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Leia's Motherly Touch: Big Trip Trick

Leia’s Motherly Touch

Big Trip Trick

By Pyro

“Thyferra?  Never heard of it.  Sounds boring,” grumbled the twelve year-old Anakin Solo.  The skinny boy had his arms crossed over his chest and a pouty look on his face.  He didn’t want to be here and he really wanted his mother to know it.

Beside him the forty-two year old Chief of State of the New Republic, Leia Organa Solo sighed.  As she looked out the view port, into the streaked, rippling fabric of hyperspace she wondered if her son was going to be like this the entire trip.  He was on the cusp of puberty and Leia imagined she should expect more of this attitude to come in the next few years.  The twins Jaina and Jacen were a nearly two years older than Anakin, and they had remained respectable, if adventuresome, children regardless.  Leia hoped Anakin followed suit and wouldn’t spring any big surprises on her.

Riding in her personal yacht, the Alderaan under a disguised name and IFF transponder, Leia was on an anonymous trip to the allied world of Thyferra – a planet of great importance to the Republic as the single largest manufacturer of bacta.  During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Thyferra’s native vratix species, the Ashern, had helped liberate the planet from the Empire and ally it with the Republic, despite the fact that the Ashern opposed human domination of Thyferra and the bacta industry.  

Diplomatic ties with the Ashern-led government were good but not guaranteed and as such, Leia had permitted a spy ring to keep tabs on the world.  It was too important to lose and one could never have too much intelligence, on allies or enemies alike.  The Thyferra group was just part of a larger personal network of spies that Winter Celchu and Tally Nixx had helped Leia set up. Reporting directly to Leia, it insured that she could get reports outside of the official New Republic Intelligence channels supervised by the Senate’s Council on Security and Intelligence – especially since many of her private spies’ reports involved her political opponents who sat on that very council, such as Borsk Fey’lya. Winter had come up with the term SABE – Secure Assessment, Blowback, and Estimation – for Leia’s personal group, named after their former Naboo governess, Sabé, who had used her former handmaiden experience to give Winter her first lessons in espionage. Leia liked the homage, and Tally had been surprisingly enthusiastic, as well.

Those who comprised the loosely-knit SABE group were an eclectic sort. Some were volunteers with personal ties to Leia, like Winter and Tally themselves, or her fellow Alderaanian survivor, Jan Ors. Others were convicts, like the bounty hunter Argon Lan who had tried to kidnap Leia on Mon Calamari a year after the death of the Reborn Emperor, or the mercenary Dalmun Hess who had tried to recover blackmail material on her the following year. In those cases, while the promise of a legal reprieve was often enough, Leia generally attempted to maintain their loyalty through regular bouts of aggressive negotiations.

On Thyferra, the Chief of State kept one SABE asset particularly close to her chest, keeping abreast of things personally with an occasional rendezvous. The spy in question was a toydarian named Snub.  He was fat and ugly and the last being one would expect to be a spy, as no one would trust one of his species in the first place.  He played the part of a struggling inventor and salesman who had been run out of the Republic and had to take up on a world with a minimal human presence, which was half-true anyway as he was always trying to hustle some half-baked invention onto Leia.  Snub was the kind of being you’d rather avoid on the street, even during daylight.  But he had his ways and somehow had his hooks into more politicians than Leia could count.  She had no idea how he did it, and she didn’t want to know.

Anakin sighed loudly again, and put his feet up on the control console of the yacht.  Leia pursed her lips in frustration.  “Anakin, put your feet down.”

Anakin groaned and did as he was told.  He looked over his should into the back of the yacht.  It was filled with boxes and crates.  There was nowhere else to for him to escape from his annoying mother.  The young twelve-year-old was dressed in a tan and orange set of robes, fitting for his status as a Jedi in training.  He wore heavy brown boots and a dark belt full of pouches and compartments, useful for when trouble arose and he needed to call on any number of gadgets or tools.

Leia let out a breath and refrained from lecturing her son on politeness.  She wanted to give that boy a tongue lashing to remember, but that would only drive them further apart.  It was her idea to bring him on this trip, anyway; she had thought it might be a good bonding experience, as well as cultural learning for her son.  After all, if he hadn’t even heard of Thyferra – assuming he wasn’t just being difficult – he clearly could benefit from seeing more of the galaxy, like she had when she had been his age. She hoped his attitude would change once they arrived.

The Chief of State had dressed in a tan pair of tight pants with dark boots. Her blouse was similarly colored, with sleeves rolled up to below her elbows.  Over that she wore a light colored vest and white undershirt underneath it all with a high collar.  Always the prude, Leia wore a belt with a holster and blaster, and two support straps around either thigh to keep her agile.

At age forty-two, she still looked as radiant and beautiful as ever.  Though Leia had wished she’d filled out more, if she were being honest.  Two pregnancies had done little to help her modest chest size and she had considered, though ultimately rejected the idea of being enhanced in that area.  It seemed tacky and perhaps desperate.  Not something she wanted to project as the Chief of State for the New Republic.

 In the blink of an eye the distortions of hyperspace pulled back and normal space emerged.  Before the Alderaan was a large green and blue planet.  “We’re here,” Leia announced plainly.  Anakin just sniffed, not caring and wishing the trip to be over so he could get back to his friends.


A few hours had passed and Anakin’s very limited patience was running very thin.  He was leaning against the side of a two story durasteel shack at the bottom of the otherwise-empty Nalmiv Canyon filled with greenish-brown xoorzi fungi.  It was pretty, but also very hot and humid and he wanted to get out of this sun.  But his mother had insisted he stay outside while she negotiated with the fat toydarian, which was taking ages.  He didn’t know what this was all about and he really, really didn’t care.  This was stupid and he wanted to be elsewhere.  Like Yavin IV, where he could be training with his saber or exploring Massassi ruins.

Finally his mother emerged from the hut, pushing open the creaky metal door before it slapped shut behind her.  “Can we leave now?” Anakin demanded before Leia even noticed him.

Leia shook her head. “No, Anakin, I’ve got to go make a transmission back to Coruscant,” Leia said dismissively.  She could understand why her son was in a bad mood.  This was taking far longer than she had anticipated.  Snub had gotten wise to his importance and playing things hard.  Leia would have to have him dealt with, but not before she pumped him for every last drop of information he had.  “I’ll be right back.”

Leia walked away, Anakin glaring at her as he watched her behind sway back and forth with each step.  He recalled some of his older friends, like Uldir Lochett and Jeb Nixx, making comments about his mother and her butt.  He didn’t get it.  What was so interesting about it?

The twelve year old stood up straight and decided he needed a change of scenery.  He stepped over to the shack’s entrance, pulled open the door and peeked inside.  It was brightly lit, with packed shelves lining every square meter of the walls.  He spotted a toydarian hovering in the center of the room.  The winged alien heard the creak of the door and fluttered around to spot Anakin.

“Ooh, come in boy.  Come in!” he insisted in a raspy voice.  “Come in and see what I have for you.”

Anakin gulped.  That was an… odd welcoming.  He stepped inside slowly, his attention bouncing from object to object. Jaina would love this, he thought to himself, as he surveyed the room. It reminded him of her favorite junk shop on Coruscant, Botto’s Gently-Used Droids. Small droids and contraptions and devices were piled up everywhere.  He couldn’t tell where one began and the next started.  Anakin couldn’t indentify much of what he saw but he remembered his mom saying this toydarian was an inventor.  To Anakin this was much more interesting than standing out in a field for three hours.  Why didn’t his mother just let him nose around in here while they talked?

“You see my things? I have invented many things,” the toydarian said proudly, as he gestured with his arms to the vast collection.  “I have solutions to many of life’s problems.”

Anakin nodded and asked with mock seriousness, “You have something to make someone nicer?”

The toydarian rubbed his chin.  “Ah, a young boy with a young man’s problem.  I see.  Let me think…” Snub thought for a moment and said, “How about more… agreeable?  Who do you have troubles with?

