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Leia's Motherly Touch Part 2 SPECIAL EDITION

Leia's Motherly Touch, Part 2: A Tongue Lashing

Special Edition

by Pyro & Das Flute

Day 1:

Anakin returned to his bedroom, his cock already aching again after having the most intense sexual experience of his life – and with his mother, no less.  Leia Organa Solo, both the feisty and ultra busty Chief of State of the New Republic and his mother, had not only given him a handjob, but also what he understood to be a tit-fucking and a brief, but incredible blowjob where she sucked down the entire length of his cock.  Something he never even knew a girl could do!  He had never imagined being with a woman as sexual and wanton as his mother had been tonight.  Not even in his father’s dirtiest holovids with the sluttiest girls on Adarlon had he seen a woman behave so casually sexual.  This was a side to his mother he never dreamed existed, even with all the rumors that seemed to surround her.

His exceptionally large cock no doubt had been a large factor in that.  It was as if a switch had been flicked in his mother’s mind the moment she saw it.  Anakin felt a bit conflicted, to say the least.  She was his mother, and it was just disturbing to consider that.  But then again, she was so… hot.  Her body so enticing, her breasts so, so large, and her ass so taut.

The thirteen-year-old boy shook his head, and hopped onto his mattress.  He didn’t know what to think, and the fact he had two weeks of ‘sample collecting’ ahead of him was even more overwhelming.  Anakin took a deep breath.  Today was the end of day one. There were still thirteen to go, and he was sure they were going to be very, very interesting.

Day 2, Morning:

Leia looked at herself in the mirror and groaned.  What in Chaos had she done?  She rolled her eyes and slumped her head in shame.  It was early morning at the Solos’ apartment and she was getting ready to go to the Imperial Palace.  Despite her motherly concerns, she had duties to perform as the Chief of State.

Try as she might to put aside her behavior last night and focus on today's tasks, she couldn't.  Especially when confronted with her responsibility to get another sample from Anakin again.

"I gotta take care of my baby boy's huge cock…" Leia repeated slowly, processing each word in detail.  Had she really said that?  Or was it just in her mind?  Maybe she had only said it internally.  She wasn't sure.  Her mind was a mess of conflicting emotions.  Either way, she had wanted to suck on her son’s cock – for a second time, no less – but had thankfully resisted.  Though the first time barely counted in her mind.  The poor lad had cum faster than a podracer on its final lap, and she hadn’t the time to enjoy herself.  Leia rolled her eyes again. The thought of enjoying sucking her son's cock was an unsettling thing to be disappointed about.

Anakin hadn’t even resisted her.  Indeed, he shared the responsibility.  Leia sighed.  Of course, she could hardly blame her thirteen-year-old son.  He was no doubt overwhelmed and confused, especially given his own pent-up hormones and lack of romantic experience thanks to his puritanical girlfriend Tahiri.  She had acted far outside the bounds of decency, for any woman her age and doubly so for a mother.

Leia weighed her options.  She could talk to Anakin about it and hopefully put this aside, and in time they could once more be as a normal mother and child.  Or she could ignore it, which might spare some further embarrassment for both of them.

Standing up straight, the matured, super-buxom woman looked into her reflection, her eyes descending down her body.  She did have to admit, she had never looked better.  Her use of la’twah and other Force techniques had done an excellent job of keeping her youthful, even without the advanced de-aging healthcare services provided to her as the Chief of State. No wonder the poor kid had it hard up for her.  Not to mention her breasts.  By now, she was well used to her sons’ infatuation with her massive rack. 

Her oldest boy, Jacen, still enjoyed a good hug from her for obvious reasons.  Leia’s relationship with Jacen had always been strong and intimate.  She had taken hydroshowers and baths with him well beyond his toddler years.  Though Leia knew it was likely inappropriate, she enjoyed the special bond she had with him, especially considering the distance between her and Jaina.

It was with her eldest son that Leia had her first brush with incest.  While chaperoning a group of Jedi trainees on Yavin IV on a waterfall sightseeing tour, Leia noticed Jacen frequently scratching his behind.  Since they had waded through the Unnh River, she was concerned he may have had a brush with a silman eel.  Finding a large boulder to hide behind, she instructed her son to lower his pants and let her examine him.  The sight of his super busty mother squatting before his naked crotch had a predictable affect and for the first time she saw his erect penis.  It was an impressive size as well, though not nearly up the length or girth of Anakin.

Instructing her son to turn around, she carefully examined his backside.  Recalling that one of the telltale signs of a silman eel sting was a sweet odor, Leia was sure to put her nose far between her boy's butt cheeks.  His persistent complaining of itchiness lead her to flick her tongue over the whiney child's asshole.  His noise of surprise amused her and she repeated and quickly found the activity to be quite enjoyable.  She tongue fucked his butthole while rubbing his balls behind that boulder for nearly ten minutes until the young teen blew his load.

Two of his classmates, Zekk and Raynar Thul, had witnessed the entire ordeal but Leia secured their silence with blowjobs.  She had grown cock-hungry by that point anyway, and had been tempted to suck Jacen off but had thought better of it.

Since then she continued her anal cleaning of her eldest son, and then eventually daughter.  But in recent months they had both grown somewhat distant and Leia didn't see either of her twins nearly as often.  It was time enough to develop her relationship with her youngest son all the same.  And that was proving to be quite the… development.

Leia bit her lower lip as she thought of Anakin and his huge cock again.  She could hardly believe it was real.  If any other man had a dick like that in her home, she'd be riding it night and day.  Her continuing indiscretions with Chewbacca were evidence enough of that. But this was her son – her youngest son, no less.

"Oh Leia," she said to herself.  There was no changing herself at this point.  She'd just have to try to cope.


Anakin had spent most of the day in his room.  He didn't want to see his mother – though knew he would have to face her when she came for his "sample", and he was dreading it.  Maybe she would just leave him be, just ignore the orders of Doctor Tescia Masdi, and they could go on with their lives as if yesterday had never happened.

Though if he was honest with himself, Anakin had to admit that a part of him didn't truly want that.  A part of him wanted his mother to show up at his door and take his cock into her grasp and beat him off again, maybe even suck him off a bit.  That would be… amazing.

The young teen had been trying to study some of his notes and holobooks on the Arixi Sisterhood and ancient Jedi courtship rituals, but found concentrating especially difficult.  He had felt an intense urge to masturbate throughout the day, but he had so far resisted. It was a feeling the normally-chaste young man wasn’t used to experiencing. He wanted to try and separate himself from his sexual desires, to force out his lust for his mother.  But it seemed to only grow stronger as the day went on.  Finally, as he neared his breaking point in the late afternoon, there was a knock on his door.  He knew who it was; he could feel his mother's presence through the Force.  He had been waiting for this meeting all day, and now it was time.

Anakin got up from bed and walked toward the door.  He was dressed in pants and a simple white t-shirt.  He had never bothered to put on shoes or even comb his hair today.  He touched the switch for the door and it slid up and open.  His mother stood there, dressed in a long green gown and that gripped her body.  Dark stripes ran vertically, accentuating her curves.  The top of her gown was low cut, her massive breasts bulging out of the too-tight top.

"Hi Mom," Anakin said hoarsely, his eyes running up her body and his blood running to groin.

Leia gulped, equally nervous about this moment.  She scanned his body, quickly looking toward his crotch to see if she could make out its huge length and girth.  She could see it pressing slightly against his pants.  Oh Aria, there it is, Leia thought to herself.

Anakin's heart skipped, hearing her inner dialogue through their Force bond.  His cock grew several more centimeters. 

“Hi Ani,” Leia said, as her eyes darted back and forth for a moment, from her son’s eyes to crotch, noticing its expansion.   Oh, it's getting bigger…

"Do you need something?"  Anakin coughed out, trying to contain a quickly escalating situation.

"Oh yes, honey.  I, um, wanted to talk for a moment…"  Leia tried to clear her mind and focus.  "May I come in?"

