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The Queen's Court

The Queen’s Court
By Pyro

It was midday and clear outside.  The weather was beginning to cool off after a hot summer with the cold months quickly approaching.  The leaves were changing, tinting the landscape a warm orange and yellow.  It was the Queen’s favorite time of year but unfortunately she didn’t have much opportunity these days to enjoy it.  Perhaps sometime soon she’d have the chance to take some time for herself but right now she was busy, sitting on her throne.

The fifteen-year-old monarch sat calmly, and quietly.  At times she felt almost like an ornament of the palace with all her make up and enormous gowns.  Her face was painted white save for precise, symbolic touches of crimson, including the mark of remembrance on her lower lip.  Her gown was large and grandiose, a bold red color, with a sash in front, with decorations in a gold thread to represent more Naboo iconography.  The dress consumed her body entirely, masking nearly any indication of her body type.  Her headdress was likewise flamboyant.  An intricate golden crown framed her face, along with a red ruby over her forehead.  Her hair surrounded her head in large, thickly spun arc.  Dressing in this throne room gown, along with most of her attire, took an abundance of time and patience.

The Queen had been sitting court of hours, listening to the people bring protests and pleas.  These days were always a dull affair, but recently they had gotten worse.  Following the war with the trade federation and the alliance with the gungans, Queen Amidala was dealing with diplomatic hot button issues on a daily basis.

Standing to her left was her loyal handmaiden Sabé, wearing a matching red ensemble, though recently altered.  A month prior the Queen had promoted her beloved aide beyond her rank to something approaching an advisor.  Her attire was form fitting, showing off a modest but perky bust under a belly-baring shirt with short sleeves.  Her skirt remained long and subtly color graded to orange at the bottom.  Her hair was tied into a trio of buns on the rear of her head.  She held in the crook of her right arm a square device, a datapad with notes on appointments and any necessary information for the Queen.

To Amidala’s right was Captain Panaka.  A dark skinned man and as intimidating as ever.  He had a stern, commanding presence that served well to keep the Queen’s guests and visitors in line.  He was dressed in his usual maroon and navy blue attire, armed with a blaster at his right thigh.

Amid the rest of the pillars in the large room were six other guards spaced evenly in two opposite rows.  The Queen was well protected and in her opinion, over monitored.

“Your Highness, presenting now is Shug Wumma, formerly of Otah Gunga.”  Sabé spoke in clear tones, her voice belying an accent from a more distant region of Naboo than the Queen’s origin.

Amidala saw before a lone otolla gungan enter the grand hall, pulling behind him a handcart over-filled with jugs stacked one atop another, teetering back and forth as the rickety wheels squeaked through the vast hall.  The gungan was dressed in fine attire, perhaps not of gungan origin, suggesting he was trying to emulate Naboo fashions.  The Queen immediately suspected he might be traveling salesmen and wondered what ridiculous wares he might try to foist upon her.

Shug Wumma stopped a short distance from the large, multi-circular table before the Queen and bowed slightly.  He turned to his handcart behind him and picked up a single brown, clay jug, about a big as his head, then stepped toward the table and set it down carefully.

“Dis being a gift from mesa, Queeny Ameegdula.”  Shug spoke in the usual broken dialect.  It grated Amidala’s nerves.

The Queen looked to her aide, “Sabé.” She said simply and the young girl walked around the table, picked up the jug and returned it to the Queen for inspection.  Sabé opened the lid and Padme peered inside.  A milky concoction stirred and the odor was overwhelming to the fifteen-year-old monarch.  It smelled familiar, though she couldn’t quite recall what it reminded her of.

“Thank you Mr. Wumma.  It is taken in gratitude.”  Amidala said politely, not sure what she was supposed to do with it.  Sabé replaced the lid on the jug and set it on the edge of the table to the Queen’s left.

“Tis a drink of Gungan dee-sent, but witha speeecial... contreeebution of mesa own.” The thin gungan said slowly.  His skin tone was particularly pale compared to others of his species, Amidala noted.  It reminded her of an albino human, a rare condition where the skin lacked pigmentation.

Captain Panaka looked to his Queen and said gruffly, “We’ve cleared it through toxins and contaminations, it’s clean.”

Amidala nodded, “Of course, Captain, I’m sure we can trust our new gungan friends.” Her voice belied a bit of frustration with her security chief.  Every meeting with the public, especially gungans, was of political value and potentially significant.  She didn’t want him offending anyone with a suggestion of distrust.

