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Padme's Pregnant Pounding

Padmé’s Pregnant Pounding
by Pyro and Das Flute

"Ani, I want to have our baby back home on Naboo," Padmé said as she combed her long curly hair, looking longing out at the expansive Coruscant cityscape, lit up like a galaxy unto itself. Behind her Anakin, her secret husband, watched her with an intensely-focused gaze.

"We can go to the Lake Country where no one will know,” Padmé continued, somberly reflecting on the difficult arrangement of their marriage. "Where we can be safe." But her demeanor shifted as she thought of their promising future together, as a family and turned to Anakin, "I can go early and fix up the baby's room." She looked out again to the city view, "I know the perfect spot. Right by the gardens."

"You are so… beautiful," Anakin said slowly, stressing his words.

Padmé looked back to Anakin, lowering her comb. "It's only because I'm so in love," she said, finishing with a giggle.

Anakin smirked and shook his head, "No," he laughed, "it's because I'm so in love with you."

Padmé's expression turned to one of concern. "So love has blinded you?"

Anakin laughed again. "Well, that's not exactly what I meant."

“But it’s probably true,” Padmé countered, smiling warmly.

Anakin replied in kind and then stepped away from the balcony as Padmé resumed running her brush through her hair. The young Jedi stretched and scratched his head. It had been a day for the ages. Rescuing the Chancellor and piloting a crashing battlecruiser through the atmosphere of Coruscant was a thrilling and terrifying experience. But hopefully this was the peak of the war. He couldn’t see it getting any worse, and soon it would be over. The Separatists had thrown everything at them and the Republic had fought them back. For the moment he could relax a bit.

"I've got to go take a hydro shower," he said, his scalp irritated from days without being washed.

Padmé turned back to face him. "All right," she said sweetly. An idea occurred to her, and she continued. "Would you like some company?" she asked with a coy smile. It had been weeks since she had received any sort of physical affection, due to her pregnancy and the need to keep it secret.

Anakin chuckled and thought for a moment. "Why wait for the shower…" the Jedi said with a grin and quickly untied his pants.

Padmé gulped as her husband pulled out his flaccid phallus. She was somewhat taken aback. Apparently he was even more desperate for sex than she was. "Right here? But Ani, this room is all windows, someone could see us!"

"Why don't you just suck on it, then?" Anakin urged, as he began to rub his dick to hardness.

Padmé looked at her husband's penis, an underwhelming ten centimeters at full erection. "Um, all right…" She looked around her, at the passing traffic some distance away. It seemed kind of safe; perhaps if she did it quickly on the darkened balcony…

Anakin didn't waste any time and marched over to his wife, rubbing his member along the way. Padmé licked her lips and obediently squatted on the ground. Looking up at her husband, she opened wide and Anakin immediately thrust himself inside her mouth. The Jedi quickly bottomed out as his well practiced wife had no trouble swallowing his diminutive prick, his ettel nut-sized balls slapping against her chin.

Padmé was strained to find any amusement or pleasure in this. The senator didn’t mind being used for sex, or treated roughly, but this was kind of pathetic. There needed to be some kind of excitement or taboo, or at least romance if the first two were out of the question. This was nothing. Opting to end this as quickly as possible, the expert oralist swirled her tongue rapidly around the sensitive tip, sending a surge of pleasure through her husband’s prick that he wouldn’t be able to stand for long.

Anakin began to grunt, a clear sign to his dutiful wife that he was about to orgasm. This is all it took for her, a few seconds with her exceptionally well practiced mouth. A couple hot shots of semen spurt onto Padmé’s tongue and she swallowed them without a second thought.

"Holy Mother of Meteors, you are good at that," Anakin said, out of breath. He stepped back and braced himself against the frame of the balcony entrance, his penis becoming flaccid again.

Padmé stood up and smiled at him. Not a single hair was out of place, nor the slightest sign otherwise of what she had just done. She was very good at being very discrete, a talent she developed through necessity. The senate, as well as her former Throne Room, offered little privacy for some of her risqué trysts. Though alternatively, when she wanted to, she could be very messy.

"I gotta go shower," Anakin muttered and shuffled away, not even bothering to put away his limp cock.

Padmé sighed. She turned away and resumed combing her hair as she looked out at the city. She heard Anakin enter the refresher and the door slid shut behind him.

The senator thought on her life and her marriage and how it would all change with the baby on the way. The challenges she faced were numerous and complex but for right now she pushed those concerns out of her mind and focused on the moment. She could be – she was – a happily married woman right now, and nothing else mattered.

A short while later a low rumble of an approaching vehicle caught the pregnant woman’s attention. She looked over to her right and saw a bright red airspeeder with three teenaged boy passengers, all human. Padmé could tell the speeder was expensive, from her experience in the maintenance bay back in the hangers at the royal palace. She guessed the speeder probably had a few modifications done to it as well.


Brix, Danno and Ji were out for a little joyride in their newly acquired Narglatch airspeeder. The Separatist attack on Coruscant had resulted in some considerable damage to the surface of the planet, opening up holes from which lower-class Undercity inhabitants could reach the rich, upper-class surface. The three teen friends had worked their way up and out into the chaotic aftermath in the city above, and ‘traded’ rides with a confused and frightened businessman who was probably in the midst of a midlife crisis, which would explain his overcompensation with such an expensive and powerful vehicle.


The pregnant senator heard one of the boys whistle in her direction and she immediately blushed. She hadn't been the recipient of any flirtations in a while, and after the treatment from her husband a moment ago she was feeling a bit taken for granted and not altogether very desirable. The gesture was appreciated.

