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Leia's Motherly Touch: Fooling Around The Falcon

Leia’s Motherly Touch
Fooling Around The Falcon

by Pyro

Anakin slumped lower in his chair; his knees now level with his head as his feet rested on the control console of the Millennium Falcon.  The thirteen-year-old let out a long sigh, staring out the front windows of the cockpit, beyond the hanger where the ship was parked, through the invisible shield and into the vacuum of space.  He watched ships pass by, coming into dock at other bays on the station. This was boring.  They had been here, a pit stop on some space station of which he couldn't remember the name of, for over a day.  Anakin wasn’t thrilled to be on this trip to begin with.  After finishing his two weeks of "sample collecting", which evolved into a series of events which were more erotic than he could have ever imagined, and involving his very own mother, he had been planning his return to the academy.  Something he, surprisingly, wasn't looking forward to any longer.  Anakin had grown very fond of his time with his ultra-busty, and rather slutty, mother.  Particularly after she had let him penetrate her ass with his huge cock.  The hottest ass in the galaxy was the one he got to lose his virginity to.

However, just the following day after that fateful evening, Leia became very cold and distant toward her son.  The immediate arrival of his father that evening only compounded things.  Indeed, Anakin's mother acted as if nothing had happened between them at all, quickly rebuffing any further advances he made.  Anakin was beginning to wonder if he'd ever get his erect cock on, or in, that body again.  Now just two days after fucking his mother's asshole raw, he was here, alone and horny in the cockpit of the Falcon, his mother still detached and avoiding him, and his father was, well, he was Han Solo.


Leia was squatting; her feet splayed at uneven angles as she held herself over a small opening in the hull of her husband's ship, the perennially broken Millennium Falcon.  Han, beginning to show his age, was rummaging slowly through a large box of tools about a meter away while she grew ever more frustrated.

"Why don't we just buy a new shield projector?" Leia asked not for the first time.

"Because we can fix this one.  And never buy from a station merchant, it's called space-way robbery for a reason, sweetheart."  Han said roughly, not bothering to look up at his wife.

Leia didn’t like it when he talked down to her like this.  After well more than a decade of marriage she still felt a bit of resentment from Han concerning her upper-class upbringing.  That coupled with a more recent distancing between them hadn’t made their relationship very rewarding as of late.  It seemed a rare thing for her husband to even look at her.

"It's been over a day, Han." Leia said calmly.  Han didn’t respond, waving off her concerns in silence.

Leia rolled her eyes and wondered where her son was.  Probably still sulking, she imagined.  After she had so selfishly given into lust in such a wanton way she had a bit of clarity.  Perhaps it was the force, perhaps just motherly instincts, either way she realized she needed to stop, cold gornt as they say.  Anakin hadn't appreciated that.  Though this didn't change her own desires much, she still felt a tingling inside her, a hunger for his incredibly long and thick cock.  A dick that went so well with her own abnormally large breasts.  She rarely had the chance to properly tit-fuck anyone besides a wookiee these past few years and oh did she love the feeling of a big dick between her huge melons…

"Leia?  Leia!" Han’s voice called out.

"Huh?  Oh, sorry, Han.  What was it?"  She shook her head, coming out of her brief, forbidden fantasy and looked to husband as he knelt beside his folded open box of instruments.

"Is it five eighths or three quarters?" he asked, motioning toward the opening beneath her.

Leia looked down between her legs, unable to peek over her massive breasts.  She stepped back from the opening and knelt down, her tits mashing against the surface of the ship and displacing outward, cushioning her torso like two safety bags.  She looked into the opening.  "Three quarters."

Han shook his head disapprovingly.  He hadn't been as thrilled with Leia's "enhancements" over the years as others had been.  At first he found them amusing but grew jealous of all the extra attention she had garnered because of it.  Leia deflected and said they helped her political career and earned the support of new voting blocks.  Han grumbled at this as well. 

In recent months Leia had observed her daughter Jaina was beginning to develop a lovely set of breasts as well, filling out her form nicely and contrasting with her tom-boyish attitude.  Han had been making more frequent trips to the Academy lately, Leia had noted with interest.

The busty forty-something sat up again, arching her back to keep her chest supported.  The two giant orbs nearly reached her lap.  She wore a tight top, sleeveless and beige in color with brown pants and knee high black leather boots.  Her hair was back in two round circular buns, a reference to a hairstyle from her youth.

Han fished out a spanner from the toolbox beside him and handed it to his wife.  Leia leaned forward to grab it but her pre-occupied husband loosened his grip too soon and the metalic tool dropped onto the sloped edge of the Falcon’s hull and quickly clanked it's way off and over the side to the cold durasteel floor of the hanger.

Leia grumbled and Han swore in huttense as he started to get to his feet to climb down.

"Wait, let Anakin get it.  It's about time he helped out a little."  Leia said.

Han nodded and rubbed his chin and as he considered what else he had to fix.

"Ani!  Ani!"  Leia called out.  A few seconds later she could hear her son’s footfalls clanking down the descended boarding ramp of the ship.

