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Leia's Motherly Touch Part 1 SPECIAL EDITION

Leia’s Motherly Touch
Part 1
The Hands-On Approach
Special Edition
by Pyro & Das Flute

Anakin Solo, an atypical thirteen year old by many standards, sat uncomfortably next to his mother in the backseat of a covered speeder.  It was a Pandelflot, a top of line craft that emphasized speed and performance over spaciousness.  As a result he was sitting closer to his mother than he would have liked, their bodies gently pressing together.  Anakin kept his arms crossed so as to not accidentally make contact with his mother's particularly large breasts.

"Do I really have to go through with this?" Anakin pleaded, not for the first time.

"Anakin, I'm not going to tell you again: Yes, you do," his mother, a shapely and matured Leia Organa Solo, replied to her youngest son in stark terms.  She was used to negotiating with the toughest criminals, warlords and politicians across the galaxy, but her patience was still regularly tested by Ani.  "The Jedi Praxeum requires a physical, and besides, you're well overdue for your annual checkup."

"I've had checkups before from MD-12, why do I have to see that scary Doctor Masdi?"  Anakin complained.  He had heard stories about Tescia Masdi, a Ferroan who was known for putting her patients through rigorous, not to mention invasive, procedures.  Jaina had walked bowlegged for days after Dr. Masdi performed an anal exam on her at her last physical, though mysteriously Jacen hadn’t suffered the same discomfort.  Maybe the Praxeum rumors about his girlfriend Tenel Ka’s sexual preferences were true. She was a Hapan, after all, and the women of that matriarchal world were said to have certain preferences in the bedroom…

"Droids are good at treating illnesses, not at caring for living beings." Leia knew her son was just putting her through the rounds of being disagreeable.  He was getting to that age where everything she asked of him was beneath him and he treated her with contempt more often than not.

"I hope Doctor Masdi doesn't try to butt rape me…" Anakin grumbled under his breath.

"Ani!" Leia reprimanded him for his crudeness.

"That's what Jaina told me would happen!"  Anakin protested. He didn't mention he had seen the anal dilators in the refresher that Jaina had been assigned to use by the doctor.

"Now stop it.  You're becoming a man now and I expect you to behave like it."  Leia sighed.  She was going to be saying that a lot in the coming years, she just knew it.  This was only the beginning of Anakin's puberty.  But he had hardly been a problem child until recently, and Leia at least had to be thankful for that.

Anakin gave up his bickering with his mother and tried to focus on other things, but his thoughts were divided and conflicting.  As he had matured rapidly in the last few months, so had his Force abilities, and in particularly his connection to his mother.  Like his older siblings who shared a twin bond, connecting their minds and joining their emotions through the Force, Anakin seemed to be inexorably linked to his mother's surface thoughts and feelings.  But as far as Anakin could tell, she wasn't aware of it or able to share in his ability, making it purely one way.

The young pubescent boy was now subjected to his mother's emotions and thoughts whenever he was near her.  Her ideas and inner dialogue flowed from her mind almost as if she spoke them.  When he was further away he could tune it out more easily, though strong emotions still overwhelmed him.  Which presented an unusual problem for the young boy.

As of late his mother had been having lesbian trysts with their Twi’lek maid, Minan.  Anakin had long suspected that something was going on between them, but had put that out his mind, trying not to think about it.  However now he was experiencing it in intense emotional detail.  It was hard to sleep at times as he was constantly bombarded with his mother's filthy thoughts and actions.  He had started to look at Leia differently because of it.  She wasn't merely his mother, a loving but critical mature woman, but also an intensely sexual one.  He had become familiar with her body though the Force, and, as uncomfortable as it made him, he had grown attracted to it.

Anakin's gaze slowly drifted from outside the airspeeder window to the pale beige interior, the fine stitching of the fabric and polish metallic detailing over to his mother.  Her attention was focused on the cityscape racing by outside her passenger side window.  She was wearing a pale purple  top, tightly fit over her enormous breasts., Seemingly to keep her boobs under control, she wore a slim mini-jacket that wasn’t quite big enough to contain her giant rack and thus had the effect of pressing together and pushing up her boobs.  Even though they were covered, one could still make out their magnificent size and shape.  It was a sight to behold for the young boy.  On his mother’s lower half she wore brown pants and a thick, black belt hung loosely around her waist, dropping low to one side when she stood. The buckle was an Alderaanian symbol of some kind, Anakin guessed.  Her shoes were high heel boots that stopped short of her knees..   She certainly attracted the eye, Anakin admitted, though it was hard for her not to.

His mother had been a shapely beauty for as long as he remembered, though looking at older holorecords, she hadn't always been, and until having children, her body was rather average.  But since her two pregnancies, her hips had filled out and in particular her breasts had grown.  Anakin had long suspected his mother had some enhancement there, as he had never seen any woman outside of outrageous holovids that had boobs anywhere near big as his mother's.  They were fondly nicknamed by Anakin's Jedi Academy classmates Jeb Nixx, Argile and Lemmie as the "Boobs of State". He wondered if she had somehow gotten access to Jumba Juice, which was rumored to be widely used by porn stars employed by the famous Varina Kadaara Productions group out of Naboo. And the gungan Senator Boma was a close political ally of his mother.

For better or worse, Anakin was stuck with his ultra busty mother for the time being.  His father and Uncle Chewie had gone off on the Falcon, somewhere into the Corporate Sector.  Threepio was with Uncle Luke and Artoo on Yavin, translating ancient Massassi inscriptions, something Anakin himself was interested in.  And lastly his older brother and sister were off on vacation with Tenel Ka on Hapes, much to his jealousy.

Once his tests were completed and the results back, he could return to the Jedi Praxeum.  His mother was planning on taking him aboard her private and very luxurious yacht, the Alderaan.  He always liked that ship. Just as the Falcon clearly displayed his father’s history and personality, the Alderaan spoke to his mother's heritage. Leia had grown up in opulence and privilege, and the sleek Alderaan reflected that in every way.

Though Anakin felt a bit of disappointed at being stuck solely with his mother for a while, as he looked upon her body his feelings changed slightly.  His prudish girlfriend Tahiri didn't provide him with the physical affection he craved.  A proponent of the Old Jedi Order Exis Reforms, to her mind, the Orthodox Jedi doctrine of ‘no attachments’ became ‘no physical attachments.  And neither did her body provide much visual enjoyment. Some of the other young female Jedi, like Sheyne, or Klin-Fa Gi, or Jeb’s twin Ami, provided him better visual fodder. But they were still completely unapproachable to Anakin, who was far outside their social clique.

At least his mother could easily fulfill his craving for female visual stimuli.  Anakin shook his head, feeling his cock harden slightly as he imagined his mother's huge naked breasts and bare backside.  This was inappropriate and he should stop, he told himself.  But he didn't.  How could any normal hetero male (or, for that matter, lesbian female or pan smizmar) not fantasize about a body like that?  So thin and toned, yet with such humongous boobs hanging off the front?

Leia felt a slight tingle, something through the Force, perhaps.  She turned to Anakin and saw him eying her breasts.  He hadn't noticed that she had caught him, so entranced was he with her massive chest.  Leia felt flattered, and didn't find this altogether unexpected.  Jacen had likewise formed an attraction to her around his age.  And Jaina, after her recent exam from Dr. Masdi, had also learned to appreciate her mother’s bosom, though it had been a bit harder for that lesson to sink in to her rebellious tomboy daughter.