The speeder pulled in closer, giving Padmé a better look at the group of young boys. The driver was of average size, with tousled brown hair and a distinguishing patchy bit of fuzz on his chin. Evidently he was new to puberty. His shirt was brown and well worn. Stretching around the neck indicated he’d probably been wearing it for days, at least.

Another boy sitting in the seat beside the driver was standing up to get a better view of Padmé. He was overweight, his soft, wide stomach showing from underneath a bland grey t-shirt and a blue vest that was far too small to wrap around his belly. He was blonde, with long hair that had been pulled back into a pony tail. He had a gleam in his eye that told the senator that he thought he was hot stuff.

The last of the three was a scrawny fellow in back seat, with boney arms and a gaunt face. He wore a green long sleeve shirt hung off him like a coat hanger. Padmé immediately thought that the big one must be stealing his food.

The tall overweight one was leaning over the driver with the fuzz. His blubber was rubbing against his friend’s face, causing him to grimace. “Aw, come on Danno, get your lard out of my face!”

“Ease it, Brix, trying to talk to the lady.” He smacked the back of his friend’s head for good measure. It was clear to Padmé who was in charge here. The boy straightened up and looked at the pretty woman standing a few meters away, though separated by a perilous fall between her balcony and their speeder.

“Hi,” he said with bit of exaggerated bravado in his voice.

Padmé smirked. She could see right through these kids. “Hello yourself,” she said, belying her amusement.

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing out here on a balcony on a night like this?” he asked. He glanced towards the sky, where Rescue Ops fireships were still ferrying burning pieces of starship wreckage and building rubble out of the Senate District, to be dumped into garbage pits or ‘temporarily’ stored in the economically-depressed sectors of the planet.

“Well I was just combing my hair,” Padmé began coyly, before admitting, “and doing some thinking.”

“Combing your hair? As if you could get any more beautiful than you already are!” He was leaning over even more now, really shoving his gut into his unfortunate friends face.

Padmé laughed and smiled. “Thank you, I appreciate that.” She hadn’t heard such an unqualified compliment like that in quite a while. Its naïve simplicity made it genuinely nice to hear. “So what are you boys up too tonight?” she asked, her eyes going over the lines of their Narglatch.

“Well, we’re out for a bit of joy ride, I guess.” He stood up right more, finally giving his driver friend some relief. “We’re just out from the lower levels, you see. Visiting you fancy folk up here on the surface.”

“That’s quite a ride you have there,” Padmé noted with suspicion.

“Yeah, well, my friend Ji here won it in a game of sabacc.” He motioned to the scrawny one in the back, who cocked an eyebrow and looked back at him with a bit of confusion.

Padmé nodded, picking up on the lie. She wasn’t about to call the Senate Guards or the Coruscant Security Force, but she just hoped they hadn’t hurt anyone when they lifted the speeder.

The driver with the fuzz spoke up, changing the subject before their story was blown. “Why don’t you come out with us? I’m sure you know all the great places to hang around here.”

Padmé had to give it these kids; they weren’t shy and knew what they wanted, which was no doubt to flip her ass-over-tits and pound into her like a hydrospanner on a broken magclamp. “Do I really look like I’m dressed to go out?” Padmé asked sarcastically.

The driver looked her over and said, “You look perfect to me.”

Padmé smiled again. From their angle they couldn’t see her belly, otherwise they might not be barking up this neti. But Padmé didn’t want to spoil the fun.

The blonde one cut in. “Why don’t you go change real quick, then? We can wait.” Visions of this brunette in the raunchy club attire the Undercity girls typically wore out were filling his head, the juxtaposition of refined beauty in a trashy outfit proving to be very appealing indeed.

“I’m not about to ride off into the night with three strangers in a suspicious speeder,” Padmé said plainly, shooting down their hopes with clear logic. “I don’t even know your names.”

The blonde pointed to himself. “I’m Danno.” He motioned to the driver. “Brix.” Then to the one in the back. “And that’s Ji. See? Now we’re not strangers anymore.” He grinned at her.

“Hardly.” Padmé put her hands on her hips. They were going to have to come up with something better than that.

The scrawny one in the back finally spoke up. “What’s your name?”

She looked to him and said, “Padmé. Nice to meet you, Ji.”

“Padmé,” he repeated. “You are so beautiful. You remind me of an angel. Has anyone ever told you that?”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” Padmé said warmly. “Thank you.” She remembered a similar compliment from Anakin when he was a boy, though he had been a bit too young for her to properly thank him for it at the time.

“Ol’ Ji here’s a real softy,” Danno commented, and then looked back to Padmé. “Well if you’re not game, then we won’t bother you any longer, Padmé.”

Brix was rubbing his head, muttering to himself as he thought. “Padmé… Padmé… I think I’ve heard that name before…”

Danno continued, ignoring his friend. “I’m sure a gorgeous woman like you has men lined up out her door, anyway.”

Padmé recalled a time recently when that wasn’t too far from the truth – and not just men, either. But now with her pregnancy she had been playing it safe, and had shunned most advances; it had even been months since her last rendezvous with Prince Xizor, one of her longest-lasting partners on Coruscant. That had in turn led to her worries about whether she was still desirable or not, which led to a feedback cycle of her being even less likely to seek out lovers, even one of her handmaidens with their soft, gentle lovemaking skills.

