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Padme's Twin Saber Training

Padmé's Twin Saber Training
by Pyro & Das Flute

Padmé Amidala carefully scaled the synrock cliff formation, sliding her busty chest over the artificial surface.

“All right, boys, now you try,” she said, getting to her feet atop the obstacle.

The senator wiped a bit of perspiration from her brow and then gazed out across the facsimile landscape, housed inside a huge, elongated dome. The Adventure Arena was a popular spot on Coruscant for those looking to escape the metallic trappings of their planet wide city. It was often used for training purposes as well, as the kilometers-long and -tall building was home to rugged terrain and a variety of weather patterns. Indeed, more than a few people had become lost in here.

Padmé had visited on occasion, a few times with her security detail for purposes of learning some survival skills. After just a few months of guarding a troublesome and rebellious senator, Captain Typho thought it best to give her some proper lessons in a more rural environment. Of course, after a day of climbing and navigating rough terrain, Padmé had decided to put the good captain through his own set of trials; trying to keep up with the demanding needs of a horny twenty two year old.

Below the now-twenty-five-year-old woman were two young boys, twins in fact: Tom and Wes Jafan, Padmé’s temporary wards and foster children. The thirteen year olds were dressed in their typical Jedi Padawan attire, the confining robes making it difficult to move. They were a stark contrast to Padmé’s barely-there warm-weather gear. While based on an outfit she had most memorably worn during the Geonosis incident, this particular assemblage was far more revealing. Her top was long sleeved and white, but cut just below her chest, keeping her midriff bare – which suited her just fine as she was proud of her flat, toned stomach. Below her waist she was even less covered. A synthatex belt with an assortment of utilities and devices secured to it, and then below that, merely a white tavella thong. In the past she had worn a pair of skimpy, clingy Jawa shorts, but after an unfriendly herglic saw her in them on a visit to Giju – the seventh stop on her senatorial galactic tour – she now needed a new pair. Padmé had opted for the thong as she figured she might want to go for a swim in the nearby artificial Great Western Sea after this climb with the boys.

The senator watched as the two young teens fumbled and struggled up the rock face. Tom tried to lift up Wes, only to have him fall on top of him. Then they switched places, and again the same thing happened.

“Would you like some help?” Padmé asked, hands on her hips as she looked down at the pair.

“No, Mom,” Tom muttered grumpily.

Padmé was definitely not used to being called ‘Mom,’ and found it a little uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure she was ready to think of herself in the same role as her mother, Jobal. But these boys had grown up with a strong parental influence and she had been told by Master Yoda that it was important for her to maintain that continuity. She was here to be ‘Mom’ for them, even though she had already acted beyond that role on a few occasions.

It had been two weeks since these two had come into her care, in a lusty introduction which had ended with her sucking their cocks. Padmé had continued that troublesome start to her motherhood with occasional handjobs – which also served some practicality as their enormous penises couldn’t fit inside their robes when erect. Padmé had to be careful not to arouse them in potentially awkward circumstances, as she had learned the hard way after a visit to the Senate in which she had had to beat off the twins in an empty Senate pod.

The boys had been pestering her for another blowjob and Padmé had given in, somewhat, by agreeing to suck them off if they first performed well for her on today’s outing. A reward for good behavior and hard work – that wasn’t too out of bounds for a mother, right? Certainly not by the standards of her own mother…

Truth be told, their enormous cocks had partially swayed her decision. It wasn’t every day she found a pair of eager males with dicks north of forty centimeters long that were ready and willing at a moment’s notice.

Finally Wes and Tom made it up the rock face, scrambling up it and joining Padmé at her side. Their eyes were instantly locked onto to her breasts, of course. The jumba juice she had drunk earlier had given her a healthy boost to her normally unimpressive size.

“Can we get our reward now?” Tom asked.

Padmé looked to her right at him, seeing the boy rubbing his crotch. He was semi-erect and she could see the long outline of his dick running down his pants leg.

Wes, who had walked over to a nearby boulder, climbed up on it and sat down, giving his legs a rest. “Yeah, can we?” he echoed as he caught his breath.

Padmé rolled her eyes. She had heard this every time the duo climbed a rock or scaled a hill. But they had been out here for several hours already; maybe a little pick me up wouldn’t hurt.

