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Leia's Motherly Touch Part 3: Mother Blows Best

Leia’s Motherly Touch, Part 3
Mother Blows Best

By Pyro & Das Flute

Day 6, Morning:

Leia Organa Solo, the forty-three year old beauty, stood nude at the entrance to her long walk-in closet. Despite her adventurous and often-tough lifestyle, her body was more impressive – bordering on extraordinary – than ever. Since giving birth to three children her body had filled out her previously skinny frame, her breasts were now enormous and her hips rounded out an attractive silhouette. Though, if she were being completely honest, she wasn’t all natural. But a slight lift and boost were in order, after all the wear her body had been through. Only the finest cloning specialists on Nuri had improved them with cloned tissue – and the source came from her own cells, after all, so it wasn’t really cheating, was it?

Han called them the Mascot Moons. They were as what could only be described now as huge. Very huge – but natural looking, not the bolted-on bimbo balls some of the holo-tramps paraded around with. Leia pulled these off with aplomb; they fit her persona as the most desirable woman in the galaxy, and earning her a new title as the bustiest woman in the galaxy. As Chief of State, she didn’t let that status go to waste.

The ultra-buxom woman looked over her vast selection of outfits. What to wear? Leia wondered. She had to go into the Imperial Palace today, the first time in a week since taking leave to care for her son’s… condition. Leia gulped as she thought about the past several days and what she had subjected herself, and her son, to. Guilt wracked her mind, but so did so competing with lust. It was a vicious cycle. The more naughty and taboo she acted, the more she enjoyed it – only to then later curse herself when she had a clearer mind.

She needed to step back a bit with Anakin. She could handle giving her thirteen year old son handjobs. That felt acceptable to her. She imagined more than a few mothers helped their sons out in this regards. Moreover, she couldn’t deny the attraction she felt for his forty centimeter cock – though that part was what she felt guilty about. There was no doubt Anakin felt the same way about her, which only complicated things. But what was done, was done and there nothing to be gained from forcing the boy to go cold nuna and cut him off completely. He would get sick of her; all men got bored with having the same partner after a while. She had turned a blind eye to Han and his dalliances over the years, and it kept him happy and them together.

Leia was less sure of herself, however. She found the past week to be the most erotic and sexually exciting time in her recent life. And with the exception of the first day, that was from just stroking off a cock, a far cry from having actual sex. Leia’s mind whirled as she thought of her son riding her from behind, pounding his huge dick into her pussy. She felt her knees go weak and pussy gush. The busty woman cleared her head. She had to stay focused. She couldn’t give into such temptation. She tried to focus on the Jedi meditations Luke had taught her during his Jedi training of her in the early years of the New Republic.

No, she’d stick with handjobs. Though that blowjob she had given him nearly a week ago was an enchanting experience. The poor boy must be aching for another. She had almost sucked his cock two days ago, instead holding herself back, licking his delicious shaft instead. Leia loved to suck on cock, and from the moment she saw Anakin’s she had to fight the urge to bury her face into his crotch, deepthroating his shlong down to his balls. Maybe as a reward, if he behaved himself and cooperated. Anakin had a tendency to be difficult and she knew that she shouldn’t encourage him by blowing his prick.

Leia realized she had been rubbing her breasts as her fantasy of sucking off Anakin had continued in her mind. She needed a release. And she needed to keep Anakin at bay. She found him too tempting right now. A wicked idea passed through her mind. Maybe she could spear two fleek-eels with one trident.


Anakin stirred in his bed, consciousness gradually overtaking him as the dream world faded away. He flicked his eye lids a few times to clear his vision. He was a bit disappointed to be waking up so… conventionally. After yesterday’s surprise tit-fucking from his horny mother he was hoping she’d give a repeat performance. Those Forcely melons wrapped around his shlong was a sensation nearly on par with the suck job she’d given him days earlier. But no such luck today. Darn.

Relieving himself in his personal refresher stall, the still-sleepy teen exited his bedroom. Across from his door way Anakin spotted a small disc-shaped object sitting conspicuously. It was a holo-player, with a blue pulsing light indicating a new recording. Anakin yawned and picked up the device. Turning it on he was greeted with a full body image of his mother, dressed in a too-tight zipped up vest with no undershirt and form fitting pants. Damn, she looks hot, Anakin thought. She looks like a backup dancer from a holostar vid. It looked like her tits were ready to burst out of that top.

Anakin listened to his mother’s message. She informed him that she would be at the Palace most of today catching up on a week of missed work. Anakin’s “condition” had kept her away from her duties but the business of running the galaxy could be put on hold for only so long. The recording continued past her brief note.