Sabé cut in, “Do you have any other business with the Queen, Mr. Wumma?”

“Mesa do.”  The gungan looked down, becoming more serious.  “Mesa trade has gone a-way.  Since da new al-lie-ance with yousa Naboo, all mesa cus-tum has ended.  Mesa lose all reva-nuu.  Mesa come to Teed, look for new cus-tum.”

Amidala withheld a grimace at the mispronunciation of her beloved Capital, and current home, Theed.

“But no Naboo wanna trade with mesa.” The gungan continued, “Mesa want compa-sayshun for mesa lost reva-nuus.”

The Queen nodded as the gungan finished speaking.  “I’m sorry you’ve lost business, Mr. Wumma, but as a business man you must appreciate market forces and understand that they are beyond the control of anyone.  An entire society dictates the market, not even I have much influence.”

Shug narrowed his eyes in frustration.  “Mesa come to yousa Capi-tol and mesa get no new biz-ness.  Yousa Naboo awr wracist!”

“Now see here, Mr. Wumma, I cannot let you make such claims in this court.”  The young Queen was feeling her temperature rise.  She hated claims of racism; they were as common as the wind.  “Our people have extended vast loans and resources to the gungan people in order to better facilitate our alliance and promote new trade.   I’m sorry that you have not prospered in this new economy but I encourage you to try again, and try harder, and withhold any premature judgment of a potential customer base.”

Shug grumbled and had no quick response.  He fumed for a quiet moment and then said, “Mesa sell yousa my stock of Wumma’s Splooge.  Yousa buy it and give to yousa people.  Then mesa have huge cus-tum base.”

Amidala looked at Sabé who covered her mouth as she stifled a giggle.  “Wumma’s Splooge?”  The Queen asked the gungan.

“Yes.  Dis is the gift mesa give you.  Mesa spee-cial blend of juices and mesa goo-goo.”

“Goo-goo?”  The Queen asked.

“Yees, gungan goo-goo!” Shug pronounced and then reached for his belt and began to unclasp it.  In an instant Panaka’s blaster was leveled at him.

“Hold, Captain!”  Amidala ordered, putting out her right hand to stop him.  She absolutely did not need a dead gungan in her throne room, even if he was about to expose himself.

The dark man looked at her with a hint of confusion and slowly lowered his gun.

Shug opened his pants without delay and fished out his flaccid penis, flopping it down on the tabletop, just feet from the Queen.  “Goo-goo.  From mesa dongo!”

Amidala didn’t flinch.  She looked over the gungan member lying before her.  It was likewise pale, almost the skin color of a light skinned human.  It was fair in size as well.  Nice thickness and certainly long enough.  She looked at her Captain; his reaction was one of disgust.  She wondered if he were just jealous.

“Mr. Wumma, I’m sorry to say there may not be a market for your… beverage, or whatever it is, among the Naboo people.”  Amidala said calmly, her eyes darting between the gungan’s face and his penis.

“Mesa drink has many benee-fits!  Yousa see!  Make yousa bigga lady bags!”

“Lady bag?”  Amidala asked, thinking she should dismiss this odd gungan soon before this got out of hand.

“Yousa boobies.  Queen boobies tiny.  Wesa gunga love bigg’un boobies!”

Amidala’s eyes grew wide.  She had never heard someone discuss her breasts to her face before, at least not while she was sitting court!

Sabé cut in once again, “Mr. Wumma, the Queen’s person is not up for discussion!”

“Now Sabé,” Amidala raised her hand to quiet her aide.  She didn’t want to anger this phallicly exposed gungan.  For all she knew there was some gungan custom for this sort of thing.

“I would prefer it if you kept the discussion on topic, Mr. Wumma.”  The Queen added politely.

“Mesa Sorry, Queeny Ameegdula.  Mesa mean no dis-grace.  Mesa only point out gungan… tra-dee-shun.  Wesa liken big’un boobies and yousa could be… moore… pop-pular with dem with bigga boobies.”

Amidala nodded.  In Naboo culture large breasts were considered unbecoming and for the uncultured.  It was expected that you cover up, hide your chest if it were larger than what was deemed appropriate.  Padme had this problem.  She had been covering up her chest for years, hiding her assets from the people, which was one reason why she wore such voluminous attire.

“I appreciate your candor, Mr. Wumma.  And will consider your council.”