There was a sputter of the right engine, suddenly slowing and dipping the vehicle to one side before kicking back into high gear.  The turbulence shook the craft and Leia’s enormous breasts bounced and shook as she was knocked over into Anakin’s lap.  Suddenly the young boy found his mother’s giant bosom, or Death Star I and Death Star II as he jokingly referred to them, were pressed into his lap - and more notably, his aching crotch.  Anakin gulped and didn't say anything as she moved to push herself up.  His cock was rock-hard at this point and Leia’s hand landed right on his dick running down his left pant leg.

“Oh honey, did I bruise you?”  Leia asked, feeling the thick, hard deformation inside her son’s pants.

“Uh, no mom, I’m all right,” Anakin muttered as his clueless mother rubbed her hand gently back and forth along his covered shaft.  She was still leaning into him somewhat, her ‘Death Stars’ pressing against his body. The soft, malleable flesh of her boobs felt like pillows and all he wanted to do right now was sleep on them.

Leia sat upright, her right hand still idly lying on her son’s lap, tracing the length of the protuberance inside his pants.  It suddenly dawned on her what she had discovered and her hand recoiled quickly.  It was his cock!  Leia realized.  She glanced at her son and he looked the other way, acting as if nothing untoward had happened.  The fourty-something looked back down at his pants and the long shaft of dick running down one leg.  Spast!     I’d like to see that saber ignited in person… Leia thought to herself.

Anakin snapped to attention. "Mom?" he asked sharply, his face red.

Leia looked at him in confusion, unsure what he was asking or why.  She saw his hands quickly cover his lap, hiding his large package.  Maybe he saw her looking at his crotch, though he was likewise staring at her large breasts.

"Yes, honey?" she responded in a sweet, motherly tone.

"Oh." Anakin cleared his head. "Um, are we there yet?"

"We should be there soon, Ani.  Just a few more minutes," Leia replied.  He must been spooked by her accidental petting of his cock, though Leia could tell he was becoming aroused.  The poor boy probably wasn't getting any from Tahiri.  That stuffy little girl seemed about as much fun as a picnic on Hoth.  Too bad for her; by the looks of it, she’s missing out, Leia thought, as her eyes wandered back over to Anakin's crotch.  Her son had relaxed again and was looking outside the window, though he seemed a little stressed now.

The speeder arrived at the Adolescent Wing of the Orowood Medcenter, a massive state-of-the-art complex that catered to the upper class of Coruscant.  The Adolescent Wing was nearly a kilometer long and provided treatments for practically every illness known to inflict children. 

Leia lead the way after they landed, Anakin trudging behind reluctantly – though he couldn't help but notice his mother's shapely yet taut backside and how her gown hugged her hips.  Her tight pants were riding up her butt crack now, a lovely sight to behold for the boy..  He imagined that must be uncomfortable, though his mother didn't seem to mind it.  Perhaps she was used to things riding up into her butt, Anakin mused.

After signing in the droid receptionist, Leia took a seat by her son on a couch in the waiting area.  There were several other Human children, ranging from perhaps eleven up to seventeen, Anakin guessed.  Each was accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All seemed as uncomfortable as Anakin.

A door near the receptionist slid open and a teenage girl walked out, looking a bit distressed and rubbing her backside.  Behind her lagged an embarrassed-looking father.  Yikes, Anakin thought.  This is going to be awful.

"Anakin Solo," said the electronic voice of the receptionist droid. "Dr. Masdi is ready for you in Exam Room Five."

The thirteen year old gulped and stood only after his mother got up and looked down at him impatiently.  Several years ago the Fey'lya Non-Human Medical Services Reform Act had been passed, requiring all sub-adults below the age of responsibility to be accompanied by a guardian or parent during exams performed by organic doctors.  Anakin was going to have to go through this with his mother present.  It's like they designed these things to be as torturous as possible, Anakin thought.

After a short walk Anakin and his mother entered a small, brightly lit exam room.  An elevated exam table was at the center, padded with white cushions and a huge lamp over head.   One wall was checkered with devices, tubes, meters and probes.  It seemed like they had something for every square centimeter of a body.  Anakin spotted one especially invasive-looking tube dangling off the end of a blunt handle and a felt himself clench up as Jaina’s warning came back to him.

Leia took a seat near the door, facing toward the exam table.  Anakin had grown especially nervous and found himself staying by her side.

"It's all right, honey," Leia said soothingly, sensing his nerves and unease. "There's nothing to be worried about. It all just means you’re growing into a man, now."

"Easy for you to say, you just have to watch," Anakin responded, taking a deep breath as he found his breathing had grown a bit shallow.

A moment later the door opened and in walked a Ferroan with glossy black hair and a pale blue-green skin color.  Anakin was surprised by her beauty. He was expecting someone treacherous and vile based on all the horror stories he had heard.  Nonetheless, he found her equally beautiful and terrifying.

The doctor first greeted Leia. "Greetings, Madam Chief of State,” she said.

"Hello Doctor," Leia responded and they shook hands.  Masdi had been recommended to her by Ferro's senator, Reise Masdi, who was also the doctor's husband.  She had helped deliver Leia’s twins on Coruscant, and would have done the same for Anakin, had he not been born on Nespis VIII's Space City. As such, this was her first time encountering the youngest Solo child.

Anakin tried not to stare as he checked out the well-proportioned body of the doctor and the tight coat she was wearing that did everything to compliment her curves.

Masdi turned to the young boy and gave him a quick looking over, offering no smile. "This must be Anakin," she said plainly, as if regarding an inanimate object.

"Umm, hi," Anakin said, unsure if he was being greeted or not.

The Ferroan looked at a datapad in her hand and made a few mental notes before walking over to a table and setting it down.  "All right Anakin, you're going to need to disrobe now."  She turned to him, apparently immune to the fact that the boy looked pale and sheepish. "Down to your underwear."

"A-all right," Anakin eked out.  He started to pull off his shirt over his head.  Meanwhile Leia took her seat again and tried to make as little noise as possible.  Anakin then tugged off his boots and finally opened his pants.  He took a deep breath and let them slide down his legs to the floor.  He felt very cold and exposed, and his hands quickly moved to cover his crotch, though not before Leia again noticed its unusually large size.

"Anything I should know about?  Anything usual or any unexpected changes?" the doctor asked as she walked toward Anakin.  "You can sit up on the table."

Leia spoke up. "He's been having mood swings lately."

"That's perfectly common," Masdi said, standing before Anakin as he sat up on the exam table, her back to Leia. "He's entering puberty and his hormones are unstable."  She looked Anakin in the eye, talking to him directly. "You are Force-sensitive, correct?" 

"Yes," Anakin said with a nod.

"When the Emperor came to power, he purged all knowledge of Force-related physiological developments from galactic medical databases,” the doctor explained to Leia. “It’s only after the New Republic has stabilized over the past few years, and the new cadre of Jedi Knights has arisen, that we've been able to start reconstructing that lost knowledge. As we do more research into Force-sensitives, we've learned there can be a buildup in midi-chlorians in the bodies of pubescent boys and girls.  I'll check on that."

As far as Anakin could tell the exam proceeded as normal.  The doctor checked his body with various devices and meters, nothing invasive or uncomfortable.  However, as her body rubbed up against his, and he got the occasional look down her blouse at her lacey black bra, he couldn't help but become a bit aroused.  Luckily his underwear kept his semi-erection at bay, otherwise he would have been mortified.

"Now Anakin, let's talk about sex," the doctor announced unceremoniously, as she finished measuring his delta brainwave.  She didn't wait for the suddenly-blushing Anakin to respond before continuing.  "Do you have a girlfriend?" 

"Uh, yes…"

"Have you had sex?"


"You masturbate, I assume? Correct?"


Leia chose that moment to chime in. "I recently caught him ‘borrowing’ a porno holodisc from his father’s collection.  I believe it was called The Sluts of Sullust."  She looked at Anakin with an eyebrow cocked, reminded of her dissatisfaction over that episode.