"What?"  Anakin responded with resentment as he stepped off the ramp and out past the edge of the ship, looking over to where his mother and father were at work.

"Ani, could you bring up that spanner that fell?"  Leia asked. 

Anakin looked over to the ground below where they stood on the Falcon and could see the tool in question lying on the ground. 

“Why can’t you get it?”  He grumbled. 

“Anakin, do it!”  Han snapped loudly.  The older man huffed and looked at his wife.  “He always give you this attitude?” He added more quietly.

“Only lately.”  Leia said with a shake of her head.

“You want me to talk to him?”  Han asked.

“No, it’ll be all right.  He’s a teenager.  He’s supposed to act this way.”  Leia said with a slight shrug.

“He’s supposed to treat you with respect.”

“Don’t worry about it.”  Leia put up a hand to ease Han’s frayed nerves.  She didn’t want him taking out his frustrations on Anakin; especially with the secrets that boy was keeping now.  “I’ll get him to listen to me.”

Beneath the ship Anakin had walked over and picked up the fallen spanner, quietly fuming at being yelled at by his father.  He looked about and noted a ladder at the rear of the ship.  He headed toward it and climbed up.  Atop the ship Anakin saw his father kneeling on the ground, hunched over with his head inside an opening in the hull about a half-meter wide.  A shorter distance away, and a much more pleasurable sight, he spotted his mother waiting for him.

By the force she looks good today, that stuck up bitch, Anakin thought as he took in the sight of her body in her tight outfit.  He felt his cock twitch and grow inside his pants.  He didn’t try to hide it and in fact liked to flaunt his boners in front of his mother.  In the past she had been obliged to suck him off, but now he did it to try and tempt her, or at least taunt her.

Anakin saw his mother's eyes dart over his bulge, which extended down the left leg of his pants to his knee.  She still wanted it, he said to himself with a faint smile. 

Leia’s eyes traced the outline of her son’s cock, clouding her judgment.  “Give me your tool, Ani,” she instructed and then rolled her eyes at her foolish statement.

Anakin smiled and looked over to his dad who was still staring into the opening in the hull.  Anakin stepped closer to his mother and she looked at his bulge again and the spanner in his right hand.

"Here” he said rudely, and stuffed the metal instrument into the front of his pants.

Leia glared at him and said, “Hand it to me.”

Anakin started to untie his pants, threating to take out his penis.  Leia stepped over to him and quickly reached inside, fingers brushing over his cock before finding the spanner.  She tugged it out.  She glared at him again and leaned back.

Anakin wasn’t deterred and looked over the expanse of his mother’s boobs in deliberate detail so she'd know what he was doing.  She sniffed in disapproval and turned around.

Anakin licked his lips as he checked out her ass in her taut pants.  It was perky and plump and all he could think about was what it felt like to his cock up inside her.

"Here Han."  Leia said as she squatted near her husband at the opening in the ship and leaned forward.  She put the spanner by the opening so her husband could reach it.  Leia looked over her shoulder at Anakin, his eyes were locked onto her butt, as she expected.

"Honey, take a look at this, will you,” Han said.  “Does this look like a burn-out or just rusted?"  He asked, still half buried inside the opening.

Leia leaned forward more, lifting up her rear-end as she peering inside, though her massive chest kept her front end far more elevated than otherwise.  Anakin gulped as his mom's ass rose before him, jutting out suggestively as she arched her back downward to accentuate her rear even more.  He stepped forward, nearly touching his crotch to her backside.

"I’d say a burn out."  Leia said to her husband and then pushed back slightly.  She felt her butt land against something and looked over her shoulder at her son standing there.  She could feel his warm dick through the fabric of his pants.  Leia bit her lip; the sensation of his cock growing fatter against her butt was a troubling one.  Ani was staring down at her rip ass-melons, his eyes betraying a hunger.  Leia wiggled her rear slightly, rubbing herself back and forth gently, finding the apex of the bump in his pants, running the thick tube of his fuck-meat between the defined butt crack in her skintight pants.

"You sure?" Han asked and Leia looked back down into the opening as her husband reached for something inside.

Anakin was hard at this point, it felt like his thick cock could rip apart his pants at any moment and Leia was certainly contributing to the problem as she gyrated her ass up and down along his shaft.  What a tease!  Anakin cursed inwardly.  But she won't let me get my dick anywhere near her when I want it.  She must be angry at Dad or something.

Leia was barely registering what her husband was saying at this point.  She was enjoying the feeling of a fat cock rubbing along her butt crack instead.  Leia peeked over her shoulder again at her son, making eye contact as her butt slid up and down against him.  Anakin lifted his hands to grab onto her ass but Leia shook her head ‘no’.  Now, now, Ani.  Don't be greedy.  Leia said to herself.  You're lucky I'm giving you this little.  You should take what you can get and go beat off on your own like a normal boy.

Anakin lowered his hands, keeping himself in check, despite his raging hard-on.