“Yousa very pretty, Queen, most gunga like yousa a lot.  Mesa just try to help dat.”

Amidala was well aware of how much the gungans liked her.

“Mesa make yousa spee-cial batch of Wumma’s Splooge.”  He added and reached for his dick as it lay prone on the tabletop.

Panaka brought his blaster to bear once again and said in hushed tones, “My Queen!”

She raised her hand to calm him and to Shug said, “Now that’s quite alright, Mr. Wumma.  I’ll be fine with this batch you’ve generously donated.”

Shug looked at her, holding his dick and then looked at the jug.  “Mesa make it double dose, yousa extra tiny boobies!”  He began to stroke his member up and down quickly.

“I assure you Mr. Wumma, I don’t need a double dose.”  Amidala said hurriedly, trying to make him stop flogging himself.

“Yousa do, yousa need big’un boobies!”

“Mesa, ugh,” Amidala groaned at her word usage, “I do have big’un, erm, big ones.”

Shug looked at her suspiciously.  “Mesa no be-leev yousa.”

“I think it might be best if you left now, Mr. Wumma.”  Sabé interjected.

“No, mesa only take one second, mesa be done quick.” 

The Queen looked at her Captain, he was ready to shoot this gungan’s head off.  “Captain, at ease.”

He looked to her and shook his head but then sighed and holstered his blaster.

Amidala turned to the gungan again, “I appreciate the offer, Mr. Wumma…” She could see him straining; his cock was fully erect, pointing at her face from across the table.  It was large and enticing to the young girl.

“Mesa ready!”  He barked in his high-pitched tone.  Suddenly a blast of white goo shot out of the end of his member, arching across the table and splashing across the Queen’s face.  The load was heavy and thick, and the aim one in a million, crashing across her nose and dousing her features in warm gungan cum.

He barked in a high pitch again and again and two more loads rocketed out and landed on her chin, ricocheting up into her opened mouth.  She stuck out her tongue in disgust just as the last shot landed there smoothly, entering her mouth like a Royal N-1 starfighter entering the Theed Royal Palace’s hanger.

“My Queen!”  Sabé gasped in shock.

Amidala took a few seconds to comprehend what had just happened, her face dripping in Wumma’s splooge.  “It’s alright Sabé.”  She said as she blinked uncomfortably.  She reached up and with her silver painted fingers nails scooped up gobs of jizz from her eyes.

Captain Panaka stood in stunned silence.  Not sure what he should be doing.

“Mesa sorry, Queeny Ameegdula.  Mesa no meen to give yousa mesa goo-goo dis way.”  Shug said in embarrassment, his breathing ragged.

“It’s quite alright, Mr. Wumma.”  The Queen responded coolly, belying some frustration.  She swallowed the remaining load of cum in her mouth and she felt herself grow a bit hotter.  There was something perversely erotic about this.

“Mesa give you new batch.”  Shug announced and started to stroke himself again.

“Now see here!”  Panaka shouted and raised his blaster.

“That’s enough Captain.”  Amidala said, still clearing away the semen from her face.  Her makeup was smudge proof, thankfully.  And either way, the white cum would be hard to see over the white face paint.

“My Queen…” Sabé got her attention and pointed to lip.

Amidala stung out her tongue, discovering a dangling drop of jizz there and licked it into her mouth.

“Yousa like mesa splooge?” Shug asked as he resumed stroking his cock again.

“It’s… fine.”  Amidala said, unsure.  “But maybe you could finish this business elsewhere.  I greatly appreciate your gift, thank you.”

Shug looked strained once again as he jacked off, as if he were having difficulty.  “Mesa need help.”

“That’s unfortunate, I wish I could…” The Queen started to say when suddenly Shug jumped onto the table and scampered over to her.

Panaka didn’t pull his blaster, having been pulled back too many times already today.  But he was ready to.

Shug cleared the table and was standing in the space in-between it and the Queen.  He was stroking his mostly flaccid dick.  “Yousa help!”  He announced.

“Now Mr. Wumma… I’m not sure…” Amidala started to say before Shug stepped to the side of her wide throne and hoisted himself up onto her armrest with one leg.  Suddenly his dick was right at eye level.  He swung his other leg across her to rest on the opposite side and now stood before the Queen, legs splayed, prick dangling in her face.  Shug smiled down at her and started to swing his cock against her white painted face. 

