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Natalie Portman’s Room Service

Natalie Portman’s Room Service
by Pyro

Avner Hershlag stepped out of the elevator of the ninth floor of the Marble Arch Hotel in downtown London. He was a mostly inconspicuous man, being an average-looking forty two year old with a receding hairline. It was hard for most people to believe that he was related to his daughter when they saw them in public, since she was anything but inconspicuous or average. Her name was Natalie Hershlag – but she used the stage surname ‘Portman;’ and even ignoring her looks, she was starring in the biggest movie in a generation, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, for which she was here for the London premiere.

Normally, Natalie’s mother would be the one accompanying her. Shelly Hershlag acted as her daughter’s agent, and had been with their girl every day of shooting. Natalie was a sensitive and innocent young lady, and her parents both agreed that she needed the support and guidance her mother could offer to help her navigate the twists and turns of the superstar lifestyle.

However, Shelly was unable to make this trip – and Natalie had already skipped the American premiere to study for her high school finals. Neither parent was willing to insist that Natalie skip this one as well due to Shelly’s schedule – so it was now one of Avner’s rare turns to step up. He was just a simple doctor, and wasn’t used to this sort of thing, not like the two girl in his life. He felt more than a bit of pressure. He didn’t want to screw anything up, and ruin Natalie’s career in the process.

Avner approached the door to Natalie’s hotel room. She would be gone by now, off to the premiere. He would meet her afterwards back here. The middle aged man swiped the keycard and pushed open the door and stepped inside. He set the keycard on the night stand by the entrance and admired the room. It was spacious, a full sized living room with three couches surrounding a heavy wooden coffee table. A small gold and silver chandelier hung above and the far wall had a glass door that led to a balcony. To his right a door led to the kitchen and to his left the bedroom. Avner had had a comfortable upbringing, and being a doctor in the United States certainly made things even more so, but this sort of luxury was beyond his usual tastes. His parents had barely escaped from Eastern Europe before the war; he wondered what they would make of their granddaughter taking this type of lifestyle for granted.

Avner had arrived punctually, giving him a few hours to get acclimated, and rest, before taking the reins of his daughter’s career management. Whatever that entailed. The showing wasn’t even scheduled to start for another hour, though he had anticipated Natalie not being here. With some time to kill and having already become overwhelmed by the crowded tourist spots of London, Avner decided it might be fun to snoop around here instead. He liked keeping tabs on his daughter and any secrets he could muster out of her belongings when she wasn’t around.

The father of one made his way around the room, poking inside some bags left behind, including a backpack and carry-on with a few books and a magazine inside. Curious to see what sort of things his intellectual daughter read, he pulled out the magazine, expecting to see Discover or NeuroImage, and was surprised to instead find Cosmo. A blurb on the cover read “Ten Secrets for Driving Him Wild in the Bedroom”. Avner raised an eyebrow at that. He wondered if Natalie had read that article.

From a young age, his daughter had been very beautiful, and it seemed that the passage of time only enhanced that beauty. Avner was a doting and loving father and Natalie was his perfect princess. He may have spoiled her some, but he found it all worth it. After all, his parents had worked hard to ensure he had a better life than them, or their own parents – why wouldn’t he do the same for his girl?

Making his way into the bedroom, he surveyed his surroundings. It was a bit messy, the bed unmade and a few bits of clothes scattered about, not unlike her room at home. He continued into the spacious bathroom – a claw foot bathtub, a large shower and two sinks with a wide a counter top on the far wall. The floor was wet and the counter was cluttered with makeup and hair products. She was making herself right at home, it seemed.

Deciding he needed to relieve himself, having not gone since leaving the Tower of London several hours ago, Avner moved toward the toilet. After two short steps, however, his attention was caught by a pair of discarded thong panties on the edge of the bathtub. What is this? he asked himself, surprised to discover such a skimpy unmentionable would belong to his daughter. He picked them up, dangling the stringy garment off of one finger. His innocent little girl was growing up fast, it seemed, for her to wear something so provocative and sexy. It seemed more like something her rambunctious character from her debut film Leon would wear. An image flashed before his eyes of his little girl prancing around wearing only the thong. Her pert little ass wagging back and forth with just a tiny line of fabric running down her butt crack. It sent a thrill down his body and Avner felt his cock twitch as an erection sprung to life.