Anakin stepped away and his mother followed him in.  He sat down on his bed while she pulled up a chair before him and plopped down, her huge bosom bouncing slightly as she came to a rest.

Leia started talking immediately, as if she had thought this through beforehand.

"I wanted to apologize for my behavior last night." She gulped. "It was very inappropriate and it won't happen again."  Leia let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

"Oh." Anakin was a bit taken aback by her bluntness.  He also felt a strong sense of disappointment.  He looked down and then back to his mother, gauging her expression and then reading deeper.  He could feel her slowly-simmering lust, her conflicted desires just beneath the surface.  He could tell that she said what she did merely because she felt that she had to, not because she actually felt that way.

Anakin reached for his crotch and started to rub his cock through his pants.  "I was… just thinking about last night, actually."  He kept watching his mother, how her eyes grew in anticipation. Even her nipples visibly hardened through her dress.  He didn't need to read her thoughts to know her true feelings. "I’m just a little… confused.  I was told it’s wrong to pleasure yourself, that you shouldn’t give in to lust.  But Doctor Masdi says I have to masturbate regularly now.  I mean…”  Anakin sighed, knowing this next part would be especially awkward, “It seems like it would be less lustful, less… self-abusive, as Grand Master Sunrider put it in her Exis Reform proclamations, if someone else did it for me," he continued.

Leia mind replayed the previous night and her ravenous appetite for her son’s dick.  She couldn’t imagine a more lustful situation than that one, but it did spare Anakin having to ‘abuse’ himself, as he had put it.  I should really talk with Luke about what he’s teaching those students of his. "I understand what you’re saying, but-"

"The doctor said you should help me if necessary," Anakin interrupted.

Leia hesitated, thinking back on Doctor Masdi's words.  The Ferroan hadn’t explicitly told her to…but hadn’t forbidden it, either.

Anakin decided to press his luck.  He desperately wanted to get off but he didn’t know what he should be doing about it.  Was it wrong to masturbate?  Was it worse to have your mother do it for you?  What about jerking off in front of your mother?  Maybe that kept it from being purely carnal, somehow.  All he knew was that Tahiri would frown on all of it…and still not help him.

The boy then opened his pants.  Leia gasped but didn't protest.  Her son stood up and pulled out his semi-erect cock, dangling it in front of her face just a few centimeters away.  "I just don’t know what to do.  You say the holoporns are bad and I shouldn’t watch them, but it’s hard to do it without them."

That was a bit of a fib on Anakin’s part; he could have beaten off right here just thinking about last night, but he didn’t want to admit it.

"Oh… I'm sorry." Leia swallowed and looked up at her son as his huge dick hovered near her face.  She didn’t pull back, and Anakin could feel her breath on his soft skin.  It reminded him of last night.  That thought made him harder and his dick bounced upward, gently slapping Leia on the chin.

"Oh!" Leia gasped.  Her left hand reflexively grabbed his dick and pulled it away.  She looked at it in her hand, her fingers not loosening her grip but instead starting to stroke it.

"Could you help me out a little?" Anakin asked impishly.

Leia focused her mind and was able to clear her thoughts.  She now had a little more control over herself than last night, thankfully.

"Why don't you try again yourself, honey?" she suggested, letting go of his dick.  "Practice makes perfect, after all. I'll…. just watch."

Anakin felt a mix of disappointment and relief in a way he couldn’t explain.  At least if his mother encourages him to jerk off it wouldn’t be wrong.  He couldn’t be acting against the Jedi Code that way, could he?

The teen sat back down on the bed, gripping his dick and immediately starting to stroke it.  Leia watched with anticipation and carnal fascination.

"Is this okay, Mom?"  Anakin asked coyly.  He wanted to hear encouragement but also wanted to know he wasn’t getting in trouble.

"Oh yes, honey, you're doing a great job," Leia affirmed, leaning forward in her seat, licking her lips.

After a few minutes of stroking his cock up and down and awkward, extended silences Anakin said at last, "It’s so long… it’s like a lot of work to do this.  My arm gets tired."  Anakin had his eyes locked onto his mother's breasts and cleavage as he stroked his forty centimeter dong up and down with his right hand.

"It is really big, sweetie.  I bet it takes a lot of work to get you off." Leia's voice was lower and her breathing a little heavier.  "Why don’t you use both hands, together?  That might make it easier."

"Yeah?"  Anakin liked to hear her suggestion, he liked that she was getting into it.  He was doing this for her, not for himself, at least not completely, so it couldn’t count totally as self-abuse.  The thirteen year old then gripped his cock with both hands and started to pump it up and down.

"Yeah, that's it." Leia was getting a little enthusiastic and she had to remind herself to stay dethatched and not give in to lust.  But at least I’m not doing it myself, she thought.  Then considered, I wish I was, though…  “You’re doing great, honey.  Keep rubbing that cock for mommy.”

Anakin couldn’t take the erotic comment from his mother,"Oh, mom, I'm cumming!" he shouted as he started to jizz heavy gobs of cum.  Leia acted quickly and pulled out a container she had been carrying in her pocket and put it at the end of her son's cock.  Several streams of cum splashed inside it and over the edges.  Her delicate hands, nails painted white, were dashed with a few strands of her son’s semen.  She pulled the container away as Anakin's orgasm subsided and his cock stopped ejaculating.

Leia took her seat and held up the container, admiring how full it was.  "Excellent job, honey.  That's an impressive load."  Especially after last night, she thought.

Anakin was leaning back on one arm, out of breath.  "Thanks, mom." He gulped, his mouth dry.  "Thanks a lot!"

"Happy to help, Ani."  Leia stood up to leave, the container of semen in her right hand, which was likewise splattered.  She walked to the door and pressed it open, stepping outside.  Leia turned and said, “Dinner will be in an hour honey, we’re having spiceloaf.”

“Oh great, I love spiceloaf!” Anakin said happily as he tucked away his limp penis.  He noticed his mother’s hand dripping with his cum.

Leia smiled and then walked away, she was glad that she and her younger son were getting along.  Perhaps this would work out just fine, after all.  A few paces down the hall she exchanged the semen container between hands and sniffed the cum on her fingers.  A pang of hot desire shot through her body and she knew this was going to be a very difficult two weeks.

Day 2, Evening:

Leia walked back and forth in her spacious, elaborately-outfitted kitchen.  The spiceloaf had just come out of the nanowave oven and she was about ready to serve dinner when Anakin came walking in, eager to be fed.

"Hi honey, dinner is just about ready.  Are you all washed up?"  Leia asked her son.

Anakin eyed his mother for a long moment.  She wore a dark green sweater that seemed too small for her frame.  It had some Alderaanian symbols on it, and Ani wondered if it was from her younger days.  That would explain why it hardly covered her midriff, leaving her navel visible, due to her humongous tits hogging all the fabric.  With a few tugs in the right spots, there could be some amusing – and especially appealing – under-boob visible.

“Uh, yeah mom,” he said absentminded, not able to tear his eyes away from her magnificent expanse of boob.  He felt his cock pressing hard against the inside of his pants.  This mother of his was going to spoil his attraction for any other woman in the galaxy.  How could any of them compete against that?

Ani slipped a hand down the front of his pants to adjust himself.  Leia eyed him outright and stopped in mid step, putting a hand on her side.

"Can I help you with something?" she asked sarcastically.

Anakin shook his head, snapping out of his boob-induced trance and realized what he was doing.  "Oh, I'm sorry… I had to… move it."  He thought for a moment about what she had just asked him and was tempted to answer, "Yeah, suck my cock, mom."

"Well, now go wash your hands," Leia instructed, moving back toward the sink to deposit a spoon.

"I already did, mom.  I'm all clean," Anakin whined.

"You just touched yourself, Ani.  And don't talk back," Leia snapped back.

"But I'm clean down there mom, I just took a shower.  Lighten up."

Leia leaned against the counter, "All right, mister know-it-all. Let me see it, then."