Anakin blushed and nodded.  He remembered that holovid very well – and so did his body, as he felt a twinge in his crotch.  Another thought reached out and touched his mind at that moment, his mother was remembering it as well.  She had found the holodisc in his room the morning after, but now he could see it from her perspective.  The night before she had walked by his room and listened to him masturbate… and it aroused her.  She was thinking about it now and again she was turned on.  Anakin looked over at his mother, her eyes wandering over his body as she thought of her son jacking off.  Her arousal fed his and he felt his cock grow some more, his erection starting to strain against his too-tight underwear.

“It’s very common for boys his age to experiment with their sexuality,” Masdi assured Leia. “In some cases it can even take more radical form, like with Jacen. The fact that Anakin watches interspecies erotica is nothing to be concerned, angry, or ashamed at. Have you noticed if he’s started to have nocturnal emissions yet?”

Now it was Leia’s turn to be somewhat flustered. “Nocturnal…?”

“Wet dreams,” Masdi clarified.

Leia coughed. “I…That is, my maid usually handles the laundry…”

Masdi nodded. "Please consult with her to check Anakin’s sleepwear for semen stains, then. You can comm my office and let me know if they’ve been present. Now let's have a look down there, shall we?"  The doctor changed topics seamlessly, reaching for Anakin's waistband and hooked a few exquisitely-manicured fingers underneath.  With a quick tug he was completely naked, his partially-erect cock springing free and swinging before him, the massively large member exposed to his mother and doctor.

"Oh my," Leia said in hushed awe.

"This is quite unusual," Masdi agreed, in curious wonderment. She typed on her datapad, and right next to where Anakin was awkwardly standing naked, a life-sized hologram of Jacen appeared as well, in a similar state of undress and with a similar look of mortification on his face. The doctor pointed out Jacen’s own holographic cock. “You can see that Anakin is a whole three growth stages ahead of his brother, despite being over a year younger.”

Doctor Masdi deactivated the hologram, before grasping Anakin’s penis to hold it upright. “Spread your legs wider, please,” she calmly asked. Anakin moaned slightly, unable to hide his shameful arousal.  The delicate touch made him even more erect.  This was the first time anyone but himself had ever touched his penis. 

The doctor pulled out a small device and touched it to the base of his cock and then again at the tip.  "Thirty centimeters.  That's a remarkable size for a Human penis.  I estimate about forty centimeters when fully erect."

Leia tried not to gawk but she had a hard time comprehending what she was seeing.  A cock that big belonged on a Wookiee, not her little boy.  For a moment she wondered if somehow some of Chewie’s DNA had got mixed into his genes in her womb, or those of some Wookiee from her various ror'tukor gangbangs.  But then she dismissed that as a silly notion.  Regardless, she had no idea why he would have a penis so big.  He was twice as big as his brother…and his father.

"It's… huge," Leia said in a tone that betrayed her attraction.  Her eyes took in every detail, every engorged vein, the wide ridge that ran along the underside, the way it bulged more toward the middle.  His equally-large balls hung low as well, dangling over the edge of the table.  She fought an instinct to go over and cup them.

Anakin could hear the sexual undertone in her voice and his cock spasmed in a jolt of arousal.  The doctor noted this but kept quiet, and then proceeded with more examinations.  She measured the circumference of his testicles, which were about eight centimeters each, cupping each in her palm as she did it.  Though she wore gloves, they were mono-molecularly bio-bonded synthflesh, and as a result it felt as if it were her bare skin to Anakin.  The doctor pulled back his foreskin and exposed the bulbous, engorged head of his cock.  Anakin tried to block out his own arousal and the feelings of his mother as the examination continued but it was hard.  He could likewise tell his mother was conflicted and trying suppress her own feelings.  Though if there was one thing he had learned about his mother over the years, it was that she was always attracted to a big cock.

"Well, I'm going to need a bigger collection cylinder for this one.  I'll be back in a moment."  With that, Dr. Masdi stood up and left the room, leaving Anakin naked with his semi-erect, thirty-centimeter-and-growing erection – and his mother.

Neither of them spoke a word for a few moments.  Then Leia stood up and pulled off her expensive blue Dervdisi jacket, feeling a bit hot and uncomfortable.  Anakin got an eyeful of her breasts as they were freed at last from their tight confines.  Standing there, with her slim body and taught butt, two melons the size of the safety airbags on the Falcon hung off the front of her body.  They dropped only slightly, still incredibly round and firm.  Anakin could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, given the definition of her nipples through her shirt.  He could make out details on her areolas they were so tightly compacted inside her long sleeve top.

The thirteen year old’s cock jerked up and down again and grew several more centimeters.  As Leia put her jacket down on her chair, she looked before her and noticed his cock was even larger, and shamefully even more enticing to her.  The tip started to leak out precum, the gooey clear liquid dripping down the underside of his shaft.

"Oh Anakin, you're starting to drip," Leia said in a motherly tone, as if he had spilled his drink.  Grabbing a sheet of flimsiplast towel from a dispenser on the wall, she walked over to his cock and without thinking wiped up the precum from along his shaft.  Anakin couldn't believe his mother was doing this and while she did it, she was jutting out her chest some, or seemed as much, as she dabbled the sheet along the underside of his cock.  He could almost rub his dick against her boobs if he only just…

Anakin could barely hold back and with no control otherwise his cock grew to full erection right before Leia’s eyes. At least forty centimeters, she thought, as the tip moved higher, now pointing directly toward her face.  “I guess you’re happy to see me.” She joked to her son, though immediately regretted it.  More precum bubbled up out of the tip, flowing down cock on all sides.  "Ani, you're making a mess."

"I'm sorry, Mom… I can't really help it."

Leia grabbed another sheet of flimsiplast, this time wrapping it around the circumference of his cock with her hand.

"Oh Mom-" Anakin moaned as he felt her encircle his cock for the first time.  Leia's fingers couldn't quite fit around the width.

"Anakin… you're so… huge," Leia said as she stared down at the massive cock in her hand.  It was bigger than most Wookiees at this point. Leia started to move her hand up Anakin's shaft, moving the flimsiplast with it.

"That feels…good, Mom," Anakin admitted, overcome with his mother's actions.

Leia didn't respond, but Anakin saw her lick her lips.  She seemed to move her face in closer to his cock and he could feel her hot breath on the tip of his dick.  He could hear her thoughts loud as day in his mind. Oh, it’s so big...

Leia backed off, thinking better of the temptation that had entered her mind, but her hand still slowly stroked her boy’s shaft.  Anakin lay back on the examination table as he soaked in the feeling of his mother’s hand rubbing his long shaft. 

Leia felt her mouth getting wet as she eyed her son’s giant schlong.  I wonder if I could deepthroat this.  Might be tough…

Anakin’s cock shuddered again as he heard his mother’s thoughts.  He was having to concentrate not to cum now.

Leia’s eye’s traveled down her son’s shaft to his balls dangling off the edge of the table, each the size of her fist.  She gulped again.  This was like a dirty dream she had once had, but one that certainly didn’t involve her youngest son! Now, though, she wondered if the Force had been trying to show her a vision of the future…

“You must be getting chilly, sweetie,” Leia commented as she finally let her hand go of her son’s shaft.  She folded up the flimsi and put it into her pocket.

Anakin, his arms crossed behind his head as he lay there, his erection standing tall.  “Uh, maybe a little bit… down there…” he swallowed. “My balls are kind of cold,” he added quickly, less afraid now to be a little crude with his mother, given the circumstances.

