Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Messy Picnic

Messy Picnic
by Pyro

Ahsoka Tano sat crossed legged atop the yellow blanket, a field of grass surrounding her for kilometers in all directions. She was leaning over to investigate the small zaela-wood box with a folded open lid beside her. “Hmm…” she murmured, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. “You have strange tastes, Senator.”

“I do?” asked the beautiful young woman lounging about a meter away on the edge of the blanket. “Perhaps you’re just not used to Naboo cuisine.” She sipped from a crystal glass, dark purple in color, as she gazed out onto the hill side and the swaying sea of woosha grass softly hissing in the breeze. Beyond the wavy green plain, off into the distance, a series of waterfalls roared, throwing mist into the air. It was both calming and stirring. This was one of Padmé’s favorite places in all the galaxy. She had brought Anakin here a few years prior while she was under his protection just prior to the war. After frolicking in the grass, her thick-headed date wandered off to a nearby stream to fish, obsessed as always with free-flowing water. Luckily Padmé had found some companionship with a group of hunters making their way across the country side.

“What’s this?” the togruta padawan asked, pulling out an unmarked red jug from the wooden picnic box. The fourteen year old peered into the white, murky contents.

“That is Jumba Juice. You might like it,” Padmé offered, shifting her hips slightly to get more comfortable. Her small frame was dwarfed by her much larger breasts. The fleshy melons swayed slightly as she fidgeted, as if ready to pour out of her gold-colored gown.

“Jumba Juice?” Ahsoka leaned back, holding out the container in one hand.

Padmé sipped again from her own glass of the beverage. The senator was happy to get away from the troubles of the war for a while, especially after the Blue Shadow Virus debacle just days earlier. Both she and Ahsoka had nearly been killed, and she was grateful to get some time off to recuperate alongside her cute friend.

Padmé was fond of the young girl. They had formed a friendship quickly and got along surprisingly well, despite their vastly different backgrounds. Padmé had to admit, however, that she was a little jealous that such a hot piece of detention block bait was hanging out with her husband so often. It wasn’t because her husband might be tempted, though – it was because Padmé was eager to have some fun with the girl herself.

At her age Padmé had been caught up in a few adventures, but more often than not she was trapped by her station in life, not to mention her overburdening attire. Prior to that, she had been confined by the watchful gaze of first her overbearing mother, and then Mrs. Racté at the Theed School for Diplomacy. Ahsoka, however, didn’t let the formalities of the Jedi Code get in the way of dressing like the slutty little teenager she was, and Padmé secretly had been. Her willingness to flaunt convention and express herself without concern to outside society made Padmé admire the little vixen all the more.

The fourteen year old girl popped the cork of the jug and sniffed at the opening. “Smells… spunky,” she commented.

Padmé laughed. “That’s fitting. It’s made from fermented gungan semen.”

“Gungan semen?!” Ahsoka exclaimed in shock, moving the jug away from her in disgust.

“What? You’ve never tried any?” Padmé quipped as she sipped from her glass again.

“Those slimy swamp-lickers? Not on your life,” Ahsoka responded with displeasure at the thought of coupling with a gungan.

“I supposed you don’t have much experience in that sort of thing yet,” Padmé noted.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Padmé’s promiscuity was something rumored about around the capital and among the ranks of the clone troopers, though the padawan had dismissed it as pure fantasy. Rex and the other clone troopers of the 501st Legion loved to talk about her, and boast about the times they scored with the slutty senator. Ahsoka never believed it…but maybe there was more to those tales than she first thought.

“Though they aren’t the most… sensitive lovers, gungans do have especially long tongues. That can come in handy,” Padmé explained.

“Oh…” Ahsoka said, nodding to mask her ignorance. She was feeling a little on guard. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was supposed to find so appealing about a gungan’s tongue. She was missing something here, and felt a little shy about it.

“They are very dexterous with it,” Padmé continued, smiling as she recalled some of the specifics. “Moreover, they are very loyal, which can count for a lot when you need a level of discretion. And they work well in teams, as I discovered before the battle to retake Theed.”

The senator’s mind wandered back to those first encounters with the gungans. Her meeting with Boss Nass, securing his allegiance with a spit-soaked blowjob. That had been followed by earning the respect of his generals, proud soldiers like Tarpals and Hars. They took her in teams of two behind the stables, and then to add a bit of injury to insult, let their prize kaadu mount her. She had to sit gingerly for a week afterwards, at risk of going cockeyed. That taught her a lesson in authority, however, as the generals never did deign to respect her following their humiliation of her. On occasions when any of them visited the Theed Palace they would often greet her with a flaccid cock and expect her blow them. They called it a greeting among friends; she called it degrading – though, admittedly, she never turned them down.

“Uh huh,” Ahsoka replied with utter disinterest. The battle for Naboo was practically ancient history, even if Senator Amidala had been part of it. There was an entire galaxy-spanning war going on at present, anyways. A single planetary conflict paled before that.

“Jar Jar Binks was my first, as you probably guessed, but thankfully most gungans aren’t that, ah, challenged.” The senator took another sip, before continuing. “And they are exceptionally well endowed,” Padmé also offered with an innocent smile, wondering if that would catch the young teen’s attention.

“Oh really?” Ahsoka smirked and shifted onto her knees. This was an area she could speak to with authority, and maybe get the talky senator to shut up about her stupid gungans as an added benefit. “Well, check this out.” The togruta began to unfasten her skirt with its distinctive togruta sash emblem.