Anakin gulped.  "What?"

"Let me seen your cock- uh, penis.  Let me see your penis."  Leia crossed her arms under her huge boobs, boosting them higher on her chest.

Anakin wasn't about to argue with this order.  He untied his pants and let his long, semi-erect cock flop out into the open.

Leia gulped, noting his arousal.  "I guess you're happy to see me," she joked, and uncrossed her arm.  Her breasts moved lower again, but the fabric of her top didn't, revealing the bare underside of both her tits.  Anakin's cock jerked in response, getting even harder.  Leia paused for a second at this but then stepped closer to her son, reaching out one hand to gently drag her fingertips over the end of his dick.

"Need a closer inspection, mom?"  Anakin asked sarcastically.

"Don't get sassy with me, Ani, or you'll be eating your meal in your bedroom," Leia said sharply.

Anakin wilted a little, feeling less sure of himself.

Leia wrapped her fingers around his cock head and rubbed it a few times.  Pre-cum began to seep out of the tip on to her palm.  Leia licked her lips and squatted before her son.  As she descended the end of her son's cock caught under her sweater and pulled it up completely, revealing her bare breasts to Anakin.

"Oh!" Leia yelped in response, her arms quickly crossing her chest in a vain, completely ineffective attempt to conceal her enormous boobs.

Anakin grinned down at his exposed mother, he gripped his cock in one hand and began to stroke it boldly, just centimeters from her face.  Leia's attention was quickly drawn to it, her eyes revealing an inner hunger.  She pulled down her sweater back over her tits with partial success.  Her left nipple, a wide saucer was still exposed.  Leia didn't bother to check her modesty and reached for her son's fat prick again.  Anakin let go as his mother's hands replaced his.

"Look good enough to eat?" he asked slyly.

Leia smirked up at him.  It was a tempting offer.  "You mean clean enough so you can eat?" she corrected.  But her mouth was watering.  Her face moved in closer, her nose passing over the surface, taking in the scent of his thick, hot cock.  She cupped his balls in one hand and licked her lips.  "Looks quite clean…" She wasn’t far-gone enough to indulge her lustful hungers on her son's cock, but she had other options to enjoy.  "Turn around," she instructed.

Anakin cocked an eyebrow and Leia repeated, "Spin around.  I'm not done checking."

The boy gulped and did as he was told.  Leia hooked her finger tips into the waist band of his pants and tugged them down to the floor.  Her face now presented with her boy's naked buttocks.

Leia put her hands on her son's thighs and pulled him back a half step, bringing his rear end closer.  He could feel his legs pressing against her massive boobs.  Anakin tried to remain claim and relaxed as he felt his mother's nose rub against the crack of his butt.  Despite his reservations he was incredibly aroused.

"I cleaned back there for you.  I think I did a good job," he said sheepishly.

"We'll see about that."  Leia said, and then slid her tongue up his ass crack, his butt tightening up in response, not letting it in.  Leia smiled at his tepidness.  Jacen was far more willing at this point.

Sticking out her tongue again she wriggled her way in. Anakin relaxed, the warm wetness slithering up his butt a surprisingly pleasurable sensation.

Before long the thirteen year old was stroking his cock as his horny mother lavished his asshole with kisses and tongue prodding, though she had yet to force her way past his sphincter.

"How does it taste, mom?" Anakin asked, hoping for something erotic.

Leia pulled herself out from her son's butt cheeks, her lips and mouth covered in her own saliva.  "Tastes good, honey.  You've done an excellent job."

What a slut, Anakin thought.  Who licks asshole like this?  What kind of mother does this and thinks it's normal?

"Looks like you might want to empty your balls again, sweetie," Leia added, "Why don't you do that while I'm busy back here."

Anakin smiled, "Okay, mom."   He stroked himself harder now but he wanted to feel her tongue actually up his butt again.  He pushed back slightly on her face and he heard her moan in response.  She wasn’t even trying to hide that she was getting off on this.

Anakin bent over slightly as his mother pushed herself further into his ass, spearing her tongue into his butthole.  "Oh, wizard!  Mom, that feels great!" he moaned, jacking his cock faster and faster.

Leia had both her hands on her son's butt, rolling her tongue in and out of his asshole, tasting it, mewing in response and then shoving it back inside.

Anakin could feel he was going to cum soon, but didn't know where to shoot his load.  He looked at the center island before him and saw two plates of spiceloaf ready to be brought onto the table.  He reached for one and it on the edge of the table, below the tip of his lengthy member.

"I'm gonna cum, mom!" he barked as she plunged her tongue deeper than ever into his anus.  He blasted a heavy load of jizz onto the sliced servings of spiceloaf.  Leia's tongue continued to roil and twist inside his butt for several more seconds after he finished ejaculating.

Leia looked up at her son with a messy face as he turned around.  He laughed at her, his dick hanging limply in front of him.  She rubbed her mouth as she gazed at his cock.  She was hungry for it.  Anakin thought about pressing his luck, asking for such a thorough cleaning on his rod but so soon after cumming he was a little sensitive for that.

"Ready for dinner now?" he asked, as he tucked away his dick and grabbed his plate of spiceloaf and promptly walked out into the dining room.  Leia stood up and wiped away the saliva from her mouth and cheeks. She looked at the remaining plate on the center island.  She could see it dashed and splattered with her son's semen.  Leia smiled at it and picked it up in both hand, carrying it out into the dining room.  She didn't want all that hard work to go to waste.

Day 3:

Leia stood inside her bedroom’s long walk-in closet, looking over her selection of official and personal gowns.  Most were based on old traditional designs dating back from the formal Golden Age of the Old Republic.  Almost all were stifling and confining.  Now that she had some time off, she could wear something more comfortable.  Something that let her body breathe a little, and maybe show off a bit too.  Why not? she thought.  I have a killer body with boobs the size of a Mon Calamari Cruiser. I should enjoy it while I still have it

Leia slipped on a simple white gown, a VanTurk design with a long skirt slit at opposite sides up to her hips.  It was sexy and revealing, especially the plunging neckline.  But the Chief of State hadn’t worn it before and she didn’t know when she’d get the chance to again.  It was a little too revealing to wear out in public, especially with her extra-large breasts being put on such prominent display.  Han was often a bit self-conscious about his wife’s body and didn’t like her attracting attention to it.  But he was gone for the time being and she might as well indulge a little.  If her husband didn’t appreciate her taste in clothing, she imagined their youngest son would.


Anakin was lying in bed, something he had been doing a lot of recently.  He had much on his mind and he could feel Leia’s presence approaching.  He knew what she was going to ask to him to do, and surprisingly for him he wasn’t dreading it as much today.

The door to his room slid open and he looked over at his finely aged mother and her curvaceous yet very fit body.  Her enormous breasts were overflowing from her white dress, one that looked like it harkened back to her days as an Imperial senator.

“Wow,” he said, not hiding his appreciation for her body.  As the days had gone by he found himself growing more and more attracted to his mother’s filled out form.  He had been growing tired of the petite and flat body of peers recently anyhow. Besides Tahiri, he had also fooled around with the fellow Junior Jedi Knight Klin-Fa Gi. Klin-Fa didn’t follow with the strict Old Jedi codes of conduct, which made her far more fun than Tahiri, but she was still rather skinny…and flat. When it came to any of the older and more developed Jedi girls, like Sheyne or Ta’tan’ia, Anakin could just forget about it.

“Oh,” Leia smiled, appreciating her son’s response.  “I thought I’d try this on for dinner tonight.  It’s something that’s been sitting in my closet for years.”  Her right hand ascended her body, feeling her hips and then stomach, finally resting under one of her breasts.  She hefted it, pushing it out of her gown slightly.