Han pulled back out of the hole and Leia sat upright in time.  Anakin was careful to stay behind his mom to keep his erect slab of dick hidden from view from his father.  He didn't want that awkward moment.

Han wiped his brow and reached behind him for another instrument and then leaned back into the opening.

Anakin looked down at his mom as she turned to him, her gaze distracted by the painful looking bulge in his pants.  Anakin stepped forward to shove his long, vertical rod closer to his mom's face. 

"Mom, can you help me with this?  It's stuck."  Anakin said obscurely.

Leia looked up at him and shook her head.  Ani looked over at his busy dad, then back to his mom and reached for his waist as he started to unbutton his pants.

"No Ani, I think you can take care of that yourself."  Leia responded coolly, her eyes showed frustration with Anakin's games.

"Alright…" Ani said and started to open his pants.

Leia quickly puts her hands over Ani's to stop him, her fingers feeling the pressure of his dick underneath.  Anakin pulled away but Leia lingered.  Her painted nails scratched at the taut surface of his clothing and the hot flesh hidden inside.  Her hands moved slowly, and then downward, trailing over the protuberance that ran down his leg.

Leia noted a wet spot at his knee, where his cock ended and the precum stained his pants.

Anakin couldn't take out his whole cock, not with Han right there, but instead he opened his pants and reached inside, feeling around for his two big testicles and then shoved them out into the open.  Leia gasped at his boldness and quickly turned toward her husband to make sure he wasn't watching.

Han was still fully distracted with his work, non-the-wiser to his son’s misdeeds.  Leia turned back to Ani’s crotch; her mouth still agape as she gazed upon his enormous fist sized testicles.  Anakin thrust forward and rubbed both his balls over her face without any hesitation.  Leia didn't recoil.  She turned her face into his sack and let her son continue.  Oh Ani, you bad boy!  Leia thought to herself.  Your fat balls all over my face!  And with Han right here.  You're so naughty!

Opening her mouth wider, the mother of three didn't fight it when one of Ani's testis found it's way between her lips.  The circumference was wide enough that it had always been a struggle to get an entire orb inside her mouth, but she had done it before.  Ani put both his hands on the back of Leia's head and forced her onto his testicle, popping it inside.  Leia's eyes went wide in surprise and then narrowed as she gave in to the delicious taste.

Oh, Ani's fat balls are so good…  Leia mused as she swirled her tongue around and around on her son's testi.  Why am I cursed with such a burden as a son with an irresistible dick!  She wondered as her son continued to shove her face into his sweaty sack.

Just then Han popped out of the opening in the ship.  Anakin dropped his hands from his mother's head and Leia quickly grabbed hold of her boy's other hanging testicle, cupping the sphere in her palm.  The angle was just right to keep their actions hidden, if only for a moment.

Han sat up, reached over to grab a tool and then leaned back in.  "It's always the hydro-spanner," he grumbled.

Leia didn't want to risk it again and pulled her face off her son's ball and wiped her chin.  Anakin wanted to rub his sack all over her face, but that would leave it a wet mess that would be hard to explain to his father.

Anakin put away his testicles just as his father sat up again from his work.  Han sighed and said, "Alright, I need someone to go under the ship and try the kick-starter while I'm adjusting the manifold."

"I'll go do it," Anakin said with surprising enthusiasm.  "Mom, why don't you show me where it is."  He quickly added.

Leia looked to Han who didn't object, he was already refocused back on the gapping hole in the ship before him.

"Um, alright."  Leia agreed and Anakin quickly headed for the ladder at the back of the ship.  Leia followed him, though not without Anakin looking up at her descending ass the entire way down the ladder.

As soon as Leia set foot on the ground she felt her son's hand wrap around her, grabbing on to her breasts from behind as he pressed his erection into her backside.

"Ani!  Control yourself!"  She said, keeping her intensity hushed so Han wouldn't hear.

"Mom, I can't wait any longer.  I want your ass so bad!"  Anakin whimpered.

"Ani!"  Leia repeated, harsher now.  She turned to look at her son who looked woebegone and sad.  "You mustn't behave this way."  She felt bad for him, and partially blamed herself but knew she must act the disciplinarian if her boy were ever to get control of his urges.

"You're just…" Anakin said softly, "So pretty."

Leia smiled at the sweet compliment and then pulled her son into a hug.  Anakin felt like he was entering the gates of heaven every time those giant tits wrapped around him.  "That's kind of you, Ani."  She pulled away slightly and looked down at his face and held her gaze for a moment too long.  My little boy is growing up, and his dick along with him.  She leaned down and kissed him on the mouth.

Anakin's eyes shot open.  He had never kissed his mother before, not on the mouth.  Not even after all they had done together.  This was… exciting!  He held her tight and kept the kiss going.  The thirteen-year-old had only limited experience with this in the past but already he could tell Leia was well practiced at it.  He felt his cock getting even harder than before and likewise he could sense his mother was getting more turned on.  Soon she was opening her mouth and he began to feel her tongue against his lips, urging itself inside.  He parted them and she explored inside hungrily and then began to suck on his tongue when he was brave enough to push it into her mouth.  Wizard!  This is great!