Amidala closed her eyes at the first few smacks of the gungan’s dick on her right cheek.  What a stupid gungan, she thought.  He’s lucky to be alive right now.  She opened her eyes after the first tap of his cock against her face, curious to examine his prick up close for the first time.  She admired the veins running under his soft looking skin.  The length and girth were even more impressive up close.  She took in a deep breath, smelling it’s familiar odor, an intoxicating scent if she ever knew one.

“Get.  Down.”  Panaka was behind the gungan, blaster sticking in his back.  Shug looked over his shoulder at the dark skinned man and saw the other six soldiers in the room aiming their guns at him, all on one knee, aiming carefully.

Shug’s attention was draw away again as felt something soft and wet on the tip of his member.  He looked down and saw the Queen darting her tongue out, licking at his cock.  “Oh Mr. Wumma, you are a brave, foolish gungan.”  She said with a shake of her head, before snaking her tongue out again to flick over the enflamed tip of the gungan dick.  She reached up with one hand and gripped the shaft, leveling its thickening girth at her parted lips.  She took a moment to take in the sight of a dick about to enter her mouth and then glanced at her security chief, cocking her head to one side to see him around the gungan.

“At ease, Captain!”  She said again, ever more commanding.  The fifteen-year-old girl then opened her mouth and guided the tip of the prick inside.  She wrapped her lips around the fat crown and moaned as she tasted the gungan dickmeat.

Panaka sighed and stepped away.  “At ease, men,” he told the rest of the guards and they lowered their weapons and returned to their posts.

Amidala whimpered slightly as she flicked her tongue against the puffy head of the dick locked beyond her lips.  The feeling of a big cock in her mouth was ecstasy to her.  The young girl’s right hand made smooth strokes of the thick, throbbing shaft as she worked the tip with fervent lips.

“Oh Queen, yousa good at dis!”  Shug said, getting a little dizzy.

Amidala pulled her face away from his dick, though her hand continued her enthusiastic stroking.  “Perhaps you’d be more comfortable on the ground, Mr. Wumma?”

The gungan nodded and carefully stepped down.  The Queen leaned forward as Shug turned around and quickly shoved her face onto his dick again.  “Mmmhhmmm!”  She moaned, her mouth stuffed full and then popped her mouth off the dick.  “Delicious, Mr. Wumma.”

Amidala replaced her mouth back on the rod and then pushed her lips further down the length of his member.  Both her hands roamed to his pants and she tugged down, falling to a heap at his ankles.

The Queen pulled back for a second and looked to her aide.  “Sabé, come here and taste this lovely gungan cock.”

Sabé had been watching with dreamy eyes and quickly put down the datapad onto the table beside the jug and walked over.  “Yes, your highness,” she said and knelt down.  The girl, even younger than the Queen, reached over with one hand after her Monarch had freed her mouth with a wet sopping sound and angled the dick over to her.  Sabé licked her lips and puckered them as she began to suck and slurp, pushing her face down on the dick till she gaged.  Amidala giggled and Sabé pulled back off the dick, strings of saliva dangling between the soaked cock and her lips.

“Oh it is good, my Queen.”  Sabé said as she wiped her mouth.

“Suck it again, Sabé.”  Amidala told her and her aide did so.  The Queen pushed on the gungan’s thighs to turn him toward her aide and then stepped off the throne.  She stepped behind the gungan and squatted on the ground and put her hands on his buttocks.  “Ever had a Queen lick your ass, Mr. Wumma?”

“Uhhh… mesa no tink so?”  Shug responded in a cloud of confused bliss.

Amidala pushed her face into his butt and stuck out her tongue.  She found his puckered sphincter and gently prodded it.  “Oh yum, Mr. Wumma.  Your gungan ass tastes good.”  The Queen made a long, wet lick up his crack again, making the gungan squirm awkwardly.  He clearly wasn’t used to this.  She liked making men feel pleasures they never imagined.

Meanwhile Panaka watched with an aching erection.  He had known about the Queen’s promiscuity but she always acted smart and demurely in her official business.  Apparently all it took was a dick shoved in her face to bring out her… other side.

Amidala made several more long licks of the gungan’s butt, making him wriggle and warble in delight.  Then she straightened her tongue and speared it inside his butt, breathing heavily as she burrowed into the gungan’s dark hole.  She roiled and sloshed back and forth as she savored her filthy feast.