Anakin gulped and after a slight hesitation he began to rub his crotch.  He knew what he had to do, despite the reservations he had.  The Jedi Code ran through his mind over and over again and he knew this to be wrong and indecent.  And not merely from the Jedi standpoint; what would anyone else think of his relationship with his own mother?  On some worlds, like the remoter areas of Naboo or old Alderaan, but this was the center of Coruscant, heart of the galaxy. Things were different here, and this was the society Anakin had been raised in. On an intellectual level, he thought that this was kind of gross and creepy… but his body held a different opinion on the matter.

Leia cleared her throat, feeling things heating up as she watched her son rub his aching groin.

“All right, Ani, you might as well get started,” Leia said, trying to sound confident, as if this were a perfectly normal thing that happens.

The thirteen year old boy got up and walked around to meet his mother.  His eyes were locked on her huge breasts and she could feel his breath on them as he moved in front of her.  He untied his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock.  She could tell he wanted to feel her bosom, to grab on to one or both of her massive tits and he bravely resisted the temptation.  “Now take a seat, Ani,” she said to him, keeping her son at bay.

Anakin sat down on his bed, disappointed he couldn’t engage in some hands-on time with his mom’s body.  His pants were at his ankles as he started to stroke his cock.

Leia moved closer to him and stood next to her son, hand on his shoulder as she gazed down at his massive organ. It looked bigger than ever.  She wondered if he was still growing.  She was tempted to measure him.  But perhaps another time.  Anakin looked up at her, eyes locked onto her boobs, peering into her cleavage.

“I guess you really like this dress, huh?”  Leia joked, feeling a little self-conscious.  She wasn’t sure what to make of her son so blatantly lusting after her.

“Yeah, mom,” he responded quickly.

Leia swallowed and looked around her for some place to sit.  She didn’t want to sit next to him while he masturbated, fearing that he might pounce on her or do something else they would both regret.  Finding a chair against a wall, she pulled it out in front of her son and sat down to watch.

Anakin kept jerking himself off, eyeing his mother’s without any attempt at concealing his desire for her.  Leia felt herself feeding off her son’s lust and she leaned forward, arms crossed, pressing her breasts together.  “How are you doing, honey?” she asked, almost shy about it.

Anakin just grunted in response as he beat his cock harder and harder.

Leia licked her dry lips and watched as both his hands worked up and down his long shaft.  Anakin didn’t need to read her thoughts to know what she hungered for.  The intent look in her eyes and her wanton focus on his cock told him as much as any reading of her thoughts could.  Anakin couldn’t take it.  He wanted to shove his cock down her throat so bad, and slap it over her gigantic tits.  She would love it, he just knew it.  She wanted it as badly as he did.

“Oh damn!” Anakin grunted and then his cock began to spray load after load of cum.  He deliberately aimed outward, splashing his hot load onto his mother’s cleavage.

“Ani!” Leia yelped in response.

He couldn’t help himself and after three thick shots coating her cleavage, he aimed higher, and another load dashed across her face, nearly hitting her in the eye as his right hand continued pumping furiously up and down his long shaft.

Anakin let out a groan as he came down from his orgasmic high and looked over at his mother, laced with his semen.  She wasn’t very happy about it.

“Now see here, Anakin.  Don’t you dare do that again!”  She pointed at him sternly. “Do you understand me?”

Anakin was too dizzy to read her mind but he imagined she was secretly thrilled at being cummed on.  She loved sex more than any woman he’d ever heard of and knew about her bukkake sessions in the Senate, or her behavior on ‘diplomatic missions’ to worlds like Naboo and Kashyyyk.  “I’m sorry, Mom,” Anakin apologized, even as his eyes followed a glob of semen drip down one of her cheeks into the valley between her breasts.

With that Leia stood up and marched out of the door.  Anakin felt himself getting hard again as he thought of how hot his mom looked covered with his cum.  But he resisted the temptation.  He needed to stay honest and within the code of the Jedi.  He needed to save himself for his mother; after all, she seemed to appreciate it.

Day 4, Afternoon:

Leia paced back and forth in her private office, a small personal space in her family’s Orowood Tower penthouse where she could work alone and focus on her job, even when she was away from the Senate or the Palace.  The Chief of State had been reviewing a report from Senator Reise Masdi – husband of the doctor – on the recent crisis surrounding Mage Orloc and the radical Second Imperium group, when there was a knock at the entrance.  She assumed it was Anakin, and pressed a button on her desk, the door sliding up into the ceiling.  She saw her young son standing there, looking a bit sheepish.  Immediately she could feel tension in the air.  Her son was still a bit hurt from being yelled at by her yesterday.

“Hi Ani,” Leia said. “Do you need something?”

“Yeah, umm…” Anakin walked into the square room, dimly lit with holobookshelves filling each wall, lined with datapads and records of galactic history and Rebel politics. The Official History of the RebellionThe Essential ChronologyAll the Chancellor’s Sentients

However, Anakin’s eyes lingered, as they always did, on a poster of Leia that had a prominent spot on the wall. Clad in a halter top with the lower halves of her breasts revealed and ceremonial tassels hanging from each nipple, with the stylized rays of the New Jedi Order Starburst behind her. The poster had been made for the election held three years ago where Leia had been re-elected following Ponc Gavrisom’s single term. The election was the first held since the end of the war with the Empire, and years since Leia’s most popular exploits at the height of the Rebellion.

The twi’lek supermodel Daesha, the Delegationist Party’s Public Outreach Ambassador, had convinced Leia that any course to drum up votes would be valid, especially since the holoporn producer Cyite Nio had already thrown his support behind his fellow bothan, Borsk Fey’lya. Nio’s ‘satirical parody,’ Who’s Layin’ Leya?, had already made Leia into a laughingstock on the late-cycle HoloNet talk shows. Leia’s discovery of that in Han’s personal porn stash had been the last straw needed for her to give Daesha the go-ahead in her campaign to lobby the support of the Sex Workers’ Guild, the Exotic Entertainers’ Union, and the lucrative holofilm syndicates on worlds such as Adarlon, Majilop, and Hologram Fun World. Even before the industry whaladon Varina Kadaara Productions had thrown in with Leia, the so-called Porn Wars had been decisively concluded.

Leia didn’t feel too bad; even during the Rebellion, pornography had played its propaganda part, the zeltron starlet Saria Vor being only the most well-known example. She had felt so comfortable with it that she had accepted the portrait, titled ‘OBEY’, from the artist VanTurk as an election-night memento of her victory and the part the porn industry had played in it.

“Is everything all right?” Leia asked Anakin, guessing he was going to apologize for yesterday and shaking her son out of his reverie of her wonderful portrait.

“I’m… I’m sorry mom, about what I did...”  The boy gulped. “I didn’t mean to shoot my cum onto you.”

Leia laughed inwardly. What an odd thing to apologize to a mother for!

“It’s okay, honey.” Leia put down her datapad and walked closer to Anakin, meeting him near the doorway.  “I lost my temper too and shouldn’t have gotten so angry with you.”

She embraced her son, who limply hugged her back.  His head was buried inside her huge tits, threatening to suffocate him if he stayed there too long, like a starship being pulled into a gravity well.  He pulled away, reluctantly, after a few moments.

“Do you think… I could shoot my cum onto you again sometime?”  Anakin asked meekly.

Leia stepped back, holding her son at arm’s length.  “Now Anakin, that isn’t really what we’re doing this for. We’re collecting samples for your doctor.”

“I know… but it was really fun, mom,” Anakin admitted.  “Did you like it too?”  Still troubled by how sexual he had been acting lately and how forbidden such things could be for a Jedi, the boy was looking for some confirmation that what he did was right. He didn’t want to start down the dark path by giving in to lust.  But if his mother was there to help him, and join in with him, perhaps he wasn’t acting so improper. 

Leia gulped. “Well…. It’s good we’re spending time together… and I’m glad I can help you with your… problem.”

Anakin slumped his head.  “I wanted to talk to you about that… I don’t know… I don’t think I’m supposed to be… masturbating.  Like, at all.  Isn’t it against the Jedi Code?”  Anakin asked, a look of genuine concern on his face.