Meanwhile his hands were hard at work on her titanic tits, pressing them together around his chest, finding the nipples underneath the thin fabric and pulling on them.

"Hey!  What's going on down there?  You find the switch yet?"  Han yelled from over the top of the Falcon.

Leia quickly pushed Ani away and responded, "Not yet, sorry."  She turned around and headed under the ship, pushing aside a chest high cargo crate, and quickly finding the panel she was looking for and popped it open.  Anakin walked over and Leia wasted no time, pointing to a series of red, blue and green light bulbs.

"Green means it's a complete circuit, blue means there's interference, red means there's a short."  She explained quickly to her son.

Anakin nodded and then looked at his mom and said, "I've never kissed a girl like that before."

Leia smirked at him, "I can tell, you have some room for improvement."

"Oh…" Anakin turned his head down and looked at his crotch.  "By the force I'm aching down there now."

Leia looked down and saw the wet spot at the knee had spread to cover most of his lower pant leg.  "Poor boy.  Why don't you go beat off in your room?”

"Mom… can you please… just give me a handjob or something.  It so much better when you do it."

"Anakin, don't pester me with that.  You know we can't."  Leia said, rubbing her forehead, her eyes darting about, revealing an inner conflict.

"Okay… Okay," Anakin grumbled.  "Can I kiss you again at least?"

Leia smiled and pulled her son in for another steamy embrace, her tongue quickly slithering into his mouth.  The boy's hands were eager and quick to get back at work on her gigantic boobs.  His right hand quested lower this time and grabbed a piece of his mother’s shirt and tugged, pulling it lose from her pants.  He quickly shoved his hand up, inside her clothing and onto her huge right breast.  Leia's eyes shot open but she didn't break the kiss.  Anakin's other arm pushed the top higher, over her entire left boob.  She had no bra on today, as her tight shirt helped keep her oversized rack in check.

Anakin broke the kiss with his mother and before Leia could realize what was happening she felt her son's mouth on her exposed left nipple.

"Oh Ani!" She yelped in response, her eyes fluttering as she felt his tongue swirling around her wide areola.  He nibbled gently and tugged on the puffy nub.  Leia bit her lip, Oh by the stars that feels good… this boy loves big tits.

From behind her Leia could hear footsteps on a ladder.  She turned and saw Han's boots as he descended.  The large crate was between her and the ladder and she quickly pushed her son back and ducked down just before Han could see her.

"Hey Anakin, where'd Mom go?"  Han asked as he hopped onto the ground.

Anakin was wiping the saliva from his mouth.  He looked down at his mother, kneeling before the thick, long bulge in his pants.  "I think she went looking for something to suck on."

Han looked confused and gave Anakin a curious look.

"She mentioned one of those flavored ice sticks I think."  Anakin elaborated.

Han nodded.  "Sure.  Well hang out over there, I'm going to try a few things and let me know if the red light comes on."

"Will do, Dad."

Leia looked up at her son as he chatted with her husband.  She was stuck here, for now.  Her left breast still exposed and she could still feel the lingering sensations of her son's mouth on it.  Oh I want more… Ani knows how to turn me on more than Han ever did.  Blast it!

Anakin looked down at his mother and smiled.  She glanced up at him and then at his crotch.  The forty-something licked her lips and pulled the other half of her top up, fully exposing her massive tits.  She leaned back slightly and put her hands under her breasts and held them up for Anakin to see.  He smiled down at them.  Oh Leia, you bad mommy!  She thought to herself.  And with Han right near by no less!

Leia continued to hold up her left breast, her fingers finding her nipple to tease and tweak it as her right hand reached forward and rested on the bulge in her son's pants.  She stroked it up and down slowly.  She could feel it pulsing, the heat coming off it.  He was ready to burst.  And Leia wanted to make it happen.

"So kid," Han said as he tinkering with something just inside the hull of the ship.  "You got a girlfriend or anything?"

Anakin gulped and looked down at his mother, rubbing his cock through his pants.  She grinned up at him and moved closer, letting her left tit hang as she grabbed both his thighs and planted a kiss right at the base of his dick through his pants.  "Ah… yeah.  I'm seeing this girl.  Tahiri.  She's from the Academy."

"That's good.  You're kind of young for anything real steady though, aren't you?"  Han asked, looking over at his barely teenaged son.

"Yeah… I mean it's nothing real serious.  We don't… do anything."  Anakin said awkwardly.

Han just grunted, not wanting to go into detail.

Leia kissed her son's bulge again, lower and lower, looking up at him occasionally.  Her hands meanwhile traveled upward to his waistband, her fingers slipping inside, pulling his pants down slowly.  The forty-something pulled back as she saw her boy's enormous dick emerge into view.  My baby boy, with such a delicious, big cock.  What a lucky mother I am.

Leia pulled her son's pants all the way to his ankles, admiring the unveiling of her boy's giant fuck organ.  The tip popped out into the open, springing his entire rod outward and slapping against one of her tits loudly.  Leia giggled and then hushed herself.  Anakin looked over at Han, who didn't seem to notice the noise.