Leia put her hands on his thighs and gently coaxed them apart.  Anakin hiked himself up further on the table, sitting up in confusion as him mother opened his legs wider.

Leia eyed the large orbs hanging in the cool air.  “They do look a little cold.”  Without thought otherwise she reached toward one of his fat testicles and carefully cupped one hand underneath.  Anakin yelped in response.

Leia looked at him with concern.  “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No… it’s just that your hands are kind of cold,” Anakin muttered, holding himself up with both hands.
“Oh.”  Leia put her hand to her face and breathed on it and then lowered it back to her son’s scrotum.  “Is that better?”

Anakin was feeling dizzy.  His mom was rubbing his balls with her hand.  “I… uh…”  He lay back down, feeling faint.

Leia pursed her lips. Poor boy must be really uncomfortable, she thought.  Any good mother would help her son out in such an embarrassing situation.

Putting her hands on her son’s thighs, Leia gently pushed them further apart as she knelt between them.  Anakin wasn’t even sure what was happening anymore, he was so focused on not cumming at the moment.
The forty-three year old Chief of State was at eye level with her boy’s two fat balls, hanging over his taint.  His cock was angled over his torso now and Anakin was especially conscious of where the end of his dick was pointed.

Leia moved her face in carefully and sniffed at her son’s testicles curiously.  It was that familiar musky scent, and it had the usual effect on her.  She shunned the surge of arousal she felt in her body. No Leia, this is your boy.  Ignore the smell and help your son.

Opening her mouth, Leia stuck out her tongue and carefully lapped it over one of Anakin’s balls, and then the repeated on the other.  “How was that sweetie?  Feeling any better?”  She asked.

Anakin couldn't process what just happened and didn't respond.

Leia realized she was just probably making this worse; getting his balls wet would just make them colder.  Too late now!

Leia flicked her tongue over her son’s sack again and then closed her mouth.  There was that familiar taste.  Oh, his balls taste so salty.  She said to herself.  She stuck out her tongue again and made another slow lick on either fat orb.

“Are you all right, Ani?”  Leia asked, concerned with his silence as she peak over his crotch, and around his cock to look at his face.

Anakin couldn’t look at his mother right now and simply muttered, “Yeah, mom.”  His voice cracked.
“Good, honey,” his mother replied, and then resumed her tongue lapping of his sack.

Leia brought one hand under her son’s scrotum, elevating his balls for her.  She flicked her tongue rapidly over one and then the other before pausing.  My poor boy, his balls must be aching,she thought to herself.  She puckered her lips and kissed either one.  Then her kiss turned into a Corellian kiss, her tongue swirling around circumference of the cum containers and before she could stop and entire testicle was inside her mouth.  Oh these fat balls must be full of jizz!

Anakin still was doing his darndest to not think about anything that was going on.  He was thinking about smashball. I wonder how the Corellian Dreadnaughts scored against the Skull Crackers?

Leia swapped to the other testicle and repeated her thorough tongue bath and followed by deep sucking.  I wonder if I could take both in my mouth at once? she asked herself, before freeing her mouth from her son’s scrotum.

Leia cupped the balls together in both hands, squeezing them in the sack to get them as taught as possible.  She stuck out her wet tongue and flicked it over the smooth surface and then opened wide.  Just barely she shoved both of the big orbs inside her cheeks, bowing them out like a Chikarri harvesting nuts.

Leia popped the double serving of testi out of her mouth.  Her son’s balls were red and soaked with her spit now.  Probably warm enough. 

“Good thing your mother doesn’t have a nut allergy, right Ani?” Leia quipped to Ani.  Her son just groaned in response.  “Oh hush, it was funny,” she said in defense.

But what else needs my attention?  Leia thought as she pushed her son’s thighs further apart, lifting up his rear end slightly.

Wrapping one hand around the underside of his cock, under his scrotum, Leia pushed his balls up and out of the way as she gazed at her little boys taint and tiny asshole.

“Now Ani, I hope you’ve been cleaning yourself thoroughly back here.  Most boys your age are nervous about this area and neglect it,” Leia said in a lecturing tone.

Anakin’s mind was elsewhere entirely.  He was in a field playing smashball.

Leia shook her head when her son didn’t respond.  He was a troublesome boy sometimes.  Wetting her tongue, the forty-three year old mother slowly trailed it down the smooth skin from her son’s balls to his backside.  She dabbled the tip over his butthole carefully and Ani flinched in response.

“Did that tickle a little?  I’m sorry,” she said calmly.

Leia dabbled her tongue against her son’s asshole.  I’m sure he doesn't appreciate this right now, but in a few years he’ll be begging Tahiri for this kind of attention.

Leia swirled and gently prodded with her tongue, frequently rewetting it so as to lather up her boy’s tiny opening.  Oh Leia, you bad mother, you’re enjoying this!  Licking up your son’s tasty asshole.  Though it’s not like it’s the first of your children to get your tongue up their bung. The Maker knows Jacen gets his fair share of treatment. And Jaina’s tastes almost as good as her pussy.

Anakin couldn’t keep his mind distracted for long as his mother feasted on his butt.  “Oh Mom… that feels really… weird…”

“I know, honey,” Leia said between slurps on son’s anus.  “But it’s good for you.”

“Yeah… it feels good, too,” Anakin admitted.

Leia started to burrow her tongue into her son’s butthole, fighting against his sphincter. 

“Mom!” Anakin yelped as he felt where she was going with her questing tongue.

She didn’t respond to her son’s protest, instead pressed on further eagerly.  Come on, Ani, let Mommy inside you.

“Oh Mom… you’re going… into my ass!”  Anakin groaned.

Leia finally broke through and her hungry tongue slide into her son’s tight, virgin asshole.  She wriggled it around, back and forth and then out again.

“How was that sweetie?”  Leia asked, almost adding, Enjoy having your mommy’s tongue up your ass?
Anakin almost passed out from the sensation but he wanted more than anything right now to jack off his dick and cum at last - but that was also the last thing he wanted.  All he could do was moan in response to his mother’s question.

Leia took that as a positive sign and shoved her tongue back inside, rapidly plunging in and out of her son’s butthole with abandon.  “Oh baby, your asshole was so filthy.  You might need Mommy to clean it regularly,” she told her boy, between jabs of her tongue up his ass.

“Uh… okay Mom.”

Shoving her face between his cheeks, Leia slid back inside the wet hole, her mouth opened wide as she burrowed as deeper and deeper with her hungry, eager tongue.  Nothing like giving an asshole a good tongue fucking.

Just then Doctor Masdi walked in.  Leia heard the footsteps behind her and the door shut.

“Oh, isn't this interesting?” Leia heard the doctor comment as she slowly pulled her extended tongue out of her son’s butthole.  She gave her son’s anus a lovingly lick and then wiped her mouth and stood up to face the doctor.

Masdi looked her over as she set a device down on a nearby counter.  “An Alderaanian custom, I assume? I’m afraid not as many records on their intimate social customs survived the world’s destruction. You're a very devoted mother, I see,” she added.

“Yes, well, we practice good hygiene at the Solo household,” Leia said without missing a beat.

“I see.  That’s good.  Let’s see how you did.”  Masdi stepped where Leia had been kneeling and lowered herself.  Anakin’s eyes shot open wide, remembering the anal probe Jaina had warned him about.  He bit his lip and feared for the worse.

The doctor, her hands gloved, spread open his clenched buttcheeks and admired Leia’s thoroughness.  “Very well done, Madam Chief of State.”

Leia let out a breath. She had been sure she had gone too far this time, but apparently not.

Masdi then said, “Let’s check the inside, shall we?”