“Thank you, but you might be surprised to learn I don’t get many visitors.” Padmé looked back into her apartment and toward the refresher room where Anakin had disappeared to. “Why don’t I give you boys a little something for the road?” Padmé reached up to her top, fingers wrapped over the strands of veda pearl beads on her nightgown, and started to pull down. She watched with amusement as the three boys’ eyes grew wide. She kept pulling and revealed her round, full breasts, puffy nipples darker and permanently erect now. Her pregnancy had helped make her boobs grow a bit, bringing them to a size she’d normally need Jumba Juice to achieve.

“Aw yeah…” Danno muttered, as he took in the sight of her heavenly rack.

"Dude, back off, I don’t want your boner in my face," Brix said, and quickly pushed him away, fearing the standing boy would soon have an erection poking out. Danno fell into his seat and smirked.

Padmé smiled at the thought of giving these boys hard-ons. That was always appealing to her, being able to give a man – or a boy, in this case – an erection.

As if to emphasize his boyishness, Ji leaned forward and said, “You have the nicest boobies I’ve ever seen.”

Padmé tried not to laugh at him calling her breasts ‘boobies,’ and instead replied, “Thank you, Ji, you’re very kind.” The senator pushed her top back up and re-covered her chest.

Brix spoke up. “You sure you don’t want some company tonight? A timeless beauty like you shouldn’t be alone.”

These boys were hitting all the right notes with those compliments, Padmé thought. “I never said I was alone, boys.” She let slip a sly grin. “My husband is in the shower.”

The trio exchanged looks of shock, each unsure how to respond. They ended up all looking back at Padmé, waiting for her to make the next move as this was clearly uncharted territory for them. Brix was inclined to get out of their before things got messy, and luckily he was the one driving since he knew this little snag wouldn’t deter Danno. If anything, it would probably make him even more committed to macking on this rich yum-yum.

Padmé could sense their hesitation and decided to play with them some more. She pulled down her top again, and this time placed her hands on her naked breasts, lighting tweaking her nipples. “So you like how my breasts look? They’ve gotten bigger since my pregnancy.”

The boys all went wide-eyed again, minds reeling. Padmé imagined that might send them running.

Danno cleared his throat. “Uh, yeah they look fantastic…” he gulped. “Mind if I touch them?”

Padmé thought to herself for a moment. “You know, with the war on our doorsteps, I suppose we could go at any time. Why don’t you come in for a bit…” She moved back a few steps. “Sure, why don’t you come in for a bit. Just don’t go nosing around or else you might run into my husband.”

Padmé walked back into the living room and thought about the repercussions of Anakin catching these boys groping her, and the likely-deadly outcome. Thinking she needed a little bit of security, the senator noted R2-D2 stationary in the corner of the room.

Padmé, breasts still exposed, stepped before the droid and said, “Artoo.” The astromech whirred to life. “I need you to stand guard at the entrance to the hallway leading to my bedroom and warn me when Anakin finishes in the refresher.”

The droid made a low tone, implying uncertainty and maybe even disapproval at Padmé’s actions. As randy a reputation as R2 had, he was, after all, Anakin’s droid, not hers.

“I’ll let you film me later on… a little something for your own secret archive. I’ll even speak dirty in Binary, just for you. Would you like that?”

The droid beeped in approval and sped over to the hallway entrance, training his optical sensor on the hallway before him. Padmé felt safe enough now to proceed. The boys had already disembarked from their speeder, though remained on the balcony, wary of what lay ahead of them.

"It's all right, you can come on in," Padmé said, standing by one of her pouf couches, motioning for them to enter her spacious living room.

"I bet a rich bitch like you could use some extra protection. No telling what sort of battle droids the Separatists might have left behind, right?" Danno said with a cocky grin. Evidently he wasn't as charming as she first thought, Padmé noted inwardly. He was definitely a teenager, over confident and clueless. He sounded like her husband had at the start of the war, come to think of it.

Danno didn't waste any time and headed straight for the beautiful senator, hands reaching out to grab at her exposed breasts. She flinched slightly at his rough touch, totally insensitive to her delicate nipples and soft skin.

"These are some nice titties," Danno commented crudely. Under-nourishment tended to leave a lot of the girls in the Undercity – at the least the ones in his league – with scrawny builds. Those who could afford clone-tissue implants tended to be strippers in clubs he couldn’t get access to yet, or gangsters’ molls, which he knew better than to try and approach.

Brix came over and joined him. Danno removed one hand from one of her breasts, his friend placing both of his on the large sphere of soft flesh. He was a bit of a lighter touch in his groping, Padmé noted, as both her spherical melons were groped.

Without warning, Danno lowered his mouth and placed his lips around her right nipple, beginning to suck. Padmé yelped in response and gasped, "Oh, my goodness…" She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to stop or not, but very quickly any protest she had formed in her mind evaporated from the warmth of the sensations. A moment later, Brix joined his friend, and the two sucked and licked at her wide areolas and plump nipples.

"Oh boys…" Padmé moaned and her hands found their way on the back of their heads, encouraging them to continue. Her eyes fluttered as she felt waves of pleasure, her body giving over to lust. In the corner of her eye she caught the sight of Ji watching. Or rather, doing more than just watching; she noticed he was untying his pants as well. Padmé felt a moment of panic. She didn't know what to do. Was she ready to go this far? Should she stop it now and send them away? Could she at this point?