Leia gripped her boy’s cock with her right hand and gently moved her fingers up and down along the vertical shaft as she pushed in into position between her tits.

"You think you'll keep seeing this girl?  Tahiri?"  Han asked.

Anakin almost didn’t hear him, so taken with the sight of his giant-titted mother getting ready to tit-fuck his nearly sixty centimeter long cock.  "I, ah… I'm not sure, dad."  He swallowed, feeling his mouth getting dry.  "I think I might like someone older… more experienced."

"More experienced?"  Han asked.  "You're thirteen, kid.  Don't get ahead of yourself."

Leia put her arms around the outside of both her boobs and pushed them together.  She sat up more as she sandwiched her son's hot dick between her enormous fleshy pillows, burying the rod deep inside her cleavage.  It was a perfect fit for her tits.  Leia beamed up at Anakin and then leaned down, looking at the tip of his cock, peaking out between the two giant mounds and gave it a loving, lingering lick.

"I… I guess…" Anakin muttered with a shiver as he felt his mom's cool tongue on the tip of his cock.  "Older women seem more fun."

"Just… pace yourself, boy."  Han said, regretting this line of conversation.

Leia licked again and again at the fat tip of Anakin's prick as she moved her tits up and down on his shaft, though at this angle she had limited maneuverability.  It was better when she was on her back and her son could pound his dick between her breasts and then spray her face with his huge load.  Oh that would be wonderful…

Leia couldn't resist her hunger any longer and released her tits, replacing her hands along Anakin's shaft.  She held the tip at her mouth and breathed on it.  It was engorged, precum dripping onto her colossal chest.  He was ready to pop.  Leia looked up at her boy, licked her lips again and then wrapped them around the fat head of his cock.

Anakin moaned and then coughed and pounded on his chest in attempt to cover.

"Why don't you go see what you're mother is doing.  I could use a hand here."  Han asked.

"Ah…" Anakin hesitated.  He looked down at his mom, the tip of his dick had disappeared between her lips and she was still traveling.  She looked up at him and shook her head slightly; her expression revealed she was not about to stop.  "I think she mentioned taking a nap after her snack, actually."

"Oh…" Han rolled his eyes, "Women."

Leia narrowed her eyes at his sexist remark and then pushed her face further down her son's cock.  At least my boy respects women.  He deserves to have his big cock sucked compared to that nerf-head!

Anakin had to fight to keep his breathing steady and controlled, and not seem suspicious as his mother feasted on his meat.  He looked down and saw half of his cock gone between her lips.  She was ravenous. 

Who was I kidding, how could I resist this dick!  Leia thought as she pushed her face further and further onto her boy’s rod.  Nearly two thirds of it was inside her, down her throat without the slightest difficulty.  She was the best cocksucker in the galaxy.  Again, it seemed like fate had decreed that she suck big dicks, giving her a boy with one of the biggest in the galaxy.  Leia started to pull her face off Ani's dick, rapidly, till just the tip remained inside.  She moaned, quietly, delighting in the feeling of her throat hallowing out from cock, and then pushed her face back down again, fast, sloshing the wet, saliva soaked shaft through her lips till her nose was nearly touching her son's stomach.  She repeated this again and again, her lips kissing the base of his shlong.  The sound grew louder and more obscene with each thrust of her face onto his dick.

"What's that sound?"  Han asked.

Anakin was seeing stars at this point and had to look away to hide the look of overwhelming pleasure on his face.  "Ah… sounds like maybe a pump malfunction."  He said quickly.

"Leia's good with the pumps."  Han said, "I'll have to have her take a look."

"Yeah," Anakin muttered, "She's great at pumping."

Han looked over at his son suspiciously.  "You feeling alright?"

Anakin couldn't answer.  Leia's face was twisting and pounding up and down his dick fast and hard.  She sucked and sucked, her cheeks concave around his shaft.  He was going to cum and there was nothing that could stop that, not even his dad.

Anakin grunted loudly and hoarsely.  Leia had her chin resting against his balls as they emptied down her throat.  She almost came herself as she felt the hot jizz surging through his shaft.  Slowly she pulled his long cock out of her gullet, saliva dripping off it.  She grinned up at him and stroked his cock in one hand, cleaning around her mouth with the other.  Anakin twitched again and several more heavy spurts of spunk popped out of his spasming dick onto her tits.  Oh now I've made a mess.  Leia said to herself, looking down at her cum covered chest.

Anakin shook his head and tried to collect his thoughts.  Where was he?  What just happened?  What time was it?"

"Anakin?  Are you alright?"  Han asked, louder, having stopped working on the Falcon all together.

Ani looked over at him and said, "Oh… no… I feel kind of… spent."

"You want to go lay down?"  Han asked.

"No, I'm good.   I think I got it out of me."

"Suit yourself.  I'm going to go check something.  Is that light red?"  Han asked.

Anakin looked up and saw the red light was lit up.  "Ah, yeah."