It wasn’t long ago that such a thought was shameful to the father, but after years of being exposed to his daughter’s flirtations, only enhanced by her undeniable beauty and sexual naiveté, he had given up fighting his natural urges. On numerous occasions she had left him with a stiffy in dire need of attention. His wife didn’t help any, having given excuse after excuse for years as to why they weren’t having sex any longer – work, menopause, even worries that Natalie might hear. Avner had given up. Just as well, he decided; Shelly’d be a sad let down from his fantasies of his bewitching Lolita daughter.

Avner realized his need to urinate had passed and was now replaced by a hard-on in need of attention. Though he had been tempted on occasion to parade around his home with the tent in his pants his daughter had regularly given him, hopeful to test the limits of her affection for him, he had never truly dared to go down that road.

Avner unzipped his fly and sat down on the closed toilet seat. He fished out his cock, semi erect and standing tall at ten inches, with a few more to come once he was up to full staff. He gripped himself and started to stroke his rod.

Shutting his eyes, he held onto the skimpy pink garment in his other hand, imaging it rubbing along his perfect little girl’s asshole and pussy, his daughter prancing around in her slutty thong, smacking her own ass, bending over, even spreading her butt cheeks for him. He jerked his fist up and down on his cock, harder and harder.

Then he heard the creak of the door and he opened one eye, careful to not react too quickly, unsure of what was about to happen. He could see someone entering the bathroom. He slowed his stroking and waited to see who it was, frozen in place by fear. The footsteps moved in closer and closer, until Avner could at last identify their owner out of the corner of his half opened eye.

It was Natalie, and he could see her gaze was locked on his cock as she moved closer. This was like a dream for him; indeed he wasn't sure if this was really even happening. Yes Natalie, step closer, take my cock in your hands…

Then her eyes shifted upward and she saw her father’s face.

“Dad!” she yelped.

Avner’s fantasy died quickly as he snapped back to reality. Apparently she hadn’t realized who he was at first. Still, the sight of her entranced by his long, thick cock was enough to keep him hard for a life time.

“Natalie!” he shouted in kind, sounding flummoxed about what was happening.

His daughter’s face was bright red. She was likewise shocked and confused.

“What…” Natalie stammered a little, her eyes revealing her an inner conflict, shooting between his monster dick and his face, unable to reconcile the two. Avner, embarrassed but undeniably aroused, noted with interest the fact she didn’t immediately run out of the room, as he would have expected.

“Umm…" Avner was at a loss for an explanation. He stood up, starting to put away his dick when Natalie turned to leave. He reached out and putting a hand on his daughter’s shoulder – the same hand that had just been pounding his cock, as her glance at it indicated she was all too aware of. “I’m sorry, honey,” he said at last. “I was just having a moment to myself.”

Natalie gulped and looked at him. “No, no, I’m sorry dad. Let me leave you,” she said, her voice a bit shaky.

Avner felted ashamed, like he needed to make amends quickly, “It’s your bathroom, please.” Her expression still stricken with dismay. “Why don't you take a seat? You look light headed,” he continued, trying his best to ease her nerves. “Doctor’s orders.”

“I, ah…” Natalie could hardly form a sentence. “I umm…” She didn’t know what she should do, and even if she should stay. What was happening right now?

"Come on," Avner said, and coaxed his daughter over to the toilet. She sat down, her legs feeling a little rubbery. She slumped forward and momentarily put her face into her hands. Taking a breath she sat up right again, seeming more calm and collected.

As Avner stepped back he realized his cock was still out, and still semi-erect – and now level with his daughter’s beautiful face. She had make up on that made her features even more striking and captivating. Her big eyes, her perfect mouth with her plump lips. Her outfit was mature and a bit sexy. She was wearing a light sea foam colored top that left her shoulders bare, and an off white skirt. A matching scarf hung behind her back from the crooks of her arms. As he gazed over his maturing young daughter his dick grew harder, and longer.

Natalie was looking right at his cock as it straightened and extended. She gulped, as if threatened by it.

Avner was in over his head but he had to act calmly and carefully to keep this from spiraling out of control and permanently ruining his relationship with his daughter. The best way to handle damage control, knowing Natalie, was to appeal to her intellectual side. She was a proud girl and was quick to respond to challenges to her intelligence.

