smirk. “I think we’ve laid good foundations for relations with Otoh Pola for the new year.”

“I’m glad to hear it, M’lady,” Perosei said, checking his wrist chrono. “We still have plenty of time to return to Theed for the official celebration.”

Every year, the Royal Naboo government hosted an official Life Day commemoration in the capitol, with the monarch jointly leading the ceremony with the wookiee ambassador to Naboo, currently a wookiee named Ralrracheen. The event had gained prominence in the last two years given that Ralrracheen’s son, Rorworr, had helped lead the Naboo Underground against the Trade Federation, and had later been appointed an honorary Palace Guard by Padmé. Padmé had been honored to serve as ror’halla at Rorworr’s ror’tukor ceremony, held among the small wookiee diplomatic and business community in Theed, thus making her an honorary daughter-in-law to Ambassador Ralrracheen.

As Perosei checked his chrono, Padmé noticed the guard shivering slightly, while Tinmar was standing with his arms crossed and hands shoved in his armpits to keep warm. The temperature was definitely starting to fall, and not just because it was getting later in the day – there was definitely a cold weather front moving in. Padmé realized just how the guards had been left out there, alone in the cold with nothing to do, while she and Sabé had been…occupied with their own festivities. Glancing over at Sabé, the Queen could tell the same thoughts were going through her decoy’s mind.

“Officer, would you say we would have enough time left to dally a bit longer here?” she asked Perosei.

The officer nodded, not letting his discomfort or boredom show. It was part of the job, after all. “Yes, M’lady. At top speed, it won’t be too long to get back.”

“Well, then, Officer, I think your loyal dedication to my person ought to be rewarded,” she said with a light tone, as she stepped towards the dark-skinned man and Sabé approached Tinmar. “Now tell me…have you been a very good boy for Life Day?”

Before long, Sabé was on her knees, sucking off Tinmar, while Padmé was draped over the hood of the Champion Speeder, the lightly-idling engine providing enough heat to keep her warm as Perosei pushed her legs back. Her ankles around her ears, the guard eagerly tugged her red stockings up far enough to reveal her pussy – the thin strip of pubic hair adorning it having been dyed white for the holiday spirit.

The sight of such an intimate cosmetic alteration appeared to set Perosei off even more, and in less than ten seconds his large cock had been freed, and was plowing into her. He wasn’t quite as large as the average gungan or wookiee – but for a human, he wasn’t bad. From the side of the speeder, the sounds Sabé was making appeared to indicate that she had shifted from giving Tinmar a blowjob, to letting him take charge and fuck her throat properly.

As Perosei thrust into her, Padmé felt something cold hit her face. At first wondering if it was a sweat droplet from her lover, she looked up – and a smile widened her face.

“It’s starting to snow!” she said, the childlike joy in her voice completely at-odds with the situation she was in – or with Sabé’s gurgled reply. The Queen chuckled to herself as she remembered her earlier comment about having a white Life Day. It seemed she would get her wish – in both meanings of the term.

Suddenly, her attention was drawn to the sky for a different reason. A swooshing sound filled the air – accompanied by a tinkling noise. “What the…” Padmé muttered. It reminded her of the sound a ship would make coming in to land. For a moment, she was having flashbacks to the Trade Federation invasion.

But the reality soon made itself evident – and it was far less troubling.

Paps Cluck, still clad in his festive red attire, was flying overhead in his prototype delivery airspeeder. Although the major kinks had apparently been worked out, the tinkling noise coming from it suggested a few parts of it were still loose – although perhaps that was just the standard of gungan engineering. A red searchlight was being beamed out from the front of the speeder, apparently as a guidance beacon this foggy Life Day night.

As Paps flew over where the Royal Naboo speeder was parked, he waved at the four semi-naked humans beneath. “Ho, ho!” he called out.

“Hey!” Padmé called out, taking some offense to his characterization of her and Sabé. However, she remembered from her cultural exchanges with Boss Nass that the gungans approached such professions in a less-judgmental way than most humans. Besides, he said it with such belly-rolling glee that it was hard to take offense to the jolly old gungan. Instead, she simply waved back, even as Perosei and Tinmar – less used to such public displays than their Queen and Chief Handmaiden – were struggling to get their trousers back up. “Merry Life Day!” she called up to him.

“Merry Life Day to allen! And to allen, a gooda nightsen!” he called, as his turned the speeder back around towards the council building, apparently having finished the test flight.

Padmé looked back at the two guards. They might have lost the heat of the moment just now – but there was still Ambassador Ralrracheen and Rorworr back in Theed, not to mention the other Palace Guards and her other deserving handmaidens – Eirtaé, Rabé, Yané, Saché, and Fé.

It seemed Queen Amidala would have plenty of gifts to unwrap this Life Day…


Art by Deuce