Then Ji pulled out his dick, and even semi-erect, it was impressive, looking to be about thirty centimeters in length. Padmé was reminded of her two wards, Wes and Tom Jafan, she had fostered during the war – though their cocks were north of fifty when fully erect. Suddenly she felt a twinge of motherly love, and missed the twins. But the sensations on her breasts brought her mind quickly back to the present – specifically, what she was going to do to Ji's cock.

Danno pulled away from Padmé’s now-wet breast, wiping his chin and grinning at her. “All right, slut, now it’s time for you to do some sucking.” He had always remembered a time he had watched one of the local chapter heads of the Zoloz, a notorious swoop-biker gang, deal with his ‘girlfriend.’ The twi’lek was clearly one of the dancers at Strutz, a notorious local strip-club, and was currently clad in little more than plastex platform heels, a synthleather miniskirt, and a bright pink mini-vest with a fake chalarax-print jacket over it.

The stripper was arguing with him, telling him that he had promised her a good time that night, that they would do something special. The Zoloz officer had only laughed at her, before adding, “Oh, you’re going to do something special, all right. And you’re going to do it well, unless you want to go on stage with a black eye.” Danno doubted the swoop-biker had even needed to shove her down onto her knees in front of him, but the heavily-tattooed human had done so anyways.

The incident had had quite the impact on the impressionable teenaged Danno. He had envied the authority that the gang leadership had given the man – the ability to get such a hot piece of ass as the Strutz pole-dancer, and the power to so casually order her to satisfy his whims. He had vowed then to someday be in a similar situation of authority and sexual satisfaction. And now it seemed like this rich-bitch would let all his dreams come true.

Back in the present, Padmé – taken aback by Danno’s blunt command – asked, “Excuse me?” He seemed to think he was running the show, which didn’t sit well with Padmé one bit. But any further objections she had were silenced when the tall, rotund teen pulled out his cock. She got an eye full of thick meat, longer even than Ji’s, and thicker as well. She wasn’t sure she could fit her fingers around its girth. Padmé gulped, and before she knew it she felt the boy’s hand on her shoulder, coaxing her to her knees. Padmé turned her head toward Brix, who likewise was in the process of taking out his member, and again she was presented with an impressive cock. Not as long or thick as Danno, but impressive none-the-less. Each one of these boys were sporting shlongs that at least tripled her husband’s in size. She was struggling to find a reason to deny them.

Falling to her knees and surrounded by pulsing dick, Padmé hesitated, unsure what she should do. This was dangerous, she knew it, and her mind was running through dozens of possible outcomes. Lacking any sort of patience or sensitivity to the conflicted woman’s feelings, Danno slapped his dick against her soft cheek and said “Come on slut, get to work!”

Padmé’s hand grabbed the cock to stop it from striking her again. She didn’t want Brix to play the same game and likewise she gripped his member. She was in control again, at least they wouldn’t argue with her hands on their rods. Meanwhile Ji’s found his way in between his two friends, his now fully erect member pointing straight at the pretty pregnant woman’s face.

“Wow, Danno, you really know how to pick them,” Ji said. “Who would have guessed a classy chick like this would be such a cock-sucking slut instead?”

Padmé opened her mouth to protest being labeled a cock-sucking slut, but Ji thrust his prick forward and silenced her with his hard rod of pale cock. Padmé coughed momentarily around the thick intrusion but caught her breath and soon found herself coaxed into a rhythm, as Ji thrust his member and in and out of her watering mouth. A warm, hard dick was in her mouth and she could do nothing else but suck and slurp.

“Damn bro, you were right,” Ji said to Danno, awe in his voice. “This bitch’s skills are definitely mad tight. This is the best suck-job I’ve ever had.”

Padmé, still conflicted and fearful of the outcome, was taken aback by Ji’s boast and chuckled slightly. She severely doubted he had ever had a blowjob before in his life. However, her attempt not to laugh was only partially successful, and she only managed to sputter slightly around his cock.

“Yo, I’m so big she can’t even handle me properly!” Ji called out proudly. “Guess there’s no shame in being second to me, Danno.”

“I bet she was just gagging on your stank,” Danno retorted. Padmé just rolled her eyes, continuing her work. The erotic rhythm of sucking was easing her concerns.

Padmé’s hands had gone into autopilot the moment her fingers wrapped around the shafts of the other cocks. Her fingers traced the engorged veins and bulbous heads as she made slow, deliberate motions up and down on the teens’ cocks. Precum dribbled out of the tips and helped lubricate her strokes.

“If you’re not doing well fitting us down your throat, the least you can do is let us titfuck you,” Brix suggested.

Danno immediately picked up on the idea. “Good one, homie. You’re definitely going to let us pound away at that tit-valley you got going,” he boldly declared, enjoying his stint as the dominant posturer.

Padmé was a bit skeptical, but she said nothing, just wanting to let them have their fun for the time being. Besides, it had been a long time since she had been treated properly rough during sex. It had its perks – and despite how crass they were, maybe if the boys tickled her fancy enough, she’d let them get their wish at the end of the night.

As she ate more and more of Ji’s delicious cock, her face approaching the base of his cock and his fat, hanging balls, she heard R2-D2 whistle and pop in excitement. At first she dismissed it. It could wait; she was sucking cock, and few things were more enjoyable to her. Then her eyes shot open and she remembered her circumstances and what R2’s warning meant. Quickly she pulled her drooling mouth off of the teen’s dick and pushed away the trio.

“Quickly, hide!” she urged, looking up at the three boys. They were confused and flustered, save for Danno, who stood idly by, jacking his dick. “My husband is coming! Hide on the balcony!” Padmé hurried.