“Natalie,” Avner said calmly and reached down to his cock, holding it in one hand, “It’s just my penis. I would have thought you'd have seen one by now.”

“I… I just…” Natalie stared at it and then shook her head, "Of course dad. I know what a penis is."

Another good way to manipulate his daughter was to challenge her maturity. “It's probably bigger than any you've seen before, though,” Avner said proudly, stroking it. She nodded slowly, still transfixed by the slab of dick pointing at her. “And I guess it’s a little strange seeing your dad’s dick for the first time, huh?” Avner continued.

“Uh, that’s a bit of an understatement,” Natalie gulped.

“Well don’t worry, honey, all girls go through this. Luckily you’re a mature woman now, so you’ll be fine.” She seemed to be relaxing now. He just wanted her to calm down and not run out that door screaming. She was surprisingly malleable in this situation. He had only wanted to explain away the oddity of the situation, but now he wondered what else he could pull off.

“I guess…” Natalie said uneasily.

Avner chuckled a little. “Don’t worry, honey, it won’t bite you,” he promised, waving his dick a little with one hand. A bit of precum that had gathered on the tip flicked off and landed on Natalie’s right cheek, making her gasp.

“Oh I’m sorry sweetie,” he said, his hand still stroking himself.

Natalie froze in place, stunned by having something come directly from her father's penis onto her face.

Avner was further aroused by this sight, and had no doubt that more precum was on its way. "Looks like you might need to touch up your make up a little bit honey, sorry."

Natalie was silent for a moment and then took a deep breath and said, "Uh, it's all right, daddy. The makeup lady is on her way already, actually. But maybe I should leave you alone for a minute…"

Avner's mind quickly ran through a few responses. He was about to lose her and he had to act decisively. "I'm surprised you're so intimidated by a penis. I would have thought by your age you'd be a little more… grown up."

Natalie, who had been partially off the toilet in her attempt to escape, sat back down and looked up at her father, insulted. "I'm not intimidated at all, daddy. I just..." Her words failed her, for some reason. It shouldn’t be hard to articulate just how weird this was, should it?

"It's just a little precum, honey," Avner said. "Here, there's plenty more." He gripped his dick tightly at the base and then stroked upward. Before reaching the tip he said, "Now hold out your hand."

Natalie hesitated, her eyes seeming to search the room for an answer, before looking up at her dad with a sorrowful expression.

“Now come on, Natalie. Don’t be a spoiled little girl.”

Natalie huffed, insulted but then did as she was told, cupping both hands under her dad's cock as he poured out a thick helping of gooey, transparent precum. It piled onto her palms. She watched with surprising interest. "Wow, there's so much of it."

"There is. Well, my dick is so big it needs a lot of lubrication."

Natalie nodded in agreement, understanding the basic biology of it. She had had sex ed in high school, after all. Natalie leaned over slightly and sniffed her palms. "Smells… tangy."

"Why don't you try some?"

Natalie looked up at her dad and arched an eyebrow. "Dad?"

"You're going to have to get used to the taste anyway, sweetie." Avner was expecting his daughter to be good at giving head. There was nothing more frustrating in the universe than a pretty girl who didn’t like giving head. Besides, he was sure it was a topic well covered in Cosmo.

Natalie looked down at her palms and sniffed again. She opened her small mouth and stuck out her tongue ever so slightly, flicking it over the smeared goo.

Avner was beating himself off faster now as he watched his daughter play along so willingly. Now she was licking up his precum. He was almost ready to cum properly.

"Not bad?" he asked.

Natalie just shrugged.

"Well, let's see if you like the real stuff," he announced, and sped up his jacking even faster.

"Dad?" Natalie asked, her voice rising as she was unsure and intimidated at the sight of her dad stroking his cock so quickly. She knew what was to happen next, but she had never been on the receiving end of it. Her eyes darting back and forth between her father's face and his cock being pounded by his fist.

"Just hold out your hands again."

Natalie didn’t hesitate this time and quickly cupped her hands under the end of father’s ridge dick as his fist jacked the shaft.

"Bring them up to your face…" Avner instructed, his breathing becoming ragged. "To your mouth."

Natalie looked unsure and nervous. But she did as she was told.

"Open your mouth," Avner said quickly, almost ready to cum.

Natalie complied, visibly wary of what was in store for her. "Are you going to get some on my face, dad? Like in those movies?"