The sexy doctor stuck out her tongue and quickly plugged it into Anakin’s butthole.  The boy yelped and squirmed as he felt the second woman’s tongue wriggle and tickle his insides. 

Masdi pulled her tongue back out and tasted.  “Very well done indeed.”

The doctor stood up and acted like nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.For his part, Anakin felt like crying, he had been so close to cumming.

"All right, we're ready to proceed," announced the doctor, picking up the  broad, long metallic cylinder she had set down when reentering the room.  It was  hollowed out and opened at one end whilethe opposite end had a clear round container fixed to it.  Anakin got a peek inside and could see the lining was ribbed with rubbery ridges.  While he had first been worried he was looking at the dreaded anal probe, after seeing the interior, it was all too easy to guess what it was going to be used for. 

Leia was still flustered, but given the doctor's demeanor she felt that somehow, in some culture, even if not Alderaan’s as the doctor guessed, she hadn't just been acting like a wanton ass-hungry slut.  Thank goodness for galacticization.  That way she could excuse her behavior as being from some odd society on some backwater planet that she found inspiring and wanted to emulate.  You could get away with a lot of deviant behavior if you just claimed it was ‘cultural’..

The doctor walked over to Anakin and placed the phallic device down beside him on the examination table.  She looked down at his cock.  "I see it's grown several more centimeters."  She turned to Leia who shrugged in response, before she looked back.  She re-measured it with her device.  "Forty centimeters, as I guessed."

With no warning, Masdi placed the collection cylinder over Anakin's huge member and switched it on.  In an instant Anakin felt a million tiny vibrating impulses spreading over his cock in strange patterns, gyrating and converging and twisting.  It was mind-blowing, but he dreaded ejaculating in front of his mother.  He focused and stretched out to the Force to maintain his composure.

Masdi cocked her head, intrigued.  She turned to Leia again. "Now as a mother you need to make sure your son is masturbating regularly, to avoid premarital sex."

"Oh…" Leia responded, a bit surprised at this.

At that moment Anakin felt his mother's thoughts, and could see what she was visualizing.  It was her on his bed, sitting beside him as he lay on his back, while she jerked off his cock with both hands as he came in thick, heavy gobs of cum.

"Kriff!" Anakin groaned as he finally started to ejaculate.  His long cock shuddered and pulsed as heavy loads of semen blasted out of the tip.

Leia felt her own body grow hotter and hotter as her son orgasmed.  A moistness between her legs betrayed her arousal and she licked her lips as she watched the glass ball at the end of the collection device fill with semen.

As his ejaculation subsided, Anakin felt weak and exhausted.  Letting out a deep breath he fell back on the table and shut his eyes.  A sense of dizzying euphoria overwhelmed him. 

Doctor Masdi pulled off the contraption from his cock, which had slackened slightly now.  She disconnected the glass ball from the end of the device and stirred it around.  "Quite a build up here.  Much more than Jacen’s sample.” Her barely-gloved hand felt his testicles once more, and Anakin’s cock – worn out as it was – jumped again as she squeezed slightly. “Yes, these feel much less full, now. Are you masturbating regularly, Anakin?"

"Well… ahh…" Anakin dissembled as he rubbed his face, sitting upright again.

The doctor walked over to the corner of the room and plugged the ball of semen into a socket.  A read out of information was displayed on a screen built into the table top.

"Your midi-chlorian count is exceptionally high, Anakin. Much higher than the number I recorded in Jacen’s semen and Jaina’s vaginal secretions."  Masdi looked to Leia. "This may be why his genitals are so large."

"Oh," Leia said with a nod. She had never heard of that before. She made a mental note to ask Luke if the Jedi were aware of this new strain of midi-chlorian research.

"I recommend regular masturbation in order to keep your midi-chlorian count at a reasonable, safe level."

"Umm, regular?" Anakin asked.  His right hand had drifted down to his cock and he was absently rubbing it.  The overwhelming sensation of the phallic device had left it a bit numb.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see his mother watching him do it.  He focused his attention elsewhere, not wanting to know what his mother was thinking.

"Yes, at least once a day." The doctor looked to Leia. "Be sure to check his pajamas every morning for signs of nocturnal emissions. Even when he does begin his masturbation regimen, he should still have frequent wet dreams. And you need get a sample of semen from him daily as well, so we can track his levels."

"I should collect them… myself?"  Leia asked, unsure of her responsibility.

Masdi cocked her head, surprised at the question. "I'm sure Anakin is capable of masturbating on his own."  She looked at the boy.  "But if you feel your participation would help, then by all means."

Leia looked at her son’s huge phallus,then nodded and said, “I should probably make sure he’s doing it properly.”

Anakin's cock jumped at that notion, growing again to partially erect.

Masdi noted it, and then finished by adding, "We'll need to collect two weeks' worth of samples.”

“But Mom,” Anakin spoke up. “I’m supposed to return to the Academy tomorrow!”

“Oh that’s right,” Leia added. “I’m supposed to take him.”

“Well, if you're the one taking him, it shouldn't be a problem to delay the flight for two weeks. It’s vitally important that we ensure his levels are stabilized, especially if he’s going to be subjected to intense Jedi training at the same time he’s suffering from this build-up,” Doctor Masdi countered. “I can send a comm to Mistress Cilghal on Yavin with a medical referral for his delayed attendance. I’ll let her know I will forward the results of my study and measurements. Actually, it may be a good idea for me to ask her to continue to ensure Anakin evacuates his semen regularly at the Academy, as well.”

Leia simply nodded, but Anakin had to try hard not to bury his face in the palms of his hand. Cilghal was the Jedi Chief Healer at the Praxeum. Anakin didn't know what was worse – that he now wouldn't be able to return there for two weeks, and would instead have to jerk off into cups for his mom; or that when he did finally get to escape to Yavin, Mistress Cilghal would know all the details of this excruciating exam, and require him to keep up his embarrassing ‘assignment.’

“Any other questions?" Doctor Masdi asked. When there were none, the doctor said her goodbyes, and left the mother and son alone in the room to collect themselves.

Anakin sat on the examination table for a moment, collecting his thoughts.  Leia walked over to him, putting one hand on his back and while she let the other come to rest on his cock, rubbing it gently back and forth.
“I’m sorry about this, sweetheart.  I know this will be… awkward for you, but just look forward to returning to the Academy in a couple weeks, healthier than ever!”

Anakin gulped, looking down at his mother’s hand on his erect penis.  His mother saw his uneasy expression and followed his eyeline to discover her mistake.

“Oh, I'm sorry!  It’s so big, I thought it was your leg,” she said with a red face, though she only removed her hand after she finished speaking.

Anakin redressed himself and he and his mother left the room shortly after the doctor had exited.  Leia was given instructions and containers for collecting Anakin's semen and the pair left in their automated speeder.  The ride back to their apartment in Orowood Tower was long and awkward, Anakin still fuming over both the exam and the delay in returning to Yavin.  Finally Leia broke the silence.

"I had no idea it was so big."

Anakin choked a little and didn't respond.  Leia realized how uncomfortable her comment had made him and tried to ease his nerves.

"I mean, I'm sorry it's so big.  If it's uncomfortable… or difficult to deal with."

"Mom…" Anakin groaned.

"If you need anyone to talk too, I'm here for you.  You know that."

"Okay, Mom," he said, in a tone that made it clear he absolutely didn't need to talk about it with her.

A few minutes passed.

"You're very lucky, you know.  I've never seen one so big."  Leia lied a little there; she had seen one on a Wookiee that was larger, but she didn't need to tell Anakin about that.

"Oh…" Anakin was feeling uncomfortable again. Sensing it, Leia tried to change her approach again.