“My mom,” Anakin announced harshly.

Snub nodded and smiled. “You don’t get along with your mother, eh?  I had the same problem when I was a young one.  But there is a solution.  We toydarians are very inventive with things like this.”

Anakin didn’t know much about toydarians or what they were like, so he had just take him at his word.  “So what’s the solution?”

“Well… I have something that will make you find your mother much more agreeable… but that is only half the problem.  You need to be more agreeable to her.”

Anakin shrugged and rolled his eyes.  “She’s the one that’s a pain.”

“Don’t worry boy, this is a solution you’ll enjoy very much.  I guarantee it.  Snub’s own solution!”  He fluttered over to a high shelf lined with clear jars, each filled to the brim with brightly colored liquids.  “I had an uncle back on Tatooine, many years ago who dealt in many odd and rare things.  He had a concoction that came to him from a woman from Naboo.  He claimed she was a queen, and that he had…” Snub tailed off, as if suddenly realizing that implicating his family in something unsavory with a human noble might not be a good idea.

“Anyway, he was a liar.  Probably.  But this was real.  It made all the women of the galaxy much… better.  It came to me some years ago and I improved upon it.  Now it makes men and women much better.  It will solve all the galaxy’s problems.”  Snub had moved down the row of containers till he came upon one filled some cloudy purple mixture.  “Ah, here we are.”

Snub lifted the jar and lowered himself down.  “This will make you and your mother much happier.” Snub chuckled.

Anakin nodded. “Cool.  Can I have it?”

Snub’s face hardened and he pulled back.  “You don’t need all of this!  Just a few drops will be enough.  You’ll be happy together for years to come with just that amount.  My own recipe.  Improved a hundred fold over the original.”

“Oh… okay,” Anakin said with some confusion.  He didn’t know what to expect, but he’d try anything to make this trip more fun.

Snub grinned and flew to a bench in the back of large room.  He set down the jar and opened the lid, setting aside the glass top carefully.  The toydarian pulled a ladle hanging on the wall before him and scooped out a small amount.  Grabbing a small clear plastex container with his other paw, Snub steadily poured the purple ooze inside.  He snapped a cap on top of the small tube, which fit in his palm snuggly and fluttered back over to the young boy.

“Here boy, take this and be careful.”

“What do I do with it?” Anakin asked as he held the mysterious purple liquid.

“One drop will make your mother very agreeable. Two, even more so, and three will make her more than you can handle with both hands.  The same goes for you.  I suggest starting with one drop.  You have enough there to make many dozens of women very agreeable.”

Anakin nodded.  This sounded too easy to be true, but whatever.  “Do I put it on her food or something?”

“Better in her drink.  Works faster.”

“Okay, thanks.”  Anakin turned on his heel and dashed out of the hut without another word.  Snub laughed.  That pushy Chief of State was in for a surprise now.

Anakin stepped outside and looked around.  Just in time he saw his mother walking toward his direction.  “Anakin, there you are.  Ready to leave?”

The twelve year old looked down into his palm at the small tube.  He popped it open and drank nearly half of it in one gulp.  Never mind this one or two drop poodoo, he wanted to make sure this stuff worked!

He almost gagged at the taste.  It was awful.  His eyes watered and his tongue tingled.

Leia reached him and noticed his expression of discomfort.  “Are you alright?”

Anakin nodded and swallowed.  Clearing his throat he said, “Do you have something to drink, Mom?”

“Yeah, right here.”  The forty-two year old pulled out a small flask and handed it to her son.  Anakin took a sip and then turned away for a second, pretending to look off into the distance.  He quickly poured the rest of the purple ooze from the tube inside and then handed it back to his mother.

“Thirsty, Mom?” Anakin asked with a broad grin.

“Sure,” Leia said with a slight hesitation, noticing her son’s uncharacteristic smile.  She took the flask and then gulped down a sip.  Leia paused and squinted as she tasted something rather familiar.  Then she took another long pull and finished off the contents.

“So where are we headed?” Anakin asked.

“We need to make camp for the night,” Leia replied.

“Camp?  We’re not leaving?” Anakin’s tone revealed his frustration.

“Not yet, my business isn’t finished and besides, it’ll be fun.  You’ve gone camping plenty of times.”

“Yeah… but with my friends.  Or dad,” Anakin grumbled.

Leia sighed and turned toward the Alderaan.  “Come on, grumpy.”


Twenty minutes later Anakin was setting out a bedroll for himself on the mossy ground.  He looked about his surroundings.  They had settled on a mountain top, with one face a sheer cliff, which gave an amazing view of the valley blow, where Snub’s shack was located.  However, Anakin wasn’t happy that his mother had forgotten to bring a proper shelter.

“Why didn’t you bring a couple of tents?” Anakin asked sharply.

“Don’t be such a wimp, Ani.  It’s a clear sky and warm out.  You don’t want to be inside a stuffy tent in this kind of humidity anyway.”

Anakin sniffed.  She was right.  They had a few more hours before Thyferra’s sun Polith went down and he needed to find something to do.  Down the opposite side of the mountain, past where they had set down the Alderaan, the young boy spotted a grove of Gloan trees.  Looked worth exploring and provided a decent enough excuse to leave behind his annoying mother for a little while.

“Hey Mom, I’m gonna go for a walk, okay?  Just down into those woods.”

“All right, honey.  Take your comlink and be back within an hour.”

“Yeah, okay,” Anakin dismissively said as he headed off toward the thicket of trees.

As he walked he thought of that strange concoction the toydarian had provided him.  Stupid stuff hasn’t done anything.    What a load of felgercarb.  At least I didn’t pay for it.

Just then the pre-pubescent young Jedi Knight felt a twinge in his crotch.  And then another.  And then he felt a warmth radiating which grew hotter and hotter.  “What in blazes…?” Anakin said out loud.  He felt like his penis was on fire.  He looked behind him. His mother was still in sight though not looking his way and he had a few more meters till he reached the woods.  Anakin quickly jogged into the Gloan trees and opened his pants.

“Kark!” He looked down to see his penis – his normally small, hairless, diminutive penis – had grown.  And was still growing.  “What in the Nine Corellian Hells is going on?” he asked to no one in particular, except possibly the Maker.  His dick was already twenty centimeters and counting.  What did that rasting toydarian give me?!  What good is this?  What am I supposed to do with a huge dick?

The twelve year old felt strange new sensations as his member grew.  Pleasurable ones that he couldn’t explain.  Is this like sex?  This is kind of… funny feeling… but nice.  His dick grew past thirty centimeters and Anakin began to stroke it.  It seemed like something he should do.  And it felt great.  Soon he was packing over forty centimeters of heavy dick meat.  Oh boy… is this going to stop?  Maybe I should get some help…  Anakin’s brief moment of doubt passed as his penis slowed its growth.  Holy spast!  This thing must be fifty centimeters long!  How am I going to walk around with this thing?!  This is kind of scary.  I better call Mom, even though this is way super embarrassing, she’ll know what to do.

Anakin found a boulder and sat down on it, leaving his monstrous cock dangling out in front of him.  He pulled out his comlink and spoke into it.  “Hey Mom?”

A short pause and then he heard his mother reply, “Ah, yeah, honey?”  She sounded a bit distracted.

“Can you… can you come here?”  Anakin asked meekly.

“Is it important, Ani?  Are you hurt?”

“No I’m not hurt… but yeah, it’s important,” Anakin responded.

“Okay… I’ll be right down.”

Anakin set aside the comlink and continued to stroke his penis with one hand as he waited for Leia to arrive.  He wondered if she had ever seen anything like this before.

Anakin found himself increasingly enjoying his selfish touching on his newly super-sized cock.  This feels really nice…why didn’t I try this before?  Maybe this is something new…  Anakin had always considered his penis as being kind of icky, if he ever even considered it at all.  That’s where pee came out and that was gross.