"Figured."  Han rubbed his head.  "I'll be right back.  Go get your mother, would you?"  The older man turned and started to climb up the ladder to the top of the Falcon.

Leia got to her feet, pulling down her top over her cum splashed boobs.  "I'm surprised you held it together, Ani.  I'm proud of you."

The boy just shook his head.  "Thanks mom." He looked her over, his dick just received a great treatment but he was damned if he didn't want more.  He started to stroke his cock in one hand as it grew hard again.

"Already?"  Leia commented as she looked down at her boy's fuck-stick.  "You kids do bounce back quickly."  Lucky me.

Anakin looked over to the ladder and saw his dad descending again.  He stepped behind his mom slightly.

"Leia, have a good snack?"  Han asked as he hoped to the ground.

Leia looked over her shoulder at Ani, "It was delicious."

"Good.  Okay, I'm going to need your help in a minute with something."

"Sure thing."  Leia said.

Anakin stepped directly behind his mom, still half-hidden from view from the waist down, from his father, and lifted his cock up before dropping it against his mom's clothed ass, resting on her perky, full rump.

Leia looked back at her son,  "Anakin…" she uttered.  They were pushing their luck.  Besides, after that blowjob her son should be fine for the time being.

"Let me rub it against your ass, Mom."  Anakin whispered into her ear.  He was already stroking his cock with one hand, thick droplets of precum running down the shaft and onto Leia's rump.

"All… alright."  Leia agreed and leaned against the crate, sticking out her ass for her boy.  Han was mostly distracted, not paying enough attention to notice her odd stance, or her son's intense stare at his mother’s backside. 

Holding his dick in one hand, Anakin grabbed one of his mom's luscious butt-cheeks and slapped his heavy prick down onto the other, making a smacking noise.

Leia moaned quietly and bit her lip.  She looked over her shoulder and gazed with lusty eyes at the sight of her son treating her like a slut with his freakishly long dick.

"Leia, check the light.”  Han asked near the ladder.

Leia swallowed and shook her head, trying to collect herself amid her desires.  She looked up at the opened panel.  She spotted the blue light on.

"It's…" she started and felt Anakin's cock running up her ass-crack.  He pushed her big butt cheeks together, sandwiching his dick between them.  "It's big… blue.  It's blue, Han!"  Leia stammered.

"Alright."  Han muttered, looking down from the panel at his wife, wondering what she was so excited about.

"Your ass is so fine, mom."  Ani groaned as he rubbed his erect dick up and down her crack again, and again.

"What about now?"  Han asked.

Leia looked up and moaned as she felt Anakin slap his member against her covered butthole a few times.  "Red.”  Leia stammered out.

"Okay."  Han responded.

Anakin couldn't take this tease; he needed feel flesh on flesh.  Gripping the waistband of Leia's pants, he gruffly yanked them down, over her big ass.

"Ani!"  Leia yelped as Anakin smacked his cock back down on her exposed crevice and resumed his rutting, the precum dripping down his shaft, lubricating his way.

Han glanced over at the pair questioningly.  Leia looked around with forced nonchalance and Han resumed his work.

Leia could hardly take it, and neither could Anakin.  He wanted to shove his whole rod right up her ass again.

“Alright, that should do it,” Han said confidently, stepping away from the panel.

Leia looked up, the light was green.  “Uh, yeah Han.  Looks good over here.”  She said, her hand behind her back, waving frantically at Anakin to get away from her.  She pulled up pants again, recovering her backside.

Anakin stifled a groan as his father walked over, tucking his huge dick back inside his pants, down one pant leg.

“Time to move inside.  Just a few more adjustments and we should be on our way.”  Han announced and headed for the boarding ramp.  “Come on kid, I’ll need your help in the cockpit.”

Anakin sighed loudly and followed his dad into the Falcon.

Nearly an hour had passed as Anakin spun back and forth in the captain’s chair, his feat pushing off the control panel as he spun slowly in circles.  Back here again and bored, again.  He could hear his father and mother out in the living area, working on something inside the flooring of the ship.  They had moved away several large panels, pretty much trapping him in the cockpit till they were done.  Occasionally his dad would call out and Anakin was press a switch, pull a lever or whatever.  Mostly the young teen just watched the starships coming and going outside the space station.  He yawned and shut his eyes.  He might as well take a nap.  If his dad needed him he’d hear him… probably.

Anakin wasn’t sure how much time had passed.  He remembered dreaming… about something.  His mother was there, he remember that, looking as hot as ever.  The boy shifted in his seat, feeling his butt gone numb from not moving for so long.  He tightened his muscles to bring some more blood flow down there.  Then he felt something else.  Blood flow elsewhere.  And then he heard something, a wet sopping sound.  Anakin opened his eyes.  He legs were still up on the control panel, spread apart.  Everything seemed the same.  Then he started to look down.  He saw his mother’s head there, moving up and down steadily.  Anakin realized he had a full-grown erection and it wasn’t out in the open, or inside his pants.