Leia gave him a faint, sympathetic smile.  “You don’t need to worry about it, honey.  Everyone does it, boys and girls alike.  Doctor Masdi has seen both of your siblings do it in their checkups. And with a cock as big as yours, I’m sure it needs a good workout regularly.”  She tried for a bit of levity, talking trashy to try and connect with her son.

Anakin smiled back at her and she noticed his hand adjusting his crotch.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I wake him up?” Leia joked.

Her son just rolled her eyes. “But besides that, doing it in front of you every day… it’s...”  Anakin continued.

“Would you like it better if I weren’t there?”  Leia asked. “I could have Threepio come back from Yavin early so he could observe you instead…”

“No!” Anakin hastily – and strongly – objected. “No!  No, definitely not… I mean… remember the first night we did it?  When you helped out?  Could you do that again?”

“Anakin…” Leia said disapprovingly.

Anakin looked dejected and depressed and stepped past his mother, moving toward her desk, keeping his back to her.  “One time I saw in this holovid a Zygerrian girl jerking off a Trandoshan guy into her mouth and-”

Leia gawked at what her son was implying.  “Anakin!  Why are bringing up such filthy things?” Han really needs to start hiding his collection better… Even worse, Leia knew all too well which of her husband’s holoporns Anakin was referring to, the Lucin Syndicate’s Thradovrassk Unchained. Ever since Han had met the female Zygerrian Hasta at the Outlander Club a year before the Battle of Yavin, Han had had an appreciation for the species. Two months after the Battle of Yavin, Han and Chewbacca had gone undercover on a mission to Coruscant for the Rebellion, and Leia had often suspected that their protracted stay on the Imperial capitol had been due to Han trying to get back in touch with Hasta.

“Well…?” Anakin pressed her.

Leia was snapped back into the present by the sound of her son’s voice. For his part, Anakin was a bit confused and embarrassed, he felt like he had gone too far.  He rubbed the back of his head.  “Sorry, maybe I should go.”

Leia sighed. This was a confusing relationship, on several levels.  “No, it’s all right.” She held out her hand and put it on her son’s shoulder as he started to move toward the exit. “Are you saying you want me to do that for you?”  Leia continued.  She had put this all on her son, even after she crossed that line several nights ago, and since then she had made her youngest boy carry all the weight of this difficult task.  It was time she stepped up and shouldered some of it.

“Uh…” Anakin muttered.

“Why don’t you take it out for me?” Leia asked, her eyes descending to his crotch.

Leia squatted on the ground in front of her son as he fumbled with his pants.  He pulled out his giant member, semi-erect and impressive as always.

Leia grinned as she saw it. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing such an enormous cock on my little boy.”

Anakin started to stroke his cock, eyes locked with his mother’s as she looked up at him, his dick so near her face.  He could smell something in the air, and then sensed through the Force that his mother was touching herself, rubbing her pussy through her thin panties under her dress with her left hand. She reached up with her right and grasped his member.

“Let me help you out, Anakin,” she said seductively, hinting at a bit of eagerness. Leia gripped his cock tightly in her hand, making a smooth stroke down its length.  The dick grew quickly to full size, extending outward and rubbing up against her neck and face.  She exhaled as she felt the warm touch against her and turned her face, rubbing her lips over the soft skin.

Her hand worked the shaft up and down steadily as she passed her mouth over the dick.  Her eyes closed as she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue, gently grazing its surface, tracing an engorged vein.

“Oh, mom….”

Leia brought out her other hand, fingers wet and sticky, her panties already soaked through.  She placed it on the cock as well, both hands ready to work in unison as they slowly moved up and down, squeezing tightly, her vaginal juices working as natural lubricant.  Leia held her face away from the tip and breathed hot air onto it.  She looked up at her son, her mouth agape as she was growing hungry.

Forgoing the head, Leia moved her face down the shaft and stuck out her tongue slightly, sliding it along the soft skin of her son’s enormous cock. 

“How does that feel, Ani?”

“Fuck- I mean-!”

“Anakin Solo!”  Leia pulled back quickly and snapped at her son. “Watch your language!  I won’t have you talking that way in this household!”

“Sorry, mom…”  Anakin frowned.

“All right, just watch it, or you won’t be getting your dick anywhere near my mouth again,” she said sternly. Satisfied at her unique method of enforcing decorum, Leia then resumed her licking of her son’s cock, growing bolder as she stuck out her tongue more and more, lapping up the surface of his thick rod.  Her right hand descended to her boy’s scrotum and she gently cupped his large bulbs of semen.

“Feels like your sack could use a tongue bath, honey,” Leia commented, as she lifted up the long rod and moved her face in closer, stretching out her tongue as she began to lick and slather up the juicy orbs with her saliva.

“Your fat balls feel loaded with cum, baby.  Do you want to shoot your load into mommy’s mouth?”

“Yeah mom!  I want to cum in your mouth!”  Anakin said, almost panting.

Leia licked her way back up the cock, finally approaching the tip, which she had been neglecting.  The increasingly-horny mother swirled her tongue around the fat, puffy crown and then dug into the opening at the end as she impatiently waited for her treat.

“Oh by the Force, mother, you’re amazing at this,” Anakin groaned.

“I know.  Ready to cum in my mouth?”  Leia asked, both hands jacking her son’s prick hard up and down.

“Yeah!” Anakin barked, her encouragement was enough to finish him off. “Stang, I’m cumming, mom!  I’m cumming!”

Leia held her face just centimeters from her son’s cock and gasped as the first blast of jizz sprayed her face.  Her hands working harder and harder on the shaft as more and more loads blasted out into her waiting mouth and across her cheeks.

Anakin groaned loudly as he came, and Leia likewise moaned as she was hosed with her son’s spunk.  She felt incredibly turned on, experiencing her own mild orgasm at the same time, as if through some form of psychic feedback.  Her face dripped with jizz as the spurts kept cumming, a small puddle forming on the floor.  She had to close her eyes as it splashed against her cheeks.  The force of cumshots was something to be reckoned with it, Leia thought.

Her son felt dizzy, and so did she.  “Oh Ani, that was amazing!”  Leia said as she fingered dollops of cum from her face, licking her fingers clean.

Ani shuddered as he finished ejaculating and then stumbled backwards a few steps, finding a chair to balance himself.   Leia swallowed down the load of cum in her mouth and fed herself a bit more as it dripped off her face.  As she finished gulping down semen she realized she hadn’t saved any samples for today’s collection.

“Oh darn it,” she said. “I didn’t save any for Doctor Masdi.” She looked at her son and his cock bouncing before her. “Think you’ll have some more for me later?”  Leia asked with a grin.

Day 4, Evening:

"Anakin!"  Leia called out, walking briskly around their family apartment, her enormous breasts bouncing and swaying as she turned her body sharply.  "Ani!  Where are you?" she yelled again.  Where had that little boy gotten off to this time?  In her right hand she tapped her index finger on a plastex container.  She needed a sample for the day, as she had… ingested all of his semen following his apology this morning. 

Leia thought to herself for a moment, wondering where he could have snuck off to. They had eaten dinner together only a short while ago.  She had anticipated him approaching her following the meal, meekly asking for her to lick his cock, and perhaps shove her tongue up his butt for good measure.  Anakin had seemed surprisingly passive about getting rimjobs though.  Maybe he was still getting used to it, as it was a bit of an odd sensation at first.  Leia would have to step up her efforts in the coming days to better acclimate her young son to the pleasures of having her butthole cleaned by a hungry tongue.

Leia was having some trouble coming to terms with the purely sexual nature of interacting with her son's cock.  That was a clear taboo and a line that was troubling to cross.  However, she had found the act of giving her children rimjobs a bit of a moral circumvention to that line.  She had at first deluded herself into believing she was helping her children with their hygiene; she quickly came to terms with the fact that it was an intensely erotic experience for both parties involved.  Though this was never spoken of directly, as she and her twins had played out the experiences as if they were something routine and normal.