As the young boy pondered this newly evolved relationship with his body, Leia made her way into the woods.  Anakin gasped as she rounded a tree and came into view just a few meters from him.  Her boobs were huge.  Bigger than he had ever seen and far more than he could have imagined a woman’s would be.  They had overgrown out of her top and were barely contained at all by her clothing.  Leia had take a thigh strap and wrapped them around her breasts, Anakin wondered if maybe to keep them under control.  He wasn’t sure.  But what he was sure about is that he liked what he saw.  He really, really liked his mom’s big boobs.

“Mom!  Your…!”

“Anakin!  You…” Leia exclaimed nearly simultaneously.  She gazed upon her twelve year old son’s absolutely gigantic cock.  It was bigger than any she had seen in… maybe ever.  Even bigger than a wookiee’s.

Leia stepped closer to her son as she kept her gaze locked onto his enormous shlong.  It was mesmerizing and utterly flabbergasting.  His dick was dripping with pre-cum, arcing out toward her as an invitation.  The forty-two year old adjusted her top; her breasts were in some discomfort, having outgrown her top in the matter of minutes.  She hefted her left breasts as she stepped up before Anakin’s dick, mouth agape with wonder.

Anakin for his part couldn’t tear his eyes away from those two huge melons mounted on his mother’s body.  His mind whirled, overwhelmed with new sensations of pleasure and desire.  He... wanted his mom’s boobs.  He wanted to keep rubbing his big new penis.  He didn’t know why exactly but it seemed like the absolute most important thing in the world.  It almost felt childish, the level of singular desire he felt right now.  He wondered if all men felt this way in this situation.

Leia reached for her son’s dick as he lifted it into the air, shaking her head.  “Ani… by the Maker, what’s happened here?”

“I don’t know, mom… it’s really cool, though,” Anakin said with a smile.

Leia shook her head in disapproval of her son’s enthusiasm.  She had no idea what the side-effects of this were.  She just hoped he had stopped growing.  Already his penis looked dangerously large.  She was less concerned with her own body.  She could handle big boobs.  Well, huge boobs, to be more accurate.  But her son couldn’t walk around with fifty centimeters dick hanging off his body.

“We’re going to have to get this taken care of, honey,” Leia said in a calm, soothing voice.  She wanted to make sure her boy was as relaxed as possible and not panic.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I like it,” Ani said with a grin.  “And when I rub it, it gets even longer.  See!”  The boy jerked his right hand up and down the length of his cock in several quick successions.

Leia’s eyes shot open.  She was watching her son jerk off!

“Ani, stop that!” She insisted.

The boy’s expression evaporated and he looked a bit embarrassed.  “Sorry, Mom.” He let go of his penis and put his hands behind him on the rock.  He noted how close the tip of his dick was to his mom’s breasts.  It’d be neat to touch them with it, he decided.  “Well at least we match, Mom.  My new… lightsaber matches your big… Death Stars!” Anakin laughed and his cock bounced in time with his chuckles.

Leia giggled slightly at her son’s levity.  She looked down at his penis and bit her lip.  Reaching for his shaft she took it in her left hand carefully.  “Does it hurt at all?  Is it sore?”

Anakin almost jumped at the touch of his mother’s hand on his dick.  It was surprising and kind of nice.  “Uh, no, Mom.  It feels great!”

Leia nodded and moved her hand lower on Anakin’s shaft.  Watching the skin move over the hard, taught shaft, the veins bulging and pulsing.  She stroked back, pushing the foreskin over the head and eking out more pre-cum.  A dollop of the clear liquid dropped off and landed on her vast, exposed cleavage.

Anakin’s breathing intensified.  This was exciting.  For some reason it was even cooler when someone else rubbed his pecker… especially someone pretty like his mom.  And with her big boobs it was just wizard!  Seeing the stuff drip out of his dick onto her giant tits was really neat too.

“Oh drat,” Leia remarked, noting the dash of pre-cum on her chest.  She looked at the tip of the dick and noted a larger glob of pre-cum threatening to splash over her breasts.  With both hands she cupped the head of her son’s dick, gathering up the fluids before double gripping his cock and massaging the shaft with her wet, sticky palms.

“Sorry I’m so leaky, Mom,” Anakin apologized.

Leia smiled at him and said, “It’s all right, honey.”  As she made eye-contact, she seemed to make a realization.  What was she doing right now?  She was stroking her son’s giant freak-cock.  Why?

“It felt really cool when I was rubbing it, but now it feels way better when you do it, Mom,” Anakin added.

“Uhh… I’m sure, Ani,” Leia said as she leaned back and slowly let go of her son’s prick.

Anakin looked disappointed.  “Aw, can’t you keep going?”
“Sorry, sweetie.  Why don’t you try that on your own… sometime later, okay?  We need to figure out what’s wrong with us, first.”

Anakin could sense something from his mother.  She was conflicted.  Part of her wanted to keep touching him.  That was cool, he thought.

“Why don’t you check to make sure it’s all normal then?  I’m not really sure what to look for.”  Anakin suggested.

Leia looked at her son with some suspicion.  She knew he wanted her to keep touching his dick.  It seemed the boy had just discovered masturbation a moment ago.  This could be a… messy proposition.  But he did have a point.  The more data she could gather the better to find a solution to the problem.

“That’s not a bad idea,” she finally agreed. She pulled a small cylinder out of a pouch on her belt and set it on the ground beside her.  “All right, stand up and take off your pants.”

Anakin had to be careful to not smile.  Despite not having a clue what he wanted out of this, he just knew he wanted more of whatever he could get.  In another moment he was standing before his mother, naked from the waist down.  Leia knelt before her son, his dick still semi-erect as it hung in front of her.  She took in a breath, slowly and reached out to take hold of her son’s cock.  She leveled the heavy meat and unhurriedly stroked the shaft with her right hand.  Her eyes explored the surface of his penis carefully and closely; her face hovered over the skin of his prick, close enough for Anakin to feel her breath on it.  Another exciting new sensation for him to enjoy.

Leia’s left hand moved closer to her son’s body and found his testicles.  Anakin yelped as he felt fingers on his newly enlarged orbs.

“Wow…” Leia said quietly as she felt the size of his testes. 

“What is it, Mom?”

“Oh… nothing, sweetheart,” she said casually.  She didn’t want to tell her son his balls were the biggest she had ever felt.  Leia licked her lips, her mouth was getting dry.  Was this exciting for her?  Somehow… fun?  She tried not to think about it.  Just focus on the task at hand.

Lifting her son’s cock higher, the forty-two year old looked got a better look at the two fat balls hanging between his thighs.   She scratched her nails over the smooth, hairless skin and grin as they retracted up.

“Oh Mom, that felt… funny,” her youngest boy remarked.

“Well, that’s a good sign then,” Leia said.  “We need to get a sample, now.”

“What kind of a sample?” Anakin asked with some trepidation.

“Oh just a bit of the pre-cum… umm, some of the stuff that was dripping out,” she explained. She hoped that he had at least gone through the Jedi, Sexuality, and the Force class at the praxeum, so she wouldn’t have to spend time explaining the avians and the insects to him.

Anakin nodded, a little relieved.  “I can make lots of that.”

“I know, honey,” Leia smiled up at her son.  “I’m sure you can.”  She gripped his cock at the base with both hands and pulled up his shaft.  The mother of three locked eyes on the head of her son’s dick, a short stream of pre-cum poured out, surprising her and splashing over her cleavage again.  “Oh Ani!” she yelped.

“Sorry, Mom!” Anakin said in dismay.

Leia looked down at her messy chest and shook her head.  “All right…” she muttered.  Taking the cylinder in hand, she pumped the upper portion of Anakin’s cock, spurting out a few more drops of pre-cum, quickly filling the container.  Satisfied, she sealed it and put it back in her belt.  “All set, Ani.”

