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[NEWS] Late Xmas story and stuff

Okay I posted a late Xmas story.  Hope you enjoy it and be sure to tell me what works and what doesn't and what you want more of.  The Patreon is still going strong.  The more support it gets the more I'll be able to do in the future.

And I want to thank Flute for helping me edit White Calrissmas, and again providing great, fun details to bring it more into the Star Wars universe.

A White Calrissmas

A White Calrissmas

By Pyro

Leia Organa Solo stirred in her sleep, her curvaceous body twisting back and forth as a particularly hot and steamy dream teased and taunted her.  Beside her, her husband Han slept soundly, totally undisturbed by the buxom beauty's thrashings.  

The red light of the sun was slowly filling their large, lavishly furnished bedroom.  They were on Cloud City, celebrating Life Day – though locally it had come to be known as Calrissmas, which didn't surprise Leia in the least, given the marketing prowess and galactic copyright law knowledge of its namesake, Lando Calrissian.  Years earlier, after coming to power on Cloud City, the smooth-talking rogue had turned Life Day into a grand spectacle, complete with snow machines to fill the metallic cityscape with a fluffy coating of the white powder that Leia had known so well in her youthful winters on Alderaan… and then less fondly, years later on Hoth.  For the Calrissmas festivities, Lando even handed out presents to children, riding around the city in a speeder with a bag of toys tied the back.  It was classic Lando bravado; the man loved being loved.

As her dream continued, Leia's body grew hotter and hotter, sweat dripping down her forehead.  Her large, round breasts, barely contained within her black Fre’drix of Bespin nightgown, were coated in a wet sheen, their nipples erect and taut against the sheer shimmersilk fabric.

Just as her dream lover was on the cusp of satisfying the vivacious woman, her eyes snapped open and she shot up in bed, "By the Maker, what a dream…" she muttered, her huge chest heaving, her breath taken from her by the shock.  Leia looked about her surroundings, feeling disoriented and confused for a moment.  She remembered then where she was and why.  The busty New Republic Chief of State looked over at her husband, snoring lightly, none the wiser of his wife's arousal, and then over at the chronometer on the far wall.  It was early; her children wouldn't be up for another hour at least and then all chaos would ensue with gifts being torn open and teenagers flying about the apartment with their new toys.

Leia recalled an outfit she had brought along, something she had picked up a few months earlier whilst visiting Naboo.  There was an odd tradition among the native gungan population there, similar to other Life Day myths, but centered around a sexual gift-giver named Mama Suk Suk.  She wore an outrageous costume and would proceed to satisfy the men of the villages.  It was pure pornography, but Leia liked the outfit.  Apparently Padmé Amidala had even taken on the role of Mama Suk Suk during her tenure as the Queen of Naboo a generation earlier, according to her childhood governess Sabé – who could be trusted to give all the juicy details on Amidala’s life when her adoptive father would only tell Leia about her diplomatic victories and political idealism.

Leia’s old friend from the Imperial Senate Pooja Naberrie, who now reigned as Queen Amidala II, had given Leia a Mama Suk Suk outfit when she had shown interest.  She was thrilled to have inherited it from her childhood idol Amidala, and she intended to surprise Han later this evening, but her body and mind had decided for her that sex couldn't wait any longer.  It had been weeks since her last quality lay, and she ached for another.

Dashing out of bed, her huge breasts bounced in their own rhythm as she moved swiftly to the large walk-in closet.  They were staying in the Grand Bespin Hotel,  which she had resided in several times in the past during return visits to Cloud City, and they were well aware of her requirements, and left the suite well stocked for her. Finding the outfit in question on a hanger, the Chief of State quickly exited the bedroom, holding the skimpy getup in one hand.  Outside she headed down the hallway, past two bedrooms and a refresher.  Her youngest, Anakin, had his own room while the twins shared.  At the end of the hallway it opened up into a wide living space with a traditional Life Day Tree of Life by the wide window that spanned an entire curved wall.  Outside Leia could see snow falling over the domed roofs of the city.  Speeders raced by, generating contrails of fluffy whiteness behind them as they hummed through the gently falling blanket of snow.  It was beautiful, and gave the woman a warm, homey feeling.  She had wanted a white Life Day for years, often pestering her husband and trying to enlist her children in the cause.  She had heard about the famous White Calrissmas and thought it sounded magical – and this year, she was getting her wish at last.

Leia returned to the hallway and entered the refresher to dress herself.  She stripped out of her nightgown and held up the tiny red outfit.  It was comprised of a red tube top that would have a hard time competing with her huge breasts; long, fingerless gloves that went to her biceps; an undersized skirt that would hardly make it over her plump ass; and black, thigh-high stockings.  She included no panties, leaving her sex all but exposed under the too short skirt.  As Leia dressed herself, she heard the patter of footsteps outside.  She feared it might be one of her children, up earlier than expected.  But after she finished dressing herself and heard no further commotion, Leia decided it was safe to exit.

Adjusting her top, the Chief of State could barely keep her breasts contained at all within the tiny garment, instead using it as support to hold up her mammoth mammaries.  Leia reentered her bedroom and was shocked to discover an empty bed.  On it, a note was left: Gone to open a present – Han.

Leia fumed.  What a nerf herder!  Blast she was horny and needy, and that fool had left her high and dry.  She exited her bedroom, her mind ticking through her options.  She needed to get off, or else she'd be impossibly frustrated and irritable for the rest of the day.

As she walked down the hallway she heard a buzzing sound coming from the living room.  She followed the noise and was lead to the Life Tree.  Among the many wrapped boxes was the source of the noise.  She pushed several aside and pulled out a single long rectangular container.  It was labeled, For my favorite girl in the galaxy – Ani.

"Oh, that's sweet," Leia commented to herself, assuming her youngest son’s gift was for her.  She wondered what it could be.  The buzzing wasn't ceasing and she decided it might be best if she opened it, less whatever it might damage itself or drain its power cell.  Leia pulled apart the bow and tore the wrapping away before opening the lid of the box.  She gasped.  Why would Anakin get her something like this?! she wondered, and then felt a wave of anticipated relief tickle at her loins.  She reached inside the box and pulled out a jostling dildo.  It was huge, at least forty centimeters she estimated.  It was perfect.  Leia grinned and dropped the box, holding the wiggling phallus in both hands.  She lowered it to her exposed crotch and slipped it between her legs.  A long moan escaped her mouth as her moist pussy lips wetted the slick surface of the dildo.  "Not as good as the real thing, but it'll do."

*        *        *        *        *

Anakin Solo couldn't take it anymore.  It was Life Day morning and he wanted his presents.  Yes it was early, darn early, with first light barely coming in the windows – but whatever.  He could at least go out and enjoy the tree until the rest of his family got up.  The pre-teen hopped out of bed, dressed in his Little Lost Bantha Cub pajamas, walked along the carpeted floor to the door and exited.  He kept quiet, savoring the anticipation for as long as possible.  Part of him wanted to cry out and wake his whole family and get this party started, but he thought better of it.  He didn't want to make enemies this morning. After all, his parents needed their sleep. They were in their forties, and that was pretty old, after all.