“I know you’ll need to take care of yourself alone today honey, I’m sorry about that,” Leia said sweetly, referencing her son’s requirement for daily masturbation, though lately she had been jacking off her son at twice that rate. “So I thought I’d give you a little… inspiration.”

Anakin’s cock quickly rose to attention as he watched his mother unzip her top, her copious breasts pouring out into the open. She licked her lips and shook her gigantic, fleshy tits, making her boobs sway and wag. Anakin quickly pulled out his enormous cock and started to stroke it. He watched with delight as his badly behaving mother groped herself, mashing her breasts together. “How’s my honey’s cock? I hope you’re beating it off real hard for mommy.”

Maker, what a slut, Anakin thought. She had become a different woman lately. Or maybe he had seen a side of her she had just kept hidden all this while. Perhaps the true side. Either way, he was hoping she’d stay this way.

Leia hefted one boob to her mouth and stuck out her tongue, flicking it over her nipple a few times before starting to suck on it. She moaned and mewed, her eyes closed in lust. Her other hand descended into her scintathread pants and the boy felt his cock get even harder. She was going to rub herself off in front of him. To his disappointment she didn’t reveal her pussy to him, but knowing what she was doing was enough for now. Anakin pounded his meat up and down as his mother sucked wantonly on her tit and rubbed her twat furiously. She moaned and cooed and quickly brought herself to completion, Anakin himself cumming as well, shooting a load of jizz onto the pale yellow wall across from him. “Well, Anakin, that should take care of you for today, and then some,” the holographic Leia said, wiping her brow of perspiration. “I’ll see you later tonight for dinner.”

Anakin rubbed his dick as she talked, her tits still revealed and he could see her left hand was sticky with her own cum. He was getting hard again already. “Kark,” Anakin said out loud. “I think I’m going to have to pay mom a surprise visit at work this afternoon.”

Day 6, Afternoon:

Leia tapped the fingers of her left hand in succession on her greel wood desktop. Her frustration would have been evident had anyone been present, but she was good at keeping her feelings in check and her solitude was the only reason she allowed it to be expressed in this way. In the world of politics, appearances were everything. As such she had to keep herself as attractive as possible, as Leia’s beauty had long given her the advantage in many situations. Her nails continued to jab into the hard surface, each painted a matte white, and manicured to a narrow, curved point. They were elegant but could act as effective claws if she needed them. The drawback of playing the desirable beauty was that many men thought they could have her, despite any objections she might have had. Whether in the Senate or on an Outer Rim pirate nest, a few creative ways to defend herself were never a bad idea.

Focused on a datapad before her, the Chief of State was dressed for work, which was to say provocatively by any other standard. Her hair was braided in a bun circled at the back of her head, a generally understated style compared to the rest of her attire. The dress she was squeezed into tightly wrapped her breasts inside a neckline that pushed and lifted to create more cleavage than Jabba’s entire harem combined. Though her areolas were partially exposed, Leia found such a tease to be useful in aggressive negotiations. It was so much harder for men to think straight when they couldn’t stop staring. The skirt of her dress was skimpy at best, just covering her crotch when standing, and slits on the sides left her thighs almost entirely exposed. The most covered part of her body was her arms, as the gown had long sleeves. In addition, Leia wore shoulder pads with a transparent cape that nearly touched the ground. It added a bit of mystique and allure to already stunningly erotic image. A necklace sat atop her breasts and small saucer earrings dangled at her cheeks. Leia considered the outfit to have a high ‘twitch’ factor as she called it. It made men’s cock twitch and stir in their pants to no end.

Hunched over her desk, her boobs mashed against the hard table top, ready to spill out completely, Leia studied the boring tables of information on taxation reform for the trade routes between the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim. She had been reviewing this for hours and craved a break, or a distraction, but knew it was better to get the hard stuff out of the way first. She sighed and continued to read.


Anakin strolled through the hallways of the Imperial Palace. He had been here a few times in the past, though rarely had he had the opportunity to tour much of it. Usually he was with his mom and his stop here was just a momentary lay over while she attended to some quick business and then they were on their way.

The thirteen year old found all the statues and sculptures fascinating. He loved history and this place was history, if not merely a black mark on it. Anakin had come here on the pretense of working on a report for Mistress Tionne’s Galactic History and Society class, on the political process and how laws were formed and passed. It was a subject he could hardly care less about, but it presented an opportunity for him to visit his mother at work. And after her performance this morning in the hologram, he desperately wanted to give the Chief of State a sampling of his poll.