“That’s… that’s it?” the boy asked, disappointed.

Leia nodded as she got to her feet.  “Yes, that’s it.”

“But… can you keep doing that?”  Anakin almost whimpered.

Leia’s attention was focused on his cock, slowly rising and falling as it jutted out from Anakin’s body like a third leg.  What did he expect of her?  To jack him off in the woods here?  She was reminded of her youthful adventures in the orowood copses that dotted the Apalis Coast, back home on Alderaan. Just as she was opening her mouth to speak a blaster bolt zipped by her face, missing by no more than a few centimeters.

“Down!” Leia yelled, and Anakin – a veteran of several childhood kidnapping attempts, as well as possessing powerful Jedi reflexes – didn’t have to think twice, dropping to the soft, moss-covered forest floor.  Scrambling on his hands and knees, he quickly moved behind the boulder he had been sitting on.  Leia was right behind him.  The small cover forced their bodies in tight, the young boy’s dick, now mostly soft draped over his leg and onto Leia’s thigh.  His mother’s attention was diverted for a second as the site of her boy’s thick dick lying on her body.  She shook her head as another blaster bolt ricocheted off the rock near her head.  Leia turned toward Anakin and pushed herself up slightly, her huge breasts now crowding Ani’s face as she leaned upward to peak over the top of their cover.

Anakin gulped as his face was filled with the giant heavenly mounds his mother now sported.  His dick quickly re-erected itself.  Leia ducked back down, considering their options but quickly noting Anakin’s regained hard-on.  “Ani!  Get a hold of yourself!”

“S-sorry, Mom.  It’s just…” The boy shrugged.

“Are you armed?” Leia asked, cutting him off.

“Uh, no.” Anakin said in frustration.  He had left his blaster back at camp.  Foolish mistake.

Leia didn’t comment and gripped her Czerka 411 hold-out blaster pistol and pulled it from her thigh holster.  “I can’t tell how many there are, but I don’t think it’s many.”

Another shot crashed against the boulder.  “Maybe just one,” the Chief of State added.  Holding her blaster before her chest, her huge breasts were squeezed and pressed against her arms tightly.  “Perfect time to get big tits…” Leia grumbled under her breath.

Anakin didn’t hear her clearly. “Huh?”

“Nothing.  Just keep your head down.” 

Another shot hit the rock just next to Leia’s outer shoulder.  It was close, too close.  She needed more cover.  Turning toward her son, Leia grabbed his bouncing cock with her left hand, moving it between his legs and swung her leg over her boy as she straddled his waist.  Anakin went wide-eyed.  Something about this was really exciting to his new penis.  Leia checked her blaster charge and ducked lower as another shot flew over head.  She mashed her tits down into Anakin’s face in the process.

The twelve year old could hardly bare it.  His dick was fully erect down, and pressed up against his mother’s backside no less.  The boy’s hands were on her tits, mashing them about to give him room to breathe, and to explore their soft expanse.

Leia felt her son’s dick riding against her backside as she popped up to fire off a few shots, and then ducked back down again, in the process grinding against his shaft.  She felt a bit conflicted as well.  This a dangerous situation but somehow it made it even more erotic, feeling a huge cock rubbing along her ass crack, even if it was her twelve year old son’s.

Meanwhile Anakin had completely freed his mother’s huge breasts and his tongue and lips were making more than a few passing licks and sucks at her puffy nipples.

“Ani!” Leia scolded her son.

“I’m sorry Mom, it’s hard to breathe,” Anakin responded.

That’s not the only thing that’s hard, Leia thought, feeling her son’s cock rubbing against her backside.

Another shot cracked against the rock, followed quickly by two more.  Leia waited for a break and then popped up, brushing her tits over Anakin’s face and above his head as she pulled off a few bolts from the Czerka 411, striking the tree from which the assailant was attacking.

Anakin could see clearly now, and had a view of his extremely long cock touching the underside of his mother’s butt.  He felt like there was something he should do down there to her. He was a Jedi, after all. But he wasn’t sure.  The twelve year old pulled his dick closer to himself, rubbing the tip of his dick against Leia’s pussy in the process as he brought his rod to the front of her body.

Squatting back down, Leia felt her son’s dick now standing erect in front of her as the head of his cock traveled up through her cleavage and into her face.  She gasped as the cockhead was suddenly just centimeters from her nose.  She leaned back some, giving her son room to breathe, and see.  The thigh strap she had secured around her tits kept them tightly wrapped around the intruding cock that was poking her in the chin.

“Anakin!  What do you think you’re doing?”

“Sorry, Mom, I needed to move it… there’s not much room to maneuver here!”  Anakin was growing annoyed with his mother’s admonishments.

More blaster fire flew past overhead, forcing Leia to duck and in the process, rubbing her lips against the enflamed tip of Anakin’s cock, smearing them in pre-cum.  “Blast it, Ani!”  She snapped in response.  Then suddenly a loud crash erupted at the top of the rock behind Anakin and debris flew into the air.  Leia gasped and Anakin saw the shrapnel raining down.  He reached for his mother’s head to cover it, placing both hands over her crown and pushing down.  Leia’s opened mouth descended on her son’s dick as the fat head popped inside.  He saw stars as he felt her wet tongue brush over his dick for the first time, feeling the firmness of her lips locked onto his prick.  Anakin pushed down again, forcing more of his dick inside and Leia conceded, allowing several more centimeters pass into her gullet.  She choked for a second and looked up at her son with watery eyes.

Anakin relented and let go and Leia quickly popped her mouth of her son’s dick.

“Anakin!” she barked, and caught her breath before adding, “You’re in big trouble!”

“I was covering you from debris, Mom!” he claimed, as more blaster fire continued to spark around them.

Leia narrowed her eyes in suspicion.  She looked down at the cockhead throbbing in front of her face, now dripping wet with her saliva.  There was a pause in the action, and without thinking twice, Leia sat upright, rubbing her breasts along the length of Ani’s cock and fired five shots in quick succession.  She squatted back down again, reintroducing herself to her son’s dick as it hammered back through her cleavage and into her face.

Holding her blaster in her right hand, Leia reached under her breasts and found the shaft of Anakin’s cock, slowly stroking it.  “Are you all right?” she asked. “Everything’s… intact?”

Anakin nodded quickly and his mother popped up again to fire a few more rounds, her left hand holding his cock steady as she moved up and down against it.

“Too bad we can’t just use this as a club, I’m sure it could do a lot of damage,” Leia remarked as she looked down at dripping tip of Ani’s dick.  “Is it chaffing at all?”

Her son gulped and nodded slightly, though he loved the feeling of her tits moving against his rod regardless of the growing friction.

Leia gathered up some saliva in her mouth and spit onto the head of his cock.  She watched it drip down and then spit again.  “That should help some.”

The forty-two year old sat up and fired again, her breasts moving over the top of his dick, smearing the mix of pre-cum and saliva around her cleavage.  She ducked back down and looked at her son who was busying himself with her nipples, either hand thumbing her puffy nubs.

“Feel better?”  She asked and Anakin nodded but then corrected himself and said, “Maybe a little more.”

Leia leaned in close to the hot end of Ani’s dick and stuck out her tongue, a glob of saliva dripping off the end.  She swirled it around the circumference of the squishy crown.  Her left hand continued to grip his cock, making faster and harder strokes up along the length of the member.

“It might be better if you just came, Ani,” Leia suggested.

“Came?”  Anakin asked.

Leia smiled at her innocent son and put down her blaster.  She gripped his cock with both hands and began to aggressively pump his shaft.  Lowering her head she stuck out her tongue and flicked it fast and swirled it slowly around the end of his cock, making eye-contact with her son in the process.

“Uhh… ah, m-mom… something… something’s gonna…” Anakin moaned.

“It’s all right, honey, just let it happen,” Leia instructed.