As he tip-toed down the hallway, he heard a suspicious noise coming from the living room, and was careful not to make the slightest sound using the stealth skills Uncle Luke taught him at the Jedi Academy.  He rounded the corner, peaked around the edge – and saw a truly shocking sight.  It was his mother, dressed like some character from one of Dad's private holovids, and she was using… his present for Tahiri!  He turned bright red.  How did she find it?!  Why did she open it?!  Why was she… using it!!?  Ani watched in horror as his mom slid her wet sex back and forth over the length of the dildo, one hand grabbing at her huge breasts as she bit her lip, holding back a moan.

Anakin didn't know what to make of this.  It was… well, it was really wizard!  His mom was an amazing sight to behold, especially with those enormous breasts.  Girls his age didn't have anything like those.  Well, almost no one in the galaxy had tits like his mom, but that was also thanks to a few rounds of cosmetic surgery and cloned breast tissue growth to ensure she kept her lead.

The young boy looked back down the hallway to check for anyone coming.  This was too good to pass up.  He pushed down the front of his elastex waist band and pulled out his semi-erect cock.  He had only just discovered masturbation, something Tahiri had told him about and he was happy to practice it often.  This was a great time to do so, he decided.  Tahiri had also informed Anakin that his dick was of particularly large size, for a boy his age or for any human for that matter.  At roughly forty five centimeters long when erect, it was a sight to behold.  Tahiri called it his third leg, or sometimes his spare saber, and because of her fondness for it he had been inspired to buy her the dildo for Life Day, something to keep her company the next time either of them were away from the Jedi Academy and each other.  But it seems his mom had gotten to it before his girlfriend could. He wondered if Mom had some kind of Force sense that sought out sex.

Anakin slowly stroked his member as he watched his fat-titted mother tease her sweet spot with both hands working the dildo.  The pre-teen knew little about sex but he knew what turned him on, and this definitely was.

Leia kept her eyes shut as slowly worked herself into a frenzy. Her pussy lips were dripping by now and she almost ready to penetrate herself.  If only she could have the real thing, though!  This dildo was huge but she'd settle for something smaller, so long as it were a real, meaty cock for her to bounce on.  She opened her eyes, ready to angle the dildo to shove into her snatch when she spotted what could only be described as a Calrissmas Miracle.  A huge cock jutting out from around the corner of the hallway.  It was massive, looking bigger than even the dildo she was using.  Her instant attraction was quickly abated by curiosity.  Whose dick was it?  It wasn't Han's, that was for sure.  And it wasn't black, so not Lando or Chewie's.  She looked further up the wall and saw the eyes of her youngest son peeking out around the corner.  Anakin!  She froze in place but her son continued to stroke himself, staring at her from around the corner.  His eyes were locked onto her breasts, so intensely he hadn't noticed he had been discovered.

Leia's heart quickened and she felt herself become aroused even further.  Her left hand rose from her crotch to her breast and she groped at it slowly, pinching her nipples and pulling on her entire tit.  It felt wonderful, and she saw Anakin's hand pound faster on his huge dick.  She let go of the dildo with her other hand and let it fall to the floor, and now pawed at her giant tits with both hands, mashing the fleshy orbs together.

Anakin couldn't believe how awesome this was.  Her tits were incredible and she was going wild with them.  He could jack off to this all day.

Leia couldn't believe how erotic this was.  That cock was enormous and she could fantasize about it all day.  But she wanted more.  The mother of three slowly knelt down onto the carpet and finally made eye contact with her son.  "Come and give your mother a taste of your candy cane, Ani."

Anakin's face flamed but could hardly hesitate.  He rounded the corner and quickly approached his mother on the floor, his huge dick bouncing out in front of him as he bounded through the room.  In an instant his dick was shoved in her face.  Leia gasped and grabbed at the huge meat pole with both hands.

"Oh Ani, it's beautiful."  She smiled up at him. "You knew exactly what I wanted. I love you so much, my little man of the house."  She licked her lips and kissed the fat, puffy head of the cock before quickly enveloping it between her lips, locking the engorged head inside her hungry mouth.  With both her free hands she raised up her giant tits and wrapped them around the shaft of the huge meat poll.

Anakin was in pure heaven right now.  This was too good to be true.

Leia mewed and moaned as she feasted on her youngest son's organ, completely unconcerned with the perversion and taboo of this pairing.  As far as she was concerned this was a perfect union and only the beginning of things to come.

*        *        *        *        *

Jaina Solo slowly awoke, the sound of… something from the living room rousing her attention.  What was that noise?  It was like two akk dogs going at it. Beside her in her bed was her twin brother, Jacen.  The fourteen year olds were inseparable, even when asleep.  Jaina rolled over to face her brother and shook him awake.

"Hey Jacen, something's going on by the tree I think.  Did we miss Calrissmas?!" she asked, voice excited but hushed.

The young boy awoke groggily.  "Huh?  What's that?"

"I hear something, outside in the living room.  Let's go check it out!"  Jaina insisted. As Jacen rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed, his sister had already leapt to her feet, and shot another taunt to energize him.  "Come on, sleepy head, I don’t want to miss out on the fun!"

The teenaged girl led the way out of the room, dragging her half-asleep brother behind her.  She came to the end of the hall and peaked into the living.  She could see Anakin, their younger brother, with his back to her and then someone else… squatting in front of him, making weird, wet noises.

Jaina turned back to her brother who was in mid yawn.  "Something's up with Ani.  There's someone with him."

Jacen took a deep breath and cleared away sleep from his eyes.  "All right, let me take a look."  The boy shouldered past his sister and looked around the corner.  Jaina meanwhile knelt on the floor as she continued to spy into the room.

*        *        *        *        *

"Oh, Mommy…" Anakin moaned. "That feels so… so good."  The twelve year old looked down at his mother, his dick, as thick as his thigh, was sliding in and out of his mother's tightly locked lips, descending into her hungry, accepting throat.  Her enormous, fleshy tits were held up in both her arms, hugging at the long shaft of his rod.  Leia moaned in response, too cock-starved to be bothered to leave the dick unattended to for even a moment.

The Chief of State let her breasts down as she reached up and hooked her fingers inside Anakin's waistband and then quickly yanked down his pajama pants, her hands then grabbing both of his tiny butt-cheeks as she pulled him in deeper, shoving his fat meat further past her lips and down her throat.  In the process she shifted her position slightly, moving her son to the side, exposing their actions to their secret audience.