“Would you like to see Mommy’s boobies?” Padmé asked sweetly.

“Yeah!” the pair shouted in unison.

Padmé smiled and looked around briefly, making sure no one was about to come upon them and this very inappropriate scene. She hooked her thumbs under her shirt at the apex of each breast and slowly lifted upwards. Her breasts were pulled up inside her too-tight top before falling free, bouncing and swaying as they settled on her petite frame.

“Oh Mom…” Wes said, almost moaning in appreciation. He couldn’t help himself any longer and quickly fished out his long, now nearly fully erect prick, his right hand wasting no time as he started to stroke it.

“Wes! Put away your cock!” Padmé snapped at him. This wasn’t the time or the place. “I said I’d suck you both off once we got home, [i]if[/i] you behaved! This is [i]not[/i] behaving!”

“Aw, Mom! I just wanna jack off real quick!”

Padmé regretted ever telling these two about masturbation.

“Yeah, let us beat off real quick while you touch your boobies,” Tom begged, likewise pulling out his dick and starting to rub it.

The senator walked over to Wes, as the boy was far more visible, being perched atop a boulder. “Wes Jafan, put that dick away right now! They have holocams everywhere, someone will see you!”


“Hey Cad, take a look at this!” said the young security guard with tousled hair sitting before a bank of monitors. He wore a nametag reading ‘Juddy.’

“What is it?” replied the older, more world-wary man, from where he was pouring himself a tepid cup from the old stimcaf machine in the corner of the office.

“These two dudes just whipped out their dicks, and there’s this hot chick with them.”

“No shit?” Cad quickly walked over and joined his co-worker in the chair beside him. The two men served in the Coruscant Security Force’s Public Space Enforcement Division, and were assigned to the branch which supervised the Adventure Arena dome. This wasn’t the first time they had seen such perks of the job; a month ago, two coeds from UCor, a blonde human and a blue twi’lek, had decided to enjoy their ‘privacy’ together with the help of a double-sided synthcock, without realizing their antics were happening right in the range of several security cams.

“Yeah, this bimbo with the big tits is with them, been watching her for a while. Check out those tits and that outfit, man!” the young one said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, no kidding. What a slut. What, she bring those two here to fuck them secretly?”

“I don’t know, but look at big their dicks are! Couple of freaks.”

“They’re really short, too… must be some kind of alien or something. Bimms, maybe.”

The older man sat back and took a sip of his biter drink as they watched, flipping a few switches on a bank of dials and knobs, bringing up another angle of the action on an adjacent screen.

“You know what, she looks kind of like that hot senator… the famous one, uh…” The young one thought hard for a moment, “From Naboo! That chick who used to be a queen!”

“Oh yeah…” Cad rubbed his chin, “No way. She’s got huge tits and a slutty outfit. Can’t be her.”

Juddy shook his head, “Yeah man, it could be! There are ways for a girl to get bigger boobs, even for just a little while.”

“That outfit? No way it’s her. And why is she out here to fuck two midget freaks? Don’t make any sense. Isn’t logical.”

“Pfft, whatever. Let’s just record it and watch.”

“I can agree with that,” Cad said, as he took another sip of his stimcaf, the bitterness now more than overcompensated by the sight before him on the holo-screen.


Padmé was standing before Wes as the boy continued to rub his cock, her tits still exposed as if she had forgotten.

“Get down from there right now and put your dick away!” the senator demanded.

“Can I just rub it against your boobs a little first? Pleeeeeease?” Wes begged.

Padmé rubbed her forehead. The boys were giving her a headache. She was sure that she and Sola had never been as difficult with their mother. “All right, fine.” She stepped closer and leaned forward against the boulder. Wes wasted no time in lowering his dick and slapping it across her breasts. He was at the perfect height for that, and Padmé wondered if he had planned it.

“I wanna put it between ‘em!” Wes said.

“All right baby, push your dick down some more,” Padmé said as she leaned over, guiding the extremely long dick between her boobs as she pressed them against the slanted surface of the synthetic rock.

“Oh yeah, Mom, that’s awesome!”