The mother let go of her son’s shaft and wrapped her arms around her boobs, rubbing them up and down against the length of his cock.  She lowered her face again and enveloped the end of his cock back into her mouth.

“Mom!  I’m gonna…!”  Anakin cried out, and then in an instant a torrent of white cream burst from his cock and flooded his mother’s mouth.  Leia gulped and gulped as more blaster fire tore apart their cover and the trees surrounding them.

Anakin almost passed out and his mother quickly pulled his cock away from between her massive melons, the shaft now soft and flexible.

“Dealt with that distraction,” she quipped, before realizing that Han wasn’t there, and simply resumed firing on their attacker. Leia continued to exchange blaster bolts with the assailant for several more minutes.  The former princess was getting frustrated at her lack of progress, despite taking care of her son’s raging erection.

The ultra busty forty-two year old looked around her surrounding, recovering her breasts as best she could and trying to find a way to upset the balance of this fight.  She saw a thicket of xoorzi fungal blooms to her right.  It would provide enough cover, at least for a little while.  Leia waited for another shot to come, which flew wide and splashed against a Gloan tree further down into the woods.  The mother of three made three quick pulls of her trigger in the general direction of the shooter and then lunged out to her right, landing on her stomach, or would have had her giant breasts not padded her entire torso.  She was a far larger target than she had been just a few minutes ago.  With no time to reconsider, she took five more quick shots.  Leia could see an assailant, perhaps the only one, taking cover behind a tree.  All her blaster bolts missed, dashing off of tree trunks and fizzling into smoke.  Leia rolled to her right, behind the xoorzi.

Anakin was feeling more alert now, having shaken off that warm and fuzzy feeling following his cock’s… eruption.  But now he felt frustratingly helpless.  His mother was in danger and so was he.  He was a Jedi to be and there was always a way to help.  Pushing himself off the rock to rest on his knees, Anakin pulled on his pants and tucked his enormous cock away, sliding his dick under his body, underneath himself to rest along his butt crack.  It was uncomfortable and a bit unsettling to have anything coming that close to his rear-entrance but it was better than shoving it down one pant leg where it could slow him down.

The twelve year old turned to face the direction of the shooter and peaked out the left side of the rock.  He could see more blaster bolts spring forth from behind the attacker’s cover, aimed toward his mother’s position.  This was his chance.  Anakin dashed forward, keeping as many trees between him and the ambusher as possible while still closing the distance as quickly as he could.

As he closed the gap to just three meters, the shooter noticed him and spun around the other side of tree, aiming their blaster at Anakin.  They were dressed in a black catsuit, from head to toe, but appeared humanoid.  Anakin heard his mother scream as he reached out with one hand and called upon the force.  The blaster flew from the grip of the shooter and into Anakin’s palm.  The boy quickly discarded the weapon and jumped into the air, lunging head first into the person’s chest and tackling them to the ground.  A scuffle ensued and Ani was quickly overpowered, pinned to the ground.  But it was enough time for Leia to arrive and level her blaster at the black-clad assassin’s head.

“Freeze, you criminal scum,” Leia said with deadly authority.

The attacker raised their arms.

“Get up!”  Leia demanded and the assailant stepped off of Anakin, getting to their feet.

The young Jedi Knight got to his and Leia looked him over, her attention divided.  “Are you all right, Ani?”  She asked, revealing her worry.

“Yeah, Mom, I’m fine.  But what do we do now?” Anakin asked, as he gazed upon their would-be murderer.

“This,” Leia said plainly as she fired a stun blast.  The masked person tumbled to the ground in a heap.  Leia walked over and pulled off the unremarkable black mask, revealing a beautiful female face underneath.  She looked human and Leia wondered how a pretty girl, who appeared rather young, could have fallen into this line of work.

The battle-worn Chief of State searched the pockets of the apparent bounty hunter for clues.  She discarded ammo clips and some trandoshan slaver traps, as well some rations before finding a small data-cron. As a woman well experienced in matters of life and death and those who specialized in the later, Leia could deduce that this girl was not among their number.  Unless this was an elaborate ruse, which at this point would prove to be a bit overly complicated to plausible work, this girl was pulling all the rookie mistakes.  Or not even rookie, just stupid.  Leia wondered if this girl was even a bounty hunter at all.

Putting the data-cron into her datapad, Leia quickly brought up details of what this woman was up to.  Reviewing the information at hand, it seemed she worked with Snub, as a member of his intelligence network.  Probably pretty low level, but evidently ambitious.  Leia moved through several files and records and quickly put together a picture.  It looked like the firl was skimming bacta shipments for a private stash, cheating the Republic, the Ashern, and Snub alike.

Leia rubbed her chin.  This was all strangely convenient.  Snub was up to something, and this woman was nothing more than a pawn.  Leia tucked away her datapad and looked over at her son.  He had been eyeing her intently.  She could see his cock straining against the insides of his pants, ready to burst out.  Leia needed to find a cure.  For her son at least, she couldn’t have her boy, horny and not even a teenager yet, walking around with a fifty centimeter cock.  That was a recipe for disaster.

As this thought passed through her mind, Leia realized something.  “Anakin, did you talk to Snub at all today?”

Anakin looked away, “Ah… no.  I mean, yeah, just like… I went into his shop and looked around.”

Leia narrowed her eyes. “Did he give you something?”

“Ah…” Anakin stalled.

Leia thought for a moment, reflecting on what happened shortly before they had left the obnoxious toydarian’s shack.  She recalled drinking from the canteen.  Then it dawned on her.

“Ani, did you put something in my canteen?”  Leia asked sternly.

“Ah… maybe?” Anakin admitted coyly.

“Ani, did you do this?!”  Leia demanded, grabbing her giant mounds for emphasis.

“Umm… maybe?”  Anakin wasn’t completely sure.

“Anakin Solo!”  Leia put her foot down emphatically.

“He gave me something to put in your drink.  He said it would make you… I don’t know.  He said you wouldn’t be grumpy.  Or something.”

Leia furrowed her brow.  “Grumpy?”

“He said…” Anakin thought for a second, “Agreeable.  Whatever that means.  I guess you’d agree with me more?”

Leia let out of a sigh. Foolish child.  “Making some one more agreeable means you’d like them more.”

“Oh.” Anakin nodded.  “He told me to drink it, too.”

Leia looked over her son’s enormous bulge.  “So this was his idea of a joke I guess?”  The Chief of State looked at the unconscious bounty hunter again.  “He was just buying time I bet.”

Just then Leia heard her comlink chime.  It startled her and she pulled it from her belt and activated the small device.  A tiny hologram of Snub flickered into existence.  “Madam Chief!  I wanted to warn you.  I intercepted a transmission.  I think you’re in danger!”

“Snub?  What is this about?” Leia was growing confused.  She looked down at the would-be assassin.

“A woman I work with.  A spy.  I think she’s a double agent!  I mentioned my superior in the Republic was here and she started asking many questions.  Very suspicious.  I think she was skimming for the Second Imperium.”

“Really?  Does she know my position?” Leia asked.

“She knows you won’t be very far.  I’d be careful.  She might have set up scanners for incoming ships,” Snub cautioned.

“All right.  We’ll be careful, Snub.  Where are you now?” Leia asked.

“At my hovel.  If you need anything, I am here to help.”

Leia nodded, before replying audiby, “Thanks, Snub.  I’ll be in touch.”  With that, she switched off the comlink.

Anakin stepped closer to his mother, looking confused. “How come you didn’t tell him about her?” he asked, pointing to the woman on the ground.

“I’m still not sure what’s going on, Ani.  This is when you play your sabacc cards close to the chest, as your father would say.”

Anakin nodded after a moment, and Leia got the impression he didn’t quite get it.  “If you don’t trust someone, don’t give them any more information than you have too,” she explained

“Oh,” Anakin said.