“Whatever, lady,” Danno said, unfazed. “I can take your husband.” This was it – his chance to finally play out the gangster scenario he’d been pining for for so long, while sticking it to some rich upper-city prick at the same time. Between this and getting sucked off by this slutty housewife, he was living the dream. It was too bad Count Dooku had just been killed – otherwise, he would have sent a thank-you to the Separatist leader for causing the chaos that made this all possible.

Padmé stood and looked at the boy squarely in the eye. “No, you can’t. He’s a Jedi Master.” She felt no compulsion to keep that point a secret when his life – really, all of their lives here – hung in the balance.

Danno wavered a bit, and Padmé saw his erection shrink as well. She could practically smell the panic rising inside him, even though she had to give him credit for outwardly keeping his cool. He’d make a mean diplomat…or sabacc player. But sure enough, the kid backed off and followed his two friends onto the balcony.

Padmé raced over to the hallway entrance, absent-mindedly forgetting to cover her breasts again, but being sure her mouth and chin were dry to show no sign of what she’d been up too.

Anakin walked out of the refresher stall, watching R2 buzz by, making a beeping noise. His eyes followed the droid and he saw his wife standing at the end of the hallway, breasts exposed.

“Hello there,” Anakin said, dressed in just a pair of pants with his shirt thrown over one shoulder. “Waiting for me?” he asked, as he eyed her chest.

Padmé looked down, just now realizing her boobs were exposed. She acted quickly. “Ah, yes, I thought I’d surprise you.” She forced a smile to her lips, hoping she was as convincing as Danno. “Like what you see, baby?” she continued, putting a sexy lilt into her voice.

Anakin smiled and walked toward her. She quickly glanced down and realized her nipples were still wet from being sucked on. Raising her hands she covered her chest, putting on a show of pseudo modesty as she dried the puffy nubs of her breasts.

“Someone is looking to get laid tonight, I think,” Anakin teased his wife.

“Oh…” Padmé smiled. He had no idea. “Just maybe someone is….”

Anakin grinned – then suddenly grew serious. “I’m not sure it’s such a good idea with you being pregnant,” he noted.

Padmé nodded, glad to have an out. “You know, you’re probably right. Wouldn’t want to hurt the baby. Darn it.”

Anakin eyed her breasts some more, and his tone and features alike softened – even if Padmé was certain something else of his was hardening. “But… maybe we could anyway… we’ll just be careful.”

“Oh. Uh…I suppose,” Padmé gulped.

“We could try… you know…” Anakin’s voice went low, as if sharing a secret. “Anal. You’ve been pestering me to do it to you for years.”

Padmé laughed and smiled broadly at her husband. “Yes I have.” This was going to be tricky.


On the balcony, the three boys were huddled together, squatting low so as to hide under the railing.

“Did he say anal?” Ji asked his friends. Despite their situation, he wasn’t able to hide the excitement that mental image brought to mind.

Brix nodded, while Danno said, “Shit, what a slut. Hopefully she’ll get lost soon and we can lift some stuff. I bet she’s got crap in here worth a fortune.” And a fortune on the surface would go a long way in the Undercity. He’d be taking his crew to the champagne room at Strutz tonight.

Danno looked around the room briefly, but he couldn’t forget his aching balls. “But first I gotta blow my load down this whore’s throat. She deserves that much after how much of a cocktease she’s been so far tonight.”


“Why don’t you go get ready, I’ll be in in a few minutes,” Padmé said, realizing she couldn’t back out now. “Anal needs a bit of prep, baby.” Her mind raced to find a solution to her dilemma.

“All right, but don’t keep me waiting,” Anakin said, as he started down the hallway toward the bedroom.

“Frak,” Padmé muttered to herself as soon as Anakin was out of earshot. She hurried over to the balcony and found the three boys there. They slowly stood up, checking to make sure the coast was clear. Each still had their cock out, still clearly expecting to get some action.

“You have to leave, right now,” Padmé said, in no uncertain terms.

“Like hell, lady,” Danno said, his voice first rising but then he hushed himself and continued. “You gotta finish what you started.”

Padmé looked down at their cocks. She felt that hunger growing inside her again. “Oh, frak,” she repeated. She looked toward the hallway again and then back to the trio. “All right, get your big cocks over here.”

The boys all chuckled in approval and crowded around who they now were certain was a cock sucking slut, despite her protests to the contrary. Padmé spat a wad of saliva onto Danno’s prick first, and then opened wide as she shoved her face down onto the shaft, the length of it quickly disappearing beyond her lips as she bottomed out, nose buried his untrimmed blonde bush. Her two other hands wasted no time in getting up to speed on Ji and Brix’s dicks, jacking them hard and fast.

“Damn, slut, you could do holoporn,” Danno said appreciatively. Earlier he had been thinking that she could be a backup dancer in a scrak music holovid, shaking her booty and jiggling her tits next to the main singer as he laid down some beats, but clearly that was far too tame a job for her – not to mention a waste of her actual talents.

In response, Padmé swapped Danno’s well lubricated prick for Ji’s. Giving him a taste of the same treatment, she repeated what she had done for Danno, eating up his long dick in one fell swoop, gorging on the meat ravenously, as she’d been starved for it. Enna Racté, her blowjob instructor at the Royal Naboo Academy, would be proud of her star pupil tonight.