Avner smiled. "Yes honey."

“But…” Natalie murmured.

“It’s good for your skin, you know,” the father said reassuringly.

“It… it is?” she asked unsure, still holding her hands by her mouth, waiting patiently.

“Yeah, that’s where the term facial comes from. Didn’t you know that?”

“I ah… yeah, of course I knew that.” Natalie said confidently. Privately, she now wished she had paid more attention to those Cosmo articles. Who knew they might actually have come in handy?

“Good. See? You’re a smart girl.” Avner smiled at her. “So would you like to me to cum on your face?”

Natalie swallowed, her eyes again shooting from left to right and then back at his cock again.

“Just tell me you want me to, honey,” Avner pressed her.

“I…” Natalie hesitated. “I want you to… cum on my face.”

“Daddy,” Avner prompted her.

Daddy,” Natalie added.

Avner grinned down at her. He beat himself harder and harder, his breath quickening. “You want my jizz, sweetie?”

Natalie nodded, her own breathing becoming faster and faster, her anticipation growing despite her reservations. “Yes, Daddy, I want your jizz on my face.”

“Good, baby,” Avner said. “Now open your mouth again."

“Do I have to?” Natalie asked, once again unsure.

“Open your mouth, baby.”

Natalie did as she was told, dreading what was coming.

“That it’s baby, here comes daddy’s load.”

Avner grunted and grunted and the first shot erupted from his cock and splashed across his daughter’s left cheek, part of the load of cum landing across her hand. It was thick and heavy, covering most of one side of her face. He grunted again and the next shot splashed into her mouth. She coughed and closed her mouth for a second, while the third rope of cum dash across her nose and left eye. The palms of her hands were littered with excess jizz as it splashed over her face. She opened her mouth again, after quickly swallowing. She looked at her father's dick as the last of the cum was eked out by his trip grip. He flicked his cock again and sent the last dollop onto her nose. Avner chuckled and said, "Nice shot."

Natalie nervously laughed as well.

"So how does it taste?" he asked.

Natalie lowered her hands from her mouth and shrugged slightly. "It's…all right."

"Try some more,” her father instructed. "Lick it off your hands."

"Uhh…" Natalie hesitated and looked down at the mess on her palms.

"That's the only way you'll get used to it," he explained in a fatherly tone.

"Oh, okay," Natalie relented, and then held her palms upright in front of her face. She licked timidly at first, just dabbing her tongue a little on the chunks of jizz littering her fingers. But after a few second she began to lap up the jizz more eagerly.

"That's it," Avner approved, his hand still rubbing his cock. The sight of this had turned his refractory period into mere seconds.

Natalie ate up the remainder of the semen, cleaning her hands thoroughly.

"I guess you liked it." Avner grinned, admiring his daughter’s cum splattered face as she ate up his semen.

Natalie shrugged again, the image of studied nonchalance. Avner sniffed at her typical teen response. "Here, why don't I give you a little more."

Natalie looked up at him and then at his still very erect cock.

"You can do it again that soon?" she asked.

"For my beautiful daughter, I'd do anything."

Natalie blushed, but she wasn't sure she wanted anymore cum. She was feeling a little sick after eating so much just now.

"Open your mouth, sweetie," he said, his fist going full speed on his dick.

Natalie stalled for a moment and looked to the door.

"Now Natalie," Avner said in his authoritative tone, "Don't act like a spoiled little princess." He knew she hated being called a princess. "It's time to act like a woman."

Natalie eyes narrowed. She did not appreciate being insulted. She opened her mouth and glared up at her dad, her expression clearly one of resentment.

"That's my girl," he said, and then without any desire for further interaction, thrust his dick inside her open mouth.

Natalie’s eyes shot open as her mouth was invaded by her dad’s monster dick. She moaned in dismay and almost fought back, but her dad quickly said, “That its baby, just take it in your mouth. Don’t fight it. It’ll go easier that way.”

Natalie clenched her fists, controlling her urge to lash out and looked up at her dad as he smiled down at her. “Just let it happen, sweetie. Suck on daddy’s cock like a good little slut.”

Avner started to thrust his dick in and out of his daughter’s mouth. Natalie held her head still dutifully, her eyes going back and forth from her dad’s face, to the dick in front of her, watching the shaft move in and out of her widely stretched lips.