*        *        *        *        *

"Holy Mother of Meteors!"  Jaina gasped, her hand at her mouth to keep it hushed.  Her younger brother and mother were engaging in some kind of… sexual act together.  Was this some weird Life Day tradition?  Uncle Chewie had definitely not told her about this, if so… And what was her mom wearing?  Her boobs were totally exposed, not that her typical New Republic Council work outfits left much to the imagination to begin with. 

Jaina looked over at her twin. Jacen was entranced – or more accurately, aroused, a state whose signs in him she was quite familiar with, given how often she had recently woken up with him ‘poking’ her butt as he slept spooned next to her.  Her eyes were immediately drawn to the tent popped inside his pants, which was now crowding her face.  The young girl had always wondered what it looked like erect.  She had seen it plenty of times in the nude before, when they were changing or in the shower, but never when it was full size. She had heard stories around the Jedi Academy, like from her friend Tenel Ka, but had always thought Tenel was exaggerating just to tease her roommate.

Jacen had either forgotten about his sister, or just didn't care, as his right hand gravitated toward his crotch, sliding inside his sleepwear and grabbing his boner.  It was like instinct and within another second his dick was out in the open, hand pumping his shaft.

Jaina gasped as her brother revealed himself before her, right in front of her blushing face.  He looked to be about twenty five or thirty centimeters long.  It was a nice size, she thought, even though she had almost no point of reference.  Actually, the only other erect penis she had ever seen was her father's.  He had walked in on her in the refresher once, nude himself, intent on bathing, when he saw her bare body.  His private part wasn't this big, that was for sure, even at full size.

The young girl looked from her brother's boner over to his mother and what she was doing to little Anakin.  She sure was enjoying herself….

"Hey Jacen, let me try that on you!" Jaina whispered, and reached for his erection with her left hand.  She carefully grabbed the puffy head between her fingers.  Her twin looked down at her in surprise, clearly having forgotten about her.  He didn't speak, just watching as Jaina guided the end of his dick between her lips and sealed them.  She swirled her tongue around the head, flicking about her saliva as she gradually consumed more of rod.

This was fun! The young girl thought with glee.

"Oh Jaina… that feels… amazing…." Jacen groaned as his sister gobbled up his dick, his voice at normal speaking level.

Leia heard the familiar voice of her other son and her eyes, having been focused like laser turrets on Ani's giant member, shot over to discover the sight of her other children, engaging in the same act as she.  She could see young Jaina's head moving back and forth over Jacen's shaft, which was impressive as well.  Not as freakishly big as her youngest, but still a superlaser if she ever had seen one.  Leia's logical mind told her this was all a terrible perversion but her loins and her lust told her this was the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

Leia pulled her mouth of Anakin's monster meat for the first time and called out, "Jaina, Jacen, why don't you join me and Ani over by the Life Tree?"

The twins quickly looked over at her mother, turning bright red at the embarrassment.  Anakin looked over shoulder to spot his siblings, but then returned his attention to his mother, wagging his rock hard dick in her face, rubbing the spit-shined head against her cheek, begging for more attention.

"Don't be shy," Leia encouraged, before returning her mouth to her youngest’s mighty member.

Jaina and Jacen exchanged looks, and then headed over to the Life Tree together.  Leia's eyes locked onto Jacen's dick like a homing missile, reaching out for it as he neared.  The teen boy crowded his mother's face with his erection and she pulled her mouth from Ani's dick before quickly shoving it onto his.

"Mom!  That's… you're so good!"  Jacen moaned.

Jaina meanwhile walked around Anakin to the other side and joined one hand in stroking his cock along with Leia's expert stimulations, but her attention was quickly diverted.  The young girl looked down to see her mother's titanic set of tits.  Jaina heft one of her mother's breasts and started to massage and grope the firm flesh.  It was heavy and her fingers teased the fat nipple, coaxing it to further arousal.  Jaina leaned lower and her mouth found the now-hardened nub, and began to suckle on it.

Leia popped her mouth off of Jacen's rock-hard rod and said huskily, "That's a good girl.  I've missed your little mouth on my tits."

"I think I missed them too, Mom," Jaina commented as she continued to flick her tongue about the huge breast, making circles on the wide areola.

Leia moaned again and then let go of her sons’ cocks, holding Jaina's head against her huge chest.  "That's my girl… that's a talented mouth you have.  Why don't we put it to better use?”

Jaina pulled away slightly and looked up at her, uncertain what she could possibly mean. "Mom?"

Leia leaned back, resting her butt on the floor as she spread out her legs, her bare pussy exposed for all to see.  "Have you ever eaten a shuura fruit, honey?" The Naboo fruit were famous for being juicy; when cut into an oval cross-section, the soft red interior were best eaten by messily slurping the contents up.

Jaina gulped and looked down at her mother's dripping vulva.  "Uh, no?"

"That's fine, you'll know what to do.  You're my daughter," Leia assured her as she guided Jaina between her legs and coaxed her head between her thighs.  "Give Mommy a nice lick."

Meanwhile the two boys once again crowded their mother's face with their thick meats.  Leia resumed her eager cock-sucking as her daughter's hesitant tongue went to work, quickly growing in confidence and enthusiasm as it delved deeper and deeper into her little sarlacc.

"Oh Mom, this is the best Calrissmas ever!" Jacen moaned as his mother tongued his fat balls, her hand quickly jacking his shaft to one side.

"Yeah Mom, we gotta do this every year!"  Anakin shared the sentiment.

"Sounds like a new family tradition, as long as we can keep your father occupied," Leia said, as she turned her attention to her youngest boy. "Now to give your chee nuts a good kiss under the hornweed."  Leia lathered Ani's balls with her spit before popping either into her mouth one at a time, and then both at once, filling her cheeks with her son's sack.

Jaina wantonly licked and lapped up the smelly nectar that poured from her mother's snatch, prying apart the lips of her vagina as she feasted on her Life Day treat.  Leia's mind reeled as she approached the long desired orgasm she first flirted with in her sleep this morning.  Grabbing at both her huge melon shaped boobs, she twisted and pulled on her nipples and looked lustily at her sons dicks and then up at their faces.  "Beat off those huge fuck poles and cover my tits in your sweet jizz, boys."

The pair didn't need to be told twice; as soon as their mother told them, they were off to the podraces.  The anticipation grew and grew along with Jaina's intensity and ferocity of cunnilingus.

"Oh, Mommy!" Ani cried, as the first jet of hot spunk poured from the end of his cock, coating one of his mother's huge tits in white cream.  Jacen immediately did in kind and sprayed a generous helping of cum over her other formerly bare breast.  Anakin raised his dick higher and aimed his second and third squirts onto his mother's gasping face while Jacen continued to hose down her giant round boobs.

Leia herself screamed as a simultaneous orgasm shook her body, squirting her juices into Jaina's open mouth.  Before the end of the body-rocking sensation was over her entire face and chest were caked in her son's hot cock-cream.  She fell back onto the ground and soaked in the spunk and the after-glow of such a high.  Jaina crawled up to her face and engaged her mother in a kiss, licking up some of Ani's jizz in the process and sharing it with her mother.