Anakin made his way to the waiting room of his mother’s office. A few senators were mingling about. Anakin recognized three of them, the tan furred bothan Borsk Fey’lya, the human senator from Commenor Fyor Rodan, and the Quarren Pwoe. Having apparently just left a meeting of the Senate High Council with Leia, they were engaged in a discussion with each other and Anakin quietly moved in closer to hear.

“Shesh said what?” Rodan was asking. The leader of the pro-business Rationalist Party, he was largely at odds with the Rights of Sentience Party led by Fey’lya and whom Pwoe was also a member of. But with the New Republic Senate potentially in flux after the next election, it made sense to keep one’s options open. Anakin knew enough to know that they were talking about Senator Viqi Shesh of Kuat, a rising star in the formerly pro-Imperial Loyalist Party.

“She said she had some potentially compromising information on the illustrious Chief of State,” Fey’lya replied quietly. “Combined with some of the things I have on her, it could be enough to pressure her to bow out after this Senate session ends.” He glanced around, eyes briefly settling on Anakin, but clearly dismissing him as just a child. “But we can talk about this more at the Bothan Embassy. Delta Source isn’t the only security system the Palace has within it, especially with her noghri slave commandos around…”

As the waiting room cleared out, Anakin stepped to the door leading to his mother’s office. He looked over at his mother’s aide, Alole, an attractive and exotic dark skinned human in her twenties, who let him in without further delay.

The Chief of State’s Office was large and well furnished with comfortable couches and chairs and an array of artwork from all sorts of cultures. The walls were red and the carpet a dark violet. At the far end of the room was a long desk sitting before an expansive plasteel window looking out onto the cityscape. It was a quite a view. Sitting at the center was his mother, looking over a datapad, one of my many strewn across her desk. She didn’t immediately look up to acknowledge him. After taking a few steps further into the office she finally lifted her head, her expression revealing surprise.

“Anakin!” She stood up from behind her desk. “I wasn’t expecting you.” She sounded a bit disarmed, maybe even annoyed to Anakin.

The young boy swallowed, taking her in her stunning outfit. His cock sprang to life in his pants without another moment passing. But her tone betrayed his intentions of showing up and putting her to work on his dick. He wondered if he perhaps was over playing his hand a little. He reached out with the Force, getting a sense of his mother’s mind. She was frustrated and tired and not the least bit horny. Maybe he could encourage her to relax a little.

“Hi mom,” he said cheerfully. “I was working on a report about the Republic and politics, and I thought I’d do some hands-on research.” He walked closer to her desk.

Leia relaxed a little, pleased to hear that her son was engaged with his school work still, as he continued. “I interviewed a few senators and got some good quotes for my report.” He reached her desk, tapping his fingers on the datapad he clutched in his hands.

“And I suppose you’d like to interview me as well?” Leia asked, crossing her arms under her large chest.

Anakin felt his cock twitch as his mom’s breasts were lifted under her arms. What he wouldn’t do right now to tear that top off her? He shook his head and looked down, clearing his thoughts. “Yeah, of course. But we could do that later if you want. Seems like you’re kind of over worked as is.” He motioned to the dozens of datapads on her desk.

Leia nodded. “I am.” She sat down in her chest, chest bouncing as she did. “It builds up quickly.”

Anakin walked around her desk to her side and reached out to put his hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry mom. This is my fault. If you didn’t have to take these two weeks off you wouldn’t be so stressed.”

Leia looked at her son and smiled, “No sweetheart, don’t feel bad. I’ve been too absent as a mother as is, and it’s important for me to be there for you.”

Anakin returned her smile and Leia pulled her son in for a hug, not standing so her body was positioned lower than his. Anakin delighted in feeling her chest pressing against his torso and crotch. Leia felt his cock harden and grow inside his pants. She broke the embrace and looked down at his pants, seeing the large imprint of a hard-on inside.

“Oh Ani,” she scolded him.

“I’m sorry mom…” He rolled his eyes in feigned embarrassment. In actuality he loved this.

“You found the holo-vid I left for you, right?” she asked.

Anakin smiled broadly and nodded.

“Good, then you should be fine, for today at least.”

Anakin’s smile quickly vanished and Leia turned away back to her desk.

“But mom…” he whined, and started to rub the long tube shaped bulge inside his tan pants. “I can’t walk around like this. What if someone sees? And besides, clearly I’m still backed up.”

Leia sighed. “Anakin, I’m at my office! Control, control, you must learn control!” She looked at him square in the eye.

Anakin was annoyed and frustrated. He was done playing games for today. He’d been blue-balled since this morning and he needed to get some proper service for his cock. The thirteen year old unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his lengthy cock.