“Use your tongue baby, lick at it,” she heard her father instruct. She obeyed and moved her tongue around in response, exploring the warm, fleshy meat intruder that was plowing her mouth.

“That’s it, good girl.” Avner was surprised at how obedient she was. This was easier than he expected. Maybe that Kiera girl had been a bad influence on Natalie after all, just as Shelly had suspected she might be. “Take my dick further baby, take it down into your throat.”

Avner stopped thrusting himself and after a momentary pause, but Natalie then resumed the pace, moving her own face up and down on his cock.

“That’s it, suck daddy’s cock. That’s a good little daughter.”

Natalie closed her eyes and worked into a rhythm. She’d bring her mouth to the end of her dad’s rod, leaving just the tip inside and then moved back down, sucking in more of the shaft each time as she pushed herself lower and lower on his cock.

“You’re a natural,” Avner complimented her. “Better than your mother.”

Natalie gagged briefly as the dick entered her throat – the reminder that it had been in her mother as well certainly didn’t help – but fought through it and forced herself lower.

“That’s it baby; take that cock into your throat.” Avner put a hand on the back of her head and forced herself to take more in. He could hear her ragged, strained breathing. “Come on Natalie, take it all,” he commanded, forcing her head down even harder.

Finally he broke though and his entire dick disappeared beyond his daughter’s lips. Natalie held her face at the base of his cock for a few seconds, as if to savor the success.

“Good girl. You’re a good cocksucker.”

Natalie moaned in response. She was an academic, a scholar – she was going to Harvard for her psychology degree, after all. But hearing herself be addressed in such a degrading term, rather than one of respect – and by her father no less… It made her pull her face back off his cock to the tip, and then gobble it all up again.

Her energy did not go unnoticed. “Oh fuck, you’re good at this!” she heard him gasp.

His daughter’s pace and enthusiasm picked up as she went. He could hear her moaning louder and louder. He wished he had tried this years ago.

“Shit Natalie, I’m gonna cum again,” he said, and she moaned in response and worked even faster. But after a few more deep-throats she pulled off him and beat one hand up and down his shaft, holding her opened mouth at the tip, hungry for a second helping of his jizz.

“Almost there daddy?” Natalie urged him, her voice sweet and eager.

Avner couldn’t take it and blasted his second load into her waiting mouth. “Oh fuck me!” he groaned, and as the second shot of cum landed onto Natalie tongue, she once more enveloped the head of his cock with her mouth and sucked hard on the tip, devouring all the cum her father had to offer.

As his orgasm subsided, Avner felt increasing exhausted and dizzy. He stepped away from his daughter and took a seat on the side of the bathtub.

“Thank you,” he said through panting breaths.

“You’re welcome, daddy,” Natalie said with a devilish grin. “But you really should watch your language.”

Avner chuckled, “Did I swear?”

“Yes, you said the f-word.” Natalie shook her head in disapproval.

“Sorry sweetie,” Avner wheezed, still trying to catch his breath.

“If I swear, you wash my mouth out with soap,” Natalie pointed out, sitting back and crossing her arms, unaware or uncaring of the cum splattered across her face.

Her father smiled and said, “After today, I think I’ll start washing your mouth out with something else, actually.” He looked down at his cock.

Natalie smiled in kind and said, “You mean with your big fucking cock, daddy?”

“Natalie!” Avner responded with mock outrage. “Come here and let me teach you a lesson in respect.”

Natalie leaned forward, expecting to have her mouth plowed with her father’s dick a second time, but a door buzzer interrupted the moment. Natalie sprang up from the toilet, suddenly remembering why she had returned to the hotel in the first place. “That’s the makeup lady!”

Avner pursed his lips in frustration. “Damn. Well, all right.”

Natalie moved toward the door, “Don’t worry daddy,” she said as she looked back at him with a cum-smudged smile. “You can punish me later.”

“Oh, I will, sweetie. But you might want to wash your face before you answer the door.”

“Oh, of course!” Natalie dashed over the sink and splashed some water on her face to clean off the cum…at least, as best as she could.

“Well, while you’re doing that, I’ll let her in,” Avner said, heading toward the door. “I might as well earn my keep as your manager…” He looked back and admired his daughter’s ass. He was going to need to get his dick in that, and soon. But that would come later.

After all, he was her manager now – and she still had two more Star Wars movies to attend premieres for.