"Well Mom," Anakin asked, "is this the White Calrissmas you always wanted?"

Leia broke the kiss with Jaina and smiled up at her three children, "It's better than I could have ever hoped."


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[NEWS] Star Wars Day & Patreon

So Star Wars opens today, in the States at least.  I saw it last night and felt such absolute joy during the entire experience.  It was truly the best time I've ever had in a movie theater and I can imagine myself watching that movie dozens and dozens of times in the years to come.  I recalled playing Star Wars: Dark Forces as a kid, having that peak back into that galaxy and how much fun it was and dreaming of a movie that could bring it all to life again.  Of course the prequels happened and though I love to see Padme get the shit fucked out of her those movies really did suck.  This is painfully evident after seeing The Force Awakens.  Anyone that doesn't like this movie, that calls himself a Star Wars fan is either just being a grump and lying to themselves for some reason, or truly prefers the prequels over the OT.  So, flat out, this was the best Star Wars movie ever.  Yes, better than Empire.  Definitely better than A New Hope and miles ahead of Jedi.


I started up a Patreon.  Let's see what happens this time
NOTE:  The big $100 story will be posted here, on my blog, but all other Patreon specific stories will only be posted there.  So for a $10 donation you'll get to see what everyone $15 and up requests.  So yes, bribery.

So I might whip up a Leia and Anakin Xmas story.  I've got an idea that's kind of silly and fun.  Depends on time and interest.

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Padmé Gets A Mouthful

Padmé Gets A Mouthful

by Pyro with Das Flute

v 1.1

Padmé stirred in her sleep, her eyes barely peeking open to see the early rising sunlight spreading across the carpeted floor of her bedroom. Beside her rested her husband, Anakin Skywalker. Last night had been their first night together in months, the invasion of Coruscant finally bringing her love home to her. A clang of metal sounded from somewhere within her apartment. She shot up in bed, a cold fear shooting up her spine.

"Anakin…" she whispered, pushing her sleeping husband gently beside her to wake him. "Ani, I think someone is here."

The gruff Jedi groaned and muttered, "It's just the cook I told you about."

Padmé sighed, relief washing over her. She recalled Anakin telling her last night how he had a surprise for her, a simple home-style breakfast like the kind she loved and so was often denied due to protocol, as first a queen and a senator.

"I'll go make sure he knows his way around," Padmé said as she slipped out of bed. Anakin was already fast asleep again, the previous day’s battle no doubt having taken a toll on him.

Walking barefoot through her spacious apartment, Padmé didn't think twice about changing or putting on an overcoat. As she understood it the cook was a besalisk, and an alien with four arms. A good fit for a master chef, as Anakin claimed he was. She was still dressed in her blue septsilk night gown, with strings of veda pearls running out from the metal brooch at her upper chest and around her biceps. Her hair was still neatly done up with a small triangular piece at the top. Though she had hoped for a bought of lovemaking with her husband, Anakin had quickly fallen asleep. True, he had jolted awake with a nightmare in the middle of the night; but as a result, he was hardly in the mood then for anything romantic. Padmé wasn't concerned; they had plenty of time now, especially with the war finally nearing an end with the death of Count Dooku.

As she moved through the wide open rooms, the japor snippet dangling between her large breasts, Padmé could smell something cooking already. It was a familiar scent, one from her childhood. Rounding into the kitchen the young senator saw the visage of a huge, rotund alien moving about, grubby pants barely kept up at his waist. He was whistling as he jockeyed between pans, stirring about the contents and flipping them about.

Padmé cleared her throat slightly to get his attention. The besalisk turned quickly, his blubber swaying like a great wave across his stomach.

"Oh!" he remarked, looking upon the pregnant beauty before him. "The lady of the house!" He bowed slightly.

"You're the cook, the friend of Obi-Wan," Padmé said as she nodded to him.

"Yes, Dexter Jettster at your service, Your Highness!" he said with a flourish.

Padmé giggled. "Please, just call me Padmé."

"And I’m just Dex – but I'll have none of that, Your Highness. I know your history, love, and this be your home. You're still the Queen here!" Dexter insisted.

Padmé smiled and shook her head, finding this large man rather amusing. "Anakin tells me you're quite the cook," she commented, as she moved over to a stool at the center island.

"I am quite something, love. Hopefully that extends to my cooking as well. So far it hasn’t steered me wrong."

"He tells me you have a story for everything on the menu at your diner."

"Aye, that's true! A good meal needs a good tale to justify it. Nothing stirs hunger like a bit of adventure or romance, isn't that right?" Dexter grinned as he turned back to the burners, resuming his impressive multi-appendage cooking.

"True enough, though are we talking about strictly a hunger for food, now?" Padmé offered slyly.

Dexter chuckled, "Good point, love. Well maybe it can work both ways. A good meal can get one hungry in a whole new way."

"That's a bold claim, Dex. I'm curious to see what you can whip up for me this morning."

"I'll try not to disappoint." Dexter winked at Padmé as he peeked over his shoulder. The senator smiled in return and thought about disappointment she had suffered in bed last night, her expression diminishing.

Dexter noticed this. "I see I've struck a nerve. Your Highness has been dealt a low limmie, I’d wager.”

Padmé recognized the sabacc term enough from games with her friend, Princess Sozharay’A, to know it wasn’t a good hand. She wasn't typically inclined to divulge personal details to a stranger, or nearly anyone for that matter. But he was already privy to her marriage – or at least some type of intimate relationship with – Anakin, and if her husband trusted him, she would, too. "I shouldn't complain, really. The war has taken its toll and my selfish desires are just that, selfish."

"A lady needs to see to her needs if she's to be of the right mind. We're all sentient beings, love, and we've all got needs and desires. You expect yourself to transcend us mere mortals? Shed off fleshy desires and the carnal cravings of crude matter?" Dexter's tone toyed with being judgmental, just to make his point.

"Oh of course not, but…" Padmé's mind trailed off. "You're right, I shouldn't be too hard on myself."

"Nay, ye shouldn't. Now go out into the living room and take a comfortable seat and I'll be along with just what you need."

Padmé left the kitchen and returning the living room, its curved walls made of transparisteel, giving her a spectacular view of Galactic City. She took a seat on circular cushioned chair, before her a small round glass table with a globe ornament sitting atop it.

She gazed out onto the city, listening to the dampened hum and whistle of the passing traffic. Her fingers absentmindedly smoothed her skirt over her rounded, pregnant belly.

"How far along are you?"

Padmé turned quickly, not hearing the huge besalisk approach. "Oh, I'm about seven months. It's showing quite a bit."

"Aye, it is. You're doing well to hide it, though it's a shame to cover up such a beauty."