Leia looked at the woman.  “Let’s get her secure.”

Thirty minutes later their attacker was tied to a tree near where she had been defeated, plugs in her ears and a blindfold over her eyes.  Leia gave her a sedative hypo from her medpac, and expected her to be out cold for another twelve hours.

Further up the hill, at the camp that had been partially set up, Leia was at the edge of the cliff, looking down into the valley below through electrobinoculars at Snub’s home.  It was getting dark out and the lights were on.  She could see some activity inside.  He probably was really there. That, or this is a very, very elaborate scheme.  Perhaps this was really as simple as a failed double-cross. She’d prefer to think that, rather than one of her selected SABE agents had gone rogue. But what about the drug Snub had given Anakin?  Was that purely a joke?  Or perhaps a genuine gift, albeit an extremely perverted one? 

She had to be careful.  Leia couldn’t arrange for tests until she returned to Coruscant.  The Chief of State lowered the electrobinoculars and walked back to the camp.  Anakin was sitting by a small fire, poking it with a stick.  The sun was just setting over a mountain range some kilometers south of them.

“Ani, can you step over here?” Leia asked her son as she set aside the binoculars on a bin of supplies.

The boy looked at her, curious, but did as he was told.  Leia looked over her short son a moment and then knelt down before him.  “Whatever Snub gave us we have to be careful about. I need to keep an eye on your… penis.  To make sure… everything’s all right with it.”

Anakin gulped and then nodded.  This was strangely exciting.

Leia unbuttoned the front of his pants and reached inside.  She felt the incredible thickness of his cock and gripped it.  Leia tugged Ani’s meat out, all fifty centimeters of it with some effort.  It was astonishing to her.  She flopped the end of the huge cock over her right shoulder before reaching back inside his pants and fishing out her son’s two fat testicles.  She held either in both her hands, rubbing her thumbs over the smooth, hairless skin.

“Does… does it look okay?” Anakin asked hesitantly.

“Looks good,” Leia said, admiring the massive member resting beside her cheek.  “Looks very good,” she amended.

“How… how are your… boobs, Mom?” Anakin asked cautiously.

Leia smirked and looked up at her son.  “They’re fine, honey.”

Anakin swallowed. “Maybe I should look at them? You know, check them the same way you’re checking me? Just to make sure,” he hurriedly added.

Leia shook her head and held her tongue.  Maybe this was Snub’s plan, make her son horny for his own mother.  Or perhaps he just wanted to sell them a cure.  It would be hard explaining this change to the Senate when they returned back to Coruscant.  Even so, Leia doubted this was a permanent condition; probably just an enzyme that needed to be sweated out.

“Anakin, do you feel ill at all?  Faint maybe?”  Leia asked, resting one hand on her son’s shaft as it lay beside her face.  Her soft hand slowly stroked the taught surface.

Anakin shook his head, he had been staring down at his mother, feeling his cock gradually harden as it lay on her shoulder, so close to her pretty face and those huge boobs.

Leia reached into a compartment on her belt with her free hand and pulled out a small, narrow cylindrical thermometer, about a thick as a finger.  She pressed a button on one end and then slid the cylinder into her mouth.  She looked up at boy as she did and he felt himself get noticeably harder.  Something about the sight of his mom sucking on something shaped like that was really… wizard.  Leia pulled the wet tube from her mouth an unceremoniously reached behind her son’s backside and pressed the small nub against his butthole.

“Wha-mom!”  Anakin yelped as the thermometer was shoved into his bum.  He went crossed eyed at the sensation.

“Don’t complain.  I need an accurate reading and this is the best place to do it.  And I’m down here already,” Leia dismissed her son’s discomfort.  She noticed his now fully erect cock beside her, standing out straight, not longer resting on her shoulder.  “Seems like you enjoyed it a little bit anyway,” she quipped, eyeing his rock-hard erection.

Anakin just continued to grimace.  “It just feels really weird.”

“Oh hush, it’s almost done,” Leia said as she looked over the full length of her son’s rod, turning her head to take in the completely majesty of it.  “How can you even stand up with this thing hanging off you like?  It must weigh a lot,” Leia wondered. She used both hands to heft the cock upward and nodded. “It is rather heavy.  Impressive.”

There was beep from Anakin’s butt, and Leia reached around and plucked the small device from his clenched cheeks.  She read the tiny screen.  “Hmm, you do have a fever.  It’s not too high, but it’s there.”

Anakin was rubbing his backside.  “Ow, that really hurt, Mom.  Why’d you have to do that?  It stings back there now.”

Leia cocked an eye-brow.  “Shush. I take Jaina’s temperature that way all the time, and she doesn’t fuss half as much as you do. Maybe you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

Anakin considered this and grinned.  If his cock could get any harder, it would have.  “Maybe…”

Leia rolled her eyes. “Turn around, tough guy.”

Anakin found himself suddenly getting nervous, but also a bit excited.  He did as he was told, his huge dick arcing out in front of him like another arm as he turned around.

Leia was presented with his tiny rump.  She looked at it, admitting it was cute, and gave one cheek a peck.

“That’s not where it stings,” Anakin said from over his shoulder.

Leia sighed. “All right, big guy. Show me where it hurts.”

“Where you put the thermometer… in between.”

“Anakin!  Don’t be disgusting,” Leia admonished her son.

“Just a little kiss.  I bet it would feel nice,” Anakin pestered.

“Anakin Solo!  Don’t be a brat!”

The twelve year old let out a whimper of dejection.

Leia huffed.  The Chief of State put her hands on her son’s butt checks and pulled them slightly apart, revealing his tiny, puckered hole.  She leaned in and pursed her lips.  She gently pressed them to her son’s sphincter and gave a peck.

“Oh, cool,” Anakin grinned, and then leaned over some more, jutting his backside into his mother’s face, encouraging her to continue.

Leia gave another little peck and asked, “All right?  Happy?”

“Yeah, Mom.” Anakin tried to not sound too excited, but failed when he exclaimed, “Do it again!”

Leia licked her lips this time and kissed again, longer and harder, a real Ryloth kiss.

“Oh yeah, that felt really good.  Do it again, Mom!” Anakin urged.

Leia licked her lips again, tasting her son’s butthole on them.  “I didn’t raise you to be greedy,” she responded calmly, belying her words by kissing him again.

Anakin held his cock in both hands, stroking it slowly.  He felt like that eruption thing could happen at any moment – but he didn’t want it too, for some reason.  He wanted to save it.  After all, I don’t think I could ever get Tahiri to do this. I bet Ami’s dirty enough to, but she can’t get her eyes off Jacen… and I don’t think my mind tricks are good enough, yet. “Try licking it, Mom,” he said over his shoulder.

Leia poked her tongue through her lips and brushed it over Anakin’s asshole lightly.  “How does that feel?” she asked.

“Oh, that feels way better,” Anakin said, feeling like he might explode from pleasure.

Leia pressed against her son’s butthole harder this time, wriggling against the entrance.  A soft moan escaped her opened mouth and she tried to cover it up by faking a cough.  Leia closed her mouth, wetting her probing appendage, before resuming her tongue bath of her son’s asshole.

Anakin was grinding his backside harder into his mother’s face, forcing her to lean back, using her hands for support against the ground.  The young boy could see her huge breasts emerging from between his legs and he felt bold enough to make a move.  Leaning over further he grabbed the outside of either huge melon and pressed them together.  It felt glorious in his hands.

Leia pulled away from her son’s butt and asked, “What do you think you’re doing, mister?”

“Uh…” Anakin hesitated and then answered by shoving his backside hard against his mother’s face.  He heard a muffled cry and then she lost her balanced and fell back onto the ground.  Anakin saw an opportunity and quickly pulled of his pants and boots, leaving his lower half completely naked.  Before Leia could right herself she had her son’s rear end shoved back in her face on the ground.  Anakin didn’t give her time to form a protest, drowning out her admonishments with his ass.