Anakin had finished carefully setting the lighting in the bedroom. He wanted it dim, but not dark. Intimate but not creepy. He was set – but where was Padmé? “Women,” he scoffed. They were always so slow and distracted – even the Jedi he knew weren’t immune. She was probably absorbed in some bit of vanity. Combing her hair as she thought about makeup, or something equally preening.


“Oh fuck, that’s good!” Padmé said hoarsely as she pulled her sopping wet lips off of Brix’s long cock. She knew she had to be careful about volume and time, especially since R2 hadn’t been told to warn her again, but she couldn’t help but be overcome with her lust and desire to shove these cocks down her throat.

The slutty mother-to-be alternated between the three teen pricks, deepthroating each in succession as she pounded her fists up and down on their shafts as they waited for their turn again.

“You boys ready to cum down my throat?” she asked, after making several rounds of having her throat plugged with their fuckmeat.

“Hell yes!” Brix said enthusiastically.

“You are such a slut, lady,” Danno said approvingly, but didn’t hear a complaint from Padmé this time.

“All right, boys, now beat those cocks hard for me and tell me when you’re going to cum so I can suck down your hot jizz.”


Anakin sat down on the bed and twiddled his toes. He was starting to feel a bit chilly without his shirt on. The young Jedi got up and walked over to his travel bag – something he lived out of when visiting Padmé – and pulled out the simple grey shirt that he had originally taken with him from the refresher, before succumbing to his wife’s seductive distractions.

Before slipped on the shirt, the Jedi changed his mind. He would just be taking it off again soon once things heated up a bit in here. Taking a seat back on the bed, Anakin couldn’t help but think of how tired he was, letting out a long yawn. He decided to lie down on the bed while he waited. Padmé would be along any moment. He would close his eyes… just for a bit.


“Shit, I could do this all night,” Danno said breathlessly, as Padmé pulled her mouth off his cock, having just filled her throat with his load.

“No kidding,” Brix agreed. “Let’s fuck this bitch now.”

Padmé stood up, rubbing her jaw. “Don’t be greedy, boys. It’s my husband’s turn and it’s time for you all to leave.”

“Blast it,” Danno complained. He was considering his options. He wasn’t about to assault this lady, but he wanted to grab a few valuables to really make this worth it.

“Now scoot.” Padmé said, waving her hands at the boys to coax them into their stolen speeder hovering just beyond the edge of the balcony.

Ji climbed up onto the railing and carefully scrambled inside the vehicle, a bit wary of the drop. Brix followed behind him shortly.

“Maybe you can pay me a visit again sometime,” Padmé said, smiling to soften the dismissal. “And we can pick up where we left off.”

Danno smirked. What were the chances that they’d run into such a first class slut like this on their first trip up-world? The largest of the boys started to climb into the speeder and said, “You can count on it, slut.”

Padmé didn’t argue with his label of her and she started toward her bedroom without further delay. Danno watched her go, only half inside the speeder and then looked to his two friends. “All right guys, let’s get to work.”


Padmé rushed down the hallway, almost running but stopped short of the doorway, took a deep breath and then entered her bedroom as if she’d just casually made her way.

The room was dim and quiet. Scanning the room, Padmé said with a seductive twist, “All right honey, it’s your turn.” The senator gulped, realizing her words betrayed her. Before she had to worry about covering for her mistake she spotted her husband, passed out from exhaustion on her bed. She sighed. Anakin was even snoring! She couldn’t be too hard on him, it had been an extremely busy day for him – journeying from Nelvaan to Coruscant, battling Dooku and rescuing the Chancellor, guiding the crippled command ship Invisible Hand onto the surface – and he was more than deserving of some well-earned rest.

The senator walked over to her sleeping Jedi and looked down at him. He looked surprisingly peaceful, a condition she’d rarely attribute to her fiery spouse. She put a blanket over her shirtless husband to keep him warm. She wasn’t ready for bed yet, not after the excitement she just had.

Padmé walked out of her bedroom and the door slid shut behind her. She heard something coming from the living room and she guessed who it was long before she made her way there. The three boys, the ones she had so kindly sucked off, were in the process of looting her apartment.

This wasn’t going to end well for them.

“Excuse me?” Padmé exclaimed loudly, almost tempted to wake her husband – but she had spoiled any bit of security she could warrant from him in this situation.

The three boys stopped dead in their tracks. Ji was looking under the central Vors-glass table for some reason; Padmé didn’t know what he was expecting to find there. Brix was getting ready to walk off with a potted ch’hala tree of all things – a gift from Chancellor Palpatine – and Danno was roughly handling a priceless Atrisian dynasty vase. Of the three, he seemed to care the least.

“I thought you were going to fuck your husband?” Danno asked nonchalantly as looked at the bottom of the vase in his hands. “Is this real?” he asked.

“You’re stealing from me?” Padmé asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Danno replied, with a casual nod. As if on cue, Ji and Brix resumed their unusual activities.

Padmé’s mind raced through her options. Most were stymied by the fact she couldn’t alert Anakin in any way, and calling authorities would be sure to rouse his attention. She had to handle this herself.

“That’s not a nice thing to do to a lady who sucked your cocks,” Padmé noted coyly, playing the slutty, lonely housewife.

“Yeah that was cool,” Danno said dismissively. “But we gotta eat, too. These’ll fetch a nice few creds on the Invisible Market.”

“Why don’t I buy you dinner, then?” Padmé offered.

“What now?” Danno asked, “I mean, we gotta eat for, like, the rest of our lives. Just a few of these fancy baubles will set us up for weeks in the Undercity.”