Padmé smiled at him. "Thank you, Dex. I appreciate that."

"I hope your husband appreciates it too," Dexter added as he set down a small tray before Padmé on the glass table.

A cup of ardees and a slice of Wasaka berry pie were carefully placed alongside each other. Padmé smiled at the choice of breakfast. Any time of the day was a good time for pie. Ani knew her preferences well, and had obviously passed it along to Dexter. "Oh he does appreciate it," Padmé insisted.

"Not enough, I fear. The boy has left you wanting." Dexter furrowed his brow in disapproval, shaking his head, his big jowls blubbering back and forth. "A real man gives a lady what she really craves, even if she's not admitting it. Even a Jedi should know that. But even they need to have more respect for the difference between knowledge and wisdom, just like I’m always telling Ben…"

"Oh hush, you're being too hard on him. And too nosy, I might add," Padmé said pointedly. She sat forward and picked up the small cup of ardees. She looked at the dark, inky drink. "I take it with cream, usually."

"I should have guessed. How much?"

"Quite a lot, actually. Bring me the pitcher and I'll see to it myself."

"Be right back, Your Highness," Dexter said with a slight nod.

Padmé waited idly, several minutes passing before the besalisk returned.

"Had trouble finding it?" she asked.

"No, I decided to whip you up a fresh serving," Dexter said as she set down a small pitcher of white, gooey looking cream.

"A fresh serving? This isn't my usual?" Padmé asked curiously.

"Nay, love. This is my own concoction. Dexter's finest."

Padmé reached for the cream and lifted it in one hand, bringing it under her nose and sniffed it. It was tangy and pungent. Different from her usual atomically aerated ettel nut-flavored short-wavelength blue milk substitute… but still was a bit familiar as well. "This will go well with my ardees?"

"I think you'll love it," Dexter pressed. “I haven’t had a complaint about it yet.”

Padmé dabbed a finger into the pitcher and licked it clean. She tasted it and after a moment commented, "Has a sweet aftertaste. I like it. You'll have to share the recipe with me."

"There's no recipe, Your Highness, but I'd be happy to share the source."

Padmé cocked her head, suspicious of what he was getting at. "All right," she agreed hesitantly.

"Might as well give you your main course, then…" Dexter reached for his waist and started to untie his pants. "Two besalisk sausages!" He pulled open his pants and out fell twin cocks. Enormous, veiny dicks as long as Padmé's forearm, each dripping with pre-cum, already semi-erect. "Now to get at that cream you liked so much, you'll first have to eat your meal. The first load of the day comes easy but you'll have to work for the second, I'm afraid."

Padmé was aghast. Sitting in her living room, in her nightgown, with her husband asleep in the next room, and a huge, four-armed obese short order cook was now exposing himself to her. And he had two cocks, no less!

"Don't be shy, love. Like I said, a real man knows what a woman really wants. I can see that hunger in yer eyes. Take a grab, why don't ya?"

Padmé gulped. "You…  There are two of them!"

"Double your pleasure, Your Highness. And they're both all yours."

"I… I…" Padmé stammered, flabbergasted, shocked, embarrassed… she could hardly process the moment.

"Enough of your stalling, love, put that pretty mouth to better use than jawdropping!" Dexter insisted.

"What?  What kind of girl do you take me for?!" Padmé looked up at the besalisk, taking her eyes away from his huge double dicks for the first time since their unveiling.

"Aye, don't be kidding yourself. You've got that cock hungry look in yer pretty eyes!"

"My husband is in the other room, Dex." Padmé said affirmatively, but in truth her mind was awash in confusion. She kept staring at the massive dicks hovering in the air just centimeters from her face. They were… attractive.

"That lad is fast asleep. And don’t worry, I've got the ears of a gand. I'll know he's coming before the boy even gets out of bed."

"I'm married!" Padmé protested, her voice growing louder, more confident. She looked up at the fat cook, "I'm very impressed with your... cocks, Dex, but this is too much!"

"Bah, all you want is cock right now. And you'll get no better offer than these double proton torpedoes right here, you know that."

Padmé sighed and gazed at the meaty appendages swaying before her delicate, soft face.  These were the nicest set of dicks she'd seen this side of Kashyyyk.  She hesitated, only for Dexter to continue, "Your breakfast is getting cold, Your Highness. You could at least warm it up a bit."

The Senator huffed, and smirked up at him. "Real cute, Dex." She looked at the dangling dongs and licked her lips, her mouth was watering. She reached for one cock and then the other, taking hold of them both, her hands quickly falling into a stroking rhythm on either shaft.

"That's it love, follow your natural instincts."

Padmé quickly released the dicks, taken aback by the insinuation. "Excuse me? You think I'm some kind of sl-" Before she could finish her sentence Dexter grabbed the back of her head and shoved her wide open mouth down on one of his erect pricks. Padmé fought back, crying around the cock in her mouth and pushing at his thighs but the besalisk was too strong and kept her face easily pressed onto his huge dick. He didn't push too hard, just shoving the tip past her sweet lips. She tried to spit it out, but to no avail. Dexter eased up on her head, letting her pull off slightly before shoving back down again, further this time, forcing about ten centimeters into her mouth, nearly a third of his length.

The senator kept moaning in protest but her shoving has ceased. Dexter let up again and her pretty face ascended along his shaft again before she shoved it back down, this time driving half his long cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gurgled in response and coughed around the invading shaft. Meanwhile one of Padmé's hands found the neglected twin dick and started to gently stroke it, her other hand going to the base of the first rod and finding his huge, fist-sized testicles dangling underneath.

Dexter let go of the beautiful politician's head and Padmé looked up at him defiantly. Her cheeks were concave as she sucked hard on the thick meat pole buried in her mouth, her face moving back up its length to the tip. She pulled the entire cock from her mouth, drool spilling down her chin. Her right hand gripped its fat girth tightly and made hard, fast strokes. Wordlessly she stuck out her tongue and flicked it over the puffy crown of the dick, looking down at the piss hole as pre-cum oozed out.

"I think I want some of that cream from the source this time, Dex," she said at last and then devoured the dick again, shoving her face down further than before, taking nearly all the huge cock in one gulp.

"Oh fuck love, you're good at that!" Dexter groaned as he looked down at the cock hungry beauty. She slurped and spit her way up and down his dick with a ferocity of a nexu stalking an arboreal octopus. Satisfied with the sloppy coating of drool she'd given the first dick, Padmé moved to the second and repeated herself. Soon both giant rods were soaked and ready to pop. She pounded both shafts in either hand, grinning eagerly at the engorged heads, ready to blast her with a gooey, messy treat.

Like a hose the dicks sprayed the pregnant woman with a deluge of white spunk, drenching her face and chest in the sticky spunk. Padmé held her mouth wide open as shower of semen bathed her.