Padmé was a bit surprised at the girl’s boldness, though she was well known among the Jedi to be impulsive.

Ahsoka set aside her garment on the blanket and then began to unfurl what Padmé was shocked to discover was a cock. A very long, orange cock.

“Ahsoka!” Padmé exclaimed. “I had no idea you…” Her words failed her. What was she exactly? The galaxy was full of interesting sexual variances, as Padmé was well accustomed too.

“Were a hermie? Chick with a dick? Fem-fucker. Girl-jouster. Twisted sister. Lady-lancer. ” Ahsoka said as she started to stroke her dick. It was already forty centimeters long and only semi erect.

“My mother used to tell me stories about Naboo women born with huge cocks,” Padmé interjected, “She called them Dong Dames, but that’s a little old fashioned, I think. Growing up we used the term dickgirl.”

Ahsoka nodded. “Yeah, that’s a common one. Many togruta are hermaphrodites. I’ve heard it explained that we evolved that way due to our past as isolated hunting communities on Shili. The alpha males of each pack would reject males from other groups, so some females evolved the proper parts needed to ensure genes could be spread around and each society wouldn’t get too inbred. I’m female in every way but, well, down here,” she said, patting her shaft to emphasize.

“So you’re fully… functional?” Padmé asked, her eyes locked onto to her orange friend’s lengthy member.

“You bet I am!” Ahsoka said confidently. “But it can make things… tricky when I want to hook up with a guy.”

“I bet.” Padmé took another sip. “So you’re straight?”

Ahsoka smiled. “Not at all. On the contrary, I prefer women.” She grinned suggestively at Padmé before continuing. “But nothing beats a nice dick to play with. Other than my own.”

Padmé returned a grin in kind. “I agree completely.” Padmé was getting even more jealous of this little…well, cocktease, not to complicate things. She always wondered what it would be like to sport a huge cock. What it would feel like to jack off and spray yourself with your own jizz. To fuck another woman relentlessly with your own massive rod, not just a mere synth-cock. She had heard some treatments with Enzyme 1138, found in the sulka slug of Felucia, could temporarily alter humanoid females in that manner, but Padmé had dismissed it as mere gossip. It all sounded deliciously fun, though.

“So, Senator,” Ahsoka asked, still stroking her member, “how do I compare to your doofy gungans?”

Padmé finished her drink and sat up. “Let me have a closer look.” The senator reached forward and took a hold of the padawan’s member. It was warm and firm, and now nearly fifty centimeters long. “You compare quite favorably, my young friend.”

Ahsoka’s breathing was intensifying. She had dreamed about this moment for months, when the gorgeous Senator Amidala would finally grip her long rod…or her meatsaber, as she sometimes called it. “I’ve heard you’re quite talented with a cock, M’Lady.”

“You have, now? From whom, I wonder?” Padmé asked, curious.

“Well, Master Secura has had a few kind things to say about you.”

“Ah yes, Aayla. Another naturally born dickgirl,” Padmé said, reflecting on an earlier encounter she had with the busty, and well hung, twi’lek.

“She is?!” Ahsoka asked excitedly.

“Oh you didn’t know? Yes, she’s quite well endowed as well.” Padmé looked Ahsoka’s rod. “Even bigger than you in fact. Though maybe when you get older you’ll give her a run for her credits.”

Ahsoka gaped. “Wow. I must request some private saber tutoring with her.” Her eyes wandered as she considered the possibilities.

“I think you should,” Padmé agreed. “And maybe I could help in your… sparring lessons.”

Ahsoka grinned and nodded flirtatiously. “You’d like that a lot, would you?”

Padmé nodded and then leaned back, releasing her hands from Ahsoka’s dick. She pulled down her top, exposing her large, heavy breasts. “Do you like big boobs, Ahsoka?”

“Very much,” the girl said eagerly. “I wish mine own were bigger.”

“Why not have a few sips of the Jumba Juice,” Padmé suggested. “Weren’t you curious how mine got so big so suddenly?”

“I was,” Ahsoka said with a nod. “I figured your gowns may have been hiding your real size.”

“A bit. I like to keep a sense of modesty in some circumstances, but in others, not so much. The Jumba Juice is largely to credit for my tits reaching this level of magnificence,” Padmé confessed proudly as she held up her massive rack of boob meat.

Ahsoka stroked her cock as she eyed the senator’s nude breasts. She was fully erect now, both long and hard enough to act as a capable weapon.

“I think it’s time for dessert, Ahsoka,” Padmé said. “Why don’t you give me some whipped cream for my melons?”

Ahsoka grinned widely and with one hand gripping her cock hard at the base, she beat furiously with other along her lengthy shaft. It wasn’t long before she erupted, the first shot of hot jizz, splashing over the senator’s fleshy orbs. Several more shots of cream dashed over Padmé’s bare boobs, and then across her face and mouth.

Padmé licked at the excess cum and mewed in appreciation. “Delicious, young padawan.”

Ahsoka was panting heavily now. She looked down at her cock, stroking it with her leg hand. She noticed her breasts had grown a few sizes while she had been distracted. “I guess that Jumba Juice really does work,” she commented as she pulled up her tube top. She was filled with a new appreciation for gungans…in more ways than one.

“They look fantastic,” Padmé complimented her.

“Well, I think I may have spoiled your lunch, Senator,” Ahsoka said, watching the busty woman lick up her cum from her tits.

“Hardly,” Padmé said. “I think it beat off any expectations I had.”

“Oh Senator…” Ahsoka groaned at the woman’s strained pun.