Leia was momentarily silenced as she saw the giant shlong revealed once again. Over forty centimeters long, and on her young boy. It never ceased to stun her, or turn her on. Anakin stroked it and stared down at his ultra-busty mother sitting in her fancy Chief of State chair. He aimed his cock at her face, barely able to keep himself from force his dick inside her sweet mouth.

With his free hand he pulled out his scrotum, two heavy balls of cum each the size of his fist. “My sack could use another tongue bath,” he said with a cocky grin, referencing his mother’s comment from two days ago.

Leia stared at her son’s cock for another moment, her mouthwatering. Then she noticed something. “Honey… have you grown?” she asked, turning her head at an angle to get a better look.

“Uh… maybe?” Anakin said unsure.

Leia pulled open a drawer on the side of her desk and pulled out a small, palm sized measuring device, a square box with a small round nub at one corner. She turned back to Anakin’s exposed shlong and put her left hand on it, the device in her right.

Anakin cooed at the touch of his mother’s hand on his cock. Leia looked up at him disapprovingly. She angled his cock upward slightly and put the rounded bumper of the device at the base of her son’s dick, where his scrotum turned into hard shaft. She dragged the rubber tip up the length of cock, along the urethra and to the very tip, where pre-cum bubbled out. Leia pulled the device away and looked at the read out on the back.

“Forty-seven centimeters. My goodness Anakin, you’ve grown quite a bit since your first exam,” Leia noted in surprise.

Anakin smiled. “Wizard! My cock is getting even bigger!”

Leia furrowed her brow. “I’m not so sure that’s a good thing, sweetheart. We’re supposed to be preventing this sort of thing. You don’t want your cock too big…” she said, eyeing his rod, her left hand making idle strokes up and down his shaft.

Anakin didn’t respond, instead just enjoying the feeling of his mother’s soft, soothing strokes.

Leia looked up at her son, realizing the effect she was having on him. “Are you… fully erect?” she asked. “I want to make sure the measurement is accurate.” She could feel his cock pulsing under her grip.

Anakin hesitated, “I’m… mostly. I mean…”

Leia cocked an eyebrow. “You want me to keep stroking you till you’re sure?”

“Uh… yeah,” Anakin gulped.

Leia put aside the measuring the device, setting it on her desk, and then gripped her boy’s cock with both hands and started to make quick, tight jerks up and down.

“Oh mom… you’re so good…” Anakin muttered.

Leia grinned up her son and then looked down the barrel of his dick, at the fat head that was pointing straight at her face. She licked her lips and then moved her face in closer, sniffing at the tip. She stuck out her tongue and licked up a big dollop of pre-cum.

Anakin gasped at the touch. “I thought you said…”

“I just need to get an accurate measurement for the doctor, sweetie,” Leia interrupted him. Doctor Masdi would no doubt be fascinated by the growth in Anakin’s member. Leia wondered if she had seen other examples of genital expansion in other beings with high midi-chlorian levels.

Leia flicked her tongue again and again over her son’s engorged cock head, her hands pounding up and down the length of his dick.

“Uh, mom… I’m gonna…” Anakin groaned.

Leia, distracted by her enthusiastic handjob grabbed the measuring device with one hand and quickly measured his dick from tip to scrotum again, just as Anakin grunted and the first shot of jizz shot out. Leia gasped as warm cum splashed over her tits.

“Oh Ani!” Leia cried out as her round melons were coating in his semen.

“Oh Mommy!” Ani said in kind.

The thirteen year old stepped back as Leia let go of his slackening cock. The Chief of State stood up to examine herself. Her top was ruined and the cum was quickly soaking through. Leia had long ago had her maid Minan alter her outfits so they could be torn away in sections, for various reasons. She hooked her fingers inside her shirt and tugged, the entire section of her blouse covering her magnificent breasts tore away.

Anakin gulped as he looked upon his mother’s exposed boobs. They didn’t budge a bit, still impossibly perky and round. Large, wide areolas invited him to suck on them. He stepped in closer and Leia saw the look in his eyes.

“Ease there, little trooper,” she said, putting out a hand to stop her son from approaching.

Anakin stopped in his tracks, but didn’t hesitate to start stroking his cock again.

Leia looked herself over some more, discovering more of her son’s cum on her skirt. “Oh, kark it. This stuff gets everywhere.” She pulled away her skirt, forgetting she wasn’t wearing panties today until too late.

Anakin was looking upon his mother’s exposed vulva. He was having a very hard time controlling himself.

Leia bit her lower lip, looking down at herself, nearly nude, or at least nude in every way that mattered. “Oh, I didn’t mean to do that.” She looked at her son with his painful erection. “I’m sorry, sweetie, I’m not helping a bit, am I?”