"Oh, by the Spirits of the Brood Goddess, that was heavenly!" Dexter groaned. He sighed, feeling lightheaded and then stumbled away, returning to the kitchen. Padmé was left soaked in the fat alien's cum.

"Ah… Threepio?" she called out, holding out her arms as they dripped in the white goo.

Instead, Anakin appeared from the hallway to the bedroom. "What in Malachor happened to you?"

Padmé gulped, swallowing another helping of Dexter's junk. "Well… Dexter's cream spilled on me."

Anakin shook his head in dismay. "What a klutz. I'm sorry. I'll go get you a towel."

"Actually, I think I'll need a shower," Padmé said as she stood up. "Why don't you eat without me? But tell Dexter to come back later today… maybe he can feed me properly," she added with a grin.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

by Pyro with Das Flute

The cavernous corridor was lined with huge, steel columns extending into the distance, maroon carpeting warming an otherwise cold space.  Behind Senator Padmé Amidala was the landing pad where craft were still arriving, loaded with soldiers and casualties of the failed invasion of Coruscant. Her mind had been overwhelmed with fear and doubt as both her life and that of her secret husband were put in danger.

“Oh Anakin!” Padmé cried as she hugged the Jedi Knight before her.

“I’ve missed you, Padmé…” He said forlornly.

“There were whispers… that you’d been killed…”

“I’m all right. Feels like we’ve been apart for a lifetime. I might have been if the Chancellor hadn’t been kidnapped. I don’t think they would have ever brought us back from the Outer Rim Sieges.” Anakin moved in to kiss his wife.

“Wait! Not here.” Padmé pulled back.

“Yes, here. I’m tired of all this deception, I don’t care if they know we’re married.”

“Anakin, don’t say things like that!”

The Jedi embraced his wife reassuringly. Feeling her nerves he asked, “Are you all right? You’re trembling. What’s going on?”

“Something wonderful has happened. Ani… I’m pregnant.”

“That’s… that’s… that’s wonderful!”

"What are we going to do?"

"We're not going to worry about anything right now. All right? This is a happy moment. Happiest moment of my life." With that Anakin embraced his secret wife again and stepped back, holding her hands in his. "I have to go now, the Council is expecting me."

"Be safe and I'll see you tonight," Padmé said with muted hopefulness.

Anakin just smiled in response and walked away. She watched him go as he rounded one of the huge columns. Just as he disappeared she heard a throat clear behind her. Padmé was startled, having assumed she were alone. The senator turned quickly and was confronted by three tall clone troopers, clad in their white armor. The one at the center had his helmet removed. His hair was scruffy and sweaty. "Here to welcome back the saviors of Coruscant?"

"Oh…" Padmé gulped, it was apparent they had seen her with Anakin. "Of course. The Senate is eternally grateful for the bravery of men such as yourself."

"I'm glad to hear that. I was worried you only appreciated the Jedi. We do as much living and dying as those super powered freaks."

Padmé didn’t approval of his disparagement of the Jedi, but found that typical among certain ranks. "I understand your frustration…" she looked at his armor, recognizing the meaning of the red markings on his helmet and shoulders. "…Captain?"

"Montano, M’Lady. Captain Montano. These here are Sergeants Visney," he gestured to his right, "and Prost. We're from Drag Company, attached to the 501st Legion." Both of the clones removed their helmets and nodded at her.

"I'm very happy to meet you, Captain, and your men. I'm Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo."

Montano rubbed his chin, "That sounds familiar. Amidala…"

Visney cocked his head. "Oh yeah, I've seen you painted on the side of the Open Circle gunships! You're the Naboo Nymph!"

"That's it!" Montano announced.

Padmé blushed. "Just trying to inspire the troops."

"Well we appreciate it, ma'am," Prost said, finally adding to the conversation. "It's nice to know we're fighting for someone so beautiful."

She smiled. "Thank you, Sergeant Prost. That's very kind of you. But I'm sorry you feel neglected by the Senate for your contributions to the war."

"Well maybe there's something you can do in the Senate, M’Lady," Montano suggested. "Some kind of bill, or special recognition for all the volunteers. It's not just clones and Jedi out there. It's men and women fighting for their homes."

"You're absolutely right. It's all too easy for us in the ivory towers to miss the margins in the statics, but you do deserve more than you're being given."

"If a Jedi gets a smooch from a beautiful senator, we could at least get a kiss on the cheek, right?" Visney offered innocently.

Padmé smiled at him, she didn't want word spreading of her affection for Anakin, that could cause trouble for both of them, and might even lead to their marriage being revealed. She had to make sure she nipped this rumor in the bud, decisively. The senator looked around the chamber. They were just off the main hallway, slightly obscured by the massive columns. She heard a few pats of distant footfalls and the landing pad had quieted down. "I'd say more than a peck on the cheek is in order."

The three exchanged looks, and then Montano asked, "Like a full kiss?"

"Of a sort," Padmé said wryly. "Why don't you three show me your blaster rifles? I think I need to perform a spot inspection." The senator folded to her knees before the men and reached out for their armored crotches. They were speechless and in disbelief. After only a moment’s hesitation they each undid their codpieces and quickly fished out their hardening cocks. "If a Jedi gets a kiss, then you men deserve a proper cock sucking."

Padmé gripped Visney's and Prost's dicks in her hands as she breathed on Montano's. "I'll have to introduce a bill before the Senate in the morning, but till then I hope this will suffice as a way of showing my gratitude."

"Oh fuck yeah," Montano agreed.

"No Captain, fuck my mouth," Padmé corrected. With not another word needed the ranking soldier thrust himself forward into the Senator's open mouth, his fat dick sliding over her outstretched tongue.

Padmé's hands worked the dual dicks on either side of her face with caressing fingers, rubbing pre-cum over the puffy tips of their cocks as they grew to full size.

Montano continued to jam his dick hard and fast into Padmé's receptive throat, until she locked her lips around his rod and held him in place, mewing like a nexu in heat as she slathered her tongue around the hot shaft of his prick.

"Damn Senator, you're good at this," he groaned.

Padmé pulled her mouth off the soaked dick, drool spilling down her chin. “Serving in the Senate has given me a lot of opportunities to practice how best to use my tongue for the betterment of the Republic’s citizens.” The senator turned to left and began to suck Visney's dick, her hand grabbing a hold of Montano's wet shaft to pump away at its length. After a several deep, gagging plunges of her mouth, Padmé swapped over to Prost's and repeated her enthusiastic, hungry cock feasting. The obscene sounds of her gurgling and slurping echoed through the chamber but she had stopped caring. If anyone found them they were welcome to join in.

Before long all three cocks were drenched in the slutty senator's saliva, her mouth working overtime as she rotated amongst the trio, burying her pretty face as far she could go, kissing the bases of their dicks each time. Her long, dangling earrings swung in unison to her thrusting face, bouncing off her neck as she moved from dick to dick.