But now Jacen and Jaina had been away from home for months and that hunger had only grown inside Leia.  Thankfully this sample-collecting assignment with Anakin had given her an opportunity to open that door with her youngest.  If it hadn't, the poor boy might have woken up one morning with his mother's face buried between his asscheeks.

A high-pitched beeping suddenly caught Leia's attention.  It was a security alarm.  She walked to her study quickly.  Her mind flashed back to this morning and the scene of her licking Anakin's cock in front of her desk.  She felt a twinge of guilt mixed in with her arousal. 

Walking around to the front of her desk, she pulled up the monitor built into the oro wood surface, halting the beeping as she was presented with a security holocam view of Docking Bay 3733, their family’s private hanger.  She could see her ship, the Alderaan.  A private yacht of small size, its hull was plain and unremarkable in design, a deliberate attempt to keep it as un-attention grabbing as possible.  Leia saw a group of five youths mingling around it, one boy rubbing his hand over the hull.  She recognized Anakin among them.  Must be his friends.  He knew better than to play around with her ship; it was outfitted with a deadly security system which could be triggered in the event of a perceived break-in.

Leia pressed a key on her desk and spoke into a hidden microphone.  "Alderaan, disable counter-measures."  She stood up and sighed.  Well, she had found Anakin.

Ten minutes later Leia arrived at the large, mostly-empty hanger and marched in.  Wearing a dark blue blouse and knee high tight skirt, she looked professional with her hair tied into an elongated bun on the back of her head.  Her brisk paced caused her breasts to bounce and jiggle as she moved, catching the attention of two of Anakin's friends who stood by the descended ladder that lead into the now opened cockpit.   She recognized them as Lemmie and Argile, members of Anakin's Junior Galaxy Scout troop.  It was a group for young males that focused on developing complimentary skills for young Jedi Knights, such how to survive and navigate in a variety of wilderness settings, how to repair a starship and other useful hands-on talents. 

Leia remembered she was due to host the next troop meeting soon.  She'd have to ask Anakin when that was.  Just what she needed right now, a house full of pubescent boys running around.

The Chief of State stopped a meter in front of the two short boys, barely on the cusp of puberty, their eyes locked onto her breasts as if hypnotized.  "Is Anakin in there?" she asked, hands on her hips.

Lemmie the mon calamari gulped and then nodded.  Five months after Anakin was born, Leia had visited Mon Calamari, to supervise the planet’s reconstruction for the New Republic, and do a little publicity holoshoot for Galactic Sporting Illustrated’s 130th Annual Interplanetary Swimsuit Issue on the Crystal Reef resort island. Near the end of the tour, she had survived an attempted kidnapping attempt by agents of the hutts seeking revenge for Jabba’s death. Lemmie’s parents had worked in the Crystal Reef hotel that Leia had stayed at, and made a good impression on her. Years later, when their son showed Force-sensitivity, they appealed to her directly to get him a placement to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin.

Lemmie’s close companion was Argile, a bith. Argile’s parents were data technicians who had come to Coruscant after the death of the Reborn Emperor to help the New Republic break the databank codes in the Imperial Information Center beneath the Imperial Palace. Shocked by the nature of the Emperor’s perversions they had helped to uncover, including his experiments on living beings in pursuit of his studies into the dark side of the Force, when time came for them to have a child, they requested the Bith Computer Mating Service select genes with the highest likelihood of midi-chlorian sensitivity so that their offspring could help prevent the dark side from ever holding sway again.

She shouldered past them and climbed the ladder, her breasts squeezed between her arms and against the rungs.  Damn things were a nuisance sometimes, Leia grumbled to herself.

The cockpit was small, just two seats for the pilot and co-pilot.  She walked between the chairs, hearing children laughing and chatting in the lounge room just a short distance away.  Entering into the square shaped room, she saw Anakin wrestling on the ground with Uldir Lochett. Uldir was a human a few years older than Anakin and the two aliens. The son of two shuttle pilots in the New Republic Navy, Uldir had dreamed of becoming a Jedi since his youth, and had stowed away on a transport to the Jedi Praxeum. Despite not having any major Force powers, Luke had allowed Uldir to stay and study the ways of the Force and the Jedi approach to life. Uldir had quickly befriended Anakin and Tahiri, and they had gotten into several adventures together, notably the defeat of the rogue Emperor’s Mage, Orloc, not too long ago.

The final of Anakin’s four friends stood by Anakin and Uldir,watching and giggling. This was Jebbis Ramius Nixx, nicknamed Jeb. The son of Leia’s former Galactic Security Advisor, the Rebel flygirl Tally Nixx, Jeb and his twin sister Ami were classmates of Jacen and Jaina at the Praxeum, and had recently become embroiled in the Second Imperium Crisis with them. However, while Ami was a queen geonosian in the Praxeum’s social hive, Jeb continued to be something of an outcast, which contributed to him befriending the youngest of the Solo kids.

"Anakin!"  Leia barked.

The boys stopped their roughhousing and quickly scrambled to their feet.

"Mom!"  Anakin yelped, surprised she was here.

"You know better than to be playing around in my ship!  You could have set off the security system!"  She didn’t want to think about what could have happened then.

"Oh." Anakin gulped, embarrassed about being yelled at by his mother in front of his friends.  "I'm sorry, mom…"

"Send your friends home," Leia instructed.

Anakin looked to Uldir and Jeb. They were all looking rather sheepish and shy now.  "See ya guys later, I guess."

They said hushed goodbyes and dashed out of the ship, past Leia.  Jeb bumped into her chest, on purpose she suspected.  "Excuse you?" she said sharply at the boy.

“Oh, umm, sorry Mrs. Solo,” he said, eyes turned downward.  He and Uldir exited through the cockpit, the only entrance or exit on her ship.

Leia looked back at Anakin and pulled out a small plastic container.  "You were supposed to fill this for me, Ani."

Anakin shrugged. "Oh."

"Don't 'oh' me, mister. You're already in trouble for this little stunt.  It's about time you started growing up a little."

Outside the ship the four boys were giggling as they listened in.  During their exit of the ship through the cockpit, Uldir had switched on the internal microphones and the exterior speakers.  The group were hiding behind some duracrete crates to stay out of sight if a security patrol happened by.

Leia approached her son and handed him the container.  He took it in one hand and his mother quickly started to untie his pants.


"Don't argue with me, Ani.  Let's just take care of this quickly."

Anakin didn't know what to make of this.  "Oh-okay."

Leia yanked down her son's pants, his long cock dangling to one side.  She smirked at it.  "There it is."  She reached over with one hand and cupped the bulbous head, gently rubbing the tip with her fingers.  He was slowly getting harder and she gripped his vertical shaft with her other hand and stroked it downward a few times.

Leia looked up at her son. She was dissatisfied he wasn't fully erect yet.  "Come on Ani, get your cock hard for me."  She spat into her right palm and rubbed her saliva up and down shaft and his dick grew a few more centimeters and began to arch outward.  "That's better."

Outside in the hanger the four boys were stunned and silent.  They didn't move a centimeter for fear of missing the next bit of dialogue from the Alderaan.

Leia hefted her son's cock upright and stroked it with her left hand, her right cupped and massaged his testicles.  They were heavy and fat, barely able to palm one at a time.

"Your balls are so big, Ani.  You must have loads of cum in there," Leia commented passively as her left hand stroked his shaft in long, hard strokes.  She looked up at her son's face. He seemed to be straining a bit.  He was trying to cum as quickly as possible but that would just tire him out, and she'd get nothing.

"Turn around, I'm going to lick your butthole," Leia instructed.

Anakin let out a breath. "Aww, can't you lick my dick instead, mom?  That's way better," he grumbled.

Leia narrowed her eyes at him and pointed a finger. "Don't argue with me, mister, or you'll never get your cock licked by me again."