“Well, just look at it this way,” she said, in a deliberately lighthearted, joking tone. “At least you didn't get ‘butt-raped’ like you worried about.”

“Well…” Anakin trailed off, thinking about his mother’s ravenous butt licking.  He squirmed in his seat. 

“Now don’t complain.  I probably saved you from her probe.  I’m sure you’d rather have Mommy’s tongue up your butt than Masdi’s durasteel rod,” Leia noted.

Anakin felt his cock stir at his mother’s words.  Just hours ago he had never thought of something like that even happening, but now after having his mother do it… well, maybe he'd try it again.  He looked at her and said plainly, “Thanks, Mom.”

Despite a bit of playful banter, Leia could tell her son was down about what awaited him.  .  She decided to continue the lighthearted approach. It often worked with Han, and given how testy Anakin had been the last few days, she had felt somewhat like she was dealing with a young Han right now.

“Ani, it’s not like you're being sent to a prison world.” Leia shook her head. “Doctor Masdi is a beautiful woman, and she touched you in a way most boys your age would kill for. And all you have to do is just play with yourself like you do usually. Your dad’s gone, so you can even rummage through his stack of pornvids if you want. You might like Tatooine Temptress. You can pretend it’s Tahiri, and give your cock the workout you won't get from her.”

“Mom, jeeze!” Mom had made it clear that she wasn't a big fan of the Tatooine-born Tahiri in the past, but her none-too-subtle condemnation of his romantic choice wasn't what prompted Anakin’s outburst. Instead, it was a visceral reaction to hearing her say the vulgar word ‘cock.’ No clinical phrasing, no euphemisms, just the straight-up street term.

It turned him on, really, to hear her talk like one of the holo-tramps he jerked off to now and again. He could feel his erection returning – and with it, his Force-link betrayed a wave of attraction coming from his mother in response. Anakin quickly moved his hands over his crotch, studiously pretending to look out at Galactic City through the speeder’s windows.

Leia, in turn, blushed and looked away, not aware until Anakin repositioned his hands that her eyes had naturally gravitated to the point of his anatomy in question when she had said that forbidden word: ‘cock.’ It wasn't like her, at least out of the bedroom – or whichever room she chose to have sex in. She was still an Alderaanian princess, after all, even if she was more the whore between the sheets. Saying something like that out loud – and to her precious younger son, no less...  I have to remember, she made herself promise, even if he’s acting like young Han, he’s still just Ani...

The rest of the ride passed in that awkward silence, Leia deciding that to try and break the ice after that would be counter-productive. As soon as the speeder docked at their penthouse’s balcony, Anakin jumped off, running to his room where he could finally be alone after the mortifying events of the afternoon. Leia shook her head as she watched him go, then stepped into the apartment herself, heading for the refresher to drop off the collection supplies from the doctor’s office.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Leia gave Minan the rest of the evening off, so as to spare Anakin the embarrassment of having to deal with another personal at the moment. After brief consideration, she extended the maid’s leave to the rest of the two weeks, so Anakin wouldn’t have to face her during his period of enforced home stay, and so Minan could finally take the vacation to visit her clan on Saleucami, a trip she had been hoping to take for a few months.

For his part, Anakin tried his best to avoid his mother by sticking mostly to his room and studying his notes on lightsabers, something he was looking forward to building for himself during the upcoming Academy semester…even if that would now be two weeks later than it originally was going to be.

Leia, meanwhile, felt conflicted and guilty.  Her son was gifted with the most astonishing penis she had ever seen off of a Wookiee, and she felt irresistibly attracted to it.  She worried that Anakin had picked up on this; he had always been particularly empathetic, even without his considerable Force talents.  Leia sensed she held a special bond with her youngest child, but she was unable to leverage it through the Force or to gain any additional insight into her pubescent boy.  The forty-two year old Chief of State did her best to contain herself when Anakin's giant schlong had been unveiled before her, but she was certain her feelings betrayed her.  She had an uncontrollable reaction to cocks, particularly large ones, and this had sometimes gotten her into trouble.

It seemed strangely appropriate then that one of her sons be gifted in such a way, as if the Force was taunting her for all her debauchery throughout her life.  Regardless of her shameful sexual attraction, she resolved to comfort her youngest child and make sure he didn't feel alienated or uncomfortable about his condition.

Today had gone badly, and that was partially her fault.  Her cold demeanor, the Ice Princess as she was one referred too, had only made things more difficult for her child and seemed to contribute to his apparent sense of shame.  It was up to her to make sure Anakin could appreciate the gift he had, and understand just how lucky he was.

Leia had noticed that the boy seemed to be attracted to her as well, something he shared with his older brother – not to mention, men throughout the galaxy.  If she were more open with herself, her body and sexuality might invite Anakin to open himself up, let them bond, and help him come to terms with his freakishly huge cock.

By now it was getting close to bedtime and Leia had to make sure Anakin produced a sample.  Before heading to bed she collected a sample container from the package of supplies the doctor had given her and headed for Anakin's room.

Standing outside his room, dressed in a tight, sleeveless white gown similar in design to an outfit she wore during the award ceremony after the Battle of Yavin so many years ago.  Her hair even matched, though her physique was quite different.  Leia pressed the doorbell and waited for a response.  A moment later, Anakin opened the sliding door.  He was still rather short, even under his mother's below-average height, and upon opening the door he was greeted with her large bust at eye level.  Leia noticed his expression and widened eyes as he took in the sight of her large breasts.

"Hi Ani…" Leia said after a beat, amused by his gawking.  The boy looked up at her and shook his head slightly.  "I'm here to give you the first sample container.  You should fill it tonight and drop it off for me in the morning."

"Aww, Mom…" Anakin grumbled. 

"I know this is uncomfortable for you, honey.  But it's completely natural.  All boys jerk off at your age."
Anakin gulped, and felt his cock twitch.

Leia continued, “I know it’s been a rough day for you and a bit overwhelming.  So I thought I’d give you a little bit of a reward, or maybe just a pick me up for your spirits.  How does that sound?”

Anakin wasn't sure what to expect.  After today he wasn't sure of anything.  “Uh, all right.”

“I've noticed how you've been eyeing my chest all day.  Which isn't unusual.  Everyone does it, though you seem a more… enamored than others,” Leia said, putting her hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry, Mom, I…” Anakin started defensively.

“No, it’s all right, sweetie.  I understand.”  Leia put a hand on her son’s shoulder, “In fact, I kind of like it.  It’s nice knowing that they aren't too big.”

“How did they-” Anakin started to ask, but Leia put a hand over his mouth.

“Now hush.”  She pulled away and then wrapped her fingers inside the low cut top and started to pull down. 

Anakin’s eyes grew as his mother’s hands dropped.  She pulled down for what seemed like a life time and then finally with pop and a bounce and her huge melons were free.  His mouth was hanging open in wonder as he stared at them.  Perfectly round nipples, a bit puffy and erect and they were so… perky, but not bolted on to her chest like a pair of inflatables.

“Go ahead, Ani,” Leia said. “You can touch them.”

The thirteen year old swallowed and lifted his hands, flanking either breast and then moved them closer.  He touched her soft, smooth skin and let out a sigh of relief.  He pressed them together and moved his fingers about, groping her flesh.

“Oh Mom, they're awesome.”

Leia was biting her lip, clearly turned on.  “I’m glad you think so.”

Anakin had moved in closer and closer, his face just a few centimeters away.  Leia could tell what was on his mind.  “Why don’t you try licking them?”

Her son looked up at her and then back at her nipples and then shoved his face against them.  Leia was a bit surprised at his lack of grace.  His mouth was open and his tongue was flicking about.  He closed his lips around one puffy nub and sucked and sucked.  Leia felt his teeth gently biting it and then stop before he flicked his tongue again.  He swapped back and forth.  The boy knew a thing or two about this.