Visney's was the first to pop, a jet stream flying from the tip of his dick onto her left cheek as Padmé gobbled down Montano's rod for the twenty time. The erotic sight set off Prost as he began to unload onto the Senator's right side. Padmé pulled away just as Montano joined in and she received a barrage of cum from all three men, her mouth held wide open, tongue outstretched as she was showered in sticky warm jizz.

"Holy Mother of Meteors," Montano groaned as the last of his load landed onto the senator's face. "That's quite a welcome home, M’Lady."

Padmé pulled her tongue back inside her mouth and swallowed down a mouthful of cum with a satisfying gulp. Her face was streaked and splashed with white goo and she had to blink several times, the semen dripping from her eye lashes. "I'm happy to give it to such deserving soldiers."

"You know the rest of my company will be arriving shortly. They might appreciate a bit of your gratitude as well," Montano suggested as he tucked away his spent penis.

"Oh really?" Padmé considered.

“The rest of the Drags’ survivors should be arriving on shuttle from the Guarlara soon,” the clone trooper captain. Cato Neimoidia, Belderone, Tythe, Nelvaan, now Coruscant… we took some heavy casualties. We’re supposed to be assigned reinforcement troopers from Centax-2 in a few days, but until then we’ll be on shore leave until the 501st is sent back out.”

“Shore leave, hmm?” Padmé reached into her bodice, fishing through one of her numerous secret pockets used for classified diplomatic missives. Finding what she was looking for, she pulled out a small, black holocard. “I’m afraid I need to be at a meeting of the Loyalist Committee shortly, and I need to freshen up a bit first. But this afternoon… you can find me here. And I’ll be more than happy to give you and your soldiers the reward heroes deserve. Just ask for Talié… the bouncers will point you in my direction.”

“Yes, M’Lady!” Captain Montano said, not fully understanding but willing to go along with whatever the famed Naboo Nymph said. After alien camp followers being the only relief he and his men had had for months, a piece of tail like Senator Amidala was hard to say no on it. He snapped a salute. “You can count on us!”

“I plan on doing just that, Captain… And I hope there are enough that I need to use my both hands and feet,” Padmé replied playfully, already making her way to the spaceport maglev station leading back to the Senatorial embassies.

“What does the card say, Captain?” Sergeant Visney asked.

Montano turned the card over. In the cool light of Coruscant Prime, the card sparkled, throwing up its holographic advertisement: a Coruscant Undercity address for a locale that seemed to be called… Star Whores.

“Boys, I think our luck is looking up,” the clone captain solemnly stated.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[NEWS] Unretirement

Hey folks.  Yeah I'm back, in a small way though.  I'll be doing short, short stories now.  Less than 10 pages, taking about an hour or so to knock one out.  My stories previously were pretty big commitments, don't have the time or interest for that.  Continuity and canonality are no longer a concern.  Just having fun with it from now on.  So shoot me a request if you want, for a pairing or a cut-scene or whatever.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Twin Sabers Touching

Twin Sabers Touching

by Pyro with Das Flute

"Perhaps if the young senator were a bit more experienced in these matters, she'd have a better appreciation for the nuances of negotiation!" barked the blubbery senator of Ryloth from his floating pod. Orn Free Taa was a disgusting man by any measure, and he seemed to delight in living up to his reputation as much as possible.

Some distance away in the cavernous Senate Chamber, Padmé Amidala fumed. She hated being undermined under any circumstances, but especially because of her age or sex. Taa was a misogynistic monstrosity who used his speaking time as a platform from which to lob rhetorical hydrospanners onto his political opponents, wearing them down with their crude, but effective, bluntness.

"That's enough," Supreme Chancellor Palpatine interrupted from the Chancellor’s Podium. "I won't have our debates descend into personal attacks unsuitable for the grand history of this august body. We shall recess for day and resume tomorrow."

"But Chancellor, the disaffected and starving on the Outer Rim can't wait till tomorrow!" Padmé plaintively pleaded.

“The Rules of Debate shall be respected!” the Vice Chancellor, Mas Amedda, bellowed.

For his part, Palpatine simply ignored her as he slammed his speaker’s gavel. "More will be gained with cool heads and a calm response. We mustn't act on rushed passions."

"Passion," Padmé grumbled under her breath. "He speaks of passion as a bad thing. If he had any passion at all, he would be willing to even consider acting as people die needlessly."

The current debate in the Senate was over the proposed support to the Refugee Relief Movement over the Outer Rim crisis. As a result of the war, the Trade Federation had cut off vital food and medical supplies to Republic population centers in the Rim. Fleeing famines, millions of refugees were being forced to industrial worlds and conscripted into the labor pool. Militarists like the new Adjutant-General, Wilhuff Tarkin, argued that it was the best course, as those worlds could be better defended by the Navy and the work of the refugees was vital to the war effort. Padmé’s sources within the Refugee Relief Movement, however, alleged that the refugees were reduced to essential slave status, resulting in the enrichment of certain senators alleged to be linked to slaver syndicates funneling the refugees to the industrial worlds… senators like Orn Free Taa. As was usual in such cases of division within his Loyalist Committee, however, Chancellor Palpatine remained neutral… which in this case, as far as Padmé was concerned, was as good as giving in to the likes of Taa and Tarkin.

The young senator turned to her retinue. She was dressed in a dark indigo bodice, studded with veda peals along a low neckline and an overcoat to match with flared shoulders and long sleeves within sleeves. Her hair was worn in a conical headpiece and her neck adorned with a wide aurodium band. Her bust was large, barely contained within a removable panel covering her aching chest.

Before her, Dormé started to exit the pod through the rear entrance out into the Grand Concourse which circled the Senate Dome. A rush of footsteps from outside interrupted the quiet girl as two young boys dashed past her. Dressed in the brown robes of Jedi padawans, they quickly embraced Padmé from either side of her body, their heads brushing up against the underside of her round breasts.

"Mommy!" they shouted in unison.

Padmé gulped and patted them on their heads. "Hi Tom. Hello Wes." She was still uncomfortable about the 'mom' moniker they insisted on using with her.

To the senator's right she noted Captain Typho's surly look. "That will be all, Captain, thank you." The dark man nodded and ushered out the rest of the entourage, the entrance to the pod closing behind him.

Once alone, Padmé looked down at her beaming wards. "How are you boys? Doing well in your studies I hope?"

"Yes, mommy," Tom said from her left.

She rubbed his cheek affectionately. "That's good. How has your saber practicing been going?"

"Very well," Wes responded. "Master Yoda says we're naturals."

"I think I know why." Padmé smiled at them. "You've been carrying around those big batons between your legs all these years, you must have picked up a few tricks."

The twins giggled in response. Padmé noticed Tom's hand wandering up to her breasts, beginning to pick at her top. "Trying to sneak a peek?" Padmé asked coyly of the young boy.