She couldn’t argue with his logic, but she couldn’t let them actually steal anything, even if they could be easily replaced. Anakin would surely notice the missing items in the morning, and that would open a whole ‘nother container of dianogas.

“I could pay you,” Padmé said.

“You got credits on you?” Danno asked rhetorically, “Of course not. And you think I’m gonna trust you to send me a credit voucher?”

The senator was running out of options. “Why don’t I suck your cocks again?” she asked, and licked her lips before continuing in a much more sultry voice. “I’d love to suck your big, fat cocks again.”

Danno shrugged, and neither of the other two boys seemed interested either.

The pregnant woman would have to kick this up a notch or two. Brix was walking toward the speeder on the balcony, lugging the large ch’hala tree. She walked over and intercepted him, putting one hand on his chest. “Hey Brix,” she said soothingly. “Would you like to fuck my ass?”

Brix almost dropped the plant, but Padmé reached out in time to support his relaxed grip. She’d hate for Palpatine to find out that his gift had been destroyed in such an uncivilized manner. The Supreme Chancellor was known to be extremely fond of his personal grove, and gifted samples from it could be found all around the Presidential Palace, Jedi Temple, and Senate Rotunda.

“Yeah I would!” the teen enthusiastically replied.

Padmé heard Ji quickly get up from the floor, bumping his head on the edge of the table in the process. Danno put down the vase and hurried over to her. Each was rubbing their crotches already.

“Bullshit, I get to fuck her in the ass first,” Danno announced.

“Okay, now boys, first some ground rules,” Padmé announced. “You each get to fuck my ass, but then you’re gone, for good.”

“What about our meal?” Ji asked. Clearly the boy was hungry.

“Fine…” Padmé sighed, “Fuck my ass tonight and tomorrow I’ll buy you all lunch at… Dex’s Diner, over in CoCo Town.”

They nodded in agreement.

“I been there once,” Ji said. “The cook thought I was jawa. He tried to eat me.”

“Shut up, Ji,” Danno said, before turning back to Padmé. “All right, bitch, bend over because I’m taking your ass first.

Padmé gulped and turned around, placing her hands on the railing. “Have you ever fucked a girl in the butt before?” she asked.

“Yeah, plenty of times,” Danno said, his voice so full of self-assurance that Padmé of course assumed he was lying.

“Get my asshole wet first, or else you won’t be getting very far,” Padmé told him, and a moment later she felt a wet wad of spit land on her butthole.

“Nice shot, Danno,” Brix commented.

A moment later Padmé felt the fat head of his dick pressing against the tight sphincter of her anus. She took in a deep breath and then gritted her teeth. The chubby teen pressed forward into her butt, trying to force his way in. “Easy now, let it loosen up.” Padmé said. “It takes a little bit for a girl’s ass to open up for a cock.”

Danno started to feel her butthole widening and the tip of his cock entering into her warm anus. It was an incredible feeling. “Oh shit, your ass is opening up.” He groaned and a second later the tip of his dick was enveloped in the tight, warm tunnel of Padmé’s ass.

“How’s it feel?” Ji asked excitedly.

“Fucking awesome, man,” Danno said, his mind a bit dizzy with the sensation.

Padmé breathed steadily, getting used to the thick meat in her ass. He was no gungan, but it had been a while since she last had anal. Brix walked up to her head and waved his prick at her. “Wanna suck my dick, lady?” he asked.

Padmé reached over with one hand, the other supporting herself on the railing and started to stroke his member. Brix moved in closer and the senator turned her head, her mouth opening up for the cock once it was in reach. She moaned around the penis and sucked diligently as Danno started to thrust in and out of her butthole.

“Don’t cum in her ass yet,” Ji said, “Let us all fuck her butt first. I don’t want your jizz on my rod when I’m banging her.”

Danno shrugged. “Fair enough.”

The fat teen kept shoving his dick further and further into Padmé’s bowels, the senator getting pushed up against the railing as the impatient boy was eager to bury his long dick all the way up her butt. But Padmé didn’t protest, she was busy trying to keep Brix’s delicious cock in her mouth.

After about five more minutes of rutting into the pregnant slut’s backside, Danno finally had his balls slapping against her pussy. The sound was terrific and he was beginning to sweat as he pulled his long rod all the way out of her stretched asshole, till just the tip was still lodging inside and then pounding it back in. Padmé was being driven wild by the sensation. There was nothing quite like the feeling of having a length dick sweep her chimney – a nice euphemism she employed sometimes, having first heard it used by her schoolmates from the less-sophisticated city of Moenia.

Danno felt himself getting closer to orgasming, and as much as he wanted to unload inside this slut’s butt right now, he also wanted this to last. He pulled out ungracefully, his dick slick with the senator’s ass secretions.

Padmé turned around and squatted, shoving her face right into Danno’s crotch and licking at his cock. “Fuck, what a nasty slut,” Danno commented. Even the common street hookers in the Undercity wouldn’t do that, not without a hefty handful of credit chits. In contrast, the senator angled her face at the end of his rod and opened wide, gobbling down his cock. She moaned and mewed as her face descending down his shaft. The taste didn’t bother her at all; in fact, the filthy act of it made her even more aroused.

Padmé popped her mouth of the cock and asked, “All right, who’s going to plug my poop chute now?”

Ji pushed Danno out of the way, and Padmé gave his cock a kiss and a quick suck. “All right Ji, sit down, I’m going to ride your cock.”