Sabé kept busy with the long rod at the other end, working her mouth fast and hard on his rock solid shaft.  It was longer than she was used too, which was to say longer than a human prick, but she could take most of it.

The Queen pulled away from the gungan’s backside, her face dripping with a mix of gungan spunk and her own spit and said, “Let’s switch, Sabé.”  She pushed Shug to turn around.  His dick whipped around and smacked the Queen in the face obscenely, dripping with Sabe’s saliva.

Placing her hands on his thighs, Amidala guided her mouth over the bouncing tip of the long cock and began her hungry decent down it’s length.  She gobbled up half of it with ease, and slowed only slightly as it entered her throat, but kept going.  She always ate all of her cocks, that’s what her mother told her.  Or maybe that was always finish your dinner, she wasn’t sure.

Sabé quickly began to shove her tongue in and out of the gungan’s butt.  She had been infamous in the barracks for her rimjobs for good reason.

The fifteen-year-old queen reached around the gungan who’s dick was buried in her throat and grabbed the back of Sabé’s head and shoved it in hard, both their faces crammed into either end of this foolish second-rate gungan salesmen.  Shug almost fainted but managed to keep conscious, and keep his load.

Amidala let go of Sabé's head and the two girls pulled away together.  The Queen stood up and started to untie the back of her robe.  Sabé moved quickly to help, stepping behind her Queen.  In a moment the gown fell away, leaving her only dressed in thigh-high white stockings and her headdress.

Shug looked down at her chest, which was remarkably larger than he had expected.  Her boobs were bigger than he had seen on any Naboo girl thus far, too large juwma globes on an otherwise petite, girlish body.  He wanted to bounce his dick off those orbs and watch them jiggle.

“See Mr. Wumma.  I told you I didn’t need your splooge.”  She smiled at him, her hands cupping her large, round breasts.  “But I’ll take it anyway.”

Amidala turned to her throne and bent over, arching her back to present her ass to the gungan.  “Fuck me, Mr. Wumma.”

The gungan didn’t need to be told twice and stepped behind the Queen.  He took a breath to savor the moment and then gripped his dick in one hand.  He slapped it on either ass-cheek several times, watching her perky, fleshy butt quiver in response.

“Just shove it in my cunt, Mr. Wumma!”  Amidala begged.

Shug nodded and pushed his dick underneath her body, resting up against her stomach as he pulled back, running it along her bare pussy.  The gungan gripped himself tightly and brought the tip to the Queen’s vulva.  He rubbed it about, gathering up the wetness there on the head of his cock and then started to push into her.

“Oooh by the force!  That is a big dongo!”  Amidala hollered as her pussy began to spread wide to accommodate.

“Yousa tight, Queeny!”  Shug commented as he struggled to enter her, thrusting forward with gentle thrusts.

Sabé watched in jealously and then noted Panaka standing by, likewise wanting for attention.  She walked over to him and knelt before the much older man.

“Sabé!  Wait…” He protested.

“Shut up, Captain.”  She responded, not wanting to hear his half-hearted objections and proceeded to tug down his pants, revealing his black cock, already rock hard.  “You know you want it.”

Sabé licked the tip, dripping with pre-cum and then locked her lips around it and began to suck hard and wetly.

“Oh by the stars, Sabé…” Panaka groaned.

Meanwhile Shug held onto the Queen’s ass with both hands, kneading the flesh as he shoved more and more of himself inside her, his long dick disappearing halfway inside her now with each stroke.

Amidala rocked back and forth, slack jawed, her large, round tits, looking slightly too big for her tiny frame, jostled back and forth, jiggling in rhythm.  “Oh Mr. Wumma!  Your cock is so big!”  She could feel his balls bounce against her pussy as she neared bottoming out on the giant member.  “Shove it all in there, Mr. Wumma!  I want your splooge inside me!”

“But Queen Ameegdula!  Mesa must make you spee-cial con-cuk-shun!”

“I already have your special con-cock-shun, Mr. Wumma, just keep fucking me with it!”

Sabé, with a black dick hallowing out her cheek, looking over at her Queen getting pounded from behind by a huge gungan cock.  She was still a bit envious.  She looked up at Panaka, who was watching the scene before him as well.  Sabé was about to take things to the next level when the captain suddenly pushed her aside and walked over to the Queen.

Amidala looked over her left shoulder and saw the dark skinned man approach, dick in hand, and knew his intention.  “Come to serve your Queen some black cock, Captain?”