The twelve year old was now in the perfect position.  Before him, with his rock-hard cock hovering between them, were his mother’s two giant tits.  He pushed down his mom’s stretched out top and then slapped his dick down into the cavern between those twin mountains.  Anakin gathered up the fleshy softness of the giant boobs and pressed them together around his dick.  His giant cock looked like a frog-dog in a bantha cave.  It was a perfect fit.  He didn’t know what to do next, but he so far was enjoying it. Below him, his mother’s shouts of anger and threats of violence continued.

That little sithspawn!  How dare he treat me like this!  Leia cursed inwardly, her mouth completely covered by her son’s small butt.   I should have known he would have pulled this. I wouldn’t even do this to pass a Senate bill back before the Rebellion. Never trust a twelve year old, especially when their balls are full.  Leia fumed, but then an idea sparked.  I know what to do!  I’ll give him more than he bargained for.  That’ll send him running.

Leia ceased her shoving at her son’s backside and instead grabbed hold and shoved her face in deeper, her tongue like a spear as it jabbed into Anakin’s ass.

The twelve year old yelped as he felt the unexpected intrusion.  At first he felt terrified but then the soft wetness of his mom’s tongue melted those fears.  “Wow, you’re really into it!” Anakin commented as she enjoyed his mother’s eager tonguing.

What did he say?  Did he ask me to stop?  Leia wondered as she slid her tongue in and out of her son’s butthole.  That taste, it’s so dirty.  Leia, this is so wrong…. But I have to teach Anakin a lesson in respect.  No normal twelve year old would want their mother tongue-fucking their asshole.  After this, he’ll never treat me with anything less than reverence.

“This is so great, Mom.  After this, I’m gonna want you to lick my butt all the time!”

I have him now; he must be begging me to stop!  Leia felt a twinge between her legs as she exacted her revenge.  That familiar ache of want.  Oh this is so strange.  How am I getting turned on?  Must be just a natural thing… It’s not like I’m enjoying this.  Anakin is playing with my tits.  That’s it.  He’s making me get turned on.  Little brat.

Anakin’s hands explored his mother’s huge breasts, finding her puffy nipples and pulling on them slightly.  He watched them get harder and bigger with amusement.

 Damn it, Anakin…  I can’t take much more of this before I end up doing something stupid.

Anakin’s ass felt soaked at this point.  “Hey Mom, could you lick my dick now?” he asked.

What did he just say to me? Leia wondered, only to feel her son’s butt lift on her face for the first time.  Anakin stood up, dragging his fat balls over her face in the process.

Leia sat up and whipped her mouth of the excess saliva there.  She glared at her son, who looked gleeful.  He stepped closer, holding his dick in one hand, expecting something to happen.

“Now-” Leia began, but before she could finish her sentence Anakin thrust forward, jamming his dick all the way into the back of her mouth.

Leia was in shock.  Anakin’s dick is in my mouth!  Again!

“That’s cool, Mom.  Can you take more?” Anakin asked, thrusting himself further to find out for himself before she could even try to reply.

Leia choked and coughed and twisted her head as the huge cock drove itself inside.  What is he doing?  Why is he doing this?! she wondered as his cock slipped ever deeper.

“Oh cool, you can take more of it! Good work!”  Anakin said with glee as he felt his dick move past the back of his mother’s mouth and into her throat.  “Oh wow, that’s so tight in there.”  He felt himself getting light-headed.  “You’re so good at this, Mom.  Best mom ever!”

I can’t believe I’m deep-throating Anakin’s freak cock!  The kid has gone too far!  Leia declared inwardly as her hands rested on her son’s thighs, letting her boy shove his giant meat down her gullet.

More than half his cock disappeared past his mother’s lips, a tight seal around his meat.  She looked at up him with glaring eyes, her hands bracing herself on his thighs as she took the huge cock dutifully, as her body was accustomed to doing after the last few decades of her sexual experiences.  Anakin started to pull back out and Leia moved back slightly as the saliva soaked shaft emerged from her throat.  Unsheathing his dick to the tip, Anakin remarked, “Whoa… that’s really cool.”   The twelve year old thrust forward again, back down his mom’s throat.  Leia’s eyes watered as she took the enormous dick again, sucking down even more of its incredible length. 

Anakin pulled out again and the thrust back quickly, jamming his dick in and out of his mother’s mouth.

Leia braced herself from the face-fucking assault.  This huge length of fat dick pounding her throat was taking its toll.  She needed to get her bearings.  She needed her son to stop this.  Leia gripped Anakin’s shaft tightly in one hand, digging in her nails.

“Ow!” Anakin screamed and he looked down at his mother’s face.

Leia pulled her mouth off the giant dick, holding the soaked shaft in both hands.  “Now see here, mister.  This is no way to treat your mother!  Got it?”

Anakin looked hurt. “Yes, Mom. Sorry, Mom…”

Leia glared at her boy as she slowly stroked his cock with her right hand.  Damn it, I’m wet… feels like my pants are soaked through right now.  This scoundrel has worked me up to no end.  Now how am I supposed to sleep?

“Now listen up, Ani.  You’re going to have to get a hold of yourself and control your urges.  You can’t just go around shoving your huge cock in a girl’s mouth, or rubbing your ass in their face. Just think of how your sweet girlfriend Tahiri would react to that. Got it?”  Leia said sharply. The fact she had resorted to acting like she cared about Tahiri and wanted to preserve her happiness with Anakin was an indication of just how far she was willing to go right now to drive the point home to Ani.

“Yes,” Anakin responded quickly, feeling wounded.

Without warning, a blue light burst before their eyes and in a split second Anakin saw his mother tumble over, unconscious.  He looked up to see the assassin bounding toward him, blaster drawn, ready to fire another shot.  Anakin dove forward, narrowly missing a second shot, and rolled over, lunging off his heels as he came upright again and thrust himself into the on-coming torso of the woman.  He hit her hard, hearing the wind knocked out of her.  Anakin got to his feet as the woman gasped for breath.  He grabbed the blaster from the ground and shot her point blank with a stun bolt.  Apparently she wasn’t quite as amateurish as they had believed.

Anakin turned his attention to his mother.  She was slumped over, her face lying on the ground and her rump high in the air.  Ani admired her big breasts, pillowing her torso.  He stepped over to her and checked her pulse.  She was out cold, but probably fine otherwise.

Interesting that the attacker used stun instead of the blaster fire, the boy wondered – before his thoughts evolved as he stepped behind his unconscious mother. Wow, check out Mom’s ass. Why’s she all wet back here?  Did she pee herself? Anakin leaned in and sniffed at the wet spot between his mother’s thighs.  Doesn’t smell like pee.  Smells kind of fishy. Like the science class at the Praxeum after Mistress Cilghal teaches it.  Maybe I should just take these off her.  She wouldn’t want to wake up with wet pants on.

The twelve year old tugged at the plastifiber waistband of his mother’s pants, pulling them over her plump, full butt and down her thighs.  Anakin gazed upon his mother’s sex for the first time.  Whoa.  So that’s what’s down there.  Anakin reached out and gently touched Leia’s vulva.  It was sticky but soft.  His fingers explored more and pushed apart the folds, revealing an entrance.  I think this is where the penis is supposed to go.  Anakin looked higher and noticed his mom’s butthole.  At least that’s the same for both of us.  Anakin poked the tiny opening with his index finger and grinned as he slid it inside slowly.  She got her tongue up my butt, now it’s her turn.  Anakin continued to shove his finger in deeper, past both his knuckles.  I don’t really want to get fingers dirty though…  Anakin looked between his legs at his cock, which seemed to be in a state of permanent hardness.  Let’s see if this will fit.

The twelve year old stood squarely behind his sleeping mother and let his heavy, fifty centimeter dick lay across her butt crack.  This ought to wake her up, too.  Which is probably a good idea; I don’t know what to do about the bounty hunter lady.

