Friday, December 18, 2015

[NEWS] Star Wars Day & Patreon

So Star Wars opens today, in the States at least.  I saw it last night and felt such absolute joy during the entire experience.  It was truly the best time I've ever had in a movie theater and I can imagine myself watching that movie dozens and dozens of times in the years to come.  I recalled playing Star Wars: Dark Forces as a kid, having that peak back into that galaxy and how much fun it was and dreaming of a movie that could bring it all to life again.  Of course the prequels happened and though I love to see Padme get the shit fucked out of her those movies really did suck.  This is painfully evident after seeing The Force Awakens.  Anyone that doesn't like this movie, that calls himself a Star Wars fan is either just being a grump and lying to themselves for some reason, or truly prefers the prequels over the OT.  So, flat out, this was the best Star Wars movie ever.  Yes, better than Empire.  Definitely better than A New Hope and miles ahead of Jedi.


I started up a Patreon.  Let's see what happens this time
NOTE:  The big $100 story will be posted here, on my blog, but all other Patreon specific stories will only be posted there.  So for a $10 donation you'll get to see what everyone $15 and up requests.  So yes, bribery.

So I might whip up a Leia and Anakin Xmas story.  I've got an idea that's kind of silly and fun.  Depends on time and interest.