Panaka couldn’t make himself respond, feeling too much pride, but also too much arousal to help himself.

The Queen repositioned herself at an angle, her hands and shoulders now over the edge of the armrest, giving Panaka ample space to work with.  The Captain stepped in front of her face, holding his erect black cock there.  Amidala, bracing herself on the chair, simply opened her mouth and looked up at the man expectantly.  Panaka grinned down at the fifteen-year-old slut and fed his dick into her mouth.  The Queen closed her lips around the warm, wet shaft of cock-meat.  She moaned and dashed her tongue over the puffy head. 

Panaka, horny and aggressive, didn’t want to waste any time and quickly started to fuck her face, jamming his entire length down her throat.  It was a bit of cathartic revenge for all her nagging.  She was good at this thought, and took his dick like a cock-sucking champ.  She gurgled and struggled a few times but that only heightened Panaka’s enjoyment as he pounded her pretty face hard and fast, saliva pouring down his shaft and pooling on the marble floor.

Shug continued to piston his long, veiny gungan dick in and out of Amidala’s tight pubescent pussy, his balls slapping with lewd noise against her underside with each thrust.  The Queen felt as if the two cocks pounding her from either ends were competing to meet in the middle.  Her jaw began to ache as her aggressive captain fucked her throat, though after taking down all of Mr. Wumma’s prick, she could easily handle a human cock, even a black one.

The gungan warbled in delight, the tiny human pussy was a far sweeter sensation than the baggy, soggy cooters of the gungan women.  It was no wonder that gungan men had flocked to find female human suitors.  It seemed like a good match, big gungan dicks and tight human cunts.

“Queeny, mesa cum soon!” Shug groaned as he gyrating his member inside the loosened twat of the Naboo Monarch.

The Queen pushed Panaka away with both hands, after a bit of struggle.  Her mouth dripping with slobber, though her makeup still smudge free, she said hoarsely, “No, Mr. Wumma, I want your jizz on my big naboobies!”

Amidala spun around as Shug pulled his cock from her pussy with a loud, wet noise.  The fifteen-year-old squatted on the ground, hands on either breast as she jutted her chest upward.  Shug dropped his dick between her big melons and the Queen pressed her orbs together and began to rub them up and down his shaft.

“Yousa Naboobies muuy muuy nice!”  Shug said gleefully as he was on the verge of ejaculating.

“I’m glad you like them, they’ll look even better with your delicious cum covering them.”  The Queen gazed down at the sight of the slick cock poking through her cleavage into her face.  She flicked her tongue out each time to lick the head.

“OOooooh, Queeeeny!”  Shug bellowed as he shot out the first load into the air.  It danced before the young girls eyes before splashing back down her big tits.  Another load quickly followed and then another popped out, hitting her chin and dashing cum over her face before dripping onto her boobs.

“Oh Mr. Wumma!  You’re spoiling me today!”  Amidala said cheerfully as she was coated in hot gungan goo.

Meanwhile Panaka stood by, grumpy at being abandoned.  He looked to his right and saw Sabé there, licking her lips hungrily.  He turned to her, pushing the petite girl over the table and hiked up her skirt.

“Oh Captain!”  Sabé squealed as she felt the black man’s dick on her crotch.

Panaka pushed aside her panties and rubbed the bulbous tip of his dick against her twat for a moment before roughly shoving his member inside.

Amidala continued to lick and clean the gungan cock as she peeked over her shoulder at her aide being taken from behind.  She noted that Panaka seemed a bit high strung, and unpredictable.  She might have to replace him in the future if he didn’t keep his temper in check.

Shug stumbled back as the Queen finally let go of his cock and he clumsily pulled up his pants.  He watched the dark skinned man pound himself into the reluctant girl in red, her top pulled up over her petite boobs.  They weren’t nearly as big as the Queen’s, he noted, she could use some of his Splooge.

Amidala took her seat on the throne and waited patiently till her Captain was done getting his rocks off with poor Sabé.

Shug meanwhile awkwardly made his way back to his cart of jugs.

“If you don’t have any other business, Mr. Wumma,” the Queen said politely, as she sat nearly naked.  “I wish you a good day.”

“Uh.” Shug hesitated, taking in the odd sight before him.  “Yes, yousa good day!”  The now exhausted gungan picked up the handle of the handcart and shuffled his way out of the chamber, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoing through the room.  He liked the way these Naboo did business.