Anakin pulled back, lined up the fat tip of his dick against the entrance to his mom’s butt.  I hope she doesn’t get mad at me… I think girls like it like this, though. And I won’t have to worry about getting her pregnant. I don’t think Dad would like that.

The pre-teen started to push against his mom’s asshole, but the dry resistance was too much to penetrate.  Maybe if I spit on it.  That should help make it slippery.  Anakin hocked up a wad of saliva and spit directly onto the center of his mom’s butthole.  Great shot, that was one in a million!

The boy tried again, pressing his dick harder against the tiny hole.  This time he could feel it giving way some.  He pushed again, forcing himself through the slowly expanding hole.  Holy Mother of Meteors, this feels kinda great!  It’s so tight!  Anakin gripped his dick hard in one hand, the other keeping his balance as he drove his fat rod against the yielding sphincter of his mom’s ass.

In, damn it!  In!  With a suddenly ease of pressure, Anakin felt the head of his cock become enveloped by his mother’s butt.  Wizard!  This is so cool!   As if on instinct, the twelve year old kept thrusting forward, forcing more of his dick inside the canal of Leia’s anus.  I want to get my whole dick up her butt!  That’d be so wizard.

Leia felt an extraordinary discomfort as she came to, for some reason feeling like Boba Fett had captured her again.  What just happened?  Where am I?  What hurts so much? All were questions passing through her groggy mind.

Anakin began to pull out slightly, having pushed about fifteen centimeters of his dick into his mother’s bum.  He could feel her ass getting wetter and found it easier to move.  If I kept up this pace, I’ll have my whole pecker buried up her exhaust port, Anakin thought with a grin.

Leia’s mind cleared some more and slowly she opened her eyes.  She was on the ground and it felt like someone was… Oh, by the Force, what’s going on in my ass?!  The forty-two year old found the energy to lift her head and look over her shoulder.  She got the sight of a life time as she saw her youngest son plowing his giant-sized cock into her ass.  She moaned in protest, not yet able to speak coherently.

Anakin heard his mother and saw she was awake.  “Oh hi Mom!”  He stopped his thrusting into her ass and stood upright; leaving his cock burrowed twenty centimeters deep inside her butt.  “You got hit by a stun bolt, but I took care of the lady.”  Anakin pulled his dick out partially, unsheathing nearly all of his meat before thrusting it back inside.  “I saw your pants were wet so I took them off… kind of.  And then I saw your butt and I decided maybe you’d like what you did to me before.”  Anakin forced his dick deeper, feeding nearly half his incredible length into Leia’s anus.  His mother moaned and rolled her eyes in response, the sensation was an overwhelming mix of discomfort and pleasure.  “But I didn’t want to, like… taste it.  That’s too gross for me. So I tried this instead.  Jacen told me about how girls love it.  I thought it might make you feel better since you got knocked out.”

Anakin pulled out again, admiring how hard his cock was getting inside his mom’s butt.  Her ass must be enjoying this, he concluded, and thrust again, harder and faster.  “Oh Mom, this feels really cool.  Can we do it again sometime?”

Leia moaned and bit her lip.  How did this happen?  How could my little boy do this to me?  It’s that damn stuff Snub gave him.  No boy this age should have a dick this big.  It just leads to things like this!  Mothers getting fucked up their asses by their sons!

Anakin kept pounding away at his mom’s rump, driving himself deeper and deeper.  Thirty centimeters and then another five were plowing in and out of Leia’s widely stretched asshole.  Soon Anakin’s balls were slapping against the wet folds of his mother’s labia.  Leia could hardly bear it.  As she regained more control of herself, she found her mind more torn.

“Oh Ani… we shouldn’t…” she meekly protested.  “You should stop…” she said between moans and cries of pleasure.  “A boy shouldn’t do this to his mommy.”

“Every boy should do this!  This is great, Mom!” Anakin countered with glee as he plowed his dick in and out of his mother, a huge fifty centimeter fat proton torpedo sliding all the way up her ass, disappearing into her bowels with each thrust.

“Ani… my ass… your cock… it’s so big…” Leia continued to whimper in false protest.  “Oh, my ass feels so good, Ani.”  By now she had regained full control, holding herself upright, her huge tits swinging and jiggling with every pound of her twelve year old’s cock into her ass.

“See, Mom? I told you this would make you feel better!”

“Fuck my ass with your huge cock, Ani!  Fuck it hard!”  Leia hollered as her tits shuddered and dragged against the rough ground, her nipples erect and puffy.

“Oh Mom, something’s gonna happen!  I can feel it!”  Anakin cried out.

“Yes honey, that’s it!  Keep going!”

“Mom!  It’s gonna… erupt… it’s that white pee… I’m gonna…”  Anakin screamed as a torrent of hot jizz erupted from his cock, hosing down her ass with cum.

“Ani!”  Leia cried in unison as she came simultaneously.  “Oh my boy, I love your cock in my ass!”

Anakin felt himself start to feel faint, his balance failing him.  He stumbled and then fell back on the ground.  Leia grimaced at the pop of the cock leaving her widely stretched asshole and she turned quickly to see her son fall.  She crawled over to him.  “Ani?  Are you all right?”

“M…mom?  What happened?”

“You came, sweetie.  That’s called an orgasm.”

“Oh… it was really good.”  Anakin said, half conscious.  “I need to take a nap…” With that the boy was out like a glowlamp.

Leia smiled at him.  All men were the same, even twelve year old boys.  She turned her attention to his softening cock, streaked with his jizz and smelling like her ass.  Leia lifted it to her face and began to lick its supple surface, tracing veins as she slurped up excess spunk.  Her mouth found its way to the tip and she eagerly fed it inside, sucking down the filthy cock.

“You people are freaks.”

Leia’s eyes shot open and she turned her head to see the assassin.  Foolish Anakin, he said he took care of her!  A bright flash, and Leia was out again.

Anakin awoke some time later.  He was in his sleeping bag by the fire and dawn was breaking.  What happened?  Last thing he remembered was… putting his dick in Mom’s ass?  No that couldn’t have happened.  He felt between his legs and discovered he did have a huge cock.  Was it all just a dream?  Had he really done that?

Leia emerged from the woods, a basket with a strap hanging from one shoulder.  Anakin got an eye-full of her huge tits, bouncing and swaying as she walked.  He felt his dick stir again.  Should he ask her?  It probably was just a dream… he should keep it to himself.  Boys had these kinds of dreams and it wouldn’t do any good to confess his new found lust for mommy dearest.

The forty-two year old saw her son was awake and smiled at him.  “Good morning, sleepy head.”

Anakin cleared his throat and said, “Hi Mom.”

The two ate breakfast together, exchanging polite conversation and never bringing up anything that could suggest to Anakin that what he thought might have happened actually did.  The rest of the morning proceeded uneventfully, with his mother and he resuming a normal, combative relationship.

That Essence of Zeltros perfume Han gave me sure had an unexpected side-effect, Leia thought as she packed up the camp site.  I wonder if he knew.  I hope Anakin isn’t too suspicious.  But he’s too young to be noticing a woman’s body yet, so I should be fine.  He probably just thinks I look fat or something.


“You did well! Very well!” Snub declared as he reviewed a hologram of Leia Organa Solo being ridden by her young son, his huge dick disappearing into her asshole.

“It was a lot of effort of my part,” said the young woman, still wearing her black catsuit from the night before.  “Knocking out just the mom so the kid’s hormones could do their work was tricky.  Cut it close there.”

“I know.  That’s why we have cover stories and back up plans.  You improvised well, though.  Certainly earned your bonus.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I needed to knock out the Chief.  She’s a freak.”

Snub snickered and nodded.  “You’re right about that.”  He closed the hologram and added, “Either way, very worth the trouble.  This bit of footage should be worth more than all the bacta on Thyferra.”