Anakin sighed and turned around.  Leia wasted no time in shoving her face between his cheeks, spearing her tongue directly into his butthole.

"Oh-oh, mom!" Anakin yelped, but quickly he went to work on his dick with both hands.  The sensation was incredible but embarrassing all the same.  It didn’t take more than a minute for the thirteen year old to work up to an orgasm.  He emptied his load into the container and resealed it.  Anakin was sure his mother knew he had come but her tongue lashing of his buttocks continued unabated.

Anakin reached out with the force and heard his mother's thoughts.  "Oh, this asshole is great.  I could tongue fuck my boy's butt for hours!"

Anakin felt himself getting hard again.  He could hear his mother rubbing her wet pussy as she tongued his bum.  He was quickly working up to his second orgasm, or the third for the day and he didn't want to finish on his own.  Anakin pulled away from his mother, separating his ass from her mouth for the first time in nearly twenty minutes, and aimed his cock at her drooling lips.

She grabbed his shaft with both hands and looked up at her boy.  "You ready to cum again already?" she asked eagerly.

Anakin moaned and said, "Yeah mom, lick my cock, lick it!"

Leia looked at his throbbing meat and did as she was beckoned too, slapping her long tongue up and down against the fat, fleshy head, her two hands pumping with abandon up and down on the huge shaft.

"Kark!" Anakin groaned as he blasted another load of jizz out of his cock.

At the same moment Leia glared at him and yelled, "Anakin!  Watch your language!"

His cum blasted flew over her right shoulder, missing her mouth, and face, entirely.  Anakin was disappointed.  As he caught his breath he said somberly, "Sorry, mom…"

Leia stood up and collected the container of jizz Anakin had dropped on the floor and noted the mess of jizz on the bulkhead. With Minan the maid gone, she'd have to send for a droid to clean it up.  Anakin collected himself and put away his softening cock.  Leia lead the way out of the ship, her son quietly following behind.

As she headed for the exit she heard some giggling behind a few stacked boxes.  Leia shook her head, guessing who it was.  She looked to Anakin, "You head home in the shuttle, I'll be along shortly."

"Yes, mother," Anakin said, regretting that his friends were about to be chewed out by his mother.  So mortifying.

Leia marched over to the source of the noise and discovered the group of four boys.  They froze in place when she appeared over them, her figure and outrageous bust silhouetted in the bright overhead lighting.

"What are you doing here?  There's no more playing in the hanger, you all need to go home."

They stood up slowly, and Argile said, "We don't have a ride and the maglev isn't running at this hour."

Leia rolled her eyes.

Five minutes later she was piloting her personal ComfortRide passenger airspeeder through the busy night life traffic of Coruscant.  The skies were crowded, but it was nothing next to her experiences flying for Gray Flight during the Rebellion. Jeb sat in the front passenger seat and the other three in the back.  The whole ride Leia could feel their eyes on her, and mostly on her breasts.  She noticed the boy sitting next to her was rubbing his crotch, a erection evident in his pants.  Just like my sons, she mused.

"You seem like a really cool mom, Mrs. Solo," Jeb said. Jeb had a habit of collecting risqué holopaparazzi images of Leia, like her shoots in Coruscant Galaxia Metromag and Flygirl. Having the real deal next to him, especially dressed so provocatively, was having quite an effect on him. It was even better than the times he’d been up close and personal with Jaina. "My mom doesn't ever jack me off, even though I've asked her a few times."

"What?!"  Leia was shocked.  Why in the Force would he say something like that?

"I'm jealous you're Anakin's mom,” he continued. “You're like the prettiest lady in the galaxy and he gets handjobs from you."

Leia gulped and tried to maintain her composure.  Had Anakin said something to his friends?  She had never imagined he would but maybe she was wrong.  What if his friends said something to their parents or guardians?  Or something to their Jedi Masters at the Academy and word got back to Luke or Han or someone in the Senate?  Well, Leia considered, they wouldn't believe it.  But she had to be careful, none the less.

"Did Anakin tell you that?"  Leia asked calmly.

"No, we heard you guys inside the ship.  The speaker was turned on," Jeb spoke cheerfully.

Leia could have died.  She tried to remember what she had said, what Anakin had said.  She recalled that she wasn't very explicit… at least, this time.  Maybe there wasn't too much damage.

"Yes well, Anakin has a condition that requires a medical record of his… ejaculations."

Jeb nodded in an understanding way, and only to then add, "So why do you lick his butt too?  That's kind of icky."

Leia focused on her breathing, remaining relaxed and collected.  If you act like nothing is wrong, then they won't think anything is.  "That's just something a mother should do for her children.  It's a sign of affection, that's all."

The boy nodded again.  "I wonder if my mom will do that for me, since she won't jack me off."

Leia felt a bit more at ease.  “Maybe,” she said, only praying that Tally didn’t ever have the question posed to her – or have its origin traced back to her.

Jeb unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his erect penis.  "I don't see why she wouldn't want to jerk me off.  Is my penis normal?" he asked innocently.

Leia should have been more surprised at this, but she wasn't.  "It looks normal.  Like a healthy penis."  It looked about seventeen or eighteen centimeters long.  "That's a good size too, bigger than average."

Leia reached over and took a hold of his shaft, as if out of instinct.  "Yeah, your cock is quite nice, Jeb."

The boy jumped a little at the touch of the sexy and super busty Chief of State.

"That feels really nice, Mrs. Solo," Jeb said sweetly.

Leia looked over her should and saw the three boys in the back all had their cocks out and were stroking them.  She shook her head and smiled.  "All right, does anyone want to stop for zoochberry cream?"

"Yeah!" they all yelled at once.

A few minutes later the four boys were huddled in a circle, each holding a Tibanna split and grinning broadly.  Lemmie dropped a spoonful, nearly landing on Leia's breasts below him.

"Careful now," Leia said, looking down at the plop of melting ice cream.

"Oh sorry, Mrs. Solo," said the mon calamari boy, shoveling another spoonful into his mouth.

Leia shook her head and then refocused herself on the dicks surrounding her.  Each of the boys’ cocks were uncovered, at full erection as she alternated her hands from one throbbing shaft to another. 

"You boys all have very nice cocks," Leia said encouragingly. Even if Lemmie’s was certainly… unique, thanks to his aquatic anatomy.  "They're all so big too."  Leia wondered if somehow Force sensitivity lead to larger dicks, as each of these boys were putting her husband, and most human men she knew, to shame.  She was tempted to blow each of them but thought better of it; a blowbang was a bit much.  Though she knew shouldn't let their hard-ons go to waste.

"Have you boys ever cum before?"

They all shrugged, not clear on what that meant. 

Leia smirked and got to work harder on their dicks, pumping her fist tightly up and down, wetting her palms with licks as she switched between members.  The boys began to moan and shuddered as she gave new sensations they would never grow tired of.

The squatting Chief of State looked around her surroundings as she pumped the barely teenaged cocks.  They were between her speeder and another at a popular dessert stop.  Goodvalor’s was a common destination during the warmer months for cold treats for the family.  Indeed, Leia had brought her children here on a few occasions in the past, though she never given Jacen and Anakin handjobs as they ate. 

Leia had parked at the end of a long row of speeders and so had some modest expectation of privacy, though she could still hear the chattering crowds just a few meters away.

Moving from cock to cock, Leia could tell the younglings weren't to last much longer.  One by one they set aside their ice cream and focused on the enormously titted woman squatting before them, jacking their cocks with enthusiasm.

"You guys close to cumming?  You ready to shoot your jizz?"  Leia asked eagerly.

"Yeah, my jizz is gonna shoot, Mrs. Solo," Argile uttered as he moaned.

"Good, shoot your load into my mouth.  Everyone give me your milky treats!"

Lemmie and Jeb took hold of their own cocks while Leia's hand pounded fast on the remaining pair.  In unison they all erupted in cum, spraying gooey, hot loads of cum across her face, splashing on her tongue and lips and running down her chin.  It was more semen than Leia could have ever swallowed at once, which was saying something.