Padmé gulped. At least this way, his cock would be hidden from the view of any potential onlookers.

Not a moment later, she felt something rub against her pussy. Instinctively she put her right arm out to stop Tom from what he was no doubt planning on doing. She looked behind her at the boy, who had been given quite the view of Padmé’s ass and pussy, barely covered by her string thong.

Tom gulped. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do here, but he saw two openings and he really wanted to put his dick in either of them. The Jedi sex ed had at least been clear on [i]that[/i].

“Now Tom, don’t get ahead of yourself,” Padmé said soothingly.

“Can I… put it… inside you?” he asked slowly, revealing his confusion.

“No honey, not yet.” Padmé didn’t realize what she just admitted to until after she said it. Clearly she intended on fucking these boys at some point in the future, whether she was fully conscious of that or not.

The senator stood up between the boys, her hands cupping her breasts. “How about this, I’ll let you two jerk off onto my big tits, and then we’ll continue on, okay?”

“Okay!” they said in unison, Wes hopping off the rock and joining Tom at his side.

Padmé squatted down and continued to grope her breasts, rubbing her fingers over their soft flesh. She looked up into the eyes of either of the boys, back and forth and then down at their cocks as they quickly approached climax.

“Damn, she’s not even gonna blow them, it looks like,” Juddy grumbled.

“That’s stupid. She should at least fuck them. Otherwise what’s the point?” Cad replied.

“Well, she doesn’t need to fuck them. But I’d like to see her suck their dicks for a bit.”

“You’re such a blowjob guy. That’s boring, she’s gotta get fucked.”

“Boring? Blowjobs are boring? Did you just say that?”

“Yeah, boring. What’s the big deal?”

“Have you even gotten a blowjob? Do you- ah, nevermind!”


Wes sprayed the first shot, dashing across Padmé’s held-up breasts. Tom followed a second later, coming in from the opposite side. The senator’s tits were quickly lined with a crisscross of spunk as the boys’ ejaculations finally slowed.

“All done?” she asked, like a mother to a child at the end of a meal.

“Yeah, Mom,” they replied in unison, out of breath.

“Good, now let me clean these up a little.” Padmé grabbed both cocks in her hands began lapping up the stray strands of jizz hanging from the tips.

“Oh Mom!” Wes yelped as he felt her tongue going to work on the sensitive tip.

Tom did likewise. “Go easy!”

“Now now boys, we can’t leave any messes, I’ve told you.”

After finishing with their rods, Padmé let the boys step away. She wiped her tits clean with a saniwipe and tossed it aside.

“Ready to move on?” she asked her twins.


“Ha! We got her! She littered!” Cad announced as he watched her toss the trash into a chrysanthus shrub.

“I know how we can get her to pay the fine!” Juddy said with a nod.

“Hell yeah!”

The pair high fived and quickly ran out the back entrance of their small, dark one-room building located in the edge of the dome. Outback there was a beaten-up speeder that had been driven into all sorts of hazards over the years. The green paint was faded and chipping off. They hopped in, and the vehicle puttered to life.


Tom and Wes were waiting at the Narglatch speeder they arrived in; it had been nearly an hour. The parking lot was empty and the artificial sun that traversed the inner surface of the dome was going down. They had been watching the exit to the Arena ever since returning here after two security guards brought their mother somewhere else because she littered.

“Do you think she’s in jail?” Wes asked his brother.

“No, stupid! She’s a senator, she has diplomatic immunity, she can’t go to jail!”

“Oh. Yeah, that old guy was really surprised when he found out who she was. But the younger one seemed really happy about it. That’s weird.”

“Yeah, that was weird.”

Just then Padmé emerged from exit, alone. She looked annoyed as she stepped into the cockpit of the open air speeder and quickly started it up.

“What happened, Mom?” Tom asked.

“Oh, it was nothing. Just a mix up.”

“You’re not going to jail?” Wes sounded a little worried.

“Oh no, honey. It’s all taken care of.” As the boys shared relieved glances, she shifted in her seat, glad they couldn’t see the look of discomfort on her face. She just hoped the speeder wouldn’t hit any turbulent air patches on the way back to her apartment. She wasn’t sure her ass could take any more.


Art by Turk