Ji did as he was told and Padmé squatted over him, lowering her gaping ass onto his cock. Her butthole, well-worn from Danno, took his smaller cock inside her with ease and she quickly descending to the base of his dick. She pulled herself up on his rod and then slide back down again, working into a rhythmic bouncing on the scrawny boy’s member. It was almost like she were back onstage at the Star Whores club, doing a booty-drop in front of a rich patron.

The two other boys flanked the woman, waving their cocks in her face. As Padmé supported herself with both hands behind her, she let the boys fight it out for her attention. Both cocks being shoved at her face, Padmé stuck out her tongue, lapping them up as they crossed and crammed their way inside her hungry mouth.

Frustrated with the lack of depth his cock was getting inside the pregnant woman’s throat, Danno pulled out a moment later and grabbed some of Padmé’s hair and turned her head toward him and then jammed his rod inside. Brix has his turn a few seconds later and Padmé altered back and forth between the dicks.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum soon,” Ji announced with a strained voice from below Padmé. She quickly got off his cock, but before standing, shoved her face onto his dick for a few quick sucks.

The senator looked to Brix. “All right boy, it’s your turn now.” She smiled at him and he walked over to the couch. Padmé followed him and putting her back to the teen, sat down on his cock. It was thicker than Ji’s, causing her to squeal a little as it stretched her ass further than before.

Ji climbed onto the couch and wasted no time and shoving his dick into Padmé’s face and she dutifully went to work sucking on it. Danno hung back and jerked off at the sight of the fantastic degradations of this horny little housewife.

With the busty beauty riding his cock, Brix wasn’t able to last much longer. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna blow my load right up this slut’s ass.”

“Fuck man, I wanna blow it in her ass first,” Ji complained, hoping down from the couch.

“Too late man, I’m number one!” Brix triumphantly proclaimed as he approached orgasm. Padmé didn’t protest and kept riding the boy’s cock. She wanted to feel a cock explode inside her right away.

Ji took the initiative and moved in between Padmé’s outstretched legs. The senator smiled at him. “Care to join us?” she asked, her face wet with perspiration. “I think there’s room for one more.”

Ji smiled and pressed his dick down against Brix’s cock. “Dude, what are you doing?” asked the boy in dismay. Ji didn’t respond as he pushed forward, forcing his cock alongside Brix as it entered into Padmé’s widely stretched anus.

Padmé gasped and her eyes went wide as her butthole was stretched further than ever before. Ji neither slowed down for nor cared about the woman’s discomfort; after all, she had done nothing but encourage him. A few rough seconds later and Padmé had two thick dicks crammed up her asshole. They pounded up into her in unison and Padmé couldn’t help but howl as the overwhelming sensation brought her to an orgasmic high she hadn’t known existed. She completely forgot about her husband sleeping down the hall.

The two boys came together and flooded her butt with hot semen, spilling out on to their members and on the couch beneath them. After finishing they pulled out and roughly pushed Padmé aside.

The senator was slumped against the side of the couch, out of breath and her mind reeling. Before she could realize it, her head was forced toward one of the boys’ cocks and she opened her mouth, taking it inside. She swapped with another a second later and then before she knew it she was on the ground, ass sticking up in the air as another dick entered into her gaping asshole. Her mind finally caught up with what was happening and looked over her shoulder to see Danno pounding away at her butt.

“Don’t want to be left out?” she asked as the fat boy thrust hard and fast into her. “You wanna fill my butt with even more cum?”

The teen burst a thick shot of jizz out of his cock at that moment, and then pulled out and aimed his dick at Padmé’s face. She was impressed as the second shot made the distance and splashed across her left cheek. Danno moved from behind the overturned senator and finished jacking his load off onto her pretty features.

The group leader caught his breath and stood up, wiping perspiration from his brow. “Wow. That was quite a fuck,” he said after a deep breath.

Padmé sat back slowly, careful not to put too much pressure on her well-abused ass. Licking her cum-splattered lips she asked, “Satisfied?”

“I’ll say,” Brix responded eagerly. He was sitting on the couch with Ji, leaning back and relaxing.

“All right, then it’s certainly time for you all to leave,” Padmé said sternly. She had enjoyed herself immensely, but this was a risky game that had been overplayed for long enough.

“Come on homies, I’m beat anyway. Let’s get out of here,” Danno said to his two friends in an attempt to save face, and they all got up and headed for the balcony.

Padmé watched as they left. Danno stopped midway into the speeder to confirm their lunch plans for tomorrow. “Dex’s Diner? Midday?” he asked, looking over his shoulder.

“I’ll be there,” Padmé confirmed. With that, the trio of teens finally left.

Padmé was exhausted. She hadn’t been fucked that thoroughly in far too long. The senator headed for her bedroom and slipped under the covers beside her passed-out husband. Though not a moment later Anakin stirred and shot up in bed. Padmé froze, worried that he had finally caught on. The Jedi threw aside his blanket and walked out of the bedroom. Padmé sat up in bed and looked over her shoulder as her husband exited the bedroom. She didn’t think he had figured it out. No, this was familiar to her. His nightmares. It was time to go play the caring wife. And so sleep had to wait.

Tomorrow was going to be an exhausting day, she just knew it.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Padmé 's Big Day [comic]

Hey all.  Here's something you'll see from time to time on here.  Just straight comics.  They're expensive to do so I don't have a ton of them, and most are just one pagers.  But if you like them I'll see what happens.  This is a post Padme & Anakin wedding story, since I already covered the bit happening before the ceremony.  Let me know what you think.