The boys hollered and moaned as they came, spurting out shot after shot of cum.  Leia swallowed down mouthful after mouthful, though much of the spunk was now splashed down her front.  Her tits were caked in the sticky spunk.

One by one they stumbled away from Leia and tucked away their pricks.  After a quick cleanup, as best she could manage, the forty-something mother of three stood up.  Uldir walked up to her and said, "Thank you very much for the ice cream and the handjob, Mrs. Solo."

"You're welcome, Uldir.  But now I want you all to promise to keep this a secret, okay?" she asked the group.  They all nodded, and Argile added, "My mom doesn’t want me eating ice cream after dark anyway, so I definitely won't tell."

Leia chuckled and shook her head.  Such innocence.  They would probably tell Anakin, but that wouldn't amount to much she expected.  He might be a little jealous but he needed to learn to share his toys.

"Chief of State?"

Leia's eyes shot open, recognizing that voice.  She turned and saw none other than Viqi Shesh, the ambassador of Kuat in the New Republic Senate. House Shesh was one of the Ten, the aristocratic families who ruled Kuat, and Leia had first encountered her years earlier in the Imperial Senate, when she had been a page for Senator Owell Trask. When Leia had gone on to pose as an undercover spaceport whore during the early days of the New Republic, she had taken her streetname, Viqi of Voorson, from Viqi Shesh’s first name and the territory on Kuat where House Shesh was located.

Shesh was now one of the leaders of the Loyalist Party; formerly the ruling party of the Empire, after the end of the Civil War it had shifted to a general support of nobility over democracy, the Core Worlds over the Rim, humans over aliens, and criticism of the Jedi. The Loyalists, once briefly the majority party of the New Republic Senate, had been reduced to third-party hangers-on, opposing both her Delegationist Party and Borsk’s Rights of Sentience Party. However, with the Senate increasingly being split between the two main parties, the Loyalists could someday become kingmakers – which made Shesh finding Leia in such an embarrassing context so… well, embarrassing.

“I’m surprised to see you here.  I didn’t think a person of your… status came to places like this,"  Shesh said, her voice a perfectly-calculated mix of cool and condescending.

Leia shrugged. “Just taking my son’s friends out for a treat.”

“I see…”  Her eyes, narrowed at the mention of one of the famous Solo Jedi children, scanned Leia and noticed the dampness on her chest.  "Looks like you spilled a little."

"Actually we spilled on her," Lemmi said, with no hint of irony.

Leia smiled and added, "Boys will be boys… But I suppose it might be hard for someone without a family of her own to understand that."

“Indeed.” Viqi’s voice was icy-cold at the implication of her dynastic failures. She was well known for having a retinue of telbuns – male Kuati breeders – living with her at her Senatorial embassy on Coruscant, but no House Shesh scion had been announced as of yet. “Well, it was nice seeing you, Chief of State.  I look forward to our next debate in the Senate. I’m sure it will be most… illuminating."  With that, she walked away and Leia let out a sigh of relief.  What a cunt!  Leia turned back to the group of boys who had been whispering behind her back.

"All set to go?"  Leia asked. 

Jeb stepped forward. "Can we see your boobs, Mrs. Solo?"

Leia cocked her head. "Why don't you ask your mom if you can see her boobs.  Now it's time to get you home."

The boys grumbled and got back in the speeder and Leia returned them each to their respective housing complexes, happily avoiding any meetings with their guardians.

Day 5:

The next morning, Leia knocked on Anakin’s door. “Ani?” she asked. “Are you up yet?” It was still early in the morning, but her youngest child was always her most studious and perfunctory. Jacen would always lounge about, watching nature holodramas and more recently beginning to try and clandestinely chew Tatooinian cacti for a quick high, while Jaina was always nose-deep in Droid Works issues. Anakin, however, could always be counted on to be up with the rising of Coruscant Prime, even without Threepio or Minan waking him.

But of course, neither of them were here now, and Anakin was on vacation from the Academy. And it was still rather early – which was why Leia was knocking on the door at the moment. She had talked on the HoloNet with Doctor Masdi the night prior, about her difficulty in gathering the samples from Anakin. Tescia had suggested a technique that had apparently worked on some of her other young patients. She knocked gentle one more time, and then when there was still no reply, opened the door and went in.

Leia was wearing a Fre’drix of Bespin gown especially for the task. A mix of brown septsilk and white hisp-silk, there were several gauzy transparent segments, as well as plenty of open slits for her bare limbs to show through, held open by aurodium clasps. She wore an emeraud choker around her neck, and her hair was done up in elaborate Naboo-inspired braids. In one hand was one of the plastex sample cups, and in the other was a small bottle of nikkle nut oil.

Inside his room, Anakin was still asleep in bed, lying on his back beneath the thin white Euadranian silk sheets. Leia wondered what he was dreaming about. He had a very serene expression on his face…and a massive erection standing straight up. That was the advice the doctor had given – when it doubt, go for the morning wood.

Leia would have to work quickly, though. Pulling the sheets down, she undid the buttons on the fly of Anakin’s pajama bottoms. His cock instantly snapped up to attention, pointing almost straight up. Leia smiled. It looked like at least one part of her little trooper was wide awake…and whether the rest of him was awake or not, Leia knew one thing that was guaranteed to get a result.

Pulling the bodice of her dress down, Leia let her breasts bob free. Taking the bottle of nikkle nut oil, she squirted it over each orb, shivering slightly at the coolness of the slick liquid. Rubbing her mammaries to warm them up, she then bent over. Now here’s the tricky part, Leia said to herself, separating her breasts so Anakin’s cock would fit between them. Perfect! I guess all those times spent piloting X-wings back in Gray Squadron paid off

Leia began to heave her breasts up and down, pumping them to either side of her son’s massive cock. Anakin stirred slightly in his slumber, but other than a faint smile coming to his mouth, he didn’t seem to change. For her part, Leia was feeling more than enough flustered for both of them. A strange heat was washing over her, like the excitement and the raw sexual energy she had felt as a young teenager herself, sneaking into Winter’s room in the Aldera Palace at night or preparing to meet Eril, her ceremonial suitor.

It was wrong to think of Anakin in this way, as one of her childhood sexual romances – even more wrong than everything else she had already done with him already over the past few days – but she just couldn’t get it out of her head. In her mind, he was a teenaged lover on Alderaan, a scion of one of the other noble houses, someone like her childhood friend Banfell Girard. It was like she was getting carried away in a wave of adolescent hormones. And like any pair of teenaged lovers were wont to do, Leia just couldn’t help herself, until…

“Oh, spast!” she muttered, as Anakin’s large cock stiffened, then shot its load over her chest. The sample container was sitting on the other side of the bed, well outside of her arm’s reach. But even with the knowledge that she had ruined her chance at getting the day’s sample, she couldn’t help but have a big smile on her face, as she felt her son’s warm seed on her. Oh well, she thought to herself, as she stuffed her boobs back into her dress, and prepared to return to her part of the apartment for a hydroshower. At least Anakin wasn’t awake to see how much I enjoyed that. And maybe getting him so drained before he wakes up will put him in a better mood for the rest of the day

Replacing her son’s pajamas and sheets, and gathering the lubricant oil and empty sample container, Leia made her way out of the bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind his retreating mother, Anakin opened his eyes. Still lying down in bed, he laced his hands behind his head, and smiled. It seemed like his attempts at controlling the Force feedback loop he shared with his mother had gone well. Not that he was trying to cut off the loop, that was – quite the opposite. Mistress Tionne and Master Ikrit at the Academy would be proud…not that he could ever tell them about it, of course.

Still, his studying of that aspect of his developing Jedi powers would no doubt make the rest of his ‘vacation’ with Leia go by much faster. And perhaps would have other benefits as well, once he returned to the Academy. Well, in any case, he thought, like Uncle Luke always says – ‘practice makes perfect’