Leia moaned as her gaping mouth, stuffed full of thick dick-meat, pushed down further, cock shoving down into her hungry throat.  She pulled back, sliding the slick shaft out of her gullet, nearly all sixty centimeters of it till just the tip remained.  She had to pull far back, almost touching the control panel of the falcon with her back.  The forty-something saw her son was now awake, staring down at her with wide, shocked eyes.  Leia winked at him and then pushed her face back down on his cock.

Anakin let out a deep breath and smiled broadly.  He had won.  Despite his mother’s best intentions, and sternest efforts, she was devoted to his huge cock.  He was set.

“Oh fuck mom, you suck dick so good.”  Anakin groaned as Leia wriggled her tongue along the underside of his dick.  Her eye’s narrowed as she heard his use of fowl language and she quickly pulled her mouth off her son’s giant dick, making a loud, wet popping noise.

“Anakin!  Watch your language!” She snapped at him.

“Anakin…” Han grumbled from the next room.  “Are you swearing again?”

The thirteen-year-old rubbed his forehead, confused but equally amused.

Leia’s right hand worked her son’s dick up and down; her grip was wet and sticky from all her saliva.  “Yes he did.  He’s being a naughty boy.”  Leia said sternly.

“Be careful son,” Han called out again, “Your mother will give you a tongue lashing.”

Leia stifled a chuckle and then began to flick her tongue back and forth over the puffy head of her son’s dick.

“You have no idea, Dad…” Anakin called back.

“What’s that?”  Han said.  “I’m a little busy right now…”

“Nothing dear.”  Leia responded and smacked her son on the chest in jest and added quietly, “Don’t get us into trouble.”

“Sorry mom…” Anakin said automatically.

Leia replaced her mouth on her boy’s dick and resumed her hungry cock sucking for a few more minutes, soaking Anakin’s shaft in her spit till it dripped.  Releasing his fully erect member, she stood up between his legs and pulled up her top, exposing her giant tits for the second time today.  Anakin beamed and reached for them with both hands.  Leia swatted them away and Anakin recoiled, confused.

“Not now, Ani.  I’ve got something else in mind.”  She said and started to pull down her pants.

Anakin’s mouth went dry as his mother revealed her shaved pussy and full, plump ass.  She pushed down her pants to her ankles and tossed them aside with a flick of her bare foot.  She was totally nude.  Anakin took in the sight of his mother completely bare.  He gulped and shook his head, not believing the body she had.  Wide hips and full thighs but a narrow waist that rivaled his sister’s, and of course those boobs, even unsupported were impossibly firm and round. 

Without another word Leia turned around and bent over the control console of the Falcon, giving her son an eye-full of her wet vagina and big ass.  Anakin wanted to bury his face in those juicy cheeks and then ram his cock right up the middle, through that tight, surprisingly elastic asshole.  But that would have to wait for another time.  Anakin knew what his mother really wanted.

Anakin stood up, cock in hand.  Leia reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy with her left hand, looking over her shoulder at her son with eyes begging for sex.  Anakin took in a breath; almost not believing this was real.  It was time for him to fuck his mother.  And not just her ass, which was awesome and nasty, but her sweet snatch.

“You ready to take me properly, Ani?”  Leia asked softly.

Anakin swallowed and nodded quickly.  He grabbed his long erection in his right hand and lifted up between Leia’s legs, touching the top of his shaft against the wetness of her vulva.  There wasn’t much room to work with; from this distance his cock was already forty centimeters too long to enter her.  Anakin sat back down, giving him the room he needed.

Leia reached back further and took the tip of her son’s cock in her hand.  “Here, let me help.” She said in a calm, sweet voice.  She guided the swollen head to the entrance of her pussy, pushed the well-used lips aside and gently rocked back onto the rock hard cock, letting it enter her.

“Oh mom… it feels… amazing…” Anakin moaned as the tip of his dick was enveloped by his mother’s vagina.

“It’s nice to have back inside my pussy after all these years.” Leia said with a wicked grin.

“Wow, mom.  You’re pretty nasty.”  Anakin commented as she leaned back onto his cock, taking in more of him.

“Your cock’s so big, Ani.  Feels like I’m giving birth to you again.”  Leia said, catching herself in a gasp as her pussy was spread wider than it had been in years by her son’s fat dick.  “I guess you’re just returning home.”

Anakin shook his head, not believing the lewd, perverted things coming out of his mother’s mouth right now.  He gripped both her ass-cheeks hard, kneading the soft, fleshy mounds.  The thirteen-year-old gently rocked his mother’s backside back and forth, easing in more and more of his cock into her.  The first ten centimeters were inside before he pushed her forward again, making his mother moan in response, the fat urethra of his dick rubbing against her swollen clit.

“I swear your cock was made for my pussy.”  Leia said as she curled her toes, the sensation of such a huge, fat dick inside her was overwhelming.  “It’s like the force meant for this.  I gave birth to the most perfect cock in the galaxy and a beautiful son to fuck me with it.”