Leia pushed her boy back, fearing he was about to lose control of himself.  “All right Ani, that’s enough.”

He gulped, his hair disheveled and nodded.  His mother looked him over and saw the large tent in his pants.  Of course.  She thought to herself and knelt before her boy.  Anakin’s mind seemed to stop dead at that moment.

Leia tugged down her son’s pants, his cock dangling, erect to past his knees.  Such an enormous cock on my little boy.

The Chief of State put one hand under the dick and brought it closer to her, the tip, dripping with cum rubbed along his cleavage before disappearing inside all together.  She sniffed the shaft as it came close to her face.

“Looks like you're ready to pop,” she said to her boy, looking up at him.

“Do you want to help me, Mom?” Anakin asked in a shaky voice.

Leia looked at his long shaft, her mouth opened on its own and she had felt she had to taste it.  Sticking out her tongue, she gave a loving lick of firm, veiny surface.

Anakin put his hand on his mother’s head to encourage her. “Yeah Mom, that feels so good.”

Leia did it again, wetting the shaft further.  Oh he tastes delicious! she thought, before spitting on his cock.
Pulling away slightly, the mother uprighted her son’s dick, laying it across her breasts before putting either hand under each of her huge melons.  She looked up at Ani, smiled and said, “I bet you've been dreaming about this.”

She pulled apart her tits and Anakin’s dick fell into the valley between before she closed them again around his cock.  Leia moved her breasts up and down, her son’s huge cock sliding between them, disappearing inside the cavern created by her huge pillows of flesh and then emerging into Leia’s face.  After a few times, the sight of a big cock emerging from between her breasts was more enticing than she could handle and she began to flick her tongue over the engorged puffy head.

“Oh Mommy, that feels amazing!” Anakin moaned.  Leia halted her tit-fucking and flicked her tongue rapidly around the end of her boy’s dick.

“Got to make sure we get a good sample, right Ani?”  Leia said as she resumed pumping her tits over her son’s cock.

“Yeah, get a good sample.”  Anakin said agreeably.

Leia suddenly let go of her breasts and pulled her son in tight, boobs mashed against his thighs.  The horny mother aimed his dick right for her open mouth and shoved it inside.

Anakin gasped and immediately started to cum.  Leia went wide-eyed. This wasn't what she had intended exactly.  My son is cumming in my mouth!  What have I done?!

The boy splurt a fat load into the back of her gullet and Leia quickly swallowed, her throat working on autopilot.  Oh his jizz is delicious! she thought, and then scolded herself. Damn it Leia, he’s your son!
Another load blasted into her mouth and she again was flooded with conflicting emotions.  Her lust won out and she forced her boy’s dick further into her mouth and then into her throat.

Anakin couldn't believe the sight of his mother’s face descending down his cock, his huge shaft disappearing between her lips as she hungrily ate up his dick.

“Oh Mom, that’s amazing!” he commented.

Leia’s lips eventually kissed the base of his cock, all forty centimeters down her throat.  I knew I could take this dick!

Anakin had finished cumming as his mother swallowed his cock but the feeling was still incredible.

With a long slurping sound, his mother pulled off his slightly softened dick.  It emerged from her throat sicking with saliva.

“That was so wizard, Mom.  Wow!” Anakin said, unable to convey how great that felt.
Leia wiped her mouth and quickly pulled her top over her tits.  She stood and handed him a plastex container.  “Be sure to fill this up for me by morning. Well, I'll leave you be," Leia finished. "Good night, Ani."

His mother abruptly marched off.  Anakin was left confused.  He guessed she regretted what she had just done.  Damn it!  Anakin cursed to himself, I must have done something wrong...

Anakin took the container and shut the door.  He looked at the container.  How was he supposed to fill this after his mother just emptied his balls down her throat?  Anakin walked over to his large bed and sat down on it, looking at the container.

Anakin considered what he could do to get his bone up again so soon.  His mind quickly returned to thoughts of his mother.  She was probably going to rub one out after that performance.  She must be horny.  The thirteen year old  headed for the door.  He walked down the hallway, heading toward the wing of the apartment where his parents’ room was. 

He arrived at his mother’s refresher room.  She wasn't using it, though no doubt she would soon before heading to bed.  And either way, her room was on the other side of the wall.  He'd be able to sense her through the force.

Anakin entered the large and well furnished room.  There were two separate sinks, a bench, a shelf with reading material and two large hydroshowers on the far wall.  Upon entering the refresher, Anakin rummaged through a cabinet in between the two sinks, finding a bottle of eukamint oil used for Minan’s physical therapy and massaging of his mother.  He took a seat on a bench against a wall and removed his pants entirely, tossing them into the corner.  Uncapping the bottle, Anakin poured a generous amount into his hand, and then in turn carefully rubbed it into his cock.  He was flaccid, less than thirty centimeters at the moment, and he couldn't muster the enthusiasm to get aroused.

As if on cue, he felt a moan through the Force, and immediately knew it was his mother.  She was herself masturbating; he knew that familiar sensation of her building orgasm.  With him much closer than usual to her, he felt it all the more potently.

Anakin's cock started to twitch and grow and he gripped it in his right hand, slowly rubbing it up and down as he felt his mother's thoughts.  He stretched out and could see inside her mind, see her touching her body, one hand to her face, holding something there, a small piece of fabric or a sheet, the other working a thick synthflesh dildo into her well-used pussy.  Her huge breasts jiggled and bounced as she plunged the thick dildo in and out of her snatch.  She was swearing and talking dirty to herself.

When Anakin had first discovered this ability, he shunned it and tried to hide from his mother's thoughts.  But his empathy slowly changed his mind.  He couldn't help but share in her arousal and lust.  And in time he enjoyed listening in on his mother's masturbation.  He wondered if he always was prone to this taboo, or if his Force ability made him this way by forcing the emotion onto him.  It didn't matter now, especially at the moment, with him working his ridged cock in his right hand.

"Oh, Ani, fuck me, baby!"

Anakin's eyes shot open in shock.  His mother just said that – and not merely in her mind, but out loud.  She was fantasizing about him fucking her.  Anakin's heart pounded and he froze in place, as if moving a single muscle would reveal himself to her.  Not just about his dick in general, or about sucking him off.  But her son fucking her.

In her bedroom, Leia slowed her plunging hand that held the dildo.  She inhaled again from the sheet of flimsiplast she had hid away in her pocket, the one she used to wipe away the stream of precum from her son’s cock in the exam room.  His scent, imbued into the fabric of the towel, was making the experience all the more real, completing with the dildo her mental fantasy.

No… She stopped herself. This was wrong. She couldn't keep this up.  She couldn't think about her son this way.  She had already gone way too far with that impromptu blowjob outside his bedroom.  She wished she had never seen that glorious cock on him and could simply fantasize about Wookiees gangbanging her instead, like usual.  But she hadn't had a ror’tukor in ages, nor had any sex of any kind in months, much less from someone with a giant cock the size of Anakin's.  The temptation was there, regardless of how wrong it was, and that was enough to turn her on.

The Chief of State sighed.  Time for a cold hydroshower.

Anakin started to relax, as the onslaught of pornographic images from his mother's thoughts ceased.  She hadn't orgasmed; instead, she simply stopped.  Maybe it had all been in his own head; maybe he hadn’t heard anything at all.  He sighed, got up from his seat and walked over to his pants and pulled them on, his cock still oily and semi-erect.  The sample could wait a day, he decided.

Just as he turned to the door it slid open.

"Ani!" Leia yelped.

