Thursday, September 24, 2015

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

by Pyro with Das Flute

The cavernous corridor was lined with huge, steel columns extending into the distance, maroon carpeting warming an otherwise cold space.  Behind Senator Padmé Amidala was the landing pad where craft were still arriving, loaded with soldiers and casualties of the failed invasion of Coruscant. Her mind had been overwhelmed with fear and doubt as both her life and that of her secret husband were put in danger.

“Oh Anakin!” Padmé cried as she hugged the Jedi Knight before her.

“I’ve missed you, Padmé…” He said forlornly.

“There were whispers… that you’d been killed…”

“I’m all right. Feels like we’ve been apart for a lifetime. I might have been if the Chancellor hadn’t been kidnapped. I don’t think they would have ever brought us back from the Outer Rim Sieges.” Anakin moved in to kiss his wife.

“Wait! Not here.” Padmé pulled back.

“Yes, here. I’m tired of all this deception, I don’t care if they know we’re married.”

“Anakin, don’t say things like that!”

The Jedi embraced his wife reassuringly. Feeling her nerves he asked, “Are you all right? You’re trembling. What’s going on?”

“Something wonderful has happened. Ani… I’m pregnant.”

“That’s… that’s… that’s wonderful!”

"What are we going to do?"

"We're not going to worry about anything right now. All right? This is a happy moment. Happiest moment of my life." With that Anakin embraced his secret wife again and stepped back, holding her hands in his. "I have to go now, the Council is expecting me."

"Be safe and I'll see you tonight," Padmé said with muted hopefulness.

Anakin just smiled in response and walked away. She watched him go as he rounded one of the huge columns. Just as he disappeared she heard a throat clear behind her. Padmé was startled, having assumed she were alone. The senator turned quickly and was confronted by three tall clone troopers, clad in their white armor. The one at the center had his helmet removed. His hair was scruffy and sweaty. "Here to welcome back the saviors of Coruscant?"

"Oh…" Padmé gulped, it was apparent they had seen her with Anakin. "Of course. The Senate is eternally grateful for the bravery of men such as yourself."

"I'm glad to hear that. I was worried you only appreciated the Jedi. We do as much living and dying as those super powered freaks."

Padmé didn’t approval of his disparagement of the Jedi, but found that typical among certain ranks. "I understand your frustration…" she looked at his armor, recognizing the meaning of the red markings on his helmet and shoulders. "…Captain?"

"Montano, M’Lady. Captain Montano. These here are Sergeants Visney," he gestured to his right, "and Prost. We're from Drag Company, attached to the 501st Legion." Both of the clones removed their helmets and nodded at her.

"I'm very happy to meet you, Captain, and your men. I'm Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo."

Montano rubbed his chin, "That sounds familiar. Amidala…"

Visney cocked his head. "Oh yeah, I've seen you painted on the side of the Open Circle gunships! You're the Naboo Nymph!"

"That's it!" Montano announced.

Padmé blushed. "Just trying to inspire the troops."

"Well we appreciate it, ma'am," Prost said, finally adding to the conversation. "It's nice to know we're fighting for someone so beautiful."

She smiled. "Thank you, Sergeant Prost. That's very kind of you. But I'm sorry you feel neglected by the Senate for your contributions to the war."

"Well maybe there's something you can do in the Senate, M’Lady," Montano suggested. "Some kind of bill, or special recognition for all the volunteers. It's not just clones and Jedi out there. It's men and women fighting for their homes."

"You're absolutely right. It's all too easy for us in the ivory towers to miss the margins in the statics, but you do deserve more than you're being given."

"If a Jedi gets a smooch from a beautiful senator, we could at least get a kiss on the cheek, right?" Visney offered innocently.

Padmé smiled at him, she didn't want word spreading of her affection for Anakin, that could cause trouble for both of them, and might even lead to their marriage being revealed. She had to make sure she nipped this rumor in the bud, decisively. The senator looked around the chamber. They were just off the main hallway, slightly obscured by the massive columns. She heard a few pats of distant footfalls and the landing pad had quieted down. "I'd say more than a peck on the cheek is in order."

The three exchanged looks, and then Montano asked, "Like a full kiss?"

"Of a sort," Padmé said wryly. "Why don't you three show me your blaster rifles? I think I need to perform a spot inspection." The senator folded to her knees before the men and reached out for their armored crotches. They were speechless and in disbelief. After only a moment’s hesitation they each undid their codpieces and quickly fished out their hardening cocks. "If a Jedi gets a kiss, then you men deserve a proper cock sucking."