Tom meekly smiled, blushing.

"Well since you're doing so well with your training…" Padmé said as she tugged at her top, snapping away the buttons at the back and revealing her huge, perfectly round tits to the boys. They gawked and quickly grabbed at them. Padmé gasped at the erotic touch and looked around her. The Senate Chamber was mostly empty by now, with a few distant conversations in unseen pods.

Not another moment passed before she felt two wet, warm mouths on her nipples. "Oh, my boys are hungry, aren’t you? If only I could feed the Outer Rim like this…"

She knelt to the ground, letting the pair have easier access to her fleshy globes. Her hands stretched out for either's crotch. "Let me see your sabers. I'm sure they need a good polishing after all your practicing." She deftly unbuttoned their pants and her painted nails quickly found the thick shafts of their cocks. Padmé pulled out the matching dicks, already semi-erect at over thirty five centimeters. "It's been a few days since I last had some quality time with your weapons of mass fucking."

"Mom!" Tom protested as Padmé's cursing.

"Sorry. Here, let me wash my mouth out," the senator said as she leaned over to his cock, tongue outstretched as she slid the fat head inside. She tightened her lips around the crown and moaned hungrily. Meanwhile, Wes kept sucking on her tit as Padmé jacked his hardening cock with her other hand. After a few bobs of her head, Padmé pulled off the slickening prick and turned to her other ward.

"Feeling left out?" she asked, and plunged his rod into her gullet. The senator choked and sputtered around its thickness as she forced the penis into her throat.

Working her drooling mouth over either dick, swapping back and forth quickly, the boys were soon fully erect, her hands pumping up and down their forty five centimeter shafts. Padmé rescanned the chamber; they seemed to be still be unseen, and the entrance to the pod had been shut by Typho on his way out.

"Do you boys want to learn the Naboo Kaadu Riding technique?" the senator asked with a broad smile.

The boys nodded eagerly.

"All right, get on the ground, flat…" Padmé instructed, and the boys did so. "Face each other, over-lay your legs, and push close together." The twins did as such, their testicles meeting in the center and their cocks rubbing against one another.

"All right, good," Padmé said, and pulled away her skirt, revealing her naked sex. She rarely wore panties. Her long stockings traveled to her hips and her high heels further accentuated her perfect body.

The senator positioned herself over the two dicks pointing straight up. She rubbed her pussy, already wet and dripping down her thighs, but she had other plans. The two glistening dicks were still soaked with her saliva. She reached behind her and fingered her asshole a few time with her middle digit, then sucked it clean.

Tom, positioned behind her, had his dick head taken in hand by Padmé and she pressed it to the puckered entrance of her asshole. "Ready, sweetheart?" she asked in her most motherly tone, remembering how her own mother, Jobal, used to talk to her and Sola during their own ‘avians and insects’ lessons. The boy nodded breathlessly. She squatted down slightly and the engorged tip pushed into her anus. Now it was Padmé’s turn to gasp.

Before her Wes stroked his dick. "I'm going to fuck your pussy, mom?"

"No honey…" Padmé grunted. "I'm getting a double ass filling of cock."

Wes went wide-eyed.

"That's the proper cattle riding technique," Padmé added as she took hold of Wes's dickhead and pushed it against Tom's at the entrance to her butt. She gritted her teeth and pushed her weight down. Slowly the second dick entered her ass, spreading her anus wider than both her fists.

"Oh, by Shiraya! This is thick!"

"Oh mommy!" The twins hollered in unison, their cry echoing through the chamber.

"Hush boys, we don't want to be caught!" Padmé instructed, and then grunted as she pushed her ass down further onto the dicks, forcing a double stack of meat deep into her stretched bowels. She licked a few fingers on her left hand started to rub her clit as she did squats up and down on the massive dicks, destroying her formerly tiny asshole.

"You know…" Padmé said between gasps and ragged breaths, "I invented the cattle riding technique." She swallowed, her brow getting wet with perspiration. "The alpha male kaadus have twin cocks. I took both their cocks in my ass as Queen… regularly."

"Wow," Wes said in awe.

"It's been a while since I've had a proper double anal fuck job. Although some of the Gungans come close…"

"Mom!" Tom pestered.

"Oh hush, let mommy take your hot cocks in her fucking asshole." Padmé was growing fiercer as the dicks went deeper. So she was nearly balls-deep on the double dicks, her asshole stretched even wider as the shafts separated. "Oh, by the Goddess, it's so wide… my asshole… Oooooh…" The senator rubbed her pussy raw as she wiggled her backside on the twin pillars running high up it and let out a scream as she orgasmed.

Hardly a second later, the entrance to the pod opened and Padmé quickly pulled close her cloak. There stood two blue-armored Senate Guards.

"Everything all right, Senator? We heard shouting," said one of the pair. He looked at the strange sight of the trio on the ground.

"Oh, yes we just had a fall, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you," Padmé said quickly and dismissively.

The guard looked suspicious and then nodded and walked away, this time leaving the door open.

"Well, I think we've done enough," Padmé announced and stood up, the fat pricks sliding out of her gaping asshole.

"But we haven't cum yet, mommy!" Wes whined.

Padmé sighed and then looked down at their wet dicks, fresh from her asshole. She threw open her cloak. "All right, let me go to work."

Tom pushed his cock back and forth along Padmé's cleavage as she pressed her huge tits together around his throbbing dick, the tip smearing precum and wetness over her neck and chin. Her mouth meanwhile took hard, deep thrusts from Wes's equally giant dick, gulping down his meat with abandon. Padmé would pull her mouth away from his cock momentarily to lick at Tom's, spitting onto his shaft to keep it wet and slick for his tit-fucking. Both the boys neared their orgasms almost simultaneously and Padmé took tight grips of their shafts, pounding them hard and fast till they sprayed her pretty face and fat tits with a surplus of jizz.

"Wow, that was a quite a load, boys. Your midi-chlorian levels must be off the charts," Padmé joked. The pair laughed and tucked away their spent pricks.

"We have to get back to the Temple, but you should come visit!" Tom said enthusiastically.

"I soon might, actually. Master Yoda asked me to teach a class on ethics. So you might have me as a teacher."

The twins looked at each other, lighting up.

"Though the other boys might be jealous if I give you two any special treatment," she added teasingly.

"So you're going to blow all the boys?" Tom asked innocently.

"Tom!" Padmé lightly smacked the young padawan on the shoulder. "Now run along."

The senator wiped her face clean of the excess spunk, licking her fingers clean. Her tits were soaked in jizz and she had little recourse, opting to just redress herself with discarded top. Her cleavage would look suspicious but it wouldn't be the first time she'd walked the Senate Chamber with tits splashed with cum, visible or otherwise. ‘If only I could make sure the entire galaxy could feed as well as I do…’ she thought wistfully, gulping down the last remnants of her wards from her fingers.