"Mom!" Ani returned, sharing her shock.  His eyes danced over her body in a flurry.  She was wearing a thin translucent blue nightgown which clung to her body and barely covered it.  It was very short, coming down just to the top of her thighs and only barely covering her giant breasts – which were absurdly round and full in shape, despite their size.  Must be enhanced, Anakin thought.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, annoyed and confused.

"I… I was just…" He gulped. "I was going to make a sample…"

"Ani, you have your own room, and your own refresher."  Leia placed a hand on her side, the motion pulling up her nightgown slightly to very nearly reveal some of her crotch, which was barely hidden by her wispy purple panties.

Anakin took a deep breath. He was flustered and turned on and didn't know what to do.

Leia noticed his straining cock inside his pants, and how the bulge seemed to be growing larger.  He was getting more turned on by looking at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry… I'm not dressed very properly right now," Leia said in embarrassment, clutching her arms to her chest.  Her breasts shifted and pressed outward, highlighting their size and weight. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the septsilk fabric.

"No… it's okay, Mom," Anakin said quietly, seemingly entranced by what he was witnessing.

Leia felt herself becoming hotter.  The sight of his massive cock straining inside his pants, ready to burst out was too much for her.

"Were you able to get a sample?" She asked.

"Umm… no.  Not yet," Anakin responded, rubbing his aching crotch.  "I wasn't able to finish."

"Why… why don’t you finish now?" Leia suggested on an impulse, her heartbeat quickening.  She almost told him to return to his room, but her body was craving a sexual release and her lust was overriding her better judgment.

"I… I…" Anakin swallowed and shook his head.  The moment of indecision came…and then he fell over its precipice. He looked down at himself, untied his pants, and pulled out his cock.

Leia's heart was racing now; she was gazing upon this monster again.  He wasn't fully erect, but almost there.
"What's the problem?  Did I wear you out before?" Leia asked.  She swallowed. “You know, I shouldn’t have done that… it’s wrong for a mother to…”  She trailed off, eyes locked onto her son’s cock.  A moment passed in silence as Anakin started to stroke his cock, his eyes slowly wandering over Leia's body.   "I bet your arm gets tired jerking that big cock of yours," Leia finally asked, her attitude shifting.

Leia witnessed a jump in Anakin's penis, and it grew several more centimeters.  She could help him now, but more than that, she could help them bond and make Anakin more comfortable with his body.

Leia walked over to the bench by the wall and sat down.  "Why don't you let Mommy help you with your prick, Ani," she calmly suggested.  Anakin stepped over to her, his cock level with her face, hanging before her in the air, just a few centimeters away.  Her breath ran over the tip of it.  She opened her mouth and looked up at Anakin.

"We’ve got to collect a sample, honey.  So we can’t do that again.  Take a seat," Leia said.  And for once, Anakin did as he was told.

Leia sat close to her son, pressing her body against his, her breasts against his arm and on his shoulder.  She placed one hand on his thigh.

"Your cock looks so hard."

"Oh Mom…" Anakin moaned.

"Do you want me to jerk it off for you?"

"Yeah Mom, jerk it off."  Anakin's mind was a flurry of confusion and desire.  This was escalating so quickly and so easily.  He couldn't stop it if he tried.

Leia didn't hesitate and reached over with her left hand and gripped his oily rod.  "Oh, it's warm," she commented, as her hand slowly moved from the center of the shaft upward.

"Your dick is so big, honey.  So long."  She looked back and forth between the cock and her son’s face.  Anakin felt strangely detached as he witnessed this; his mother's hand on his cock, her barely-covered body, her breasts pressed against his shoulder.

"Your hand feels so good, Mom."

"So does your cock, Ani."  Leia commented as he squeezed slightly on his shaft and made eye contact.  "It feels so good."

Anakin moaned and put his head back. “Kark!” he uttered, and tried to overcome his dizziness.

Leia moved her hand down to the base of his cock, her fingers trailing over his huge testicles.  "These balls are huge.  I bet they're already full of nice thick cum again."

Anakin moaned again, his mother's finger tickling his fat orbs.  He couldn't believe her was hearing her talk this way.  She really was a slut, and she knew every way to turn a man on. Argile and Lemmie would never believe it.

Leia kept her left hand on his balls, cupping either and rubbing them about while her right hand took up stroking his shaft.  "Do you like it when Mommy jerks you off,  honey?"

"Yeah Mom, you're so good at this."

"It's my pleasure.  I gotta take care of my baby boy’s huge cock."

Leia’s right hand moved faster along his shaft, her grip squeezing at the thick organ.  Leia felt incredibly tempted to pull the cock toward her mouth and envelope the tip with her lips again.

"Oh Mom, suck my dick," Anakin pleaded, in response to her mental imagery.

"Now Ani, mommies shouldn't suck their son’s cock,"  Leia said, as much to herself as her son.

"No, Mom, suck on it!" Anakin barked, his breathing hard and fast. He was ready to burst and he wanted nothing more to do it in his mother's mouth.

"Now, Ani, don’t talk to your mother that way.  Or else you'll be jacking off your cock by yourself from now on!" Leia said harshly.

It didn't matter to Anakin  as a thick fountain of cum erupted from his penis, spraying a load over a meter into the air.  Leia aimed the cock away from Anakin and across her lap.  She held out a hand to catch a few dollops of cum as they flew through the air.  Leia played with the sticky jizz dangling between her fingers.  Her other hand still at work on his shaft as the copious shots of spunk subsided.  "Wow, honey, that was so much cum."

Anakin groaned, his body wracked by the experience. He had come so close to getting her plump lips wrapped around his shaft again – but maybe next time.  He could tell his mother wanted it nearly as much as he did.  He just had to bide his time.

Leia pulled her hand away from his cock, both her hands were covered in spunk.

“Ani, could you fetch me a sample container?”  She asked and her son got up and fetched one and popped it open.  His mother wiped off as much from her fingers as she could and then noticed a long strand dangling from her boy’s cock.

“Oh now hold it there,” she said and reached for his cock again.  Taking the container from Anakin she squeezed out the last bit of jizz from his prick into the container and then set it on the bench beside her.

“You did well tonight, honey.” Leia said to Anakin, looking up at his, her hand still on his cock.  She looked down at it and saw a bit of jizz she missed.  She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the dash of cum on her son’s cockhead.  He shuddered in response.

“Uh, thanks mom.”

Leia let go of his prick and Anakin stepped away and shook his head.  He was exhausted.  “I gotta go to bed, Mom." He moved for the door.  "Good night!" he said with a wave, though nearly slipped on some of his own semen on the floor.

"Oh, be careful, honey!" Leia called out as he righted himself and exited out the door. With Minan the maid gone for the two weeks, she’d have to activate the housekeeping droid to clean up the mess.

Leia sighed, feeling herself come down from her lustful high.  Today ranked up there with her naughtiest, most perverted days of being a mother.  She held up her right hand.I It still had the scent of her son’s semen.  A shiver went down her spine. Deciding she deserved her own big finish, Leia leaned back against the wall and reached between her legs with her left hand, pulling aside her lace thong panties and starting to go to work on her wet pussy.  She built herself up quickly as she sniffed the smell of  cum from her other hand and fingers.  "Oh Ani, your cum is so delicious," she moaned aloud.

Leia guessed that Anakin might have been outside the refresher and could have heard her.  She had crossed the line a while ago, and knew by now there was no going back.  At this moment she could either hide from the truth of what she did…or indulge in it. 

Right now, she felt like indulging in it.

Anakin was already hard again as he heard his mom call out his name once more from beyond the closed the door.  This is going to be a very interesting two weeks, he decided.

End of Part 1