Padmé gripped Visney's and Prost's dicks in her hands as she breathed on Montano's. "I'll have to introduce a bill before the Senate in the morning, but till then I hope this will suffice as a way of showing my gratitude."

"Oh fuck yeah," Montano agreed.

"No Captain, fuck my mouth," Padmé corrected. With not another word needed the ranking soldier thrust himself forward into the Senator's open mouth, his fat dick sliding over her outstretched tongue.

Padmé's hands worked the dual dicks on either side of her face with caressing fingers, rubbing pre-cum over the puffy tips of their cocks as they grew to full size.

Montano continued to jam his dick hard and fast into Padmé's receptive throat, until she locked her lips around his rod and held him in place, mewing like a nexu in heat as she slathered her tongue around the hot shaft of his prick.

"Damn Senator, you're good at this," he groaned.

Padmé pulled her mouth off the soaked dick, drool spilling down her chin. “Serving in the Senate has given me a lot of opportunities to practice how best to use my tongue for the betterment of the Republic’s citizens.” The senator turned to left and began to suck Visney's dick, her hand grabbing a hold of Montano's wet shaft to pump away at its length. After a several deep, gagging plunges of her mouth, Padmé swapped over to Prost's and repeated her enthusiastic, hungry cock feasting. The obscene sounds of her gurgling and slurping echoed through the chamber but she had stopped caring. If anyone found them they were welcome to join in.

Before long all three cocks were drenched in the slutty senator's saliva, her mouth working overtime as she rotated amongst the trio, burying her pretty face as far she could go, kissing the bases of their dicks each time. Her long, dangling earrings swung in unison to her thrusting face, bouncing off her neck as she moved from dick to dick.

Visney's was the first to pop, a jet stream flying from the tip of his dick onto her left cheek as Padmé gobbled down Montano's rod for the twenty time. The erotic sight set off Prost as he began to unload onto the Senator's right side. Padmé pulled away just as Montano joined in and she received a barrage of cum from all three men, her mouth held wide open, tongue outstretched as she was showered in sticky warm jizz.

"Holy Mother of Meteors," Montano groaned as the last of his load landed onto the senator's face. "That's quite a welcome home, M’Lady."

Padmé pulled her tongue back inside her mouth and swallowed down a mouthful of cum with a satisfying gulp. Her face was streaked and splashed with white goo and she had to blink several times, the semen dripping from her eye lashes. "I'm happy to give it to such deserving soldiers."

"You know the rest of my company will be arriving shortly. They might appreciate a bit of your gratitude as well," Montano suggested as he tucked away his spent penis.

"Oh really?" Padmé considered.

“The rest of the Drags’ survivors should be arriving on shuttle from the Guarlara soon,” the clone trooper captain. Cato Neimoidia, Belderone, Tythe, Nelvaan, now Coruscant… we took some heavy casualties. We’re supposed to be assigned reinforcement troopers from Centax-2 in a few days, but until then we’ll be on shore leave until the 501st is sent back out.”

“Shore leave, hmm?” Padmé reached into her bodice, fishing through one of her numerous secret pockets used for classified diplomatic missives. Finding what she was looking for, she pulled out a small, black holocard. “I’m afraid I need to be at a meeting of the Loyalist Committee shortly, and I need to freshen up a bit first. But this afternoon… you can find me here. And I’ll be more than happy to give you and your soldiers the reward heroes deserve. Just ask for Talié… the bouncers will point you in my direction.”

“Yes, M’Lady!” Captain Montano said, not fully understanding but willing to go along with whatever the famed Naboo Nymph said. After alien camp followers being the only relief he and his men had had for months, a piece of tail like Senator Amidala was hard to say no on it. He snapped a salute. “You can count on us!”

“I plan on doing just that, Captain… And I hope there are enough that I need to use my both hands and feet,” Padmé replied playfully, already making her way to the spaceport maglev station leading back to the Senatorial embassies.

“What does the card say, Captain?” Sergeant Visney asked.

Montano turned the card over. In the cool light of Coruscant Prime, the card sparkled, throwing up its holographic advertisement: a Coruscant Undercity address for a locale that seemed to be called… Star Whores.

“Boys, I think our luck is looking up,” the clone captain solemnly stated.