Anakin smiled at his mother’s sweet, but outrageous comment.  “There’s a lot more of it to enjoy too, mom.”  Anakin added eagerly.

“I know Ani, fuck your mommy with that big cock!”  She said, a bit loudly.

Meanwhile, in the living area, Han tinkered away inside the bowels of his ship.  The low rumble of a generator nearby hushed out the noises from the cockpit, though the odd moan and grunt did echo through the room.  Han figured Leia must have been feeling ill again, ate something that didn’t agree with her.

Anakin had managed to stand up, though a bit awkwardly, working into a smooth rhythm, sliding in and out of his mother with nearly half of his cock.  Leia for her part was whimpering in delight, biting her lip in ecstasy as she was pumped full of huge dick.

“Oooooh Aniiiiii….” She cooed, “Your fucking cock is so good.”

“Mom!”  Anakin said, surprised at his mother’s language.

“Oh shut up and fuck your mommy!”  She said, not caring about her double standard.

Anakin smirked and shook his head, looking down at the sight of his giant member emerging from the dripping wet snatch of his mom.  He pulled back slightly more this time and then jammed forward harder and faster, ramming in nearly three quarters of his cock in one aggressive jab.

“Oh fuck!”  Leia grunted and before she could react, her son pulled out and did it again and again.  Soon he was pounding all sixty centimeters inside her pussy.  “Fuck!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!”  Leia shouted as her whole body shook under the abuse of Ani’s dick, her ass jiggling with each pound of his meat.

“Oh Mom, your pussy is wizard!” The boy commented gleefully, his large round balls slapped loudly against the underside of his mother, hitting her clit occasionally to give her an extra burst of pleasure.

“Ani, your dick is so wonderful!  Fuck your mommy hard!  Fill your mommy’s pussy with your big cock!”  Leia demanded, looking over her shoulder at her son.  Her huge tits bounced back and forth in time with the thrusts, mashing against the control panel of the Falcon, knocking into levers and knobs and shuffling their settings.

“Oh mom, I wanna fuck you every day.  I wanna fuck you all the time.”  Anakin said between ragged breaths.

“Yes baby, I need you to fuck me every day!”  Leia agreed with an enthusiastic nod of her head.

“I’m gonna cum soon Mom…”

“Cum in my pussy, Ani!”  Leia urged.

“You… you sure?”  Anakin asked between grunts.

“Yes baby, fill my pussy with your jizz!”

“What… what if you… get pregnant?”  Anakin asked as kept slapping against Leia’s backside, sheathing his enormous rod inside her gaping twat.

“Do it, Ani.  Give me another little boy with a huge cock to fuck me with!”  Leia almost didn’t believe her words but she had no hesitation, she wanted her pussy overflowing with her son’s spunk.

“Fuck mom!”  Anakin groaned and began to ejaculate into Leia’s cunt.  “Holy shit!” he said gasping, feeling the life draining out of him through the end of his dick, pouring what felt like a gallon of semen into his mother’s womb.

“Yes baby!  Fill me up!”  Leia hollered, wide-eyed and head thrown back as she came simultaneously.  She could feel his dick pumping his huge wad deep into her, the warm rush of jizz splashing against her insides.

“Oh by the force…” Anakin said quietly as his mind returned to his body.  He felt incredibly light headed and quickly sat back down on the chair, his dick pulling out about halfway from his mother’s pussy.  A trail of cum started to leak down his shaft from inside her.

Leia leaned forward and let the rest of Anakin’s dick slip out of her.  He had gone flaccid, though even at that state he was still almost thirty centimeters long, and his big cock flopped down over the edge of the chair.  The forty-something mother stepped to her right, out from in front of the captain’s chair and turned to face her son.  She looked down at her crotch, smeared with cum as it dripping down her thighs.  She put her hand over her pussy, touching her wet, abused opening and grinning as she scooped up a few fingers worth of cum.  She brought it to her lips and licked them clean.

“I think you’re father might need some help, sweetie.”  Leia said to her son as he watched her with growing interest.

“Uh sure…” Anakin said as he stood up.  He was more inclined to listen to her now, having been so thoroughly satisfied by her for the first time in days.  He pulled up his pants and re-buttoned them.  Stepping toward the exit of the cockpit he looked back at his mom again, taking in the sight of her naked beauty, that perfect ass and those mammoth tits.  He was getting hard again already.

Out in the living area, Anakin walked in on his dad putting the floor panels back into place.

“All set?”  Asked the young boy.

“Yeah, we’re all set, kiddo.  What were you two up too in the cockpit?  I heard a lot of… noises?”  Han asked.

“Oh, uh, we were just doing some… exercises.”  Anakin started to walk away, heading for his cabin.

“Exercises?  In the cockpit?”  Han asked, kicking the last panel into its slot.

“Yeah… well you know mom, she loves getting bounced around.”  Anakin said as he quickly scurried out of the room.

“Bounced around?”  Han repeated in confusion and then shook his head.  He just had to accept that Anakin was a bit of a momma’s boy.  He just hoped the kid would be ready to handle a real woman when the time came.

The End