She walked over to her son and put a hand under his horizontal cock and looked her boy in the eyes. She had to be careful. She had an extra outfit or two in her office she could change into but leaving her son hanging like this after flashing him seemed cruel.

Leia knelt onto the ground before Anakin. “This looks painful, Ani.”

Anakin nodded slowly and then asked, “Could you kiss it and make it better?”

Leia smirked at him. “Cute.” He sure had his father’s sardonic wit. The cock held strong, leveled at her mouth. Leia licked her lips and then puckered them and gave a quaint little peck on the puffy tip of her son’s prick.

“Better?” she asked innocently.

Anakin shrugged, masking the fact that he was having a hard time keeping himself from fucking his mother’s pretty face right now.

“Now sweetheart…” Leia started, getting ready to explain something more to her boy.

Anakin couldn’t listen any longer, as Leia opened her mouth wide he thrust forward, jabbing his cock into her mouth, forcing the entire thick head inside and then the first several centimeters.

Leia’s eyes shot open, completely unprepared for this.

Anakin grabbed his dick for better control with one hand and the other he put on his mom’s shoulder, forcing more of his cock into her mouth. Leia gagged as the end of the cock banged against the back of her mouth.

“Oh fuck mom… just suck my cock,” Anakin said, almost pleading as he pulled back slightly and then shoved more of his dick inside again.

Leia looked down at the prick as it pulled out of her widely stretched mouth and then back in again. Her eyes shot back and forth between her son’s aggressive, lust filled face and his raging hard-on that was invading her mouth. She needed to maintain her balance and reached out, putting her hands on Anakin’s hips.

The thirteen-year-old let go of his cock, putting his other hand on his mother’s other shoulder as she braced herself. His dick was secure in her mouth now. He pulled back, leaving just the head inside her tight lips and then jammed forward, forcing his cock past the back of her mouth and into her throat.

Leia angled her head and neck as the thick dick descending into her gullet. She didn’t gag or sputter, and Anakin’s cock kept going.

“Oh mom, your throat…” the boy groaned, as he watched his entire cock disappear between his mother’s lips.

Leia stuck her tongue out from underneath her lower lip, giving her boy’s cock as wide a space as possible, and to taste what was to come.

As thirty and then forty centimeters of giant cock-meat were devoured by the hunger mother, Anakin’s hold on her shoulders fell away and Leia took over, pulling her son’s thighs in closer, feasting on the remained delicious length. Ani felt his legs pressing against his mother’s huge boobs, which were quickly displaced to either side. Leia’s hand ascended from Anakin’s thighs up to his buttocks, pulling hard to shove all of his dick inside her mouth, every possible centimeter.

“Ooh mommy…” Anakin cried as the last of dick vanished into his mother’s cock hungry mouth.

Leia loosened her pull on her son and slide her face off his cock, slowly at first, watching with crossed eyes as a spit-soaked shaft emerged from her lips. She made it down to the head, feeling its soft, puffy flesh between her lips and then moved forward again, consuming the entire cock again in one fell swoop.

“Holy Mother of Meteors!” Anakin bellowed as his dick disappeared in another instant of lust-consumed motherly love.

Leia pounded her own face up and down, back and forth on his cock for several minutes. She worked from angles, sitting up and then squatting lower, but never releasing her mouth from the giant dong.

“I’m gonna cum again soon, mom,” Anakin said with some difficulty as he watched in wonder as she did things to dick he didn’t know a mouth could do.

Leia buried her face onto is dick again, her face kissing the base of the fat meat pole, her tongue flicking out from underneath to tease his tight ball sack.

“Oh by the Emperor’s black bones,” Anakin said carefully, seeing stars as he emptied his balls like never before.

Leia moaned and gurgled as she felt the thick dick pulse and throb as cum poured from its tip deep into her stomach. A few moments passed and she finally pulled off her son’s dick entirely, leaving his long, softened shaft dripping with her saliva.

Anakin had to sit down. He fumbled over to a chair and sat down, putting his head back and taking in a deep breath.

Leia stood up and walked to a corner of her office. She pressed a switch and a panel emerged. She pulled a saniwipe from a dispenser, wiped her face and then walked casually over to her desk. She tossed the saniwipe into a bin and sat down. She lifted the measurement device and read the back of it.

“Forty-eight centimeters. You’re getting very, very large,” she said, trying to hide a grin of amusement, and then stood up and walked around her desk to her son. Her hands at her hips, still mostly naked and wetness streaming down her thighs from her crotch, she said, “We might have to increase your treatment.”